Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 30th March 2009
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Dandermel Egyptian Promise Downsbank Rouseau Dandermel Persian Promise Bitch 23/05/1999 23/02/2008  Cooper
Dandermel Masquerade At Terstine Salere's Tutti Fruitie Of Moonstone Tricianbri Indian Promise At Dandermel Dog 20/01/1994 02/03/2002 T & C O'Neill
Dandermel O'mally At Terstine Nikknax Star-trekking At Tanmerack Tregairn Maiden Of Dandermel Dog 18/10/1994 04/03/2000 T & C O'Neill
Danya's Vodka Martini Granasil Zippergate Granasil Columbine Bitch 13/01/2002 27/09/2008 G Woodall
Davanel Memoire Knight Magic At Harana Wertune Black Buddleja Bitch 14/07/1988 05/03/1994 D Smith
Degear Basil Degear Ivory Coast Degear Cornish Flower Dog 27/05/1993 12/03/2002 S Mezzone
Degear Swallow Tail Degear Ambrosius Degear Porcelain Dog 25/03/1997 18/08/2003 J M Steel
Deranmar Lyric Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Deranmar Sonnet Bitch 14/02/1999 02/03/2008 A H Rennard
Deranmar Michael Pascavale Enchanted Deranmar Lyric Dog 07/12/2002 23/02/2008 A H Rennard
Deranmar Orlando Toraylac Joshua Deranmar Ophelia Dog 02/03/1994 06/03/1999 A H Rennard
Donrobby Jeremiah Rossbonny Josh Donrobby Amaryllis Dog 22/07/1996 20/09/2002 J Durham
Donrobby Saint Paulia Donrobby Black Cherry Rheinvelt Celtic Diamond Bitch 28/04/1997 23/02/2003 E Coxwell
Dortmund Little Bo Peep N/k N/k Bitch 09/03/1991 09/03/1996 S Timms
Dusky Maiden At Granasil Granasil Ratzipuss Macomi Shaleen Bitch 01/05/1985 05/03/1994 J J Grant
Elmchurch Lady Be Good Telvara Kasanova Elmchurch Sweet Celandine Bitch 07/01/1990 27/02/2000 J Church
Enigmai Lady Amber Selene Donrobby Hollywood Oakash Lady In Red Bitch 26/09/2002 26/10/2008 A J Cassidy
Eyeza Snug As A Bug At Pippbrook Volney More Shenanigans Eyeza Dora Duncan Bitch 14/10/1994 24/09/2000 J Burt
Fittlewood Snow King Hilarny The Don Fittlewood Jenny Dog 29/02/1988 09/03/1996 A Wood
Fittlewood The Builder Alberto Of Kindrum Ravensbeech Dawn Run To Fittlewood Dog 28/01/1992 06/03/1999 A S Wood
Gabledene Graceland Of Myhope (neut) Northscale Dreadnought At Gabledene Gabledene Good Grace Bitch 10/09/1988 20/08/1995 C Sullivan
Geronsart Night Orchid At Brasingamen Geronsart Night Light At Amauri Zouga Rapture Of Geronsart Bitch 03/10/1995 13/11/2000 C R Armitt
Geronsart Venetian Rose Of Brasingamen Ch Alberto Of Kindrum Geronsart Orange Blossom Bitch 29/08/1993 13/11/2000 C R Armitt
Gillichris Golden Mystic The Bag Piper Of Coppertops Leelyn My Cherrie Bitch 14/10/1998 30/10/2005 M Day
Harana Angel Eyes Of Estrid Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Harana Nutmeg Bitch 17/05/1989 04/03/1995 E W Mancey
Harrowbeer Queen Of Diamonds Homerbrent Comanche Harrowbeer Dark Dawn Bitch 06/10/1989 13/11/1994 P R Boundy
Harrowood Just Heavenly Triodan Tartuffe Harrowood Charm Bitch 25/05/1998 06/09/2003 P Jarrett
Heronsbridge Manzanilla Choya Double Scotch Charabia Chasseresse De Heronsbridge Dog 01/07/1995 22/07/2001 C Randall
Hilarny Bristol Bias Fontelania Luciano Hilarny Bristol Bustle Dog 17/05/1993 04/03/2000 B Costello
Hillrows Little Miss Marvel Of Lavehnke Telvara Kavalkade Hillrows Annalise Bitch 16/05/1999 21/10/2007 J Beney
Homaranne Beryl Homerbrent Jaspar Homaranne Platinum Bitch 23/06/1991 15/03/1997 D C Trevarthen
Homaranne Jonas At Braymill Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Homaranne Marcasite For Judyland Dog 08/08/1991 05/12/1998 D A R Russell
Homerbrent Enchantress Homerbrent Expression Homerbrent Adulation Bitch 17/08/2000 29/10/2006 S Shrimpton
Homerbrent Humbug Of Nastane Homaranne Caption Nastane Shuga Of Homerbrent Bitch 08/01/1984 04/03/1995 A East
Homerbrent Illusion Homerbrent James Bond Homerbrent Tradition Dog 27/12/1993 04/03/2006 K M Coaker
Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** Indianna Maibee Hometown Queen Of Clover Dog 12/09/1989 20/08/1995 -
