Club Championship Show
2nd March 2002
Mrs S Lymer's Blenheim dog

Mrs A Stocks and A & J Potter's Black and Tan bitch

Mrs Lymer's Blenheim dog
Mrs Bridgette Evans very kindly offered a prize of £20 each,
to the oldest dog and bitch tested clear of MVD on the day of the Show.
The Winners of this award were:

Date of Birth: 18th August 1993
Owned by: Mrs P Jarrett
Sire: Homerbrent Charlatan -
Dam: Homeranne Jade

Date of Birth: 15th September 1997
Owned by: Messers D Wieden and F Farrar
Sire: Kentee Harry -
Dam: Daphne's Dewdrop
Judges' Reports

Dogs - Judge: Mrs Jo Blunt

I would like to express my appreciation to the Committee for inviting me to judge this well organised and prestigious show. Many thanks to the Show Management and my Stewards for making my day run smoothly, enabling me to concentrate on the dogs.
Heads overall have improved since the last time I judged, but there are too many upright shoulders and short necks. Presentation on the whole was good with only a few exceptions.
Thank you for the lovely entry.

Dog CC - Lymer's Lymrey Cool Reflection
Reserve Dog CC - Crossley's Ch Tameline Northern Dancer JW
Best Puppy Dog - Lymer's Lymrey Roger

Minor Puppy Dog (32, 12 abs)
1st - Drewett's Judyland Touch of Magic
Blen with good body and coat, level topline and tail set. Showed well.
2nd - Bidgood's Grantilley Day-Break (NAF)
Richly coloured Blen, pleasing head and expression. Moved and showed well.
3rd - Dolamore's Queensham Debonair of Crystaldean

Puppy Dog (22, 2)
1st - Lymer's Lymrey Roger
Well marked Blen with good neck and shoulders. Well constructed throughout, moving well keeping a level topline.BPD and BPIS
2nd - Moffat's Rytonion Quickster
Blen with good head, dark eye and short level back. Showed well.
3rd - Jackson's Frondil Feonix

Junior Dog (30, 3)
1st - Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas
Short coupled Blen with good depth of chest and front angulation. Moved soundly.
2nd - Towse's Miletree Nijinsky JW
Blen with attractive head and soft expression. Showing well in good coat and condition.
3rd - Newnes' Penquite Golden Fleece

Novice Dog (18, 2)
1st - Koster's Harana Starman
B/T with lovely flat, silky coat, pleasing head and expression. Shown well, keeping a level topline moving and standing.
2nd - Powell's Keyingham Finlay of Margareith
Well bodied Blen of good colour. Good head, dark eyes and soft expression.
3rd - Park's Keyingham Matthias

Spec Graduate Blenheim Dog (18, 2)
1st - Clopsville Kansas
See Junior
2nd - Reed's Chantiz Chuckler
Elegant, well marked Blen with well angulated front and rear, giving sound free movement.
3rd - Boyd's Wandris Showdown with Airlie

Spec Graduate Tricolour Dog (5, 0)
1st - Sheard's Almondene Pride'n'Joy
Attractive well marked Tri in good coat and condition, showed well.
2nd - Sandlan's Greenhollow Glissade with Arenkote
Welll bodied Tri with pleasing head, level topline and sound movement.
3rd - Antoniazzi's Littlemeads Harlequin Hero

Graduate Black & Tan Dog (14, 1)
1st - Godwin's Simpatico So Hot
B/T with good head shape and dark eyes. Heavy coat in good condition.
2nd - North's Nustoal Huckleberry Finn with Jalesto
B/T with flat silky coat and level topline, showed well.
3rd - Mochrie's Downsbank Kensington

Spec Graduate Ruby Dog (8, 1)
1st - Shinnick's Leelyn Mimic
Compact Ruby of good colour, round dark eyes and pleasing expression. Moved and showed well.
2nd - Koster's Harana Sinatra
Glamorous Ruby in good coat and condition. Moved well when settled.
3rd - Dix's Beewye Lara's Rufus JW

Veteran Dog (9, 1)
1st - Carter & Walker's Ch Mareve Indiana
Well known Blen of 9½ yrs, in lovely coat and condition. Enjoying his day out.
2nd - William's Tonnewydd Magic Wizard at Sancana
Ruby of 9 yrs, nice head, dark eyes - good colour. Moved soundly.
3rd - Jones' Caedrenant Mafon

