Chairman's Report to the 2008 AGM

As usual, the Chairman’s main report is published in the Yearbook and is on the Club website. Another is with the Accounts, dealing with club activities.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee. Once again, they have worked hard during the year and worked well as a team. Added to that, we are fortunate to have an excellent President, Treasurer and Secretary.

There is never enough space in the published reports to thank all the others who help run the Club effectively. This is a task that is beyond the capacity of the 12 committee members.
Another reason for not listing them is that I have always worried that I shall miss someone out. However:

Anne Rennard continues to edit the Yearbook, whether on or off the Committee.

Tina and Dennis Homes have very ably taken over the pet pages on the club website.

Carol Butler runs the Puppy Register.

Rosmary Powel has raised considerable funds for heart research.

Elenor Mancey produces paintings for our notelets and Christmas cards for the Research Fund. She has also produced the most magnificent display to promote the show at Blenheim Palace. She is so talented and we are very fortunate to have her help.

Diana and the Maclainette have always helped set up and worked at the Championship show. They have done this for so long that I feel they are taken for granted.

Margaret Hill for many years has run the Bookstall at the Club show, Margaret was take ill this year and Maggie Ford stepped in to help.

Maggie’s husband Graham, calculates the points for club Trophies.

Pam Rooney assists with catering at every opportunity.

Ian Bower has for many years helped Simon Swift at the Heart Clinic.

Liz King-Smith and Sue Brooks have together helped to issue Yearbooks at the show.

And this year we had Sandra Ireland and Gay Lowe, selling raffle tickets.

Jo Norris always ready to help by ‘running something off’ at a moments notice.

There is the team who help with post-outs:

Lorraine Crozier, Ros Loades, Jill Perry, Pam Lewis and Janet Waller.

And I must mention Tom who has only just got rid of the last box of club books from his garage.

All these helpers do a vital job in keeping the wheels turning for the benefit of all members. Their contribution cannot be overestimated.

And thinking about contributions that cannot be overestimated, we loose two committee members this year:

One, we hope is temporary, Rob Samson. He retires after a six-year spell, but has agreed to continue to be our Summer Open Show Manager. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome him back to the committee in due course.

The other person who retires this year is Judy Wright. I am sure she will join the ranks of helpers. She has agreed to continue as Magazine Editor and I doubt that wild horse could keep her away from Blenheim Palace when we are setting up.

Please show your appreciation for these people who have done, and continue to do, so much for our club.

Thank you.

Mrs Lesley Jupp
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