Benevolent Fund 2005 Report

This year the Benevolent Fund has been called upon twice to assist members. As you will know, the policy of the fund is that all requests for help are known only to the Trustees of the Fund. However, one of the requests was widely known about as it happened at the Club Championship show, so I feel it will be quite in order to relate the case.

A dog had been flown in from Prague by its’ proud owner, (a member), to be shown at the Club show and Crufts. It was travelling with a pet passport.

On landing at Gatwick, the dog was impounded as it had flown on an airline not approved by the Pet Passport Scheme. The owner, who spoke very little English was presented with the options of:
  • Leaving it in quarantine for a "short stay" and no guarantee that it would be released in time for Crufts.
  • Sending it back to Prague and returning it on the first available BA flight
  • Or, returning it to Prague and having it collected and taken home.
The third option seemed to be the least stressful for the dog.

The bereft owner had insufficient funds to pay for the time the dog was impounded, so the Benevolent Fund paid towards that, and the dog was safely returned to Prague. The owner was told she would be able to sue the airline. We may even get a refund!!

This was the strangest case the Benevolent Fund has ever had to deal with…luckily the Club show "lent" the fund the cash and this was repaid to the club by the fund on the Monday morning!

During the year we received a bequest from the estate of the late Mrs Jean Lion, a typical gesture by that most generous lady.

The Trustees remain the same;
Mrs Diana Schilizzi, Mr George Donaldson and myself

Judy Wright

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