Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 1st April 2007
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Each year, Mrs Dorothy Heaver very generously offers an award for the Breeder who has the most dogs over five, tested by a cardiologist and found to be clear of MVD.
The award this year goes to Mrs Di Fry, "Amantra".
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Maenan Morning Melody Ledesham Barnicle Raytrix Morning Glory B 18/03/90 09/09/95 * M Naylor
Malanis Black Raver Sanickro Rave On Malanis Black Cindy D 26/06/98 13/03/04 * S L Franks
Maltricia Alma Mater Nevhill's Nashville Maltricia Happy Camper (neut) B 21/03/92 01/08/98 * A P Malton
Mareve  Indiana Dheripark Aodhan Bengrove Anarima At Mareve D 05/10/92 05/12/98 * M Carter
Marifran's Avril (neut) Loranka's Ambrosius Clairandres First Love At Marifran (neut B 12/04/94 22/07/01 * J Holland
Mellow Moment With Flossybrook Narayden Hot Chocolate In Flossybrook Flossybrook Golden Girl D 28/10/01 28/01/07 * N Lunam
Mitzi Joy Phylmars Knave Of Spades Blackavar Lady Linnet Of Spindlepoint B 11/06/92 14/03/98 * A & J Beattie
Montcolly Georgiana ** Le Monde Phloxcarn Hillside Bracken At Montcolly B 20/07/93 15/08/99 * M Pipkin
Montcolly Just Sarah Phloxcarn Masquerade At Lillijay Montcolly Miss Smith B 21/04/96 07/12/02 * G Orton
Nastane Perry Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Nastane Suzette D 07/09/90 15/03/97 * A East
Norwood Daisy Mae Evonola Napoleon Solo Mitzi Joy B 04/01/96 01/03/03 * A & J Beattie
Nustoal Red Baron Rheinvelt Raved About With Jalesto Narayden Gold Charm D 07/10/00 04/03/06 * N Lunam
Oaktreepark Treasure Girl Sanickro Hunky Chunk Bonnie Of Seven Oaks B 26/10/94 04/03/00 * P Lunt
Pagborne Flash Flame Mareve Indiana Pagborne Flaming Star B 30/12/95 25/04/04 * P Osborne
Pagborne Lisa Marie Myhope Presley Joyful Emma Of Pagborne B 30/09/95 25/04/04 * P Osborne
Pagborne Scottish Flame Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Milkeyn Royal Flame Of Pagborne B 17/05/92 24/09/00 * P Osborne
Parkcote Black Cherry Of Triciaville Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Pamojill Black Taffeta Of Parkcote B 27/10/97 05/03/05 * T J House
Parkwall Chanel Brasingamen Touch Of Class Parkwall Wizadora B 24/01/99 30/10/05 * J Owens
Parkwall Lewis Korraines Baywatch Parkwall Resolution D 28/10/95 25/01/04 * J Owens
Pascavale Enchanted Tameline Northern Dancer Britannia Of Pascavale D 08/07/01 29/10/06 *  Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Posh Pascavale Austin Pascavale Dolly B 19/06/98 25/09/04 *  Levy & Sedgwick
Paulian Kittiwake Paulian Magpie Paulian Juliet B 23/09/00 04/03/06 * I Sidgwick
Phloxcarn Gypsy Rose At Nastane Salador Casanova Phloxcarn Precious Gem B 03/12/91 15/03/97 * A East
Picardy's Anna Maria Alberto Of Kindrum Salador Calonwen B 15/12/92 24/02/02 * M Baldwin
Picardy's Black Jade At Pippbrook Juzandia Rock On Tommy Picardy's Merle B 03/01/97 23/02/03 * J Burt
Pippbrook Popcorn Piperbrook Theobald Poppet Of Pippbrook D 22/04/90 28/02/99 * J Burt
Poundcourt Perro's Perrita Poundcourt Marcelino Poundcourt Xingu B 01/06/90 09/03/96 * J Hedderwick
