Judges Profile
Francis Yeoh MA LLB(Hons)
Francis Yeoh Francis acquired his first Shih Tzu, Singapore Ch. Daisymei Shih Huang Ti, in 1970 - a pet puppy owned by a fellow lawyer in Singapore who could not cope with the grooming of the silver/grey and white coat. Hippy visited the dog grooming parlour on a regular basis while Francis desperately learnt the rudiments of grooming but never could keep up with the rapidly rising standard of grooming. One litter was bred and the pick of litter became a champion. However, his understanding of the breed gained momentum through the guidance of Audrey Dadds and fellow exhibitors in UK in the 1980s.

On returning to UK in 1978 Francis bought a bitch from Violet Todd (Trisula). When mated to Ch. Snaefell Buttons she produced a litter from which the pick of litter was made up in Australia by Thelma Burnell of Melbourne. Francis gave up showing his Shih Tzu when he decided to concentrate on breeding and showing Chihuahuas - the coat presentation skills eluded him! He has bred 11 Yeosinga British Champions (one smoothcoat chihuahua and ten longcoat Chihuahuas). There are also several overseas Yeosinga champions in Shih Tzu, Japanese Chins and Chihuahuas.

Francis is approved by The Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates for Chihuahua Longcoats, Chihuahua Smoothcoats, Japanese Chins, Papillons, Pomeranians, Shih Tzu & Yorkshire Terriers.
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