Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 4th December 2017
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the data is correct if you find any errors please notify the Club Secretary by email at so that the errors may be investigated.
When contacting the Secretary please include the following at the start of your email: KC Name of dog and KC Registration Number and the Event where dog was tested or approx. date of when dog was individually tested. If you wish to attach a copy of the certificate this will help in checking of any error.
Completed certificates should be sent direct to Mrs E Smith, 9 Elm Grove, Larbert, Stirlingshire, FK5 3LP, if not automatically sent on from a heart clinic.
A copy of the total list may be downloaded for printing by clicking on this link.
A – CD – LM – ST – Z
Dog’s Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Madame Kristen Of Delhaze Delhaze Cherokee Brave Delhaze Mademoiselle For Annatika Bitch 22/05/1992 14/08/1998 G & J MacAlpine
Maenan Morning Melody Ledesham Barnicle Raytrix Morning Glory Bitch 18/03/1990 09/09/1995 M Naylor
Magdala Shandy Alansmere Night Hawk Of Criscan Snowstorm Twinkling Star Dog 15/05/1984 01/08/1994 A S Wood
Maibee Make Believe Lanola Santana Of Maibee Maibee Disenchanted Dog 01/07/2008 02/10/2014 W W Moffat
Maibee Mcmillan Rytonion Brandy Snap At Hometown Maibee Mississippi Dog 23/11/1989 28/04/1998 K Yoxall
Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale Lanola Santana Of Maibee Maibee Disenchanted Dog 01/07/2008 26/05/2015 S Mangham
Maibee Picture Perfect Lanola Santana Of Maibee Maibee Disenchanted Dog 01/07/2008 11/07/2013 W W Moffat
Malanis Barlen Red Ember Malanis Black Adder Malanis Bright Star Bitch 15/11/2003 11/02/2010 E Cooper
Malanis Black Cindy Malanis Black Gold Bransties Topsy Bitch 02/08/1992 24/03/1999 E Cooper
Malanis Black Gold Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Beckinjay Witches Tricks Dog 27/12/1990 26/06/1996 E Cooper
Malanis Black Raver Sanickro Rave On Malanis Black Cindy Dog 26/06/1998 13/03/2004 S L Franks
Malanis Black Raver Avec Enerosar Sanickro Rave On Malanis Black Cindy Dog 26/06/1998 12/11/2004 S Franks & S Shaw
Malanis Miss Holly Asdran’s Freddie Mercury Beckinjay Beguiled Bitch 30/09/1996 09/11/2001 G Cooper
Malanis Mystic Moment For Tingewood Mellow Moment With Flossybrook Malanis Barlen Red Ember Dog 04/10/2005 10/06/2012 N Lunam & Priscoll
Malanis Sparkler Salador Columbo Beckinjay Beguiled Bitch 12/04/1993 14/10/2000 E Cooper
Malanis Starlight Saldor Columbo Beckinjay Beguiled Bitch 12/04/1993 13/11/1998 E Cooper
Maltricia Alma Mater Nevhill’s Nashville Maltricia Happy Camper (neut) Bitch 21/03/1992 01/08/1998 A P Malton
Maltricia Drambuie (neut) Crisdig Marksman Kentene Cleopatra Of Maltricia Dog 28/05/1984 26/11/1997 A P Malton
Maltricia Happy Camper (neut) Granasil Seafarer Maltricia Shamrock (neut) Bitch 06/01/1987 18/09/1996 A P Malton
Mareve Indiana Dheripark Aodhan Bengrove Anarima At Mareve Dog 05/10/1992 05/12/1998 M Carter
Marifran’s Avril (neut) Loranka’s Ambrosius Clairandres First Love At Marifran (neut) Bitch 12/04/1994 22/07/2001 J Holland
Marigill Masquerade Lorphil Love Potion Lorphil Lorna Doone Bitch 21/12/2001 17/10/2009 Marion Butler
Marlhouse Natasha Palmosa Its My Party Angelclouds Of Love Bitch 03/11/2006 02/03/2016 Holbrook
Massillan Riley Charlottetown Motivator Utsukushi Honey Bunny Dog 11/11/2009 24/10/2015 M Rider
Matel Basil Whyteplace Ragged Robin Satin Slipper Dog 15/06/1984 26/09/1995 A A Tate
Matel Fleur De Lys Whyteplace Apollo Woodstock Crackling Rose Of Matel Bitch 09/11/1989 15/05/1995 C Willmott
May Queen Bess King Of The Valley Daniel Llywelyn’s Cora Bitch 17/07/2001 25/01/2008 S La Thrope
Mayakee Harry Potter Of Hilremaya Champneys Red Coat Mayakee Nina Simone Dog 16/11/2009 07/06/2015 H Yates
Mayhill Ysatis At Petradia Marchog Macgregor Aylingmarne Heaven Scent Bitch 08/05/1991 23/10/1996 P F Baverstock
Maynell Spring In Park Lane Of Waldor Sanickro Super Trooper Maynell Blithe Spirit Bitch 10/08/1994 18/10/2002 G Jones & D Player
Mcarvell Reflection Cavaliegh Alexander Mcarvell Carbon Copy Bitch 30/06/1992 16/07/1998 P Carvell
Meadholt Catherine Wheel Of Chandlers Yockley Red Fred Meadholt La Pasionaria Bitch 05/11/1989 30/05/1995 E A Ruffell
Meadholt Emilia Merrylaine Made To Measure For Symra Meadholt Amaryllis Bitch 18/06/1985 30/05/1995 F A Ruffell
Meadholt Forget Me Not Double First At Tayfern Meadholt Emilia Bitch 27/10/1988 30/05/1995 F A Ruffell
Meadholt Millamant At Emsmere Meadholt Buccaneer Meadholt Forget Me Not Bitch 09/06/1990 02/07/1996 B N Briggs
Meadholt Santos Yockley Red Fred Meadholt La Pasionaria Dog 09/05/1991 15/10/1996 J E Naylor
Meadowpark Royal Evasion For Newroyds Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Meadowpark Eva Dog 25/09/1997 24/04/2003 P J Eyre
Mellow Moment With Flossybrook Narayden Hot Chocolate In Flossybrook Flossybrook Golden Girl Dog 28/10/2001 28/01/2007 N Lunam
Merriquest I Have A Dream Dactra Tennessee Waltz At Edonhill Edonhill Peaches And Dreams At Merriques Bitch 04/10/1999 08/12/2005 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Merriquest Mission Bells Mareve Indiana Birchmere Heidi Ann Of Merriquest Bitch 13/06/1997 29/12/2003 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Merriquest Storm Petrel Sir Bozzi Boots At Edonhill Birchmere Heidi Ann Of Merriquest Bitch 28/04/1993 12/06/1998 J Dansage
Merriquest Ting’a Ling Deranmar Philip Larkin Merriquest Mission Bells Bitch 26/05/2003 29/09/2012 J Gardiner & J Dansage
Merriveen Ginger Spice At Ronmal Chantiz Alboreto Lanola Sweet Surrender To Ronmal Bitch 29/07/1997 06/10/2003 M Mathews
Merryanna Dolly Mixtures Marlhouse Hot N Spicey At Moonstone Miss Firefly Of Merryanna Bitch 21/03/2008 20/05/2013 L M Yeates
Merryoth Maeve Maibee Montrose Merryoth Mosaic Bitch 15/05/2004 16/10/2010 K McMurray
Miadahl Ruairidh Lorphil Love Letter At Cotterlee Miadahl Threee Times A Lady Dog 22/04/2005 16/10/2010 I Craig
Mialeah Ericanna Rosirius Estrid Theron Rosirius Jute Bitch 06/06/2007 26/01/2016 R D Loades
Middleshott Louise At Peakdowns Maibee A Touch Lucky Middleshott Victoria Bitch 22/10/2004 16/04/2010 C & B Turnbull
Middleshott Victoria Maibee Montrose Peakdowns Faberga At Middleshott Bitch 15/01/2003 18/10/2008 A & J Bauantine
Midnight Sky Starmaker At Diamondpaws Leelyn Kava Kay Kenmilltri Lady Opal Bitch 28/01/2006 27/02/2011 Miss H Squelch & Mr D Windell
Mignonette For Chasmin Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Chasmin Cherry Delight Cum Carolus Bitch 17/11/1993 29/10/2001 W Wightman
Miletree Philanthe Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Miletree Philyra Bitch 22/09/2006 24/09/2011 Mr A & Mrs T A Vella
