Open Show - 25th November 2001

Held at Langley and judged by Mrs Jo Norris

Reserve Best In Show
Miletree Nijinsky JW
Best In Show
Tameline Queen of
Tides at Rershay
Best Puppy In Show
Stavonga Sensational
Judge's Report
My thanks to the Club for affording me the honour of judging at their Open Show, and especially to the exhibitors for the privilege of going over their dogs.

Although the Cavalier is classified in the Toy Group, I do not believe that this gives us the opportunity to be less rigorous in our quest for ideal construction, in favour of head and expression, coat and outward glamour. Our lovely breed finds favour as a family companion, but as such they need the build to meet the rigours of those demands - from being a "couch potato" to an eager fell walker. We know the character of the Cavalier gives them the enthusiasm, aptitude and love for either lifestyle, it behoves us to ensure that they are equipped to meet those demands.

In judging I am looking for overall balance, correct construction, true movement and the resultant grace and elegance both standing and moving, which, coupled with a correct head and coat, lends that innate air of quality. That this may give a line up which looks less cohesive and coherent to some simply reflects different priorities in what judges are looking for. Of course there is a type which is typically "me", but that does not mean it will be placed a priori, a different type which better meets what I am looking for will go forward.

On the day, although there were dogs representing the full size range, I did not find any that I thought were outside the acceptable limits. Many were a picture on the stand, only to disappoint on the move, particularly fore and aft, and therefore outline and profile movement was often a deciding factor. I hold to the adage "if it's made right it will move right". As so many movement inaccuracies, whatever the degree of divergence, arise from less than ideal construction, we must all make our own decisions on the degree of compromise we find acceptable.

Although it is well known that incorrect mouths can correct, and puppies are often given the benefit of the doubt, this does not condone the problem, good mouths can and are bred in from the outset.

The wholecolours did not fare as well as I had thought they might, either the balance or the movement was just not quite there for me. With regard to the tricolours, it was a shame to see quite a few with flecking, this does so detract from the overall picture. I do not mind heavier marking in the particolours unless it truly detracts, and I did not penalise for lack of coat. However, I did feel that some otherwise good coats lacked the lustre of the required silky coat, I would like to believe that it was just because they were on the blow, but as this seemed to be linked with very thick almost over-profuse coats I just wonder if this is something else to keep an eye on in breeding.

In considering balance, this encompassed substance to size (and I found some a little lacking in bone) as well as height to length and complementary angulation between the front and hindquarters.
I do not mind the dogs fidgeting, - I like to see that extrovert character rather than an immaculately trained statue!

When it came to the final challenges, The bitch scored for Best in Show on that extra bit of elegance in overall outline, and effortless freedom of movement.

With regard to the puppies, I fully expect the dog to finish up as much more my type, but, at the end of a long day for them both the bitch just looked that bit more "together".

Minor Puppy (12, 3a)
1. Blunt's Karabel Kavanagh
Nicely proportioned 8 month blenheim, confident and steady on the move and therefore showed off his paces. Nicely marked, good head, scope for a lot of finishing to come. Best Puppy Dog.
2. Rennard's Deranmar Aeneas
Well made 8 month blenheim, steady, finer at this stage than 1, and not so positive on the move. Needs a lot of time.
3. Boardman's Volney Quest

Puppy (2, 1a)
1. Sullivan's Shenlyn February Focus for Myhope
Black & Tan who stood alone. Good head and expression, but lost his topline on the move, hope this is just a phase in his development.

