A.G.M Hearts Report 2004
The Committee of The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club are delighted to announce that our sponsored student, Record Han, started his research into Mitral Valve Endocardiosis at Edinburgh University on the 1st February.

The second announcement we have to make is that following our approach to The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, the Trust has very generously agreed to support the research at Edinburgh University. The Trust has guaranteed the sum of 22,950 over a period of three years. This will enable the project to be extended to a three year PHD course.

This is a splendid boost to our Fund Raising and our morale! The magnificent efforts of Breed Clubs and individual Members both here and overseas and the groups that have raised money for The Lub Dub Fund must take a great deal of the credit.

The various health schemes and work that the Club has undertaken since 1990, gave weight to our appeal to The Kennel Club for assistance.

A big pat on the back is justified for all those of you involved. Thank you and well done to all of those who took part, from The Friends of the Cavaliers to all of those who bought a raffle ticket. It all helps! Also those of you who support the Heart Certification Scheme and who eye test their stock. This all demonstrated to The Kennel Club that, as a Breed Club, we have the welfare of the breed seriously at heart.

Having reached our financial goal, with more success than we dared dream of, we will be officially closing the Fund at the AGM on the 28th March this year. Following the AGM, Dr Corcoran will give a talk outlining the work to be carried out at Edinburgh University.
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