Club Championship Show
22 July 2001
Chairman's Observations
At last, we were able to complete our Championship Show for 2001. It was far from easy for our Show Manager, Lesley Jupp and her band of helpers to get things up and running. She usually has the luxury of the day before the show to set everything up - this time nothing could be started until the hall had been vacated by another show. The benching was finally in situ at 2.00 am on the day of the show and Lesley and her gang eventually bedded down for a few hours shut-eye at 2.30 am!

The day dawned and the weather was kind to us. Car parking was a little disorganised as two other shows were taking place at the same time but everyone was understanding and co-operative. Our show ran smoothly, on time and with the expertise that we have come to expect.

There was however a negative side. The litter left lying around between the benches and at the ringsides was appalling to see. There were cups, bottles, sandwich boxes and half-eaten food, tissues, ring numbers and dog hair. Waste bags were well distributed throughout the hall and should have been used. It is not my idea of a perfect end to a happy and successful day to have to pick up other peoples litter just because they are too lazy to clear up their own rubbish. In future, please clear up after yourself and use the refuse bags provided.

It was particularly good to see our Web Site up and running on the Club Stand and thanks for this are due to David Norris. At this point it is appropriate for me to report that the club web site has recently been reviewed by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers. The site has been awarded a Golden Web Award for 2001 - 2002. This award is judged on Design, Content and Originality. Many congratulations to David on this achievement and our thanks to them for producing a Web Site which is so informative and easy to use. The Site can now sport a gold emblem in recognition of its excellence.

Many thanks to Mrs Diana Schilizzi for accepting the post of Patron to the Club. Her presence throughout the show was much appreciated. In particular, the show management team members are very grateful for her most practical support!

Finally, a big thank you to the show management team for all your hard work. As if you need reminding, it's now only eight months until we start all over again!!

Virginia Barwell
26 Jul 01

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