Characteristics of a Cavalier
"Is a Cavalier the dog for you?"

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel simply loves to be with people.

As a breed, their temperament is gentle and never aggressive in any way. They are also fun loving dogs that adore nothing more than to go out for a good walk and then go indoors and curl up on a comfortable lap or armchair. They love their comforts and will go to great lengths to manipulate you to be allowed to sit on the best furniture!

They come in four colours:
  • A rich chestnut on a pearly white, known as ‘Blenheim

  • A rich red colour known as ‘Ruby

  • Black and white, with tan markings over the eyes, at the sides of the face, under the ears and tail, known as ‘Tri-Colour

  • Black with tan legs, tan eyebrows, and tan at the sides of the face and under the tail, known as 'Black and Tan'

Cavaliers will moult generally twice a year.

Whether you choose a dog or a bitch, there should be no difference in temperament; the dog is as sweet natured as the bitch.

They are very intelligent and learn quickly. Many Cavaliers have gone on to become quite proficient at their obedience and agility classes, but the majority seem to go so far and then stop!

They are generally good eaters and the adult dog will need one feed per day with a possible bedtime biscuit! Many Cavaliers get fat; this is due to the fact that they do have the most demanding eyes! These eyes can convey feelings to you and the most difficult to ignore is the ‘Mother I love you and I would love a little something’. Too much weight is very bad for the dog.

Sadly, the breed has a history of heart problems, but good breeders now screen for this and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club is sponsoring a huge research project into this problem. Cavalier owners with the help of the regional clubs have raised huge amounts of money in the UK. It is, therefore, important to go to a good Breeder to buy your puppy.

You will need help to find one, so look under "Puppy Register" on the Club website to find a list of the Clubs Co-ordinators, contact your nearest and they will point you on the right direction. Never buy a puppy that is not with its mother and avoid advertisements and pet shops. Puppies from such sources will almost certainly have been bred for commercial gain without any screening for heart problems.

It is also recommended that you read our Puppy Pack Guide

Remember that a dog must fit into your lifestyle. They need to be part of the family and you should not have one if you haven’t sufficient time to give it. A lot of thought must be given to the matter before you go ahead. Have you the time? The money? The patience? The lifestyle? Think long and hard, as a dog is a big commitment.

If you do decide that a Cavalier would fit into your household, you will be rewarded with the most wonderful companion!

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