Honeybet Happy Wanderer Salbrie Versace Choya Tri To Delight Honeybet Dog 25/01/2001 25/04/2008 N Bowring
Honeybet Hermione Salador Celtic Magician Honeybet Hi-de-lite Bitch 11/10/2002 21/10/2007 S M Mynott
Hurleaze Truly Royal At Stavonga Mareve Indiana Hurleaze Yours Truly Bitch 12/08/1995 25/02/2001 M Hogan
Incasmere Dream On Ricksbury Royal Edition Of Crystaldean Mylacre Dear Pippa Of Incasmere Bitch 03/05/2003 26/10/2008 C Frost
Inscoll Jemima's Dannii At Tusculana Inscoll Jasper Carrot Gabledene Jemima At Inscoll Bitch 03/01/1991 22/08/1999 S R Robinson
Ivetsey Friesia Amantra Rolling Stone Ivetsey Ruth Bitch 26/07/1989 06/03/1999 L I Bilton
Jengem Floreta Charlottetown Court Jester Jengem Wise And Wonderful Bitch 30/05/1999 16/10/2004 E Jeffery & J Wright
Jengem Minuscule Mary (neut) Astraddle Innue 'N' Does Jengem Love Me Do Bitch 15/11/1986 15/03/1997 K Westwood
Jengem Sonatina Charlottetown Court Jester Jengem Wise And Wonderful Bitch 30/05/1999 26/02/2006 K Westwood
Jengem Vexation The Jones Boy At Charlottetown Jengem Tenacity (neut) Bitch 11/08/1995 25/02/2001 K Westwood
Jengem Wise And Wonderful Dan Dare Of Charlottetown Jengem Vivacity Bitch 25/07/1995 02/03/2008 K Westwood
Jentrio Annie's Gift Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Simply Loppy At Jentrio Bitch 25/12/2002 26/10/2008 J Puttock
Jentrio Elation Dot'ty Dot Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Simply Loppy At Jentrio Bitch 25/12/2002 26/10/2008 J J Puttock
Just Magic Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Illusion Mollerina Moon Dog 27/11/1994 30/10/2004 M P Attwood
Kadoogels Bon Bonniere Johnasta Rudolf My Own Kizzy Kadoogel Bitch 22/01/1991 15/03/1997 E Kitson
Kadoogels Cappuccino (neut) Salador Celtino Kadoogels Bon Bonniere Dog 15/08/1997 01/03/2003 E Kitson
Kadoogels Christmas Eve Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador My Own Kizzy Kadoogel Bitch 24/12/1989 09/03/1996 E Kitson
Kaladon California Dream For Ambuina Sloane Ranger Of Crillmere Kaladon Triple Tri Bitch 07/01/1996 07/12/2002 J Dubka
Karen's Kutey Taz Of Cams Betty Blaenffos Bitch 29/06/2003 27/09/2008 K Lamont
Kastehelmi Snowdrop Telvara Karbon Kopy Suncrest Someone Special Bitch 09/05/1998 25/02/2007 E Coxwell
Kimleejay Fire Master Crescendo Casanova Flickers Flame Of Bonnyglen Dog 01/11/1989 04/03/1995 S D Bloomfield
Kinvaar Knowing Johnasta Sanickro Intuition Johnasta Freemans Floozie Of Kinvaar Bitch 05/09/2003 27/09/2008 S J Williams
Kokopelli Karolina Moon At Frosteeze Jansara Hope And Glory Briarlands Morning Dew Of Kokopelli Bitch 18/12/2001 24/01/2008 L Frost
Kymin Vellum Coedgwylum Hot Shot Cornlands Maryrose At Kymin Bitch 05/09/2002 26/03/2008 S Parr
Lady Holly Of Tarbock Rhybank Goldsmith Princess Lady Jane Bitch 25/12/1991 13/01/1997 L Murphy
Lahere Callula Tayfern Ptarmigan Christleton Daphne Of Pascho Bitch 17/01/2002 25/02/2007 Crouch
Leelyn Lady In Lace At Becanna Leelyn Black Pepper Leelyn Rubina Bitch 04/08/1990 05/03/2005 L E Hill
Legend Of The Lost Mitzi At Franley Lyrenstan Eclipse Of Trirayne Top Of The Mitz Bitch 31/07/1998 28/09/2003 F M Sturley
Lillico Peggilee Whitecroft Roman Moon Lillico Fitzella Bitch 26/11/1992 23/09/1999 J Blamires
Lorphil Lucianna Linjato Ace Of Base Asmena Airs'n Graces Bitch 27/09/1998 28/01/2007 S Mowatt
Lorphil Luck Be A Lady Paulian Blackthorn Lorphil Liaison Bitch 01/10/1988 16/11/1997 E Darcey
Lymrey Hi Jinks Lymrey Roger Lymrey Royal Velvet Bitch 03/11/2002 27/09/2008 S Lymer& J Scheidt
Lymrey Royal Romance Emsmere Royalist Ricksbury Royal Visit To Lymrey Bitch 17/12/1996 20/02/2002 S Lymer
Lyncraeg Daydream Miletree Dream On Paulian Royal Union Dog 19/08/2001 03/03/2007 L Gow
Lynordan Gypsy Rose Delhaze Springforth Delhaze Indian Queen For Lynordan Bitch 28/10/1993 26/09/1999 J E Ireland
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