The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Open Show - 24th November 2002

Held at Woodlands, Doncaster and judged by Dennis Homes

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Nevhill's Roosevelt
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Choya In a Whisper
Best in Show
Ricksbury Royal Intrigue
Judge's Report
It was an honour, privilege and a great pleasure to judge the Parent Club's Open Show. I thank the committee for their invitation and also to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs. The template that I have in my mind's eye when judging is of an unexaggerated, well balanced dog that has a graceful fluid movement. I like the dogs to be pretty, but at the same time masculine, and bitches to be slightly more refined. I also try not to place undue emphasis on any single small fault, but to keep it in perspective to the dog's overall balance and type.


Minor Puppy Dog (10, 3)
1. Inglis's Craigowl Harry Lime
6 month Blenheim. Well angulated with a good straight front, level topline and a nicely rounded ribcage. Very pleasing expression with a correctly cushioned foreface for his age and lovely dark eyes. Moved very positively.
2. Shields' Broganzor Damaskus Just six months and a real baby, could easily pass as a five month old with his fluffy puppy coat. But what a super, outgoing character he is. Well marked, sweet expression, good make and shape with an even topline and nice angulation. I'll be most interested to see how this little chap develops.
3. Banks' Choya Albertino

Puppy Dog (8)
1. Baker's Nevhill's Roosevelt
An extremely handsome blenheim with good bone and of good all round construction. Top quality coat, straight and silky and lovely long ears framing an attractive head with excellent pigment and large gleaming dark eyes. He presents a very clean cut profile as he steps out in style. Super temperament, a dog with real attitude. Best Puppy in Show.
2. Deans & Knight's Clockpelters The Advocate Cum Carolus
A neatly compact blenheim with an attactive head that's nicely cushioned. Firmly constructed with a good top line and very positive movement.
3. King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo.

Junior Dog (6)
1. Storar's Kayjay T.S. Elliot at Ewecote
Well made blenheim who excels in effortless movement, showing a good hind driving action as he strode out with precision across the ring with his head held high. He is well bodied with a lovely frame, a deep chest and well rounded ribcage. Very pleasing head with a most attractive expression.
2. Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancellor. Slightly more refined than 1. and just a shade longer cast, but also a good mover who covers the ground well in a definite and precise manner. Another dog with an handsome head who uses his ears well, presenting an attractive expression.
3. Gow's Lyncraeg Daydream

Maiden Dog (5, 1)
1. Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancellor
See Junior
2. King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo
Ten month old blenheim dog who shows much promise. Good topline and nicely rounded ribcage with good angles both fore and aft. Very appealing head and has nice flowing movement.

Novice Dog (6)
1. Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Charmer
Blenheim of 14 months with a good all round make and shape. Level topline, good shoulder placement, deep chest and well angled both front and rear. Very expressive head with a nicely cushioned but well tapered foreface and good eyes.
2. Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancellor.
See Junior
3. King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo

Veteran Dog (2,1)
1. Sandlan's Craigowl Crackpot at Arenkote
I remember admiring this dog in the showring when he was a youngster. He is now nine years old, and despite being a little heavy around the shoulders, he is still quite youthful with excellent pigment highlighting his handsome head. In good, hard condition with firm muscle tone on his thighs which enables him to move effortlessly.

Special Post Graduate Tricolour Dog (3)
1. Brumby's Honeybet by Design
Quite a smart dog with a good head showing nice tan markings. Good coat texture, straight and gleaming. Fairly well constructed with a straight front. Just needs more animation in the ring.
2. Potter's Almondene Max-A-Million
Heavier headed than 1. Very short coupled but his coat is slightly blowy. Moved reasonably well.
3. Fairless' Heronbank Zenith

Special Post Graduate Blenheim Dog (12, 2)
1. Waters' Maibee The Godfather
Nicely compact little dog with a very smart outline. Good lay of shoulder, level topline and a well rounded ribcage. Plenty of width across his rump, an attribute that seemed to be missing in a number of exhibits. (Dogs that taper in at the back end lose that free flowing drive). This little lad moved across the ring with an effortless action.A most adorable head, I just wish his eyes were just a fraction larger. Nevertheless he has a very soft expression.
2. Lymer & Scheldt's Lymrey Joker
Another well constructed dog who also sailed around the ring with fluid movement. A solid little fella of ideal make and shape. Well coated with abundant ear fringes and a very handsome expression.
3. Eyre's Newroyds Lord of the Rings

