As always there is a full report of Club events with the Accounts and a Chairman’s report in the Yearbook. So, I shall not burden you further.

I must however take this final opportunity to thank the committee for all their work during the year and for their support of the club. I also thank those who are not members of the committee but who assist the club in so many ways. I have been very grateful for the support of our Vice-chairman, Sheena Maclaine who now, so courageously, takes on ‘the hat’.

In particular, I give my personal thanks to Annette. She has been an absolute joy to work with and I am sure that members will join me in thanking her for the enormous amount of work and dedication that she has given to the club during the last 11 years.

A body that deserves more appreciation than it usually gets is the Kennel Club. They do not always do what we want, or say what we want to hear. But then, that’s life. They have, however, very steadily given their support to us, as a club, and to our breed. Over the last 2 years, the Charitable Trust has funded:
  • Over £100,000 to Sarah Blott for the EBV scheme. This was initially for Cavaliers but ultimately will assist all breeds.
  • Approximately £9,000 each to Falling Cavalier Syndrome and SM research.
  • Approximately £13,500 to Curley Coat Syndrome and Dry Eye research.
  • The Charitable Trust continues to support our hearts research database by contributing the Kennel Club registration data each year.
There was, of course, the original Kennel Club donation of £23,000 to Edinburgh University which helped to instigate and fund MVD research, work that is on-going. Additionally, the Kennel Club is providing £1.25m to finance the MATE SELECT programme, a facility that will benefit all breeds. I appreciate that perhaps this is not a popular line to take, but I feel all of these donations and assistance should be acknowledged.

The club remains strong. Because the club is large, we have to endeavour to be more professionally run than many other dog clubs. Our accounting procedures, our website, the events that we run, particularly the Championship show, and general day-to-day management, are all constantly under review and improvements continually being sought. Nevertheless, many members seem to overlook the fact that the club is run by members on behalf of other members. This is done on an entirely voluntary basis, and sadly, there often seems a lack of appreciation of the work involved and commitment needed. We have approximately 1500 members and, it would seem, 1500 different shades of opinion on every aspect of club affairs and on how anything and everything should be done. Believe me, it’s not easy.

It has been a tumultuous last few years, and it is definitely time for me to step aside, for not exactly new blood, but certainly for someone with fresh enthusiasm. Under Sheena’s chairmanship, I am sure the club will go from strength to strength. I know she has your support which she thoroughly deserves.

Thank you all.

Lesley Jupp
29th May 2010
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