Club Championship Show
22 July 2001
BIS Photo

Held on the 22 July 2001 with a total of 514 exhibits.
The judges,
Mrs Margaret Newton and Mr Michael Boothroyd jointly agreed to make:

Mrs L Hughes' Blenheim dog

Miss L Rennard's Blenheim bitch

Messrs Levy & Segwick's Blenheim bitch
Best Puppy In Show
Dogs - Judge: Mr M Boothroyd

The show finally got under way, despite all the hassle rearranging it caused Lesley Jupp and her committee. Lesley does stirling work for the Club. The show ran like clockwork and who better to judge with than Mrs Margaret Newton who is such a great sport in the breed. I had a lot of quality dogs to judge, but necks and shoulders on the whole were poor. Why do people enter dogs with nails as long as battery hens? If you aren't going to road walk your dogs, at least buy clippers and use them.

Dog CC - Hughes' Loranka's Celebration
Reserve Dog CC - Crossley's Ch Tameline Northern Dancer
Best Puppy Dog - Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas

Minor Puppy Dog (15, 2 abs)
Super class of quality babies.
1st - Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas
Top quality richly marked Blen, head and eyes to die for, super neck and shoulders, confident showman and very positive on the move, loved his topline, tailset and excellent quarters. Sure to reach the top with maturity. BPD
2nd - Gillhespy's Marigill Makaira
Quality Tri, perfectly broken, very outgoing, sound both ends. Head needs time to develop. Loved his compactness and great ribs, super drive behind.
3rd - Towse's Miletree Nijinsky

Puppy Dog (24, 7)
1st - Levy, Sedgwick & Hughes' Loranka's Liaison with Pascavale
Compact sound moving Blen, lovely type and size, confident showman, well presented and handled.
2nd - Reed's Chantiz Chuckler
Blen a fraction longer, but beautifully made and has the soundness to go with it, not the coat or finish of 1.
3rd - Lord's Belbury Leonardo

Junior Dog (18, 2)
1st - Vella's Cinderlace Country Classic
Smart Blen of perfect size and type, did everything right, good head and eye, perfectly sound and well presented, very honest Cavalier of true type.
2nd - Lewis' Daraste Reflection of Love
Heavily marked Blen, once you look past this he has good confirmation, neck and topline, goes well on the move but just inclined to fly the flag, in full well presented coat.
3rd - Rix, Berry & Lymer Ricksbury Royal Intrigue

Novice Dog (14, 1)
1st - Waters' Maibee The Godfather
Top quality Blen, very rich in colour, beautifully made, excellent head, neck and shoulders. Just wish he was a little bit more masculine in head, but he has so much going for him in other ways.
2nd - Coaker's Homerbrent Exhilaration
Very well made Tri, loved his head and expression, excels in neck and topline, sound free mover, just dead out of coat.
3rd - Cornaby & Robinson's Haydonleigh Meistersinger

Spec Graduate Blenheim Dog (19)
1st - Maclaine's Pennygown Penmarric
Very good dog to cover over, lovely head, large dark eyes, moves with great drive, in full coat which was rich in colour and well presented, full of true type.
2nd Smith's Aranel Atomic
Well balanced dog in full coat, good neck and shoulders, positive fluent mover, in gleaming condition.
3rd Mancey's Estrid Theron

Spec Graduate Tricolour Dog (10, 2)
1st - Tomlinson's Sanickro Intuition
Top class dog in every way, glorious head and eyes, super neck and shoulders, in first class coat and condition, moves to perfection and is more animated here than when standing. A strong contender for the CC, but just lacked sparkle at the end.
2nd - Fox's Pamedna Mr Pipkin
Quality dog, compact well ribbed body, not the coat of above but perfectly sound and everything fits together well when you go over him, just needs time.
3rd - Lucas' Alberica New Orleans Jazz Spec

Graduate Black & Tan Dog (16)
1st - Rogerson's Rabymar Special Edition
Clear winner, loved his size and balance, good head and neck, enough coat for me. So many of this colour are overcoated and short on the leg, not only here but the world over. Very sound mover and outgoing personality.
2nd - Mochrie's Downsbank Kensington
So much younger and less mature, but really well made and at 13 months everything just right, scores greatly in neck and shoulders, moves out well, super head and large dark eyes. With added maturity will do top winning.
3rd - Hughes' Loranka's Starry Knights