Special Post Graduate Black/Tan Dog (4, 1)
1. Shinnick's Leelyn Rug Rat
Good make and shape and of ideal size. Nice straight front and well angulated hindquarters. Top quality coat with a good deep tan. Pleasing head and expression. Occasionally flying his tail, but not consistently. Moved well.
2. Potter's Anberan Black Coffee
Built along more finer lines than 1, and with a slightly longer foreface. A good straight front, very generous coat.
3. Bridgewater's Meijulita Benjamin Black

Special Post Graduate Ruby Dog (1, 1)

Limit Dog (8, 1)
1. Shinnick's Leelyn Mimic
A very nicely constructed ruby. A most appealing head with plenty of depth across the skull and very expressive eyes. Ideal size with plenty of rib and chest room. Quality coat of even colouring.
2. Egan's Robrook Our Albert
A lovely marked blenheim with a truly excellent coat of generous length that simply glistened as he moved. Well cushioned foreface and abundant ear fringing. Move true. I only wish that he was slightly smaller.
3. Lister's Cachevell Rock DJ

Open Dog (4, 3)
1. Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Intrigue
Blenheim dog that simply oozes quality. When viewed in profile his outline is superbly proportioned. Good lay of shoulder with a nicely arched neck descending onto an even top line. Plenty of depth in his hindquarters and nicely angulated. An absolutely drop dead gorgeous head with generous ear fringes that frame a true chocolate box expression. Correct foreface with ample cushioning without being overdone. Dark luminous eyes and good pigment. A true toy spaniel. Best in Show.
2. Baker's Chacombe Chattanooga
A lovely compact little blenheim who also projects the image of a true toy spaniel. Ideal shape, he moved around the ring in positive and effortless mode. A super head and expression with the blackest of pigment and lovely large, round, dark eyes that radiate a warm, melting expression. Reserve Best Dog.
3. Levitt's Lymrey Cabernet with Kestrelflite.


Minor Puppy Bitch (13)
1. Inglis' Craigowl Vera Cruz
Nicely constructed 7 month old blenheim. Fairly heavily marked with a very sweet head and soft expression. She has a lovely exuberant personality. When she first walked in the ring she thought it was fun playtime, but once she settled she moved steadily with grace and drive.
2. Banks' Choya Thomasino
Another 7 month old blenheim, just a day older than 1. A most adorable head with a pretty expression. Nicely put together with good, steady movement. She just needs a tad more animation in the ring to give her that extra oomph! 3. Shinnick's Leelyn Lily Beth

Puppy Bitch(13, 3)
1. Waters' Keyingham Raphael
What an absolute gem this little blenheim girl is! She caught my eye the moment she entered the show ring. 11 months old with an absolutely gorgeous feminine head. A real stunner. Excellent pigmentation and large, luminous eyes. She is a lovely shape, well constructed and compact with good angulation. A graceful mover with elegent deportment. A picture both standing and on the move. Best Puppy Bitch.
2. Rennard's Edonhill Rising Star for Deranmar
A blenheim built along slightly more refined lines than 1. Very attractive with a lovely sweet expression. Ultra feminine with a good body shape that's well angulated. Moved confident and true.
3. Turnbull's Peakdowns Mint Julep

Junior Bitch (10)
1. Lymer & Scheldt's Lymrey Sweet Dream
Blenheim girl that really exudes style. Wonderful outline and a very elegant mover. Classic head with well furnished ear leathers, large dark eyes and good pigmentation. Well placed shoulders and good reach of neck.
2. Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Temptation.
Another stunning little blenheim who also excelled in neck and shoulder placement. (There were far too many exhibits that were very short in neck). Beautiful head with well tapered muzzle and good ear set on a broad flat skull. Very pleasing expression.
3. Waddington's Spindlepoint Kim Crawford

Maiden Bitch (13, 4)
1. Rollins & Poundford's Poundroll Gilded Lilly
Blenheim of ideal proportions and excellent make and shape. She looked so stylish as she moved around the ring in such a graceful way. Despite the fact that her tan extends across her left cheek, she has the most gorgeous head and a very soft feminine expression with lovely dark eyes and a neatly cushioned muzzle.
2. Whitfield's Bevelmount Disco Dolly
Similar shape to 1, but without as much coat. Good head, she really uses her ears well, and lovely expressive eyes. Nice neck and good mover.
3. Turnbull's Peakdowns Caprice

