Kennel Club & The CKCS Breed Health Plans 2009

Kennel Club Health Plans

The CKCS Club Committee (and all the Regional Clubs) were asked to input to the KC their prioritised list of health concerns within the breed. The CKCS Club prioritised the list in the following order:

  1. MVD
  2. Neurological Conditions
  3. Ocular Conditions
  4. Cancer
  5. Auditory Conditions

Breed Standard

The committee received notification from the Kennel Club of its intention to amend the Breed Standard concerning eyes to include the additional requirement ‘showing no white of eye’. It was believed that this was intended to discourage the breeding of dogs with over large bulbous eyes.
The committee presented a strong case against this proposal and was supported by a statement from Ophthalmologist, Mr Ian Mason. We are delighted to report that the Kennel Club, after consideration, agreed that the breed standard will remain unchanged.

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