Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 30th September 2011
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
A copy of the total list may be downloaded for printing by clicking on this link.
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Dog’s Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Admirari Peaches ‘n’ Cream Vernetta King Creole Cherryedges Ruby Tuesday Bitch 08/11/2004 26/02/2011 H Stevens
Alberica Kindred Spirit Kindrum Roscius Darozel Cristalle Alberica Dog 25/08/1997 30/08/2005 Lucas
Alberica Walnut Cherubino Kindrum Walnut Juette Only a Rose for Alberica Dog 17/10/1996 15/05/2002 Lucas
Aldachell Sharnice Aldachell Dream Lover Aldachell Kate Bitch 29/07/1999 27/09/2008 V Powell
Allucia Crystal At Courtsmere Fittlewood The Builder Jansara Finale Bitch 12/12/1995 22/07/2001 J Tomlinson
Almondene Ballerina Rose Crisdig Cracker Almondene Tuesday Girl Bitch 24/08/1991 16/11/1997 J Sheard
Amantra Cloth of Gold Amantra Golden Brown Amantra Tabitha Dog 21/04/1997 25/09/2004 Jackson
Amantra Golden Charm Amantra Cloth Of Gold Classical Gold Amantra Bitch 09/08/1998 13/03/2004 C Fereday
Amantra Independence Mareve Indiana Amantra Carolina Dog 04/07/1998 25/09/2004 D Fry
Amantra Indigo Of Lowmead Amantra Independence Amantra Lonesome Dove Bitch 11/09/2000 26/09/2009 J Denman
Amantra Jimmy Jazz Handale Sam Yule At Amantra Amantra Good Company Dog 16/11/1987 15/03/1997 R Surman
Amantra Las Vegas Amantra Memphis Lanola Shirley Valentine Of Kimleejay Bitch 19/10/1998 25/09/2004 Fry & Jackson
Amantra Los Angeles At Sanubray Amantra Memphis Lanola Shirley Valentine Of Kimleejay Bitch 19/10/1998 25/09/2004 B Spencer
Amantra Robin Hood Amantra Rockin’ Robin Amantra Madonna Dog 22/04/2002 24/01/2009 D Fry & Jackson
Amantra Song For Guy Rossbonny Triple Chance Amantra Jacobina Dog 08/07/1998 25/09/2004 Fry & Jackson
Amblecroft Jamie At Claytonia Salador Casanova Hillyacres Petite Fleur Dog 22/05/1992 16/11/1997 R & G Bills
Anberan Ginger Truffle Downsbank Benedictine Anberan Iced Tazo Chai Bitch 03/09/2005 05/03/2011 B A & A F Flower
Anberan Iced Tazo Chai Myhope Fever Anberan Hot Chocolate Bitch 22/01/2002 11/04/2009 A & B Flower
Anberan Tazoberry Downsbank Benedictine Anberan Iced Tazo Chai Bitch 03/09/2005 05/03/2011 A Flower
Ancilla Its Just Me Of Fremantle Tamyse Hooray Henry Of Deltika Juzandia Everlasting Flame For Ancilla Bitch 04/01/1997 18/11/2003 A Hislop
Anncourt Parasol (imp) Anton Anncourt Penny Lane Bitch 21/07/1988 14/03/1998 A Paloheimo
Apsledene Starshine Lansahra Jazzman At Apsledene Apsledene Spring Time Bitch 13/05/2005 24/10/2010 J Webb
Aranel Arabesc Aranel Bombastic Aranel Arabella Bitch 12/11/2003 09/10/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Bombastic Aranel Atomic Woodstock Kassie With Aranel Dog 22/08/2001 11/04/2009 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Bubblicious Aranel Bombastic Aranel Arabella Bitch 12/11/2003 25/09/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Cosmic Miletree Nijinsky Aranel Arabesc Dog 28/03/2005 13/06/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Aranel Electra Aranel Bombastic Aranel Alberta Bitch 15/03/2005 25/09/2010 R Aldous & M Smith