Novice Bitch (11)
1. Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Quality blenheim of nice proportions. Not a lot of coat, but what she had got is soft, straight and silky. Good lay of shoulder and pretty, expressive head. Very steady mover holding her head high as she moved around the ring observing everything that was going on!
2. Naylor's Leelyn Gypsy
An exceedingly pretty Black/Tan. Very petite with a lovely make and shape and good movement. Nicely furnished coat with plenty of feathering. Very soft expression, I just wish that her head was a fraction larger to complete the picture of elegance.
3. Whitfield's Clockpelters Caprice for Bevelmount

Veteran Bitch (4)
1. Baker's Nevhill's Narnia
Eight year old tricolour. An abundance of coat which is straight and in gleaming condition. Rich tan, lovely dark eyes. A fraction heavy across her shoulders but a steady, confident mover.
2. Waddington's Lillico Moonlight Serenade of Spindlepoint
Seven year old blenheim with thick, fully furnished ears framing a very sweet head and expression. Moved well, maintaining a firm top line.
3. Knight's Carolus Royal Rhapsody

Special Post Graduate Tricolour Bitch (4, 3)

1. Marshall's Greenhow Ginelli
Somewhat up to size, but nicely put together with good bone and an even top line. Heavily marked coat in good condition with ample feathering. A good confident mover.
2. Bank's Choya Day Dreamer
More compact than 1, and slightly heavier built. Lovely rich tan and a glistening coat. Moved well but I wish that she showed a little more animation to enhance her attributes.
3. Powell's Margareith Sassy Lady

Special Post Graduate Blenheim Bitch (9)
1. Tolworthy's Salinan Something Special
Like her name, she really is something special! A truly well balanced girl, in full coat furnished in all the right places, portraying a picture of style. Lovely expressive eyes and excellent ear furnishings. A good, steady mover. She was constantly gazing adoringly at her handler, totally aloof of the other exhibits. Very much "I'm a Princess" attitude! Reserve Best Bitch.
2. Eyre's Newroyds Rainbow River
Slightly longer cast, but very well made and moved with verve. Good neck and shoulder placement. Quality coat. Classic head.
3. Waddington's Spindlepoint Delia

Special Post Graduate Black/Tan Bitch (8, 3)
1. Shinnick's Leelyn Eevee
Nice size and well proportioned. Good head, deep chest and well rounded ribcage. Good rich tan and a lovely dark, burnished coat that glistened as she moved confidently across the ring.
2. Leelyn Gypsy
See Novice
3. Leelyn Soul Sister

Special Post Graduate Ruby Bitch (5, 2)
A rather disappointing Class
1. Loynd's Twoacres Carol Singer
Straight front and good turn of stifle. Good tailset. Moved reasonably well once she settled.
2. Hill's Meijulita Mischief Maker
A little erratic on the move. Large dark eyes. Well rounded rib cage but could do with a fraction more neck.
3. Kallistar Ruby Gale

Limit Bitch (8, 4)
1. Crane's Cranvarl Regal Pretence
An all round nicely constructed blenheim. Lovely expressive head with large eyes, good foreface and long, well furnish ear leathers. Good bone and a steady mover. Quite a chunky construction, I wish she was a fraction more refined, but nevertheless a quality bitch.
2. Baker's Nevhill's Carolina
Sweet headed blenheim with large luminous eyes, like so many from this kennel. Good pigment, well cushioned muzzle. Short coupled and good bone.
3. Hindle's Fyrnrose French Silk with Ellsiana

Open Bitch (5, 1)
1. Banks' Choya In a Whisper
Chic, elegant and feminine are three words to sum up this blenheim. Somewhat out of coat at the moment, but she has a well defined outline and is so nicely constructed with good angulation at either end. A very pretty head, she uses her ears well. Good neck and lay of shoulder. In the bitch challenge she stood there showing her heart out and presenting a most appealling picture. As I approached with the Best Bitch rosette, she gazed up at me as if to say, "That's mine!"
2. Waters' Maibee Delightful
Another blenheim from the top drawer. She has the sweetest of heads with large dark eyes and good pigment. A neat compact frame with a good top line and tail set.
3. Deans' Clockpelters Guiding Star

Mr Dennis Homes (Judge)


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