Miletree Touch Of Love In Calonlan Judyland Touch Of Magic Miletree Princess Lida Bitch 03/08/2005 07/03/2011 Mr & Mrs Rhodes
** Bonne Amie Wainlodes Lucky Jim At Bournsideway Salbrie For You At ** Bitch 14/09/1986 15/08/1996 N J Miller
** Fait Bien At Honeybet Maibee Manhatton At Hometown ** La Parisienne Bitch 21/09/1992 03/12/1997 S A Mynott
** Honeybet Ensemble ** Le Monde ** Fait Bien At Honeybet Dog 15/06/1995 22/10/2001 M Mynott
Mirenka Tweedle Dee Volney Black Shellac Combway Heidi Survivor Of Mirenka Bitch 21/12/1987 18/05/1995 D J Ball
Mister Benjamin Boy Of Kardashian All Cute Sweet Samba Gellys Mystic Charm Dog 03/06/2010 26/09/2015 E Neale
Misty Brown Eyes Drumroon’s Mr Bee Almond Of Saddlescombe Bitch 19/12/1990 28/08/1997 P M Mcculloch
Mitzi Joy Phylmars Knave Of Spades Blackavar Lady Linnet Of Spindlepoint Bitch 11/06/1992 14/03/1998 A & J Beattie
Monaric High Definition Chalmray Royal Sovereign Of Behabre Monaric She’s Magical Dog 06/11/2006 10/06/2012 Mrs M Connell
Monaric Huggy Bear Granasil Dr Pepper Monaric Indianna Magic Dog 28/06/2009 07/06/2015 M Connell
Monaric Indianna Magic Chalmray Royal Sovereign Of Behabre Monaric She’s Magical Bitch 06/11/2006 10/06/2012 Mrs M Connell
Monaric Magical Knight       10/03/2012 28/05/2017 M Connell
Monaric Miss-behavin At Nottus Pamedna Fan-tc Monaric Ray Of Light Bitch 13/10/2001 11/04/2009 N Miller
Monaric Sheer Magic Monaric Could He Be Magic Monaric A Touch Of Fantasy Bitch 17/11/2006 02/03/2013 Mrs M. Connell
Montcolly Bassey Montcolly Duncan Montcolly Rene Bitch 26/11/2003 18/04/2009 Messrs P J Hill & P J Webber
Montcolly Connie Montcolly Just Jack Montcolly Liccy Bitch 28/12/2010 24/04/2016 Messrs P J Hill & P J Webber
Montcolly Georgiana ** Le Monde Phloxcarn Hillside Bracken At Montcolly Bitch 20/07/1993 15/08/1999 M Pipkin
Montcolly Just Sarah Phloxcarn Masquerade At Lillijay Montcolly Miss Smith Bitch 21/04/1996 07/12/2002 G Orton
Montrose Royal Highlander Of Lewisisle Lewisisle Highland Lewis Black Rose Dog 14/04/1994 27/11/2001 M Morrison
Monwenabay Making It Count Aranel Bombastic Have A’bumble At Monwenabay Dog 20/03/2006 09/04/2011 R J Newman
Moonbeam Dancer Roydwood Rash Decision Rossbonny Captain’s Charm Bitch 04/06/1988 24/05/1996 L Bailey
Moonglow Shadow At Elandel Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Firelight Glow Bitch 08/07/2006 28/10/2012 E V Simmons
Moonstone Symphony Salere’s Little Richard Avoncastle Magic Shadow At Moonstone Dog 14/09/1989 22/02/1997 M Kirkham
Moonvale Apache By Shenlyn Shenlyn September Sexton Shenlyn November Natasha Dog 13/06/2001 03/03/2007 K Hughes
Moonvale Diminuendo Astraddle Cause N A’riot Moonvale Last Butnot Least Bitch 19/04/1988 11/10/1997 S Brooks
Moonvale Hokus Pokus Rossbonny Good Tri Of Oaklake Moonvale Diminuendo Bitch 20/06/1993 08/09/1998 S Brooks
Moonvale Pepper Mint For Tilalee Aldersbrook Billy Boy At Shenlyn Moonvale Catherine Bitch 24/01/1997 27/01/2004 T Whittaker
Moorfields Beatrice Of Chacombe Casata Moonlight Of Chacombe Moorfields Eugenie Bitch 23/04/1993 26/10/1998 D Schilizzi
Moorfields Moiselle Sukev Scott Free Of Barsac Caerwen Chanelle Of Moorfields Bitch 11/09/1989 24/01/1996 R & H Lamont
Moorfields Mure Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Moorfields Moiselle Dog 09/05/1991 26/02/1997 R & H Lamont
Moorfields Muscadet Sukev Scott Free Of Barsac Caerwen Chanelle Of Moorfields Dog 11/09/1989 24/01/1996 R Lamont
Moorglade Michaelmas With Tayfern Double First At Tayfern Moorglade Morning Glory Dog 13/06/1990 20/12/1996 P M Stark
Mopsey Peep-snow Lewisisle Highland Conon Kastehelmi Kirsikka Dog 13/06/2003 13/10/2012 Mrs Maher
Mullak Polly Flinders For Rubess Baray Crystals Legacy At Springfever Tasset Gloria Gayner Of Mullak Bitch 04/01/2003 08/06/2011 L Willsher
My Little Black And White Lad Tough Guy Kenmilleven Diamond Queen Dog 30/08/2008 10/11/2013 L A Campbell
Mylacre Moonduster Vival Running Flush Mobella Mirella Dog 28/12/1991 22/02/1997 P & N Waters
Mylova Lucille Tonnew Tabbs Malvia Of Parana Bitch 23/01/1992 02/10/1998 M R Roe
Narayden Diva Fever At Hansowens Narayden Marsell Narayden Magic Star Bitch 05/09/2010 05/03/2016 Owen
Narayden Shirocco Star Over Tiekeltrri       17/05/2012 28/05/2017 J Moore
Nastane Perry Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Nastane Suzette Dog 07/09/1990 15/03/1997 A East
Neddaow Black Tulip Jax The Lad At Khatibi (re-import) Vanmarlen Holly Berry Bitch 24/06/2009 25/10/2015 C Webb
Neddaow Starlight Legacy Neddaow Starlight Dreamer Neddaow Starlight Express Dog 07/02/2003 18/04/2009 Sue Underwood
Neddaow Starlight Lily Neddaow Starlight Dreamer Vanmarlen Strawberry Field Forever Nedda Bitch 05/12/2006 02/03/2013 Sue Underwood
Newroyds Rainbow River Brymarden True Colours Newroyds Lucinda Bitch 27/03/2001 25/01/2007 Eyre
Nikknax Star-trekking At Tanmerack Salador Crismark Crieda Lucida Dog 09/07/1987 07/01/1997 F Bunce
Nolana Chelsea Girl At Siridell Chantiz Indiana Cowboy At Mareve Jengem Patience At Siridell Bitch 05/07/1997 02/02/2007 I Randell
Nora Battys Summer Wine Clopsville American Dream Molly Flanders Bitch 21/04/2000 19/04/2006 S Potter
Norakim Bronagh A Chara Cinderlace Cromwell (re-import) Ronmal Norah Jones Bitch 01/08/2010 05/03/2016 M Moore
Norakim Lady Martha Volney Gazpacho Norakim Kathleen A Chara Bitch 25/02/2011 28/05/2017 L Riddiough
Noras Penny Black Rebhann Rebellion Nora Battys Summer Wine Bitch 22/07/2006 22/03/2013 S Potter
Norriss Chorus Girl Chilsham Kestrel Chilsham Painted Lady Of Norriss Bitch 13/07/1990 04/11/1996 B A Purkis
Norwood Daisy Mae Evonola Napoleon Solo Mitzi Joy Bitch 04/01/1996 01/03/2003 A & J Beattie
Nottus Daughter Of Darkness Crownhills Tom Jones Nottus Naughty By Nature Bitch 24/04/2003 11/04/2009 N Miller
Nottus My Way Nottus Nod’arf Naughty Nottus Naughty By Nature Bitch 21/11/1998 01/03/2004 D Roose
Nottus Naughty But Nice Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze ** Bonne Amie Bitch 19/11/1988 03/03/1995 N J Miller
Nottus Naughty By Nature ** Le Frere Nottus Not Naughty Now Bitch 17/06/1996 21/11/2002 N J Miller
Nottus Never So Naughty Nottus Nod’arf Naughty Nottus Naughty By Nature Bitch 13/04/2002 23/02/2008 N Miller
Nottus Nod’arf Naughty Pamedna Fan-tc Nottus Not Naughty Now Dog 02/11/1997 21/11/2002 N J Miller
Nottus Not Naughty Now Hometown Ever Hopeful At ** Nottus Naughty But Nice Bitch 14/09/1991 26/08/1997 N J Miller
Nottus Secret Passion Nottus Nod’arf Naughty Nottus Naughty By Nature Bitch 20/09/1999 26/04/2006 N Miller
Nustoal Red Baron Von Tingewood Rheinvelt Raved About With Jalesto Narayden Gold Charm Dog 07/10/2000 04/03/2006 N Lunam
Nyleve’s Beatrice Harana Starman Nyleve Queen Of The South At Lanning Bitch 16/02/2007 26/02/2012 Mrs Wood
Nyleve’s Octario At Wirewood Juzandia Likely Lad Nyleve’s Winifred At Lanning Dog 24/10/2009 25/10/2015 D Armitage-walker