Post Graduate Dog (29, 4)
1st - Gosford's Cinderlace Country Style
Well presented Blen of good type and construction. Pleasing head and sound movement.
2nd - Water's Maibee The Godfather
Blen with attractive head and expression, good colour and well angulated hindquarters. Showed well.
3rd - Martin's Glencross Bee J

Mid Limit Dog (19, 2)
1st - Conneally's Coedgwylum Hot Shot
Glamorous, well bodied Blen. Level topline, parallel movement and good angulation. Well presented and handled.
2nd - Atkinson's Tanmerack Lowry for Kimlea
Well marked Blen with good head and expression. Moving soundly with level topline.
3rd - Lewis' Daraste Reflection of Love

Limit Dog (32, 2)
1st - Sidgwick's Paulian Magpie JW
Smart Tri with lovely straight silky coat. Showed well with balanced shape and sound movement.
2nd - Fletcher's Sanikro Hi Spirits
Well coated Blen with attractive head and expression. Moved soundly with level topline.
3rd - Vella's Cinderlace Country Classic

Spec Open Not Exceed 18 lbs Dog (9, 2)
1st - Baker's Chacombe Chattanooga
2nd - Towse's Miletree Dream On
3rd - Armitt's Brassingamen Coeur De Lion

Spec Open Bred by Exhibitor Dog (13, 2)
1st - Lymer's Lymrey Cool Reflection
Quality Blen with lovely head, dark eyes giving that typeical Cavalier soft expression. Good reach of neck, level topline and tailset. Well angulated hindquarters giving flowing movement. Showed well. CC and Best In Show
2nd - Crossley's Ch Tameline Northern Dancer JW
Another quality Blen of lovely size and type. Good head carriage and level topline moving and standing. Never stopped showing. RCC
3rd - Coaker's Homerbrent Denzil

Open Dog (15, 2)
1st - Rix, Berry & Lymer's Ricksbury Royal Intrigue
Showy, well marked Blen in good coat and condition. Attractive head and balanced outline.
2nd - Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
Lovely headed Blen with dark eyes, good colour and coat texture. Showed well.
3rd - Inglis' Ch Haagan Dazs of Craigowl

Bitches - Judge: Mrs Caroline Gilles-Compston

It was with pleasure but trepidation that I accepted to judge bitches at the Cavalier Club Ch Show at Malvern. A fabulous entry. Having previously judged this show in 1985, possibly a little déjà vu creeps in when once again I awarded a B/T, Ch Rheinvelt Rave up at Rebinya, this time I did not give way to my co-judge and it was the referee Mrs V Barwell who awarded the BIS to the dog Lymrey Cool Reflection.
My main criticism is that there were far too many undershot or level mouths. So many in the puppy classes but also right through the middle classes. I have never been a mouth fanatic if the length of muzzle looked correct, but it would worry me if all the years of breeding out the undershot was to no avail. Movement and tailset were on the whole much improved.

Bitch CC - Stocks & Potter's Ch. Rheinvelt Rave Up at Rebinya
Reserve Bitch CC - Sansom's Byermoor Latraviata
Best Puppy Bitch - Mann's Lyndabelle Eternal

Minor Puppy Bitch (47, 7 abs)
1st - Mann's Lyndabelle Eternal
Blen just 6 months, good cobby body and correct bone, pretty head and expression, elegant neck, level topline, true movement, enjoying her day. BPB
2nd - Payne's Leelyn Aiva Psalm
7 Month Ruby, prettiest of heads, cobby body, level topline, excelled in movement, rich colouring.
3rd - Park's Keyingham Seathryd

Puppy Bitch (36, 10)
1st - Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Jubilee
Good mouth, pleasing head with dark eyes and soft expression, short coupled body, level back, correct tailset.
2nd - Hogan's Stavonga Sensational
Elegant well made Blen, moving with style.
3rd - Allcock's Sleepyhollow Contralto

Junior Bitch (43, 5)
1st - Flower's Anberan Iced Cappuccino
Captivating Ruby of rich colour, soft, silky flowing coat so hard to breed in a ruby. Darkest of eyes, sweet expression, correct mouth and moving soundly, with level topline and tail carriage, due to her well angulated stifles. Considered her for the RCC, but felt she just needed more maturity, this will come.
2nd - Coaker's Homerbrent Eugene
Sparkling Tri with bold clear markings, pretty head, elegant mover, well made, showing well although unused to her handler.
3rd - Towse's Miletree Miesque

