Message from the Kennel Club’s Cavalier Health Representative, Peter Towse, regarding CM/SM Ballots by participating Cavalier Clubs
"To clarify:

The Kennel Club wrote to me asking me to communicate with all of the clubs and request their feedback on the attached proposal by no later than 30th May 2011. The proposal is copied below exactly as sent to me.
Despite there being some members that would prefer full publication of results, this was not an option offered by the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club asked for a simple yes or no answer to the acceptance of their proposal of February 3rd 2011.
The majority of the Clubs have complied with this request and we ask that however many Clubs you belong to you take the time to complete the individual ballots thereby recording the interest by individual Club’s membership.
Some clubs have included a “tick box” to ask if previously scanned dogs should be recognised and most Clubs have included a comment box.
We await your responses!!!"

Kennel Club Proposal:
  1. All CM and SM grades will be recorded on the screened dog’s KC registration record.
  2. All CM and SM results and dogs’ details will automatically be passed to the AHT for research purposes.
  3. Neither CM or SM grades will be published, nor will they be accessible via the Health Test Result Finder.
  4. What will be published, next to the CM/SM Scheme name (i.e. BVA/KC CMSM Scheme:), is the fact that the dog has been screened (MRI scanned) and its age at the time of screening (e.g. Screened at 4 yrs 6 months).
  5. Publication of the date of screening and age of dog will appear on KC registration certificates, the Breed Records Supplement and will be accessible via the Health Test Results Finder.
  6. Dogs that have not been MRI scanned under the Scheme will be identified as having ‘no result recorded’. This information will be available on the Health Test Result Finder and will also appear on any new registration certificate issued for the dog and on the registration certificates of any of the dog’s future progeny.
  7. Since SM appears to be a progressive disease, the same dog might have more than one MRI scan, taken at different ages, so any new scan result will replace an existing result.
  8. It is intended that this recording and publication plan remain in place until such time as Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are available for this breed, at which time we will engage in consultation with a view to publishing the EBV for individual dogs.

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