Nyleve’s Winifred At Lanning Wandris Dance Master Nyleve’s Prunella Bitch 09/11/2003 22/02/2009 C Wood
Oakash Lady In Red Donrobby Jeremiah Oakash Black Velvet Lady Bitch 20/10/2000 26/10/2008 A J Cassidy
Oaktreepark Royal Ellie Korraines Jerome Rossperacres Miss Mischief Bitch 19/07/2007 28/02/2015 P Lunt
Oaktreepark Treasure Girl Sanickro Hunky Chunk Bonnie Of Seven Oaks Bitch 26/10/1994 04/03/2000 P Lunt
Opal Silhoulette Rufus Royale Celi Croesoswallt Bitch 21/07/2002 15/01/2010 L Haynes
Ordiga Damask Rose At Cavilera Goliave Sole Survivor By Damaron Pamojill Pansy At Ordiga Bitch 25/10/2005 19/10/2013 Mr G & Mrs H Campbell
Origo Captivation Origo Jack The Lad Origo Roulette Bitch 29/04/1989 25/03/1999 P & E Sparrow
Origo For Your Eyes Only Origo Jack The Lad Origo Roulette Bitch 22/09/1991 12/02/1997 B M Vout
Origo Nice’n’ice Origo Treble Spice Origo Take A Chance On Me Bitch 29/03/1990 04/04/1995 P & E Sparrow
Ouzlewell Viceroy At Almonroyd Maibee Montrose Flossybrook Mitzi Gaynor At Ouzlewell Dog 08/06/2005 13/06/2010 A M Price
Oxencombe Dark Avenger Homerbrent Mastermind Strawberry Claret At Oxencombe Dog 06/10/2007 17/11/2012 Marshall & Barnett
Pacchibei Dreams Come True 01/02/2012 28/05/2017 J Webb
Pacchibei’s Sheer Magic At Enigmai Homerbrent Cormac At Pacchibei Pacchibei Bellezza Di Mezzanotte Bitch 25/01/2008 21/02/2016 A & P Cassidy
Pagborne Flaming Star Alberto Of Kindrum Pagborne Scottish Flame Bitch 20/01/1994 20/03/2003 P Osbourne
Pagborne Flash Flame Mareve Indiana Pagborne Flaming Star Bitch 30/12/1995 25/04/2004 P Osborne
Pagborne Lisa Marie Myhope Presley Joyful Emma Of Pagborne Bitch 30/09/1995 25/04/2004 P Osborne
Pagborne Royal Fantasy Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Pagborne Flaming Star Bitch 24/10/1996 04/04/2003 P Osborne
Pagborne Scottish Flame Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Milkeyn Royal Flame Of Pagborne Bitch 17/05/1992 24/09/2000 P Osborne
Pamedna Beau James At Newroyd Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) Dog 30/05/1991 06/02/1997 P J Eyre
Pamedna Dee-lite Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) Bitch 30/05/1991 08/07/1997 P K Fox
Pamedna Lady Karisma Ronnoc Meryll At Sukeara For Pamedna (ik Elsapam Of Forest Town Bitch 28/11/1989 08/07/1997 P K Fox
Pamedna Lord Byron Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) Dog 01/12/1992 25/03/1998 P K Fox
Pansjal Tri Again Jonty Jones Of Charlottetown Pansjal Ellie May Joy Bitch 05/10/2003 09/04/2010 J Hazel
Pantisa Gipsy Waltz Seaodeham Hammersmith Of Pantisa Pantisa Quick Step Bitch 15/11/1988 02/11/1995 S Halsall
Pantisa Kirsty Pantisa Orinoco Pantisa Sukuki Bitch 18/07/1986 29/09/1994 S Halsall
Paribue April Dream At Thyromas Boy Of Cilmaenguyn Cottismeer Torch Song Bitch 16/04/1991 28/02/1997 L M Stringer
Parkcote Black Cherry Of Triciaville Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Pamojill Black Taffeta Of Parkcote Bitch 27/10/1997 05/03/2005 T J House
Parkcote Lord Admiral Weadorr Mista Rigsby Sylarius Taffeta Of Parkcote Dog 02/03/1989 25/09/1996 J Wheldale
Parkcote Vagrant Of Triciaville Lorphil Lladro Of Cotterlee Parkcote Merry Maiden Dog 30/08/1996 18/11/2003 T & L House
Parkwall Chanel Brasingamen Touch Of Class Parkwall Wizadora Bitch 24/01/1999 30/10/2005 J Owens
Parkwall Lewis Korraines Baywatch Parkwall Resolution Dog 28/10/1995 25/01/2004 j Owens
Parkwall Miss Dior Loranka’s Majestic Moments Parkwall Chanel Bitch 30/06/2002 12/05/2009 J Owens
Pascavale Enchanted Tameline Northern Dancer Britannia Of Pascavale Dog 08/07/2001 11/07/2008 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Jacob     Dog 02/09/2011 28/05/2017 M Sedgwick
Pascavale Kingsley       09/03/2012 28/05/2017 M Sedgwick
Pascavale Louis Ch Tellvara Karbon Kopy Pascavale Lulu Dog 20/09/1994 16/11/2001 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Lulu Homerbrent Festival Pascavale Matinee Kiss Bitch 02/05/1992 16/11/2001 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Matinee Kiss Craigowl Hoodunnit Silver Gemini Lady For Pascavale Bitch 19/03/1990 22/03/1996 L Sedgwick
Pascavale Mikie Pascavale Enchanted Goldenbrows Vectis Kiss Of Pascavale Dog 23/10/2004 21/08/2011 E Latteck
Pascavale Nathan (re-import) Pascavale Smarty Pascavale Brittany Dog 01/01/2010 28/02/2015 Levy, Sedgwick & Cline
Pascavale Posh Pascavale Austin Pascavale Dolly Bitch 19/06/1998 25/09/2004 Levy & Sedgwick
Pascavale Rio Telvara Karbon Kopy Pascavale Lulu Bitch 21/10/1996 26/08/2004 Levy & Sedgwick
Patras Abracadabra Lyncraeg Daydream Patras In Good Taste Dog 28/04/2004 18/10/2014 F Beswick
Paulian Clover Leaf Indianna Maibee Lyncraeg Gift For Paulian Bitch 16/09/1993 14/12/1999 I Sidgwick
Paulian Dylan Paulian Blackthorn Paulian Folksinger Dog 19/02/1989 05/06/1995 J Timbers
Paulian Juliet Whitecroft Orlando Paulian Clover Leaf Bitch 05/08/1997 21/11/2002 I Sidgwick
Paulian Kittiwake Paulian Magpie Paulian Juliet Bitch 23/09/2000 17/10/2009 I Sidgwick
Paulian Royal Gem Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Paulian Clover Leaf Bitch 17/06/1995 21/11/2002 I Sidgwick
Paulian Royal Love Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Paulian Clover Leaf Bitch 17/06/1995 17/12/2001 A Thomas
Paulian Royal Union Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Paulian Clover Leaf Bitch 17/06/1995 17/02/2004 L Gow
Pauroi Anastasia Cheriecroft Tri To Succeed At Tethersend Kimleejay Gemma For Pauroi Bitch 26/11/1998 02/06/2004 P Roberts
Pauroi Ni Dan Of Zouga Kindrum Cardinal Red Pauroi Jemma Bitch 06/06/1984 13/10/1995 G Green
Pauroi Take My Breath Away Kavacay Magic Dream At Deeriem Pauroi China In Your Hand Bitch 21/08/2005 12/06/2011 Mrs P Roberts
Peakdowns Fantasia Lymrey Royal Reflection At Ricksbury Peakdowns Lone Lady Bitch 14/03/1994 20/11/2001 C & B Turnbull
Peatland Daisy At Newroyd Toraylac Joshua Lillico Jersey Lilly Bitch 19/12/1992 07/06/2000 P Eyre
Peakdowns Paris at Middleshott Lanola Santana of Maibee Peakdowns Penny Layne at Middleshot Bitch 06/11/2010 21/10/2017 F& J Ballantine
Peatland Jazzmin At Lillico Charmsbourne Moonraker Peatland Clansy Bitch 26/01/1990 27/03/1995 M A Brook
Pebblecombe Willow Walnut Willowtump Hector Zellawitch Psalm Dog 17/02/1993 20/04/1998 J Warren
Pebblecombe Willow Witch Willowtump Hector Zellawitch Psalm Bitch 12/11/1991 04/09/2002 K Bartlett
Penelope Janbarr Alberto Of Kindrum Sheilings Jiliana Of Johnasta Bitch 03/11/1988 27/05/1997 J Eyre
Penlands Jester Wandris Entertainer Otus Lady Pippa Dog 13/05/2007 22/02/2015 D Knox
Pennygown Botham Lochbuie Domingo Pennygown Brogan Dog 16/04/1992 18/11/1999 S Maclaine
Pennygown Centurion Mareve Indiana Pennygown Sparkler Dog 18/08/1996 08/02/2006 S Maclaine
Pennygown Hot Pants Craigowl Billy Elliot Pennygown Pants On Fire Bitch 17/01/2006 24/09/2011 S Maclaine
