1st June

Dear Breed Club Secretary

Dog showing & health

As someone with a strong interest and involvement in dog showing I thought you would like to know what the Kennel Club is doing to promote the healthy breeding and showing of dogs.

The Kennel Club has always maintained that the vast majority of dogs bred and exhibited at shows are healthy. However, you will doubtless be aware that dog showing has been heavily criticised recently on the basis of claims that it is responsible for producing unhealthy dogs. For many years the Kennel Club and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust have been taking steps to understand and resolve these problems where possible, for instance providing grants for scientific research, training judges to spot unhealthy dogs during competition and issuing revised breed standards.

The Kennel Club is of the firm belief that dog showing is not only a fun hobby for those who take part, but is also the best forum in which to resolve any health problems related to a dog’s conformation. As those who show dogs are well aware competitive dog showing is not only one of several means of promoting the breeding of healthy, happy dogs; it is also one of the best ways in which to eradicate the very distressing diseases that blight some dogs’ lives because it is in this forum alone (i.e. the world of dog shows) that breed standards hold the authority to achieve progress. By their very nature dog shows reward excellent health and a good temperament — the results of the highest standards of breeding.

The Kennel Club will be making this issue a key focus of our campaigning activities over the coming months. I would be very grateful if you could help us by asking your members to contact their local Member of Parliament in Scotland and the UK or Assembly Member in Wales to support this campaign. I have enclosed a suggested letter to assist you. For further information on this campaign please visit our website Should you require any further help or information please do not hesitate to contact the Kennel Club’s Senior Public Affairs Officer Emily Jeffrey on 020 7518 1020 or

Yours sincerely,
Caroline Kisko
Kennel Club Secretary
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