Junior (11, 1a)
1. Towse's Miletree Nijinsky JW
Nicely proportioned and balanced blenheim in good coat, good angulation, adequate neck, lovely masculine head and expression. A picture in profile, both standing and moving, true enough moving fore and aft, although a little deliberate. Best Dog, Reserve Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex.
2. Reed's Chantiz Chuckler
Another very nice blen. dog, well made and therefore good on the move, balance did not look quite there as he seemed a little heavier on the front.
3. Li's Avalcier Atomic Blaze

Maiden (3)
1. Hurley's Hurleaze Party Boy
Small compact well coated blenheim, beautifully presented and handled. Sweet head and expression, lovely outline, moved carefully, but would like to see him on a loose lead.
2. Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas
Upstanding blen of different type, another nice youngster, good shape, not the finish yet of 1st and not as positive on the move.
3. Styles' Charlesworth Late Arrival

Novice (4)
1. Britten's Avoncastle Jazzi Pants
Nicely balanced heavily marked tricolour, masculine head, good shape, free and easy on the move.
2. Clopsville Kansas
3. Styles' Charlesworth Devons Secret

Veteran (1)
1. Rolfe's Calamansak Daniel at Pipswey
8 year black and tan, coat somewhat unruly, up to size, nothing to dislike, enjoyed himself.

Special Post Graduate, Tricolour (5, 1a)
1. Carter & Walker's Tried & Trusted from Mareve
Balanced tricolour with lovely clear markings, good outline moved freely, full coat, felt he could just fine down a fraction to advantage.
2. Avoncastle Jazzi Pants
3. Potter's Almondene Max-A-Million

Special Post Graduate, Blenheim (10, 1a)
1. Cornaby & Robinson's Haydonleigh Meistersinger
A really nice dog, good shape and make, masculine head with kind expression. Won on his positive movement, even though he was not co-operating fully. A little more animation and a "look at me" attitude would make him much more eye-catching.
2. Salisbury's Clopsville St. Louis
Pleasing outline standing, not the coat and finish of one, kept his balanced shape on the move.
3. Reed's Chantiz Manhattan Prince

Special Post Graduate, Black/Tan (6)
1. Tyler's Janthows Trulli Jordan
Not a lot to give between the first two, won this class on overall shape.
2. Pearce's Moonstone Magic Man at Ardabrone
In better coat, but did not quite hold his shape on the move.
3. Rolfe's Christleton Tobago at Pipswey

Special Post Graduate, Ruby (3)
1. Dix's Beewye Lara's Rufus JW
Exuberant youngster, super head, good construction, correct and free on the move. In the dog challenge I felt he still has some maturing to do to reach his full and great potential.
2. Shinnick's Leelyn Mimic
Another really lovely ruby who just lost out to 1 on accuracy moving.
3. Vout's Geronsart Sunset at Touvas

Limit (11, 2a)
What a class! First three had good heads, lovely expression, balanced shape, nice outlines.
1. Bunce's Tanmerack Leon Kossoff
The length of neck and the extra elegance it gave to the outline on the move won him this class.
2. Hurley's Hurleaze Birthday Boy
Very pretty small dog, moved deliberately and a little less freely, in better coat, well presented.
3. Harvey's Rivermoor Charley Boy

Open (5, 2a)
1. Godwin's Cavaliegh Pierre
Shapely tri underneath very full coat, which made him look heavy, and a little ponderous on the move.
2. Blackburn's Bekenveldt Leonardo
Handsome blenheim who decided to have fun today, a very honest type all through.
3. Geronsart Sunset at Touvas

Minor Puppy (11, 3a)
A class of real babies who mostly need time to look the part. We all find it hard to resist entering them and an early outing is good experience. However, it does mean that the more forward will mostly take the day.
1. Hogan's Stavonga Sensational
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy. Very pretty blenheim baby, confident and settled so showed herself off to advantage. Shape and make complemented with "puppy fat" lending balance to immaturity. Sweet head and expression. Steady on the move. In the challenge for Best Puppy it was this impression of balance which just took the day.
2. Clarke's Kalcer Elizabeth
Happy, pretty blenheim with a lot of promise in overall shape and outline, typically babyish on the move, needing plenty of time.
3. Vella's Cinderlace She's Magic