Arranisle Mandy Double First At Tayfern Pearls A Singer At Arranisle Bitch 12/08/1996 10/05/2002 P M Mcculloch
Asmena Destiny Ricksbury Royal Escape Asmena Sugar ’n’ Spice Bitch 04/05/2005 13/06/2010 K M Cumberledge
Asmena Moon Magic Janvega Mr Moonlight Rytonian Snow White Dog 24/04/1990 16/11/1997 S Mowatt
Astralea Classic Gold Of Behabre Linjato Ace Of Base Astralea Victoria Dog 05/02/1997 13/03/2004 R Steel
Avalcier Electra Maibee Montrose Avalcier Emerald Spray Bitch 13/10/2004 25/10/2009 K M & C C Li
Avalcier Elle Loranka’s Celebration Toraylac Incarvillea Bitch 13/09/2001 25/02/2007 K Li
Avalcier Emerald Spray Loranka’s Moments Desire Toraylac Incarvillea Bitch 12/09/2000 29/10/2006 K Li
Avalcier Liberty Keyingham Branwell Avalcier Elle Bitch 26/03/2005 25/09/2010 K M & C C Li
Avalcier Naomi Keyingham Branwell Avalcier Elle Bitch 26/03/2005 25/09/2010 K M & C C Li
Avoncastle Jazzman Hilarny The Don Avoncastle Marietta Dog 23/01/1988 14/03/1998 C Britten
Ballaleigh Moon Diamond Ballaleigh Andante Symra Nice’n Easy Dog 06/10/1995 02/03/2002 K H & J R Green
Barenton Atlanta Of Royalston Clopsville Kansas Sorata Mitze At Barenton Bitch 24/02/2004 11/10/2009 R E Chapman & H A Wheeler
Beaudale September Heights Harana Rockstar At Denstone Leelyn Maggie Blue At Beaudale Dog 20/05/1991 07/12/1996 S Smith
Becanna Armida Leelyn Red Warrior Leelyn Lady In Lace At Becanna Bitch 12/09/1994 05/03/2005 L E Hill
Bekenveldt La Giaconda Bekenveldt Leonardo Bekenveldt Rememberance Bitch 02/05/2002 19/05/2007 M Blackburn
Bengrove Anarima At Mareve Dancross Debonair Of Deeriem Bengrove Xanthe Bitch 04/07/1990 22/07/2001 M Carter
Bevelmount Antoinette Bevelmount Bronson Adwalton Adriana For Bevelmount Bitch 31/10/1991 15/03/1997 M & D Whitfield
Blossomfield Brandy Snap (neut) Sheilings Invincible Burkwoodi Downtown Gal Dog 15/02/1986 06/12/1997 S J Williams
Bonnie Of Seven Oaks Chilsham Border Baron At Inverisla Whisper Softly Bitch 31/05/1993 04/03/2000 P Lunt
Bonniroy Carnaby Cracker Craigowl Crackpot At Arenkote Bonniroy Chelsea Girl Dog 01/04/1995 22/07/2001 J Evans
Bonnisbrooke Magic Moment Just Magic Of Homerbrent Symra Sweet Bonnie Dog 28/01/1998 05/03/2005 J Price
Bonnisbrooke Mystique Brasingamen Lightning At Amauri Bonnisbrooke Heaven Sent Bitch 11/04/2002 27/09/2008 J Price
Brasingamen The Celt Salador Celtino Geronsart Night Orchid At Brasingamen Dog 23/04/1999 30/10/2004 C Armitt
Brecbennoch Black Velvet Of Blackwater Jowida Red Pepper Black Briar Of Brecbennoch Bitch 30/07/1992 09/07/2000 Redfr Law
Broganzor Raffiella At Kimlea Tanmerack Ramsay Broganzor Bliss Bitch 21/08/2000 30/10/2005 D Atkinson
Brymarden Moonriver Maibee Montrose Rippleoak River Dancer Bitch 06/01/2004 21/08/2011 B & M Claydon