Spec Graduate Ruby Dog (8, 1)
1st - Hurley's Owengarve Romulos
Very soundwell balanced dog, scores greatly in depth of colour, good neck and topline, perfect showman.
2nd - Martin's Red Timber of Homerbrent
Good moving dog, perhaps not quite as masculine as 1, excellent type and size, shows to perfection.
3rd - Shinnick's Leelyn Mimic

Veteran Dog (16, 2)
1st - Wood's Fittlewood The Builder
9 year old Blen, should without doubt have been a Champion, really enjoyed his day, in lovely coat and condition, perfectly sound, classy showman, very lovely head and eyes and has retained his good pigment - a top quality Cavalier.
2nd - Carter & Walker's Ch Mareve Indiana
A size larger and more substance, perfectly marked Blen in full coat, moves with drive and soundness, has certainly made his name as a leading sire in the breed, and progeny to be proud of.
3rd - Rennard's Ch Deranmar Orlando

Post Graduate Dog (43, 5)
What a class to be faced with after lunch!
1st - Bidgood's Grantilley Shadow Moon
Very smart animated Blen, really sound both ways, in full richly marked coat, lovely type, perfect size, glorious head and eyes, showed to perfection to win such a wonderful class.
2nd - Name Withheld
Top quality Tri, put down to the minute, beautiful head and eyes, good neck and shoulders, really sound fluent mover, just not as composed as 1 but a top class Cavalier.
3rd - Claydon's Brymarden True Colours
A trio of first class dogs.

Mid Limit Dog (22, 4)
1st - Sidgwick's Paulian Magpie
Flashy quality Tri, very clean neck and outline, how he has altered in head, perfectly sound, very well presented and puts his all into showing.
2nd - Conneally's Coedgwylum Hot Shot
Splitting hairs here - top class Blen, glorious head and eyes, excels in pigmentation, 1 just scored in neck and shoulders. Cobby body, super coat, active mover.
3rd - Searle's Milkeyn Sheer Dynamite

Limit Dog (24)
1st - Hughes' Loranka's Celebration
Never seen him before, elegant Blen, excels in neck and shoulders, rich in colour, beautifully turned out, his super conformation coupled with his soundness and showmanship won him what I thought was going to be his first CC and turned out to be his all important third, with my co-judge's agreement BIS
2nd - Atkinson's Tanmerack Lowry for Kimlea
Blen, superhead, large dark eyes, compact well ribbed body, sound free mover, a very honest well balanced dog I liked a lot.
3rd - Bubb's Wandris Show Boat

Spec Open Not Exceed 18 lbs Dog (9, 1)
1st - Rogerson's Rabymar Special Edition
Blen, very sound,real toy spaniel in full well presented coat. Could have a little more strength in hind quarters.
2nd - Towse's Miletree Dream On
3rd - Ireland-Cooke's Charnell Billy Boy

Spec Open Bred by Exhibitor Dog (19,3)
1st - Crossley's Ch Tameline Northern Dancer
Wouldn't change anything about this very honest quality Blen, lovely head, good sized eyes and pigment, very happy free sound mover, coat rich in colour, but would like a little more of it. Good neck and topline, worthy champion. RCC
2nd - Baillie's Fyrnrose Facination
Blen, super head and expression, good expression, good pigment, very sound stylish mover, not in full coat or as rich in colour on the day, one I have always admired.
3rd - Allerton's Deeriem Phantom Gold

Open Dog (12, 1)
1st - Inglis' Ch Haagan Dazs of Craigowl
Very correct in every way, this well constructed Blen is lovely to go over, from his lovely head, super neck and shoulders, good topline and tailset, perfectly sound and never lets up showing. Not being in full coat made my job easier, a more than worthy champion.
2nd - Forrester's Salbrie Versace
Compact Blen of lovely type, in gleaming coat and so sound and positive on the move.
3rd - Tomlinson's Ch Sanickro Made By Magic

Bitches - Judge: Mrs Margaret Newton

I would like to thank everyone for making this a memorable day, if not a little belated due to the F & M, and congratulations must go the hard working Committee who managed to set up their usual superb show in record time. My hard working Stewards kept things running smoothly in the ring and I was delighted with the large entry and the opportunity to get close up to some very nice bitches. However, I would like to mention that I was a little disappointed that some bitches were rather stained on their feathering, this should not be the case in a beauty competition, also some fronts left a bit to be desired. Size, however, seems to be more uniform, and I was delighted with my class winners who were all great examples of the Breed, and some I would definitely liked to have taken home with me.