Novice Bitch (31, 5)
1st - Coaker's Homerbrent Eugene
See Junior
2nd - Claydon's Brymarden Kirsty Maccoll
Such a pretty Blen of lovely size, moving well.
3rd - Ackroyd-Gibson's Toraylac Déjà Vu

Spec Graduate Blenheim Bitch (20, 7)
1st - Waters' Maibee Rosetta
Pretty well marked, pleasing expression, preferred her short coupled body.
2nd - Banks' Choya In A Whisper
Very pretty and more finished, splitting places between these 2.
3rd - Richardson's Rosemond Vogue at Kringleholme

Spec Graduate Tricolour Bitch (16, 3)
1st - Stark's Tayfern Wings of Song
Classy and elegant,dark eyes, happy smiling expression and fizzy personality, moving well.
2nd - Eyre's Newroyds Lucinda
Lovely make and shape, super topline, good head with dark eyes.
3rd - Drennan's Keyingham Violet

Graduate Black & Tan Bitch (18, 3)
1st - Smith's Beaudale Skye Lullaby
Richly marked, large dark eyes, gentle expression, good length of neck, good bone, well turned stifles, moving well.
2nd - Sparrow's Simpatico Genesis for Tashmit
Typy happy girl, good neck, level tailset.
3rd - Hill & Webber's Montcolly Liza

Spec Graduate Ruby Bitch (14, 1)
1st - Flower's Anberan Iced Cappuccino
See Junior
2nd - Koster's Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Similar age, lovely make and shape with soft expression, rich colouring.
3rd - Shinnick's Leelyn Hot Cyndas

Veteran Bitch (19, 3)
What a treat to see all the golden oldies together. it was not a matter of putting age before beauty, they were all well aged and beautiful. Pride of place had to go to the oldest.
1st - Inglis' Ch. Craigowl Silkience
At 12 years she moved like a dream, still with her renowned elegance and her blackest of pigment.
2nd - Rennard's Ch. Deranmar Sonnet
I gave this bitch her first CC and still agree with that decision.
3rd - Payne's Myhope Follow That Dream

Post Graduate Bitch (31, 3)
1st - Askins' Headra's New Flame
Sparkling Blen with bags of personality, correct skull, pretty expression, good bone and movement.
2nd - Drennan's Keyingham Violet
Lovely head shape, good make, silky coat.
3rd - Drewett's Judyland White Diamonds

Mid Limit Bitch (12, 2)
1st - Levy & Sedgwick's Winnie at Pascavale
2nd - Wheeler's Wheeler's
Two similarly built Blens of top quality, pretty heads, moving well making a difficult decision, preferred topline of 1.
3rd - Thomson's Ailcres Blue Heaven

Limit Bitch (31, 4)
1st - Rix, Berry & Lymer's Lymrey Royal Charm
What a handful to show, such a pretty little Blen, very similar to 2.
2nd - Towse's Miletree Simply A Dream
3rd - Boardman's Volney Monopoly
All real toy Spaniels with correct head shape, darkest of eyes, short coupled with well turned stifles, level toplines. A lovely trio.

Spec Open Not Exceed 18 lbs Bitch (14, 1)
1st - Water's Maibee Hot Gossip
Lovely Blen, gorgeous head, moving with elegance.

2nd - Reed's Chantiz Heaven Sent
Well made little Blen, not so glamorous as 1.

3rd - Payne's Catemmsal Out of The Blue

Spec Open Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (9, 0)
1st - Faulkner's Faulkvalley Chelsea Girl
Well broken Tri, lovely eyes, good shoulders and well turned stifles, won on hind movement.
2nd - Thomson's Ailcres Blue Heaven
Classy B/T, good head, eyes and shoulders.
3rd - Pagan's Sorata Class Action

Open Bitch (14, 0)
1st - Stocks & Potter's Ch. Rheinvelt Rave Up at Rebinya
CC, RBIS and BOS. Awarding the RCC to this B/T at Belfast in '99 my critique then read "Has personality and glamour, silky coat, good head with expressive eyes, level topline, good turn of stifle, moving with drive." - All this can be repeated today, plus - lovely size, well balanced, short coupled with good spring of rib, has the elegance that has come with maturity, in all a lovely bitch.
2nd - Sansom's Byermoor Latraviata
RCC. Blen I have long admired for super construction, typical head with almost level skull and large dark eyes, well laid shoulders, level topline, short coupled, well turned stifles, correct tail carriage, all making for true movement. Today she lacked that extra sparkle in the class, but pulled herself together in the challenge.
3rd - Jones' Ch. Timsar Miss Chief

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