Pennygown Jude-ky Jorgealin Ryan O’loranka Pennygown Bird Of A Feather Dog 14/09/1995 10/12/2001 J R Gorbold
Pennygown Magnusson Deeriem Magnus Pennygown Cordon Bleu Dog 30/07/1989 08/06/1995 S Maclaine
Pennygown Pagan Lewin Of Sorata Foliebearjere At Pennygown Dog 01/10/1990 18/11/1999 S Maclaine
Pennygown Penmarric Homerbrent Expression Pennygown Jana-ky Dog 01/06/1999 20/10/2004 S Maclaine
Pennygown Sparkler Pennygown Magnusson Pennygown Inverness Dog 16/09/1992 06/07/1998 S Maclaine
Petradia Abucus Double First At Tayfern Pertradia Emmagem Bitch 19/02/1994 24/08/1999 P & D Baverstock
Phanewood Dora Bella Deranmar Philip Larkin Tanmerack Virginia Woolf Of Phanewood Bitch 15/03/1999 04/11/2005 J Shackle
Phloxcarn Gypsy Rose At Nastane Salador Casanova Phloxcarn Precious Gem Bitch 03/12/1991 15/03/1997 A East
Phylmars Bob Up For Norcrest Hadrian Artful Dodger Phylmars Phoebe Dog 01/10/2005 04/12/2011 A & J Beattie
Picardy’s Anna Maria Alberto Of Kindrum Salador Calonwen Bitch 15/12/1992 24/02/2002 M Baldwin
Picardy’s Black Amethyst Juzandia Rock On Tommy Picardy’s Merle Bitch 27/11/1997 05/04/2006 A Gill
Picardy’s Black Jade At Pippbrook Juzandia Rock On Tommy Picardy’s Merle Bitch 03/01/1997 23/02/2003 J Burt
Picardy’s Colonel Calverley At Olphin Fontelania Burnt Treacle Of Volney Picardy’s Pineapple Poll Dog 14/08/1990 30/01/1999 B Phillpot
Picardy’s Corbin Johnasta Valentino Downsbank Magic Touch Dog 25/03/1994 24/07/2000 B Evans
Picardy’s Luck Dragon Pamedna Fan-tc Picardy’s Anna Maria Dog 25/01/1999 23/06/2004 B Evans
Pintoosa Cairistiona Lewisisle Highland Kyle Vizair Catballou Shaded Red At Pintoosa Bitch 13/11/1991 21/03/2002 M J Bettis
Pintoosa Cyprien Star Vizair The Magic Dragon Pintoosa Way To The Stars (neut) Dog 02/11/1992 20/08/1998 Mckinney
Pintoosa Gilded Shadow Pennygown Pagan Vizair Catballou Shaded Red At Pintoosa Bitch 26/10/1993 03/04/2001 D L Heaver
Pintoosa Rustic Shadow Vizair The Magic Dragon Pintoosa Gilded Shadow Dog 01/12/1996 13/03/2007 D L Heaver
Pintoosa Tigerseye Star Vizair The Magic Dragon Pintoosa Way To The Stars (neut) Dog 02/11/1992 23/02/1998 M G Zamont
Pintoosa Way To The Stars (neut) Maibee A Hallmark Pintoosa Wandering Star Bitch 08/01/1989 06/10/1999 D L Heaver
Pippbrook Popcorn Piperbrook Theobald Poppet Of Pippbrook Dog 22/04/1990 28/02/1999 J Burt
Pippindale Pansy Potter At Claremunn Triodan Toulouse Lautrec Willsys Little Petal Girl At Pippindale Bitch 12/01/2009 22/02/2015 17 Ke Willsd
Pleasant Breeze Pindens Original Oloroso Kingby Black Dawn Bitch 21/01/1990 30/04/1996 B M Bennett
Pleasant Surprise Mareve Indiana July Lullaby Bitch 11/11/2000 28/02/2011 D Stevens
Pollyanna Pretty Girl City Slicker Gizmo Amber Golden Gem Bitch 03/11/2003 19/01/2010 E Jankowski
Pom’pei Pol’lie Sim’ply Aldersbrook Billy Boy At Shenlyn Simply Loppy Bitch 11/01/1999 18/03/2005 J Puhock
Poppywood Wych’n’hour Chantiz Alboeto Deranmar Libby In Poppywood Dog 17/09/1999 15/03/2005 S M Wilkinson
Poundcourt Perro’s Perrita Poundcourt Marcelino Poundcourt Xingu Bitch 01/06/1990 09/03/1996 J Hedderwick
Poundcourt Xaxuxa Telvara Karbon Kopy Poundcourt Perro’s Perrita Bitch 09/09/1994 08/10/1999 I Hedderwick
Poundroll Ffatall Charm Poundroll Ffattal Attraction Broganzor Bossy Boots At Poundroll Bitch 20/05/1999 01/10/2004 Pundford & Rollins
Poundroll Gilded Rose Dare To Dream At Crillmere Poundroll Gilded Lilly Bitch 29/10/2006 09/06/2013 Pundford & Rollins
Poundroll Harmony Dare To Dream At Crillmere Poundroll Gilded Lilly Bitch 29/10/2006 09/06/2013 Pundford & Rollins
Poundroll Midsomer Dream Poundroll Charisma Of Whitecroft Poundroll Ffatall Charm Bitch 09/08/2002 02/04/2009 Pundford & Rollins
Poundroll Orange Blossom Whitecroft Roman Moon Walnut Spot At Poundroll Bitch 17/10/1994 02/04/2009 Pundford & Rollins
Poundroll Sweet Clementine Aldachell Dream Lover Poundroll Orange Blossom Bitch 05/05/1998 09/01/2006 Pundford & Rollins
Prestonville ’aris Tweed Of Anncourt (imp) Prestonville Its Clasic Braganzar Elvyra Dog 30/10/1993 15/05/2000 A Paloheimo
Pretender To The Throne Of Grenrain Maibee Royal Revenge Maibee Matilda Dog 15/08/1996 13/09/2001 Newson
Pretty Miss Mary Of Cherrywood Grassmere Clyde Bonnie Of Telscombe Bitch 10/07/1989 11/03/1999 S A Lambie
Prettypaws Lady Gaga Montcolly Andrew Prettypaws Sky Dreamer Bitch 02/03/2010 05/03/2016 E Fryer
Prettypaws Sky Dreamer Ashtelle Debonair Amantra Sleeping Beauty At Prettypaws Bitch 06/04/2006 02/03/2013 E R Fryer
Princess Crystalbelle Sancreed Brandy Rose Petal Of Sancreed Bitch 07/09/1983 10/10/1994 M A Mazzeo
Princlova Sweet Devotion At Thekop Llustant Princlova Lady Sheroby At Princlova Dog 25/04/2009 18/10/2014 L Linton
Priors Patience The Croupier Of Johnasta Cornish Rose Bitch 13/07/1992 04/08/1997 P I Garner
Queensham George Of Emsmere Emsmere Royalist Emsmere Alice At Queensham Dog 28/05/1992 15/09/1997 N & D Jenkins
Queensham Peregrine Emsmere Royalist Emsmere Alice At Queensham Dog 28/05/1992 15/08/1997 S Macleay
Quensham Emily Queensham Peregrine Lymcotes Angel Delight At Queensham Bitch 24/06/1999 23/11/2004 S Macleay
Quinsans Alexis’s Delight Of Kellorian Duke Naxindra Sophy’s Little Miss Muffet At Narayden Bitch 24/08/1990 27/06/1997 L Biggs
Quintrelle Kristorg Stonepit Special Effect At Pennreen Strelkos Sweet’n Sassy To Quintrelle Bitch 26/10/1999 31/08/2005 C Franks
Rabymar Indian Princess From Svena Celxo Painted Brave Our Highland Princess At Rabymar Bitch 27/03/2001 23/06/2006 S Watts
Rachael Lisa Dannielle Beefy Boywonder Roddyvon Milly Maggy May Bitch 22/10/2010 15/10/2016 C Bell
Rahmzi Rumba Khatibi Juan For The Road (re-import) Khatibi Gladys All Over At Rahmzi Bitch 16/08/2010 05/03/2016 G Skinner
Rathbrist Pixie Lott Carlyngar Harry Potter Rathbrist Britney Bitch 20/09/2009 10/06/2017 M Khotani
Rathbrist Rhydian Rathbrist Just an Illusion Rathbrist Britney Dog 16/12/2007 10/06/2017 M Khotani
Ratlake Chili Rossbonny Triple Chance Langley Lassie Of Diwen Bitch 23/04/1988 12/10/1995 S D Large
Ratlake Cyclone Telvara Top Hat Langley Lassie Of Diwen Bitch 16/02/1991 16/08/2000 B Newman
Ratlake Typhoon Telvara Top Hat Langley Lassie Of Diwen Bitch 16/02/1991 27/08/1996 P A Mantle
Ravensbeech Dawn Run To Fittlewood Hilarny The Don Ravensbeech Evensong Bitch 01/02/1987 06/09/1996 A & J Wood
Ravensbeech Pearl Diver Toraylac Joshua Romerio Petite Fleur From Ravensbeech Bitch 03/12/1994 21/01/2000 J E Pain
Raventrail Succession Telvara Kasanova Raventrail Reality Bitch 30/06/1990 08/06/1996 A Jones
Rebhann Tessa Aranel Atomic Tilly Trotterly Bitch 27/05/2004 11/09/2009 S Potter
Red Ameryllis Shenlyn May Murphy Lucky Dominoes Bitch 06/03/1992 03/06/1998 H Clements
Red Hot Chilli Of Calabe Candellie Perfection Paumark Pretty Pepper Bitch 26/03/2008 20/10/2013 Mr & Mrs Cox