Buckny Ebony Of Chamanic Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Chamanic Leonie Bitch 15/09/1990 16/11/1997 J Inman
Calamansak Daniel At Pipswey Harana Horace Sorata Maisie Dog 06/10/1993 30/09/2001 D Rolfe
Calpernias Golden Lute Of Tigridias Hillyacres Jason Of Riogor Salim’s Solitair Bitch 07/04/1990 15/08/1999 M A Webster
Calverlee Charleston Cinola Quo Vadis At Petonbank Salador Celtic Mist Bitch 20/10/1989 04/03/1995 H A Etherington
Camahieu Gypsymac Camahieu First-footing Camahieu Regal Roamer Bitch 16/10/2005 24/09/2011 P Tebbett
Camahieu It’s Only Me At Ecotyne Camahieu First-footing Camahieu Fiery Opal Bitch 06/04/2004 24/09/2011 S North & S North
Cappellen Angelica Wildgrove Duke Wildgrove Tansy Of Cappellen (neut) Bitch 08/09/1988 05/03/1994 P J Shaw
Cappellen Anise Wildgrove Duke Wildgrove Tansy Of Cappellen (neut) Bitch 08/09/1988 05/03/1994 P J Shaw
Caralean Aurora For Myotabad Beewye Lara’s Rufus Pebblecombe Witching Hour With Caralean Bitch 17/09/2002 28/02/2009 C Fowler
Carolus Amaryllis Carolus The Aristocrat Carolus Chienyll Bitch 20/04/2001 28/01/2007 W Knight
Carolus Amintha Carolus Cardinal Carolus Royal Rhapsody Bitch 30/07/2001 23/08/2009 W Knight
Carolus Angelina Carolus Cardinal Carolus Royal Rhapsody Bitch 17/05/2000 23/08/2009 C Knight
Carolus Cardinal Leogem Lothario Carolus Coralie Dog 15/10/1997 11/09/2005 C Knight
Carolus The Jazz Singer Rytonion Spencer Carolus Candlelight Dog 07/01/2002 14/11/2010 W Knight
Casata Moonlight Of Chacombe Alberto Of Kindrum Salador Creena Dog 05/10/1988 09/03/1996 S Schilizzi
Castlewytch Arizona Avec Jinjan Keyingham Christian Castlewytch Thrice A Lady Dog 03/12/2003 28/02/2009 J Waller
Castlewytch Bewitched Pamedna Esperanza Castlewytch Annie’s Song Bitch 23/02/2003 27/09/2008 A Bayliss
Castlewytch Thrice A Lady Ricksbury Tommy Judyland Netta At Castlewytch Bitch 30/08/1999 19/05/2007 A Bayliss
Cathmead Dizzy Miss Lizzy Juetemer Oscar So Wild At Gemontay Quintrelle Kristorg Bitch 25/10/2003 24/01/2009 C Franks
Cavaliegh Callan Cavaliegh Castellan Cavaliegh Reclaim Dog 31/05/1991 04/03/2000 J Gosford
Cavaliegh Sweetheart Cinderlace Sebastian For Cavaliegh Cavaliegh Liquorice Dog 09/06/2003 27/09/2008 A Godwin
Cavallino Magic Moments Judyland Touch Of Magic Miadahl Caperdonich At Cavallino Bitch 16/05/2003 18/10/2008 M C Baillig
Cazzamar Catori Leelyn King Cole At Apsledene Kingstown Pollyanna Of Cazzamar Bitch 02/05/2004 07/04/2011 H Jeffries
Chamanic Lucasta Sorata Llewellyn Chamanic Bell Rock Bitch 22/01/1986 04/03/1995 A J G Inman
Charlottetown Pieter Jonty Jones Of Charlottetown Charlottetown Valentine Dog 31/01/2006 09/04/2011 S M Richmond
Charlottetown Roger Biggles Of Charlottetown Charlottetown Brenda Dog 17/01/1994 05/03/2005 S Richmond
Charnell Winona At Chellanda Indianna Maibee Charnell Gabriella Bitch 13/01/1991 07/12/1996 L Woods
Charterwood Minim Chacombe Jason Of Charterwood Charterwood Maxine Bitch 14/06/1992 16/11/1997 A & S Tonner
Charwelton Frazer Cavaliegh Alexander Charwelton Jennifer Dog 17/01/1998 01/03/2003 I G Angell
