Open Show - 23rd July 2006

Held at Brentwood and judged by Mrs Brenda Taylor (Brentville)

Selection of BIS
Mrs Taylor selecting her BIS

Leogem Scheherazade
BIS - Leogem Scheherazade
(More pictures below)

Best Puppy In Show
Deranmar Christopher
Best In Show
Leogem Scheherazade
Reserve Best In Show
Timsar Mister Moonlighter

Judge's Report

The Cavalier Club held an open show at Brentwood. Even though the sun was blistering hot, most of the dogs took it all in their stride showed themselves to advantage. BIS was Leogem Scheherazade; RBIS, Timsar Mister Moonlight & BP. Deranmar Christopher.

Best Dog: Jones' Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Reserve Best Dog: Allerton's Deeriem Tambourine Man
Best Puppy Dog: Rennard's Deranmar Christopher

Minor Puppy (5 entries, 2 absent)
1:  Sullivan's Myhope Stuart Little

8 months blen, typical head, nice eye & good pigmentation, good front, topline, body & tail, nicely presented, moved & showed very well.

2:  Taylor's Rosscrea Free Loader
Pretty 6 months blen, nice outline & shows much promise, silk coat coming in nicely, enjoying his day out.
3:  Thomas' Tamyse Henry Higgins of Pepyswood

Puppy (7, 3)
1:  Rennard's Deranmar Christopher
Handsome blen of almost 12 months, excellent head, large well spaced eyes giving a lovely soft melting expression, good well feathered ears, excellent neck & shoulders, firm topline, sound well muscled hindquarters, good turn of stifle, perfectly presented well broken silky coat, showed himself to advantage & moved round the ring as though he owned it. BP.
2:  Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Alfie
Nicely presented blen, good outline & richly coloured silky coat, nice head with appealing expression, good neck, shoulder, topline & tail carried well on the move. Not quite so mature as 1 but showed & moved with great aplomb.
3:  Boyd & Carter's Kinvaar Addict TAF
Res: Stanley's Stanhome Lord Rupert

Junior (4, 0)
1:  Jones' Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Outstanding nicely marked blen, well balanced head & large dark lustrous eyes with excellent pigmentation giving that wonderful gentle expression one expects from a cop quality Cavalier, good crest of neck, topline, sound well muscled quarters & tailset, shapely body with good bend of stifle, looked a picture standing & on the move with his well broken silky coat glistening in the sunshine. RBIS.
2:  Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Jamie
Smaller quality blen with lots to like, stood to great advantage showing off his good neck & shoulders, firm topline & excellent tailset, lovely action going round the ring, nicely presented.
3:  Stanley's Stanhome Lord of The Rings
Res:  Barwell's Charlottetown Motivator

Maiden (1, 0)
1:  Rennard's Deranmar Christopher
See Puppy

Novice (1, 0)
1:  Barwell's Charlottetown Motivator
Nice blen with good topline, legs & feet, showed & moved well.

Veteran (3, 2)
1:  Bloomfield's Oaklake One More Tri
Amazing to find that this nice tri is 10, lovely head & expression, good front, topline, ribs & stifles, in full coat & moved very well indeed.

Special Post Graduate Tricolour or Blenheim (2, 1)
1:  Watson's Korraines Jack The Lad for Zannaber
Mature blen with all the essentials, typical head, spring of rib, topline & strength in quarters, moved & showed well in the heat.

Special Post Graduate Black and Tan or Ruby (6, 1)
1:  Sullivan's Lillypin Rusty Nail for Myhope
Delightful ruby who was enjoying every minute, lovely ear feathering & coat of correct texture, appealing expression, good neck, topline & outline on the move.
2:  Fisk's Rebhann Rebellion

Smart B/T with lots to like, good body, topline & quarters, showed nicely.
3:  Mynott's Honeybet My Way
Res:  Pagan's Kimark Coming Home to Sorata
VHC:  O'Callaghan's Amantra Starshine

Limit (2, 0)
1:  Allerton's Kavacay Magic Dream at Deeriem
Nicely marked blen of lovely shape & size, pleasing head, good neck, firm topline & quarters, well presented.
2:  Thomas' Charlettetown Toby Thomas of Pepyswood
Nice tri. Not quite so short coupled as 1 but has a good head & eye, neck topline & quarters. Little overcome by the heat.