Red Timber Of Homerbrent Homerbrent Omar Shiphaymede Mulled Wine Dog 28/10/1998 10/11/2003 B Martin
Regaldeni Black Rose Svena Hot Toddy Ebony Ellarosa For Regaldeni Bitch 23/05/2006 11/01/2012 G Burrows
Regensian Drayus Salador Celtino Sharrodlea Lady Amber Of Regensian Dog 08/12/1999 08/02/2006 M & H Knapper
Regensian Fascination Downsbank Figaro Sharrodlea Lady Amber Of Regensian Bitch 03/05/1997 04/07/2002 M &H Knapper
Regensian Gabrielle Salador Celtino Sharrodlea Lady Amber Of Regensian Bitch 08/12/1999 10/03/2006 M & H Knapper
Regensian Mystique Hillyacres Special Pride Regensian Bouquet Bitch 14/09/1991 25/01/1997 M & H Knapper
Regensian Royal Anthem Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Roepark Inspiration For Regensian Dog 31/05/1998 03/06/2003 M & H Knapper
Regensian Temptation Vanhirsch High Spirits Of Casimari Sharrodlea Lady Amber Of Regensian Bitch 12/04/1998 06/05/2003 M & H Knapper
Rershay Primrose Cavaliegh Ashley Deranmar Devotion Of Rershay Bitch 20/03/1990 12/05/1999 I M Shearer
Revaliac Lady Beatrice Of Cascavah Revaliac Harvey Revaliac Chequered Pavement Bitch 01/05/1990 20/01/1997 J Albrow
Rexeven Beach Baby Fontelania Dancing River Diwen Golden Dream Of Rexeven Bitch 20/07/1995 13/05/2002 Lambelle
Rexeven Emmeline Rossbonny Triple Coin Diwen Angelique Of Rexeven Bitch 04/08/1990 19/10/1995 G H Lambelle
Rexeven Moonshine Fontelania Dancing River Diwen Golden Dream Of Rexeven Dog 28/02/1997 19/03/2002 D Scott
Rexeven Sapphire Rose Fontelania Dancing River Diwen Golden Dream Of Rexeven Bitch 28/02/1997 13/05/2002 S Lambelle
Rheinvelt Ringmaster Of Alinco Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Sorata Lynette Dog 23/05/1988 15/07/1996 J M Walsh
Rheinvelt Rose Diamond Salere’s Little Richard Rheinvelt Celtic Lass Bitch 09/04/1990 19/12/1996 J Potter
Rhybank Dixie Craigowl Dixon Rhybank Renaissance Bitch 21/03/1999 27/04/2004 D Jones & Player
Rhybank Renaissance Telvara Kasanova Maynell Spring In Park Lane Of Waldor Bitch 04/12/1996 23/08/2002 Jones & Player
Ribbeth Miss Calico Tregarron Cornish Calando Of Korraines Ribbeth Redinka Bitch 03/11/1989 02/07/1996 W J Hibbert
Ricksbury Albis Ricksbury Special Editon Bembridge Smooth’n Sharp To Ricksbury Bitch 09/06/1993 12/10/1998 B Rix & K Berry
Ricksbury Camilla At Stavonga Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Bembridge Smooth’n Sharp To Ricksbury Bitch 20/07/1995 09/01/2006 M Hogan
Ricksbury Royal Hero Ricksbury Tommy Ricksbury Royal Temptress Dog 14/11/2002 09/08/2008 Berry
Ricksbury Royal Legend Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Bembridge Smooth’n Sharp To Ricksbury Dog 16/01/1997 27/09/2005 Rix & Berry
Ricksbury Royal Orchid For Stavonga Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Bembridge Smooth’n Sharp To Ricksbury Bitch 16/01/1997 22/11/2003 M Hogan
Ricksbury Royal Promise For Stavonga Pascavale Enchanted Ricksbury Royal Embrace Bitch 30/09/2006 09/06/2013 M Hogan
Ricksbury Royal Rumours Ricksbury Tommy Ricksbury Royal Temptress Bitch 27/11/2004 02/12/2012 B Rix & K Berry
Ricksbury Royal Temptress Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Bembridge Smooth’n Sharp To Ricksbury Bitch 16/01/1997 23/09/2008 B Rix & K Berry
Ricksbury Royal Visit To Lymrey Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Ricksbury Albis Bitch 11/02/1995 21/02/2000 S Lymer
Ricksbury Sitting Pretty With Lynmily Ellisiana Crusader For Ricksbury Ricksbury Royal Addiction Bitch 14/02/2006 08/06/2014 Mrs Fox
Ricksbury Tommy Linjato Ace Of Base Ricksbury Royal Captive Dog 07/03/1996 14/11/2005 B Rix, K Berry & S Lymer
Ringcreevy Rostellan Of Airlie Salador Celtino Ringcreevy Ring A’roses Dog 28/11/1996 29/09/2002 J Boyd
Rippleoak River Dancer Loranka’s Celebration Brymarden Georgie Girl Of Rippleoak Bitch 11/12/2001 07/03/2008 B & M A Claydon
Rishtte Precious Rose Tregarron My Memories At Rishtte Attamara Temptress Bitch 05/04/2011 24/04/2016 D Irwin
Riteroyal Little Millicent Highstone Spanish Gold Riteroyal Little-nell Bitch 20/09/1983 19/11/1996 D Maclaine
Rivermoor Bernadette Harry Of Kindrum Deeriem Gemma Of Rivermoor Bitch 24/05/1991 20/01/1997 V Harvey
Rivermoor Chicago Harana Courtney Rivermoor Miss Daisybelle Dog 11/07/1995 25/02/2001 C Elton
Rivermoor Lady Kristel Toraylac Joshua Rivermoor Lady Matilda Bitch 10/04/1994 20/01/2000 M L Harvey
Rivermoor Lady Lauretta Aranel Bombastic Rivermoor Lady Drusilla Bitch 29/07/2006 23/06/2017 M Cunningham
Rivermoor Lady Matilda Whyteplace Agamemnon Rivermoor Lady Amanda Bitch 21/02/1988 26/02/1997 V Harvey
Rivermoor Lady Megan Whyteplace Agamemnon Rivermoor Lady Amanda Bitch 21/02/1988 15/03/1997 V Harvey
Rivermoor Miss Daisybelle Fontelania Dancing Brave Rivermoor Miss Christabel Bitch 22/01/1990 26/02/1997 V Harvey
Rivermoor Rio Marelza Black Knight Rivermoor Miss Christabel Dog 18/09/1992 26/11/1997 V Harvey
Robreglou Rob’s Little Toro Deranmar Richelieu Robreglou Summer Wedding Dog 15/01/1990 15/03/1997 I T Parsons
Robreglou Rose Sophia Lehcar Cavaliegh Alexander Robreglou Summer Wedding Bitch 11/03/1991 19/02/2003 L Barber
Robrook Liberty Carolus Cardinal Robrook Posh Spice Bitch 29/07/2001 09/09/2008 A Rowarth
Robrook Our Albert Geronsart Bertolino At Amauri Grantilley Fleurtation Dog 01/12/1998 30/10/2004 C Egan
Robrook Posh Spice Keyingham Christian Robrook Violet Elizabeth Bitch 11/07/1997 05/03/2005 A Rowarth
Robrook Twice The Spice Carolus Cardinal Robrook Posh Spice Bitch 29/07/2001 28/01/2007 A Rowarth
Rolycort Sweet Charity For Cantrip Cinola Motown Of Sukev Amantra Sailors Friend To Roylcort Bitch 03/10/1989 27/09/1996 K E Wright
Rondda Maureen Ferara William Peaches’n Dreams Bitch 01/06/2002 23/09/2008 S Potter
Ronnoc Abigail At Judyland (ikc) Homerbrent Waltzer Winter Sunshine Bitch 25/08/1988 20/11/1995 L M Drewett
Ronnoc Cerise For Judyland (ikc) Ronnoc Scarlet Lad Ronnoc Fair Candy Bitch 03/08/1989 20/11/1995 L.M Drewett
Ronnoc My Countess At Pamedna (ikc) Homerbrent Waltzer Ronnoc Becky Bitch 23/11/1988 18/01/1995 P K Fox
Rosacanina Teddy Hurleaze Birthday Boy Rosacanina Beccy Dog 12/02/2002 24/01/2009 B Richards
Rosalia Rhapsody Juzandia Red Hot Chilli Pepa Cazzamar Catori Bitch 12/03/2007 15/08/2013 H Jeffries
Rose Petal Of Sancreed Captivator Of Tregargus Tregargus Peach Brandy Bitch 31/12/1981 19/09/1996 M A Mazzeo
Rosecesca Jenny Lind Of Christleton Trirayne Alexius The Great Christleton Carmen Bitch 23/08/1996 14/10/2002 Wisto Hampton & Muir
Rosirius Bramble Cinderlace Cromwell (re-import) Mialeah Ericanna Rosirius Dog 30/06/2010 19/04/2016 R Loades
Rosirius Jute Pascavale Austin Rosirius Prudence Bitch 04/08/2000 04/02/2011 P Garner
Rosirius Kashmira (neut) Nastane Perry Christerose I Am What I Am At Rosirius Bitch 01/08/1992 02/08/2002 D Whitbread
Rosirius Razzle Dazzle Myhope Fever Rosirius Jute Dog 27/09/2003 27/09/2008 R Loades