Bitch CC - Rennard's Deranmar Kelso
Reserve Bitch CC - Lymer's Lymrey Romance
Best Puppy Bitch - Levy & Sedwick's Winnie at Pascavale

Minor Puppy Bitch (31, 7 abs)
1st - Inglis & Waters' Maibee Verity (NAF, TAF)
Although heavily marked, this Tri bitch could not to be ignored, she was of correct size, had a good reach of neck, and was very settled on the move keeping level topline and tail, straight front and well turned stifle, driving well from behind. Good expression, dark tan, showed like an 'old hand'.
2nd - Mancey's Estrid Roberta
This Blenheim also had a good outline, on the move she kept her topline level and moved soundly. Good bone, neck and shoulders. She had a lovely head shape, nicely cushioned, correct earset, dark pigment and nose.
3rd - Waters' Maibee Softly Softly

Puppy Bitch (35, 10)
1st - Levy & Sedgwick's Winnie at Pascavale
What a star in the making, with rich chestnut markings she was compact, plenty of bone and moved well in all directions, showing off a level topline and tail, good front and shoulders. Very pretty soft expression, large eye, dark pigment, and good earset. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show
2nd - Crozier's Korraines Miss Behaving
Pretty Tri with dark tan, beautiful expression, good pigment. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, neat front and level topline and tail, moved steadily both ways.
3rd - Coaker's Homerbrent Intrigue

Junior Bitch (33, 6)
1st - Knight's Caralous Angelina
A delightful little Blenheim lass who just showed her heart out, rich chestnut colour, good spring of rib, plenty of bone and moved correctly in both directions keeping her topline. She had large round dark eyes and black nose, plenty of cushioning in the face and correct earset.
2nd - Banks' Choya In a Whisper
Another Blenheim with a pleasing outline, excellent reach of neck, good bone and a sound mover at all times. Very pretty soft expression, large dark eyes and well-set ears, would just have preferred a darker chestnut colour.
3rd - Conneally's Pebblecombe Poetess at Coedgwylum

Novice Bitch (41, 15)
1st - Lymer's Lymrey Romance
Richly marked Blenheim who was in full coat, excellent reach of neck, good front, level topline and tail, well turned stifle and moving true in both directions, driving well from behind. Very pretty soft expression, large dark eyes and pigment, well set ears with plenty of feathering. Showed herself off to best advantage, Res CC.
2nd - Blunt's Karabel Kamellia
Very sound Tri bitch, she was just a little longer in body, had good bone, straight front, good angulation. Correct expression and deep tan markings.
3rd - Smith's Beaudale Thistledown

Spec Graduate Blenheim Bitch (18, 5)
1st - Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Mardi Gras
Correct size, good outline, nicely boned and rich chestnut colour. She moved steadily going and coming with a good front, turn of stifle, topline and tailset. Really appealing soft expression, large eye and dark pigment, just needed some more coat to complete the picture.
2nd - Bayliss' Castlewytch Thrice A Lady
My notes say excellent mover for this Blenheim girl of correct size, dark eye and nose, correct earset. She was just not very happy when standing.
3rd - Boardman's Volney Monopoly

Spec Graduate Tricolour Bitch (16, 4)
1st - Carter-Hunt & Carter's Swaish Maricella
Well marked Tri with deep tan, lovely neck and shoulders, excelled with a very pretty expressive face, good pigment and earset. Correct size, good bone and well turned stifle, showed well just wished she would keep her tail down
2nd - Powell's Margareth Sassy Lady
Another very feminine lass who was slightly smaller, but moved correctly in both directions keeping her topline. Lovely large dark eyes and nose, also ears well placed framing the face.
3rd - Naylor's Maenan Chantilly Lace
Spec Graduate Black & Tan Bitch (19, 5)

1st - Salisbury's Clopsville Sherry
Super expression on this girl with dark pigment, large eye, using her ears well, she was the best mover in the class, moving with drive and showing a great outline. Good reach of neck, shoulders and stifle, plenty of bone. Lovely rich tan and gleaming black colour, showed well.
2nd - Turner's Miletree Macy Gray at Kinevor
Compact shape, moved well in both directions keeping topline, although her tail up a bit high for me. Pretty expression, good pigment and eye, just needed a little more feathering to complete the picture.
3rd - Barton's Granasil Sonata for Loranka

Spec Graduate Ruby Bitch (13, 4)
1st - Hurley's Augsburg Hollyberry of Lahume
What a lovely rich colour on this Ruby lass, who stepped out well, driving from behind giving a good outline and keeping her topline and tail level. Pretty with large dark eyes and nose, ears well set. Really was enjoying herself out there.
2nd - Smith's Beaudale Liorah
Steady mover at all times keeping topline, good bone and stifle. Very feminine expression, good pigment, just preferred colour on one.
3rd - Shinnick's Leelyn Kattrina