Chiffinch Double Whoopee Damaron Just William At Goliave Chiffinch African Queen Bitch 18/06/1998 17/10/2009 E Dodds
China Gold Of Royalston Royalvilly Lords Envoy Shotter’s Lass Bitch 05/05/2004 11/10/2009 R E Chapman & H A Wheeler
Chrisandawn Rebel Rebel Dubourg Captain Hornblower Tregarron Wooden Heart Dog 18/11/2002 18/06/2009 F Sinclair
Christerose I Am What I Am At Rosirius Christerose Sonny Boy Christerose Sally Alltopieces Bitch 01/01/1988 04/03/1995 R D Loades
Cinderlace Country Style Cavaliegh Seymour Abolone Country Rose Dog 23/01/2000 05/03/2005 J Gosford
Clauberry’s Tiger Lily Amantra Cloth Of Gold Sassy Saffron At Clauberry Bitch 21/08/2001 23/02/2008 P Faber
Clentview Athena Aranel Bombastic Clentview She’s Magic Bitch 22/08/2004 05/03/2011 M P Attwood
Clentview Euphoria Keyingham Branwell Clentview She’s Magic Bitch 29/08/2005 21/08/2011 M P Attwood
Clockpelters Guiding Star Deeriem Guitar Man Darozel Georgia At Clockpelters Bitch 10/06/1999 11/09/2005 J Deans
Clockpelters Irish Cream Myhope Fever Pebblecombe Jordana Witch Of Clockpelter Bitch 25/06/2002 15/10/2008 C Deans
Clockpelters Jazzmina Carolus The Jazz Singer Clockpelters Clover Bitch 14/02/2003 27/09/2008 D Morgan
Clockpelters Trudie Brymarden True Colours Clockpelters Pirouette Bitch 03/11/2003 27/01/2010 M Cunningham
Clopsville Rioja Linjato Ace Of Base Clopsville Margarita Bitch 28/09/2001 03/03/2007 J Salisbury
Cobbets Honey Bee Pascavale Enchanted Cobbets Crocosmia Bitch 08/02/2005 24/10/2010 S Shrimpton
Copper Spice Amantra Amantra Cloth Of Gold Mis Teeq Bitch 17/09/2003 24/01/2009 Fry & Jackson
Cottismeer Dazzle At Braymill Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc Nancy Lou At Cottismeer (ikc) Bitch 06/12/1989 20/08/1995 D A R Russell
Craigowl Biba At Ladash Craigowl Riff Raff Craigowl Vanderbilt Bitch 20/09/2004 27/04/2010 E A Bull
Craigowl Bilberry Craigowl Billy Elliot Maibee Venita Of Craigowl Bitch 26/10/2003 06/04/2009 N & G Inglis
Craigowl Billy Elliot Miletree Nijinsky Craigowl Jennifer Dog 02/10/2002 05/04/2009 N & G Inglis
Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Homaranne Caption Homerbrent Honesty Of Craigowl Dog 21/11/1983 06/03/1999 G Inglis
Crieda Gala Homerbrent Festival Crisdig Carousel Bitch 29/02/1992 04/03/2006 B Field
Criscan Yvonne Homerbrent Hamish Julchrisgor Maid Welcome At Criscan Bitch 11/03/1994 25/09/2004 J A Norris
Crisdig Carousel Crisdig Acclaim Crisdig Candyfloss Bitch 21/11/1988 13/11/1994 D R Field
Crisdig Pathfinder Deranmar Gervase With Tonnew Eyeza Coming Up Roses Dog 05/09/1999 08/10/2005 L Jupp
Crockerton Gold For Ttitian Amantra Midnight Madness Ttitian Robe Of Gold Bitch 04/02/2004 24/03/2010 B Martin
Crystaldawn’s Candice Pascavale Stanley Crystaldawn’s Gemma Bitch 16/09/2005 27/02/2011 J M Black
Crystaldawns Barnaby (neut) Lewisisle Highland Lewis Crystaldawn My Jade Dog 06/01/1991 08/01/2004 B Evans

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