As you know a week long health census took place in June 2013 – 5559 forms were returned from 38 different countries. Our thanks must go to Dave Norris for laboriously correlating the returns for us.

The committee are at present looking at the nearly 3000 results received from the UK and intend with the assistance to the Kennel Club to circulate a further in depth survey of certain conditions that were highlighted. Which conditions have yet to be finalised.

Simon Swift and Anne French commenced holding small clinics of 10–12 over eight year old cavaliers who were Dopplered and oral swabs were taken. My personal thanks go to those people who kindly offered the use of their home or organised a local hall where the clinics could take place. The clinics were suspended when nearly 200 dogs had been tested and it was agreed that other small breeds should be tested as a "control" This has proved more difficult to achieve than first anticipated – however all being well the Doppler sessions will recommence in the near future.

The third year of cardiac research at Edinburgh is in progress at present. I had hope to have an update for you at this meeting - unfortunately this has not been made available. However I will continue to nag and brow beat and any information received will be circulated in due course.

At the Championship show this year Simon Swift examined 184 hearts – 146 had no murmur and 38 had murmurs. Mr Mason examined the eyes of 84 dogs and found one dog with a cataract and one with MRD. There were 9 dogs with lipidosis which although not on the any schedule list is worth noting. Mr Mason considered this a very good result.

Incidentally there will be heart and eye testing at the Open show in August and at Sylvia Lymer’s health clinic in September.

Sadly as many of you will know that after about 20 years we have lost Simon Swift as our cardiologist. He will be sadly missed by many of us. Anne French has offered her services for the Championship show next year and will shortly be taking over the database. In the meanwhile heart forms should be returned to Lesley Jupp – her address is in the membership booklet or available from myself or Rachel.

I have continued to apply to the AHT for a discount for CC/DE and EF and am pleased to say that the uptake for this testing continues steadily (see below) – although please remember that "carriers" should not be discarded from your breeding programmes.

A reminder also that free MRIs are available through Ruperts Fund for stud dogs over 5 and bitches over 6 years old. Details are available on the club website and on Clare Rusbridge’s website.

Dogs Trust Canine Welfare have awarded University of Surrey a grant of over £138,500 to fund the ‘Identification of gene(s) predisposing to syringomyelia associated with Chiari-like malformation in the Cavalier King Charles’. Dr Clare Rusbridge, Reader in Neurology, will head up the research in collaboration with Dr Zoha Kibar in Montreal University CHUM research centre. It follows the success that identified two novel genomic regions in the Griffon Bruxellous breed.

Finally there is to be an International Cavalier Symposium under the motto "The Future of the Breed" held in Belgium on 25th October. The committee intend to arrange a mini bus for those interested in attending.

Results of CC/DE & EF DNA Tests worldwide.
Worldwide 6710 644 5
UK 1342 133 2
Worldwide 5635 1477 221
UK 1170 265 44
Annette Jones
CKCS Club Health Rep.
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