Veteran Bitch (11, 2)
One of my favourite classes to judge and I hope people noted how well they all moved with great outlines
1st - Inglis' Ch Craigowl Silkience
What, can one say about this lovely star that has not been said already. She really enjoys the experience moving well in both directions, good topline and tail. She has lovely large dark eyes and nose, well set ears that frame the face nicely, and is still in full bloom.
2nd - Stocks' Rheinvelt Real Diamond
Pushed one hard for this class, I really liked this Ruby, full of energy, moving well both coming and going, excellent reach of neck, straight front, well bodied and a deep colour. Good expression and eye.
3rd - Drewett's Judyland Mirror Image

Post Graduate Bitch (31, 6)
1st - Joyce's Tanmerack Bardot of Myotabad
This very feminine Blenheim was an ideal size, well bodied, good bone and well turned stifle. Moved around the ring soundly keeping a great outline, level topline and tail. She had lovely large dark eyes and pigment, and ears framing the face nicely.
2nd - Taylor's Rosscrea High Society
Another promising youngster who moved around the ring with ease, striding out keeping her topline, showing off her lovely long neck, straight front and well turned stifle. Really rich chestnut colour, showed well great rapport with owner, just preferred expression on one.
3rd - Moffat's Rytonian Doris Day

Mid Limit Bitch (17, 4)
1st - Sansom's Byermoor Latraviata
A very pretty small Blenheim bitch who excelled in head, lovely large round dark eyes, black nose, well set ears with plenty of feathering. Good bone and spring of rib, moved steadily to and fro, driving from behind with good angulation.
2nd - Drewett's Judyland White Diamonds
This Blenheim had a nice outline on the move, showing her off her neck, front, topline and tail, just preferred head of one.
3rd - Carthy's Menota Idols Fancy at Ardgrove

Limit Bitch (29, 4)
1st - Banks' Choya Web of Fantasy
What an appealing Blenheim girl this is with the softest of expressions, again those large round dark eyes we all yearn for, good ear placement. She had a excellent reach of neck, shoulders and topline, moving soundly and enjoying herself, will soon hit the top spot I'm sure.
2nd - Rennard's Deranmar Verily Verily
This was a close decision between 1st, 2nd and 3rd in this class, another great bitch with a good outline, neck, shoulders and front. Moved well keeping her topline and tail carriage, lovely expression, and high set ears and doing all her owner asked of her.
3rd - Bunce's Tanmerack Billy Dove

Spec Open Not Exceed 18 lbs Bitch (16, 1)
1st - Waters' Maibee Hot Gossip
A compact, richly marked Blenheim who moved well, with a well turned stifle and level topline. Pretty with very clear face markings, large eye and good pigment.
2nd - Jones & Player's Rhybank Dixie
Excellent expression on this bitch, large eyes and well placed ears. She moved well with a good front, topline and drive, just lifted tail too high for me.
3rd - Payne's Catemmsal Out Of The Blue

Spec Open Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (11, 1)
1st - Coaker's Homerbrent Eliana
A compact Blenheim with plenty of bone, long neck, good ribcage, stifle and level topline, moving with drive showing a good outline. She had a lovely head shape, plenty of cushioning, big eyes, dark pigment and correct ear placement. She really tried hard to please her owner at all times.
2nd - Stevens & Moffat's Milkeyn Sheer Delightful
Another nice lass who moved soundly and true, showing off her neck, shoulders and stifle. Great expression, good dark eye and nose. She just did not seem too happy today, perhaps it was the heat.
3rd - Godwin's Cavaliegh Ramona

Open Bitch (9, 3)
1st - Rennard's Deranmar Kelso
This was my top choice today, she just could not be ignored, her good construction meant she moved around the ring with drive showing her excellent neck, and well turned stifle, keeping a level topline and tail. Her expression was just to my liking, alert at all times with large dark round eyes, black nose, plenty of cushioning, excellent ear placement with good feathering, and her rich chestnut markings completed the picture. She just did not put a foot wrong, showed her heart out and I was delighted to award her the CC.
2nd - Lymer's Lymrey Royal Treasure
Another richly marked stylish lass with good bone, neck and stifle. She moved around the ring with great presence, strong hind action and keeping her topline. Appealing expression, big dark eyes, good pigment and correct earset.
3rd - Shinnick's Leelyn Night Fever JW

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