The First International Breed Convention
3rd March 2001

The Malvern Weekend
As most of you are aware, our Club Championship Show at Malvern was cancelled due to the Foot and Mouth disease outbreak. It was decided to go ahead with the weekend at the Abbey Hotel, bringing the International Breed Convention forward to the Saturday.

Judy WrightAnnuka PaloheimoThe Convention was the brainchild of two of our Committee Members, Judy Wright (left) and Annukka Paloheimo, and the idea clearly caught peoples' imagination and interest. The event was fully booked for some considerable time. We were fortunate in attracting speakers from around the World and many thanks to them for giving their time and expertise.

Our first speaker was the renowned all-rounder Mr Terry Thorn who, as you might expect, gave us the all-rounder's perspective of our breed. Our President, Mrs Susan Burgess followed and gave us her expert interpretation of the Breed Standard. Mrs Jeannie Montford from Australia showed interesting slides of Cavaliers down under from way back to the present time. A short question and answer session preceded lunch.

Terry ThornSusan BurgessJeannie Montford

"American" Raffle
Some of our American friends had most kindly given some valuable gifts for which they organised a raffle in aid of our Health Fund. This project raised nearly £1,000 and the draw was held after lunch. We are very grateful for this kindness and generosity.

Sir Dudley Forwood, our Patron, had planned to be with us for the weekend but sadly died last month. To honour his memory the Convention stood for one minute's silence.

Betty DeemerIn the afternoon Mrs Betty Deemer from the USA gave an interesting and illuminating talk about Cavaliers, past and present, in her country.

Unfortunately Mrs Erna Britt-Nordin from Sweden could not come but, using her notes and slides, our own Annukka was able to give a revealing and sometimes humorous insight into how Imports have affected the Breed in Scandinavia.

The Convention closed with a Question and Answer discussion directed at our International Panel and finally, Certificates of Attendance were available for all as a Memento of the day.

I would like to say that the outstanding success of this weekend reflected the overwhelming support of our members for the Club. With the cancellation of the Club Show, it would have been so easy for people to have opted out but everyone rose to the occasion and all were clearly determined to enjoy themselves, come what may! A big thank you to everyone for turning a potential disaster into a triumph.

Virginia Barwell

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