Puppy Of The Year
Cavalier Of The Year 2013
Puppy Of The Year Results   –   Cavalier Of the Year Results
This year the venue was Wroxall Abbey Estate and Hotel, and it proved to be a really good venue. It was easy to find, with good car parking and the event was held inside the huge wedding marquee. Not the usual draughty affair, but large, bright and comfortable.

There were hot bacon rolls and tea and coffee on arrival, and later a lovely lunch with a choice of hot or cold dishes, with really good, (i.e. fattening) desserts. Smart white covered tables were placed around and lots of space to walk between them.

Of course, the main courses of the day were the two events. The Puppy of the Year was first, with the three judges, Maurene Milton, Evelyn Hurley and myself each judging the classes. Our names went into a goldfish bowl and the balls were well agitated to ensure fairness.

Some lovely puppies appeared in the various rounds and eventually we were unanimous in our decision that the ‘Best Puppy’ would be Alex Bubb’s, ‘Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us’. The Reserve going to Joan Pagan’s ‘Sorata Miss Emily’.

Out came the goldfish bowl to draw the judges for the ‘Cavalier of the Year’.

Before lunch there was time to judge the dog class, and the winner of the match was, Andy Vella’s, ‘Cinderaic Seduction’.

After lunch, Mrs. Maurene Milton judged the bitch match and her winner was, Dennis and Tina Holmes, ‘Leogem Rhapsody’, who had recently won her crown.

The three judges then jointly judged ‘Best in Match’ and the winner, with the judge’s unanimous decision, but not without some hair splitting, was the bitch.

Throughout the day there was a lovely peaceful atmosphere, and it was a good idea of the committee to provide tea at the end. Long after the match, people were still sitting and happily chatting to friends.

There were just a couple of things that could be improved:

Firstly, if the venue is used again some rubber matting should be used, as the ballroom floor was quite slippery for some dogs.

Secondly, and rather sadly, the event was poorly attended. This event should be a very prestigious one that anyone who qualifies should be proud to attend; a real breed show piece. Have we really got to the stage of ‘No tickets on offer... No go?’; I sincerely hope not.

I do hope that the event will continue and be better supported.

It was an enormous honour for all three judges to be asked to this event, I know I can speak for us all when I say that we really enjoyed seeing such lovely puppies and dogs.

Judy Wright.

 Puppy Of The Year 2013 
Puppy Of The Year 2013
Miss Bubb’s Blenheim Dog

Reserve Puppy Of The Year 2013

Mrs Pagan’s Black & Tan Bitch

 Cavalier Of The Year 2013 
Cavalier Of The Year 2013
Mr & Mrs Homes’ Blenheim Bitch

Reserve Cavalier Of The Year 2013

Mr Vella’s Blenheim Dog

Puppy Of The Year
Judging Panel:
Mrs Maureen Milton (Fontelania) – Mrs Judy Wright (Yockley) – Mrs Evelyn Hurley (Lahume)
Group 1 – Dog Puppies under 12 months.  Judge:
Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us  Group 1 Winner
Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us
Group 2 – Dog Puppies 12 – 18 months.  Judge: Evelyn Hurley
Verheyen Garrick JW Verheyen Garrick JW Group 2 Winner
Verheyen Garrick JW
Ispahan See The Stars
Lovetrac Buster with Bekenveldt Lochbuie Cappucino
Lochbuie Cappucino
Sancana Rainbow Warrior
Group 3 – Dog Puppies Over 18 months.  Judge: Maurene Milton
Ledesham Jack Flash Ledesham Jack Flash Group 3 Winner
Ledesham Jack Flash
Tusculano Baleno
Carolus Don Rico JW Trirayne Captain Scott
Trirayne Captain Scott
Group 4 – Bitch Puppies Under 12 months.  Judge: 
Ryanmil Queen Of The Night Group 4 Winner
Ryanmil Queen Of The Night
Group 5 – Bitch Puppies 12 – 18 months.  Judge: Maurene Milton
Tillashby Northern Star at Callyspride Lochbuie Tiffin Group 5 Winner
Sorata Miss Emily
Lochbuie Tiffin
Wandris Cute As A Button Sorata Miss Emily
Sorata Miss Emily
Jolainey Magical JW
Group 6 – Bitch Puppies Over 18 months.  Judge: Evelyn Hurley
Castlewytch Painted Lady Group 6 Winner
Ellemich Exclamation
Ellemich Exclamation
Cavaliegh Desire
Judge: Judy Wright Best Puppy Dog
Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us
Reserve Best Puppy Dog
Verheyen Garrick JW
Group 1 Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us
Group 2 Verheyen Garrick JW
Group 3 Ledesham Jack Flash
Judge: Judy Wright Best Puppy Bitch
Sorata Miss Emily
Reserve Best Puppy Bitch
Ellemich Exclamation
Group 4 Ryanmil Queen Of The Night
Group 5 Sorata Miss Emily
Group 6 Ellemich Exclamation
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Cavalier Of The Year
Judging Panel:
Mrs Maureen Milton (Fontelania) – Mrs Judy Wright (Yockley) – Mrs Evelyn Hurley (Lahume)
Group 7 – Dogs  Judge: Judy Wright
Ch Harana Alfie Boe Ch Harana Alfie Boe Best Dog
Ch Cinderaic Seduction

Reserve Best Dog
Ch Harana Alfie Boe
Verheyen Garrick JW
Loranka’s The Way Forward Sorata Don Vito
Sorata Don Vito
Ch Cinderaic Seduction Ch Cinderaic Seduction
Wandris Comedian at Airlie JW
Garlouchi Just Magic of Charnavale JW
Group 8 – Bitches  Judge: Maurene Milton
Ch Lochbuie Taken As Red Ch Cavaliegh Jaida with Vallender Tusculana Carmella at Embeth Best Bitch
Ch Leogem Rhapsody

Reserve Best Bitch
Ch Tuscalana Carmella at Embeth
Ch Cavaliegh Jaida with Vallender
Tusculana Carmella at Embeth Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
Ch Harana Cilla Black JW
Tusculana Domenica Ch Leogem Rhapsody Ch Leogem Rhapsody
Ch Leogem Rhapsody
Arroline Honeysuckle JW Ellemich Exclamation
Ellemich Exclamation
Ispahan Seabreeze Ch Avalcier Inspired JW
Ch Avalcier Inspired JW
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