Puppy (6)
1. Adams' Solitaire Opollo Star at Winsudor
Blenheim, won this class on overall shape and more positive movement, the benefit I am sure of a couple of months in age advantage. Head finer and not as finished as 2, enough fill should come in time.
2. Bunce's Gwentons Angel
More compact blenheim, not quite the elegance of neck of 1, and needs to tighten on the move.
3. MacAlpine's Annatika Tiffeny

Junior (10, 3a)
1. Lymer's Lymrey Josephine Anne
Attractive outline, well balanced, in good coat, her angulation gave her the edge on the move, and just preferred her head and expression.
2. Levy & Sedgwick's Winnie at Pascavale
Not quite the substance of winner, just enough for her make and shape. Attractive outline, steady on the move but did not have quite the stride of 1.
3. Shinnick's Leelyn Eevee

Maiden (14, 5a)
1. Towse's Miletree Miesque
Appealing in profile, steady and true on the move, feminine head, sweet expression, would like a little more neck.
2. Greenall's Charlesworth Royal Caprice
Pushed 1 hard on all counts, just preferred head and expression of 1.
3. Cornaby & Robinson's Haydonleigh Joan Crawford

Novice (12, 3a)
1. Norris's Timsar Tutti Frutti at Goliave
Very pretty, clear and cleanly marked tri, elegant shape, not in full coat but did not detract, moved well enough. Showed herself. A real eye-catcher.
2. Miletree Miesque
3. Bubb's Wandris Show Stopper

Veteran (1)
1. Godwin's Cavaliegh Evangelina
Llooking super still, has kept her lovely shape and balance, moving out with energy. Pretty head, good coat and pigment to complete the picture. Living proof that at 8 years young maturity does not mean looking "senior".

Special Post Graduate, Tricolour (6, 1a)
1. Blunt's Karabel Kamellia
Shapely, honest bitch with clear markings and good tan, steady on the move.
2. Timsar Tutti Frutti at Goliave
Such a shame that she just would not show herself this time. I try hard not to penalise a good dog because of an inexperienced handler, but wins must be earned with some showmanship.
3. Godwin's Cavaliegh Liquorice

Special Post Graduate, Blenheim (8, 2a)
1. Lymer's Lymrey Romance
Reserve Best Bitch, lovely bitch, pleasing outline, nice make, balanced, good head and expression, in good coat, positive and true enough on the move, not quite as fluent as Best Bitch.
2. Boardman's Volney Monopoly
An honest type, but lacking the glamour and finish of 1.
3. Godwin's Cavaliegh Clover

Special Post Graduate, Black/Tan (6, 1a)
1. Shinnick's Leelyn Eevee
Pretty and petite, more settled than in Junior when a crisis of confidence somewhat spoilt her chances. Sweetest of heads and expression, looks a picture on the stand, and positive on the move.
2. Turner's Shalot Morgan Le Fay
Larger type, nice shape in profile, preferred head and balance of substance in 1.
3. Tyler's Crystaldawns Sensation at Janthow

Special Post Graduate, Ruby (4, 2a)
1. Vout's Touvas Sunkist
Attractive, won on better movement, would prefer her a little shorter coupled.
2. Sheppard's Siabonja She's A Looker
Presented a nice profile, more compact, nice balance of substance.

Limit (5)
1. Shearer's Tameline Queen of Tides at Rershay
Had just about everything I was looking for, super shape, good construction, balance and angulation, excelled in shoulder and upper arm, which makes for the elegant neck, all of which really showed out as she moved effortlessly with true reach and drive, head carried proudly. Just enough coat to carry the day. Some will possibly find her head a little finer than they would like, but it is in balance with everything else with a good dark eye and soft expression. Best Bitch and Best In Show.
2. Shinnick's Leelyn Citrena
A really lovely ruby who was in many ways close up to 1, she just did not quite have the balance, seeming to run up a little lighter behind.
3. Taylor's Kemble Morning Glory

Open (3, 2a)
1. Shalot Morgan Le Fay

Mrs Jo Norris (Judge)

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