Rossbonny Good Tri Of Oaklake Rossbonny Chin-up Oakash Scilla At Rossbonny Dog 16/05/1990 15/08/1999 S D Bloomfield
Rossbonny Triple Ace Cherokee Of Rossbonny At Delhaze Triple Mint From Amantra At Rossbonny Dog 23/10/1988 23/10/1998 L Lansberg-larsson
Rosscrea Be My Baby At Tillashby Rosscrea Free Loader Rosscrea Broadway Baby Bitch 06/04/2007 09/06/2013 Ashby Allitt
Rosscrea Gabrielle With Jalesto Clopsville Jack Daniels Rosscrea Midnight Star Bitch 05/02/2005 24/09/2011 Mrs S North? & Mrs S Box
Rosscrea Heartbeat Baray Topper Rosscrea Soley Soley Dog 07/06/1992 05/05/2001 Mrs T D Ellis
Rosscrea Lady In Red Galetamar Sebastian Gabledene Amber Gold Bitch 26/09/1991 06/04/1999 W Taylor
Rosscrea Maverick With Simpatico Pascavale Spencer Rosscrea Broadway Melody Dog 01/08/2001 25/08/2006 C Godwin
Rosscrea Mistletoe And Wine Sorata Franco Black Velvet Knight Of Rosscrea Bitch 19/12/1991 06/04/1999 W Taylor
Rosscrea Modern Romance Harana Hanky Panky Black Velvet Knight Of Rosscrea Bitch 22/07/1993 15/01/1999 W Taylor
Rosscrea Sinitta At Rebinya Leelyn Blackmail Rosscrea Swing Out Sister Bitch 09/02/2000 04/03/2006 A Stocks
Rosscrea Swingtime Keyingham Christian Rosscrea Memphis Belle Bitch 21/12/2001 19/05/2007 W Taylor
Rossperacres Miss Mischief Holly Berry Wonder Belbury Shauna Bitch 30/05/2004 28/02/2015 P Lunt
Rossyn Top Gun Of Chinablue Jansara Fabian Rossyn Eugenie Dog 13/07/1995 09/11/2000 M Pollitt
Rossyn Trixie-bell Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Rossyn Scarlet Women Bitch 17/08/1989 08/01/1999 D Willis
Rothes Three Times A Lady Janvega Mr Moonlight Fenmist Lady Catriona Of Rothes Bitch 03/12/1992 27/08/1998 A Grant
Royal Influence Of Charterwood Toraylac Joshua Bevelmount Annabelle Of Charterwood Dog 27/12/1997 27/10/2003 J Philpott
Royal King Son Golden Ember At Kairiri Skyes Of Gold Dog 07/06/2009 05/10/2015 D Paul
Royalston Enchanting Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Royalston Victoria Dog 28/07/2008 24/05/2015 J Wightman
Ruby     Bitch 31/07/2006 21/10/2017 A & J Beattie
Rupert Of Wroxall Wightisle Sweepstake Winner Midnight Charade Of Spenric Dog 03/06/1986 30/09/1994 P Spencer
Russettwood Benedict Vival Toy Boy Mobella Melinda At Russettwood Dog 12/10/1990 07/12/1996 N L Waters
Ryanmil Salut D’amor Dortmund Take A Chance Harana Lillypin Mimosa For Ryanmil Bitch 20/09/2007 15/08/2015 Ms M Pipkin
Salador Cadfael Salador Charming Prince Salador Celtic Rune Dog 19/09/1993 15/12/1998 S Smith
Salador Cadisha Salador Cadfael Salador Chulip Bitch 27/12/1997 09/06/2004 Craddoick
Salador Calonwen Salador Christo Salador Colleen Bitch 14/11/1988 25/01/1995 M A Baldwin
Salador Ccipio Salador Comet Salador Colleen Dog 02/06/1991 27/11/1999 S Smith
Salador Celtic Eagle Firnick Duke Of The Night Salador Colleen Dog 18/11/1989 02/10/1996 S Smith
Salador Celtino Salador Comet Salador Chantilly Belle Dog 21/10/1994 27/11/1999 S Smith
Salador Charming Prince Emsmere Royalist Salador Cnow White Dog 01/09/1992 27/11/1999 S Smith
Salador Comet Salador Crismark Salador Celtic Honey Dog 01/06/1988 14/12/1998 S Smith
Salador Connors Ronnoc True Luck Salador Country Girl Dog 19/07/1984 02/10/1996 S Smith
Salbrie Ryan’s Daughter Salbrie Indian Spring Salbrie Gipsy Bitch 09/05/1994 10/10/2000 M Forrester
Salbrie Savatore Whyteplace Alonso Aranel Donatella By Salbrie Dog 15/09/2010 25/10/2015 J & J Cornelius
Salbrie Veneta       15/09/2010 22/10/2017 J & j Cornelius
Salegreen Charlotte Toraylac Joshua Homerbrent Chintz Of Salegreen Bitch 14/05/1992 12/02/1998 R Eustace
Salegreen Frederick Miletree Nijinsky Craigowl Fledermaus Dog 14/12/2003 29/01/2009 R Eustace
Salegreen My Buttercup Salegreen Willowherb Hilarny The Fuchsia Of Salegreen Bitch 31/03/2003 08/02/2010 R Eustace
Salere’s Eartha Kitt To Lehcar Fontelania Dancing Brave Saleres Hot Chocolate Bitch 09/05/1993 24/08/1999 L Barber
Salere’s Mickey Most Of Crystaldean Cavaliegh Alexander Salere’s Charlottes Web Dog 15/07/1992 11/09/1997 E Dolamore
Salvador Robby Ithacrob Crystalherald At Cliscrob Kibitzer Kordelia Dog 28/09/1992 28/04/1999 C Marsden
Sancreed May Brydorstan Special Edition Toltuff Lady Bitch 25/05/1989 17/10/1998 M A Mazzeo
Sandbrae Atomic Blue Ricksbury Tommy Rickimil Alice Blue Gown At Sandbrae Bitch 03/03/1998 28/06/2006 E Glen
Sandbrae Beyond The Blue Rheinvelt Rock Dj Sandbrae Atomic Blue Bitch 14/01/2004 17/10/2009 E Glen
Sandbrae Bolt From The Blue Brasingamen Lightning At Amauri Sandbrae Beyond The Blue Dog 15/07/2008 17/10/2015 E Glen
Sandbrae Goldilocks Criscan Aarbiter Amantra Amantra Golden Silk Of Sandbrae Bitch 28/03/1998 28/06/2006 E Glen
Sandbrae Out Of The Blue Ricksbury Tommy Rickimil Alice Blue Gown At Sandbrae Bitch 03/03/1998 10/07/2003 E Glen
Sandbrae Rhapsody In Blue Rheinvelt Rock Dj Sandbrae Atomic Blue Bitch 14/01/2004 17/10/2009 E Glen
Sandbrae Sapphire At Drumachose Rheinvelt Rock Dj Sandbrae Atomic Blue Bitch 14/01/2004 17/10/2009 A J Patrick
Sandbrae Serenade In Blue Geronsart Bertolino At Amauri Sandbrae Rhapsody In Blue Bitch 01/07/2008 15/10/2016 E Glen
Sandusk Chardonnay Sandusk Monterey Lorphil Lillie At Sandusk Bitch 07/08/2008 17/10/2015 D & S Korn
Sanickro Intuition Sanickro Made By Magic Grantilley Blue Moon Dog 05/05/2000 13/05/2005 N Tomlinson
Sanickro Made By Magic Alberto Of Kindrum Sanickro Maid Of Honour At Colneka Dog 07/12/1996 04/02/2004 N Tomlinson
Sanickro Rave On Salador Cerrygold Sanickro Dark Mystique Dog 01/07/1993 28/07/1998 M Brookes
Sanickro Triniti Sanickro Intuition Sanickro Miss Dynamite Bitch 17/12/2006 23/04/2012 N Tomlinson
Sanromar Charlemaine Rheinvelt Ringmaster Of Alinco Sanromar Chatelaine Dog 08/07/1996 30/11/2002 S Scoines
Satin Slipper Charlottetown Wader Maxholt Portobella Bitch 13/01/1981 16/05/1994 C Willmott
Saxonview Misty Light Willowtump Mint Toffee Saxonview Cyenthryth Bitch 06/11/1995 30/07/2002 Y J Rowley
Scarlet Sunrise Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Patray Premier Bitch 10/06/1998 07/05/2004 M Arnold
Scotlass Andante For Beaconsfylde Scotlass The Laird Scotlass Pollyanna Bitch 02/04/2007 08/06/2014 R S Hobbs
Scotlass Chloe Scotlass The Laird Scotlass Flashback Bitch 24/09/2006 10/06/2012 Mrs N Bloice
Scotlass Fairytale Estrid Theron Scotlass Flashback Bitch 23/05/2009 07/06/2015 Mrs N Bloice
Scotlass Flashback Carolus Coronet Sheeshonee Philomena Of Scotlass Bitch 29/03/2005 13/06/2010 Mrs N Bloice
Scotlass Pollyanna Astralea Classic Gold Of Behabre Scotlass Astrid Bitch 31/03/2005 13/06/2010 Mrs N Bloice
Scotlass The Laird Clockpelters The Advocate Cum Carolus Sweet Harlequin Of Scotlass Dog 04/02/2003 13/06/2010 Mrs N Bloice
Seabreeze Im Here Kenmilfore Prince Sam Wee Bonnie Lassie Bitch 13/05/2009 03/02/2015 S Flynn