Prestonville 'aris Tweed Of Anncourt (im Prestonville Its Clasic Braganzar Elvyra D 30/10/93 15/05/00 * A Paloheimo
Ringcreevy Rostellan Of Airlie Salador Celtino Ringcreevy Ring A'roses D 28/11/96 29/09/02 * J Boyd
Rivermoor Chicago Harana Courtney Rivermoor Miss Daisybelle D 11/07/95 25/02/01 * C Elton
Rivermoor Lady Megan Whyteplace Agamemnon Rivermoor Lady Amanda B 21/02/88 15/03/97 * V Harvey
Robreglou Rob's Little Toro Deranmar Richelieu Robreglou Summer Wedding D 15/01/90 15/03/97 * I T Parsons
Robrook Liberty Carolus Cardinal Robrook Posh Spice B 29/07/01 28/01/07 * A Rowarth
Robrook Our Albert Geronsart Bertolino At Amauri Grantilley Fleurtation D 01/12/98 30/10/04 * C Egan
Robrook Posh Spice Keyingham Christian Robrook Violet Elizabeth B 11/07/97 05/03/05 * A Rowarth
Robrook Twice The Spice Carolus Cardinal Robrook Posh Spice B 29/07/01 28/01/07 * A Rowarth
Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) Homerbrent Waltzer Ronnoc Becky B 23/11/88 18/01/95 * P K Fox
Rosacanina Teddy Hurleaze Birthday Boy Rosacanina Beccy D 12/02/02 03/03/07 * B Richards
Rossbonny Good Tri Of Oaklake Rossbonny Chin-up Oakash Scilla At Rossbonny D 16/05/90 15/08/99 * S D Bloomfield
Rosscrea Sinitta At Rebinya Leelyn Blackmail Rosscrea Swing Out Sister B 09/02/00 04/03/06 * A Stocks
Sanickro Intuition Sanickro Made By Magic Grantilley Blue Moon D 05/05/00 13/05/05 * N Tomlinson
Sanickro Rave On Salador Cerrygold Sanickro Dark Mystique D 01/07/93 28/07/98 * M Brookes
Sharonaz Melody For Drumhaye Ellisiana Rain Dance Sharonaz Serenade B 13/12/97 03/03/07 * H Wheeler
Sheena Golden Sidhe Double First At Tayfern Misty Brown Eyes B 12/06/93 11/02/00 * P M Mcculloch
Snow Crystal Granasil Ratzipuss Alanas Buttercups'n Daisies D 21/01/84 25/02/01 * B Woodcool
Sorata Angelina Harana Rockstar Sorata Carlie B 05/03/93 27/02/00 * M Evans
Stonepit Louis At Savantvadi Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Stonepit Strawberry Fayre D 14/08/92 06/12/97 * A J Craddock
Stonepit Teddy Boy Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Stonepit Strawberry Fayre D 21/03/90 04/03/06 * A Royce
Suncrest Someone Special Upperton Othello At Bonnyglen Suncrest Sussex Rose B 15/05/94 26/09/99 * E R Coxwell
Svena High Class Lewisisle Highland Lewis Keirlian Hot Gossip For Svena B 23/07/95 24/09/00 * I & S Joyce
Svena Love Addict Telvara Karbon Kopy Svena High Lite D 28/03/98 12/04/03 * B Evans
Svena Love Story Telvara Karbon Kopy Svena High Lite B 28/03/98 30/09/03 * B Evans
Svena Story Teller Alleys Celtic Prince Svena Love Story D 21/06/01 26/06/06 * C Boxall
Swaish Manhattan At Airlie Mareve Indiana Vanitonia Seasons Greetings To Swaish D 09/10/97 06/09/03 * J Boyd
Sweet Lass Of The Fylde Barsac Silver Lining Of Lyncraeg Timsar Ursula B 21/03/91 16/11/97 * A Jones
Swynworth Coronium Harana Rockstar At Denstone Swynworth Rubidium B 15/10/91 16/11/97 * D Hampson
Sylarius Fleur-de-lys At Courtsmere Ellisiana Eclipse Via Sylarius Lorphil Louise At Sylarius B 19/09/98 25/09/04 * J Tomlinson

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