Open (3, 0)
1:  Allerton's Deeriem Tambourine Man
Mature tri, attractive head & ears, good neck, short coupled with good spring of rib, firm topline, good quarters & tailset, moved well. RBD.
2:  Pagan's Campanards Tribute to Sorata
Ruby of 9 months, pretty well constructed young man who lacked maturity, nice colour, topline & temperament.
3:  Dawson's Nottus Hooray Henry ShCM

Best Bitch: Homes' Leogem Scheherazade
Reserve Best Bitch: Bloomfield's Oaklake Just Dreaming
Best Puppy Bitch: Sansom's Byermoor Queens Maid

Minor Puppy (8 entries, 1 absent)
1:  Sansom's Byermoor Queens Maid
Outstanding young bitch who is beautifully constructed, lovely head, kind eye & well placed ears, good front, topline & body for age, sound quarters, moved like a dream. BPB
2:  Barwell's Pataleys Leading Lady of Charlottetown

Not quite so forward as 1 but a pretty blen, nicely presented well broken coat, nice outline, lovely temperament, very feminine, showed well.
3:  Smith's Montcolly Mimi for Mishana
Res:  Darley's Kaidee Nancy Sinatra
VHC:  Taylor's Rosscrea Summertime

Puppy (5, 1)
1:  Allerton's Pauroi Moonlight Shadow at Deeriem
Nicely balanced tri, excellent head, kind well spaced eyes, good pigmentation & well placed ears, good neck, body & rear, moved very well has a happy disposition.
2:  Li's Avalcier Sakura
Lovely blen with a super outline standing & on the move, pretty feminine head, good front legs & feet, tries very hard to please & am sure with maturity should do well.
3:  Rhodes' Miletree Touch Of Love in Calonlan
Res:  Crozier's Korraines Duty Free

Junior (10, 0)
1:  Hogan's Stavonga Soft As Silk
Smart blen, lovely outline & has much to admire, well presented coat of the right texture, tail never stopped wagging, moved very well.
2:  Darley's Kaidee My Angel

Nice typy blen who moved & showed beautifully considering the conditions, nicely balanced with good front, topline & quarters.
3:  Mynott's Honetbet Just Magic
Res: Jankowski's Gallowshill Black Magic
VHC:  Lismore's Jetauric Gilds The Lily

Maiden (4, 2)
1:  Fisher's Kaytim Snow Crystal
Pretty blen, nicely marked, good head & ears, neck, topline & stifles, in good coat & condition, moved well.
2:  Hubbard's Popolulu Lady Ruby Tuesday

Well coated ruby, pretty head, good neck, front & ribs, lovely rich colour.

Novice (9, 2)
1:  Jarrett's Myhope Moody Blue at Harrowood NAF
Eye catching B/T with brilliant coat colours, very appealing head & expression, long ear feathering & nice eyes, good ribs, legs & feet, showed & moved well.
2:  Taylor's Rosscrea Yours Truly

Smart nicely marked young blen, slighter in build but has a good outline with good topline & bend of stifle, nicely balanced, moved & showed nicely.
3:  Boardman's Volney Daisy Belle
Res:  Munott's Honeybet Hot Spring
VHC:  Dawson's Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex

Veteran (1, 0)
1:  Reed's Chantiz Spring Queen
Super 9 years blen who thoroughly enjoyed herself, typical head, large dark eyes with excellent coat & ear feathering, good front & strong quarters, a well set tail that wagged continuously, could scarcely contain her delight at being in the showring.

Special Post Graduate Tricolour or Blenheim (5, 2)
1:  Bloomfield's Oaklake Just Dreaming
Nicely balanced tri, lovely outline standing & on the move, good head, front, short back, good topline & coat, lovely bright colour, nicely presented. RBB.
2:  Clark's Leogem Polka

Nice blen with silky coat & well fringed ears. Unfortunately was feeling the heat somewhat, would like to see darker pigmentation. Moved nicely.
3:  Dawson's Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex

Special Post Graduate Black & Tan or Ruby (8, 0)
1:  Brewer & Moody's Bowfort Holly Berry
Smart B/T who moved & showed herself very well, excels in neck & shoulders, firm topline & spring of rib, nicely presented coat of clear colours.
2:  Mynott's Rosscrea Sugar and Spice for Honeybet

Pretty B/T with mature body, good front, topline & quarters, stood the heat very well, good textured coat, just lacking tall feathering.
3:  Jankowski's Gallowshill Black Magic
Res:  Jarrett's Myhope Moody Blue at Harrowood NAF
VHC:  Fisk's Rebhann Argento

Limit (7, 2)
1:  Homes' Leogem Scheherazade
Glamorous blen, most appealing head & dark expressive eyes which are enhanced by jet black pigmentation, this together with her lovely long ear feathering makes a super picture, well balanced with good crest of neck, firm topline & perfectly presented silky coat, delightful bitch who moved & showed with great style. BIS.
2:  Boardman's Volney April Love

Top quality exhibit with lovely head, lustrous eyes, good neck, shoulder, topline & quarters, good spring of rib, legs & feet, showed well.
3:  Sparrow's Tashmit The Next Generation
Res:  Godwin's Simpatico Pure Genius
VHC:  Sherring's Jetauric Cinderella

Open (1, 0)
1:  Bloomfield's Oaklake Banana Split
Smart tri, good head & eye, good front, mature body, firm topline, moved & showed well.

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