Benevolent Fund 2003 Report

Madame President, Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen

All has been remarkably quiet, the Fund was called upon for help just once in 2002

The Trustees remain unchanged, they are Mrs Diane Schilizzi, Mr George Donaldson and myself

I must stress that the Benevolent Fund is independent of the main committee and any person contacting the fund for help in difficult times can do so in the certain knowledge that no details go beyond the trustees. If you know of a member that is in need of help, please tell them to contact one of the trustees, or contact us yourselves and we will contact the person concerned and offer help

The funds have not been added to during the year. This is because the Health Fund has, quite rightly, gathered all your spare cash. However, the Benevolent Fund will always be grateful to receive donations! Thank you

Judy Wright

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