Seaodeham Purley Of Nastane Alansmere Pierre Nastane Delight Bitch 16/09/1988 14/04/1994 A East
Shalot Indian Queen Cleocath Carregddu At Sohanastar Shalot Lady Bethan Bitch 13/09/2009 19/08/2017 L P Turner
Shalot Lady Bethan Leelyn Major League Shalot Morgan Le Fay Bitch 14/12/2003 21/08/2011 L Turner
Shalot Lady Charlotte Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Shalot Queen Elinor Bitch 02/06/1992 18/10/2002 J Newman
Shalot Lady Elinor Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Shalot Lady Of The Forrest Bitch 20/04/1995 13/09/2002 L P Turner
Shalot Lady Hero Juzandia Rock On Tommy Shalot Morgan Le Fay Bitch 18/02/2002 11/02/2009 L Turner
Shalot Lady Of The Forrest Salbrie Fred Flintstone Shalot Queen Guenevere Bitch 15/07/1993 16/08/2004 L P Turner
Shalot Morgan Le Fay Leelyn Twister Shalot Lady Isolde Bitch 10/04/1999 28/11/2006 L P Turner
Shalot Queen Elinor Homerbrent Jester Lady Morgan Le Fay Of Shalot Bitch 22/09/1989 11/12/1997 J A Newman
Shalot Queen Guenevere Deranmar Raoul Lady Morgan Le Fay Of Shalot Bitch 31/03/1988 13/09/1995 L P Turner
Shalot The Enchantress Deranmar Raoul Lady Morgan Le Fay Of Shalot Bitch 31/03/1988 03/10/1998 L P Turner
Sharonaz Melody For Drumhaye Ellisiana Rain Dance Sharonaz Serenade Bitch 13/12/1997 17/10/2009 H Wheeler
Sharvo Grand Parade Maibee Montrose Sharvo Mischa Dog 29/06/2010 09/04/2017 M Spark
Sheena Golden Sidhe Double First At Tayfern Misty Brown Eyes Bitch 12/06/1993 11/02/2000 P M Mcculloch
Sheilings Chantilly Lace Of Mialeah Harana Hanky Panky Johnasta Black Lace At Sheilings Bitch 29/10/1992 03/02/1999 P I Garner
Sheilings Water Lilly Of Johnasta Milkeyn Matchmaker Johnasta Lilly Pilly Bitch 29/10/1987 19/04/1994 P M Lewis
Shenlyn April Aces High Pagborne Chase The Ace Shenlyn June Jill Bitch 20/04/2000 18/07/2008 L A Irvine
Shenlyn April Amanda Shenlyn October Osprey Prudence Of Shenlyn Bitch 28/04/1990 01/04/1999 J Shuttleworth
Shenlyn April Anda Pascavale Enchanted Shenlyn January Joyful Bitch 04/04/2003 26/11/2008 D M Irvine
Shenlyn April Anda Pascavale Enchanted (re-import) Shenlyn January Joyful Bitch 04/04/2003 26/11/2008 Mrs S Byford
Shenlyn August Alyss Craigowl Chad Shenlyn July Judy Bitch 25/08/1992 28/04/1999 L A Irvine
Shenlyn August Amelia Shenlyn May Murphy Shenlyn June Joy Bitch 23/08/1993 09/06/2000 L A Irvine
Shenlyn August Anchusa Fairchild D’henry Shenlyn November Nova Bitch 25/08/1992 27/08/1998 L A Irvine
Shenlyn August Anita Darchave Darryl At Shenlyn Shenlyn August Amelia Bitch 06/08/1996 30/03/2005 L A Irvine
Shenlyn December Daydream Darchave Darryl At Shenlyn Shenlyn May Masquerade Bitch 13/12/1987 18/03/1997 J Butterfield
Shenlyn December Digby Shenlyn June Jack The Lad Shenlyn January Just Jan Dog 08/12/1995 01/07/2005 W Randall & Irvine
Shenlyn December Diva Moonvale Figaro Shenlyn February Folly Bitch 17/12/1992 24/05/1999 P Banks
Shenlyn December Dougal Sobanjas Dijon At Ewecote Shenlyn May Minnie Dog 08/12/1998 10/03/2005 W Randall & Irvine
Shenlyn February Felicia Pascavale Austin Shenlyn April Alana Bitch 11/02/2001 11/07/2006 D Irvine
Shenlyn February Folly Amantra Sailor Sam Of Faha Shenlyn July Judy Bitch 25/02/1990 28/10/2002 E Clark
Shenlyn January Jemima Of Kaleija (neut) Aldersbrook Just John At Shenlyn Shenlyn February Folly Bitch 09/01/1994 30/03/2001 S A Randall
Shenlyn January Jet Shenlyn October Osprey Shenlyn May Masquerade Dog 15/01/1989 01/03/1994 W Randall & Irvine
Shenlyn January Josephine Shenlyn October Osprey Shenlyn May Masquerade Bitch 15/01/1989 05/02/1997 M Bowers
Shenlyn January Joyful Aldersbrook Billy Boy At Shenlyn Shenlyn December Diva Bitch 02/01/1997 30/01/2004 L Irvine
Shenlyn January Just Jan Shenlyn May Murphy Clover Of Shenlyn Bitch 15/01/1992 09/06/2000 L A Irvine
Shenlyn July Judy Shenlyn July Joshua Shenlyn October Olga Bitch 08/07/1987 29/04/1997 L A Irvine
Shenlyn June Jill Telvara Karbon Kopy Shenlyn August Alyss Bitch 06/06/1994 04/04/2004 L A Irvine
Shenlyn May Maisie Of Ankris Shenlyn February Firefly Shenlyn February Flora Bitch 23/05/1990 09/08/1996 C J Wright
Shenlyn May Murphy Faha General Custer Shenlyn April Amethyst Dog 20/05/1989 18/10/1994 L A Irvine
Shenlyn October Osprey Darchave Darryl At Shenlyn Shenlyn February Flora Dog 01/10/1987 09/10/1997 L A Irvine
Shenlyn September Saffron Shenlyn June Jack The Lad Shenlyn August Anchusa Bitch 07/09/1996 28/03/2008 D Irvine & V Fitzgerald
Shenlyn September Sexton Leogem Lothario Shenlyn June Jill Dog 07/09/1996 27/11/2002 L A Irvine
Show Stopper Leelyn Taboo Garlouchi Rosanna Bitch 13/05/2009 08/06/2014 M & M Brierley-Smith
Siabonja Roxanna Rosirius Rosirius Razzle Dazzle Siabonja African Queen Bitch 24/10/2007 31/03/2014 L A Ward
Silkhay Pretty Penny Jansara Hope And Glory Silkhay Sundancer Bitch 13/04/1999 30/06/2005 P White
Simpatico Ballerina Girl Linjato Wild About Harry Linjato My Destiny At Simpatico Bitch 13/03/2002 15/10/2007 C Godwin
Simpatico Genesis For Tashmit Myhope Fever Rheinvelt Ravishing Rose Bitch 07/12/1999 26/01/2006 E Sparrow
Simpatico My Special Dream Aldachell Dream Lover Linjato My Destiny At Simpatico Dog 01/09/1998 12/05/2006 C Godwin
Simpatico So Hot Myhope Fever Rheinvelt Ravishing Rose Dog 07/12/1999 02/12/2005 c Godwin
Simply Loppy Moonvale Figaro Telvara Beautiful Dreamer Bitch 24/06/1996 08/10/2003 J Puttoch
Siridell Kozy Konstance Droleus That’s M’smartiipanz At Mareve Jengem Patience At Siridell Bitch 13/01/2001 23/08/2007 I Randell
Sleepyhollow Operetta At Aspencot Trirayne Alexius The Great Lanola Terra Mitica Bitch 26/01/2002 28/02/2009 Z Axford
Slumberland Snuggles Moonvale Figaro Telvara Beautiful Dreamer Dog 24/06/1996 08/10/2003 J Puttock
Snow Crystal Granasil Ratzipuss Alanas Buttercups’n Daisies Dog 21/01/1984 25/02/2001 B Woodcool
Sophia Solitaire Pindens Neville Cardi Josophie Jovality Bitch 18/04/1987 07/11/1994 K A Best
Sorata Angelina Harana Rockstar Sorata Carlie Bitch 05/03/1993 27/02/2000 M Evans
Sorata Cherish Of Culverhill Russmic Reggae Music At Sorata Sorata Ruby Wine Bitch 23/09/2009 11/03/2015 M & H O’Grady
Sorata Vienna Sorata Dunross Sorata Isuara Bitch 13/03/1990 28/04/1998 S Mullery
Spenric Sir Galahad Bromford Dempsey Of Merecot Spenric Gatcombe Girl Dog 26/01/1988 02/11/1994 P Spencer
Spindlepoint Calendar Song Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury Lillico Moonlight Serenade Of Spindlepoi Bitch 27/08/1997 02/09/2002 E Waddington
Spindlepoint Clearwater Timsar Mister Moonlighter Spindlepoint Kim Crawford Bitch 19/11/2007 15/08/2015 R A Waddington
Spindlepoint First Course For Cranvarl Sanickro Intuition Spindlepoint Magnolia Bitch 29/12/2002 08/11/2009 L Crane
Spindlepoint Grace Darilng Ricksbury Royal Hero Spindlepoint Magnolia Bitch 01/09/2004 08/11/2009 R A & E Waddington
Spindlepoint Isabel Estate For Christobe Korraines Jerome Spindlepoint Kim Crawford Bitch 03/07/2006 24/12/2013 S Cole
Spindlepoint Macallan Into Cranvarl Lyncraeg Dream Angus Spindlepoint Grace Darling Dog 22/06/2009 19/07/2014 L Crane
Spindlepoint Nelson Of Jadechar Ricksbury Royal Hero Spindlepoint Magnolia Dog 01/09/2004 03/09/2010 M Pascoe
Spindlepoint Olive Cinderlace Cromwell (re-import) Jadechar Crystal Charm Of Spindlepoint Bitch 02/12/2009 15/08/2015 R & E Waddington
Spindlepoint Ovation Blackavar Treble Chance Hillyacres Pearl Of Spindlepoint (neut) Dog 04/01/1991 14/02/1996 E Waddington
Spirit Of Hawkhurst In Recavard Rheinvelt Raved About With Jalesto Scarlet Lady Of Saffron Bitch 12/03/2008 01/03/2014 Mr & Mrs Edmeads
Spitaldene Maverick At Kilbarchan Alberto Of Kindrum Spitaldene Sweet Candygirl Dog 28/10/1994 15/12/1999 Moffat
Star Of Wonder At Moorfields Caerwen Cachemire Of Moorfields Little Light Of Rue Bitch 20/01/1990 24/01/1996 R Lamont
Stavonga Angel       23/03/2012 28/05/2017 MA Hogan
Stonepit Alastair Stonepit Thats Michael At Dakerima Stonepit Little Charm Dog 14/05/1996 22/05/2001 K K Yoxall
Stonepit Franco I Believe Maibee Make Believe Stonepit Midnight Twirl Dog 20/09/2010 05/03/2016 D Searle
Stonepit Louis At Savantvadi Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Stonepit Strawberry Fayre Dog 14/08/1992 06/12/1997 A J Craddock
Stonepit Rascal Loranka’s Just Like Heaven Stonepit Sing The Blues For Pomelo Dog 15/07/2010 22/07/2015 Phillips
Stonepit Ring’o Roses At Whyteplace Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Stonepit Little Beauty Bitch 10/01/1992 22/10/1997 J Wiggins
Stonepit Strawberry Dessert Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Stonepit Strawberry Fayre Bitch 21/03/1990 28/06/1996 D Searle
Stonepit Teddy Boy Homerbrent Harry At Stonepit Stonepit Strawberry Fayre Dog 21/03/1990 04/03/2006 A Royce
Stormsdown Gina Homerbrent Excitation Valleytaw Miss Katerrina Bitch 09/07/2004 20/09/2011 S Davis
Suchfun Charis Of Matsy Lord Of The Dance At Chilsham Eyeza Cat’s Wiskers Bitch 17/11/1988 23/07/2001 E Winton
Suchfun Elysian At Chilsham Lord Of The Dance At Chilsham Eyeza Cat’s Wiskers Bitch 15/04/1990 04/11/1996 B A Purkis
Suesitna Toujoursmoi Lacye Kinvaar Aramis Trystianna Ciara Of Suesitna Bitch 21/12/2006 18/10/2014 Mrs B & Mr P Blackburn
Suncrest Someone Special Upperton Othello At Bonnyglen Suncrest Sussex Rose Bitch 15/05/1994 26/09/1999 E R Coxwell
Susuella Picturesque Rossbonny Triple Chance Rosella Gemini Capricious Bitch 28/08/1988 05/09/1998 Lambelle
Svena Bewitched Svena Love Music Svena Black Magic Bitch 23/10/2008 19/08/2015 J Grenville
Svena Black Magic Alleys Celtic Prince Picardy’s Donna Lola Bitch 18/03/2004 26/03/2009 B Evans
Svena Candle Lite Picardy’s Corbin Svena High Lite Dog 04/05/1999 18/05/2004 Mc Carthy
Svena Chocolate Box Ttitian Chocolatier For Svena Svena Hot Gossip Bitch 13/01/2007 03/03/2012 B Evans
Svena Chocolate Toffee Ttitian Chocolatier For Svena Svena Hot Gossip Dog 13/01/2007 10/04/2012 S Austwick
Svena Chocolate Truffle Ttitian Chocolatier For Svena Svena Hot Gossip Dog 13/01/2007 25/04/2012 A J Dart
Svena Dee Lite Picardy’s Corbin Svena High Lite Dog 04/05/1999 10/05/2004 B Evans
Svena Enchantment Svena Love Music Svena Black Magic Dog 23/10/2008 01/03/2014 L Francis
Svena Gold Dust Alleys Celtic Prince Svena Moon Lite Dog 15/02/2004 07/04/2009 Mrs Diana Grealings
Svena High Class Lewisisle Highland Lewis Keirlian Hot Gossip For Svena Bitch 23/07/1995 24/09/2000 l & S Joyce
Svena High Jinx Lewisisle Highland Lewis Keirlian Hot Gossip For Svena Dog 23/07/1995 16/10/2000 A G Fast
Svena High Lite Lewisisle Highland Lewis Keirlian Hot Gossip For Svena Bitch 23/07/1995 21/12/2001 B Evans
Svena Hot Toddy Svena Love Music Picardy’s Donna Lola Dog 26/09/2004 06/03/2010 B Evans
Svena Indian Spirit Picardy’s Corbin Rabymar Indian Princess From Svena Dog 15/11/2002 23/06/2009 B Evans
Svena Love Addict Telvara Karbon Kopy Svena High Lite Dog 28/03/1998 12/04/2003 B Evans
Svena Love Affair Rabymar Waltzing Darkie Svena Love Story Bitch 15/01/2003 15/12/2009 B Evans
Svena Love Child Telvara Karbon Kopy Svena High Lite Dog 28/03/1998 09/04/2003 B Evans
Svena Love Lorn Telvara Karbon Kopy Svena High Lite Dog 28/03/1998 20/05/2003 B Evans
Svena Love Music Rabymar Waltzing Darkie Svena Love Story Dog 15/01/2003 06/03/2010 B Evans
Svena Love Story Telvara Karbon Kopy Svena High Lite Bitch 28/03/1998 30/09/2003 B Evans
Svena Midnight Cowboy Svena Indian Brave Svena Chocolate Box By Ttitian Dog 04/11/2010 05/02/2016 L Trodd
Svena Moon Lite Picardy’s Corbin Svena High Lite Bitch 04/05/1999 13/04/2006 B Evans
Svena Moonlight Shadow     Dog 06/05/2010 22/08/2017 M Brace
Svena Mystical Svena Love Music Svena Black Magic Bitch 20/06/2009 28/02/2015 K Hargest
Svena Painted Black Svena Indian Brave Svena Black Magic Dog 14/02/2010 22/08/2017 B Evans
Svena Star Lite Picardy’s Corbin Svena High Lite Bitch 04/05/1999 04/08/2004 B Evans
Svena Story Teller Alleys Celtic Prince Svena Love Story Dog 21/06/2001 26/06/2006 C Boxall
Svena Trail Blazer Svena Indian Brave Svena Bewitched Dog 17/05/2010 25/10/2015 Clark
Swaish Manhattan At Airlie Mareve Indiana Vanitonia Seasons Greetings To Swaish Dog 09/10/1997 06/09/2003 J Boyd
Sweet Lass Of The Fylde Barsac Silver Lining Of Lyncraeg Timsar Ursula Bitch 21/03/1991 16/11/1997 A Jones
Sweet Sally Anne Deranmar Richelieu Willows Eleanor Bitch 10/09/1989 04/12/1996 J C Edgell
Swynworth Astatine Sanickro Mistassini At Ribbeth Swynworth Palladium Bitch 21/12/1993 07/03/2001 D Norman
Swynworth Cerium Korraine’s Beachcomber Swynworth Sodium Bitch 09/09/1992 30/06/1999 D Norman
Swynworth Coronium Harana Rockstar At Denstone Swynworth Rubidium Bitch 15/10/1991 16/11/1997 D Hampson
Swynworth Ethylene Nikknax Henbit Swynworth Scandium Dog 21/12/1996 02/02/2004 M F Norman
Swynworth Iron Buckny Mellow Man Of Chamanic Swynworth Barium Bitch 20/11/1997 13/08/2005 D Norman
Swynworth Jadeite Swynworth Diacetate Swynworth Scandium Bitch 05/12/1997 05/02/2004 D Norman
Swynworth Napolite Swynworth Nickel Swynworth Jadeite Bitch 15/03/2000 19/03/2007 D Norman
Swynworth Nickel Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Swynworth Nitrogen Dog 04/04/1992 23/11/2000 D Norman
Swynworth Ozone Korraines Jameson Swynworth Astatine Bitch 31/10/2000 25/10/2007 D Norman
Swynworth Rubidium Blackavar Firecracker Of Veradar Swynworth Silver Bitch 23/04/1990 25/11/1996 D Norman
Swynworth Scandium Korraine’s Beachcomber Swynworth Sodium Bitch 09/09/1992 11/05/1998 D Norman
Swynworth Silica Narayden Hot Chocolate In Flossybrook Swynworth Iron Bitch 09/05/2002 17/05/2007 Mrs Norman
Sylarius Fleur-de-lys At Courtsmere Ellisiana Eclipse Via Sylarius Lorphil Louise At Sylarius Bitch 19/09/1998 25/09/2004 J Tomlinson

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