Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 2nd December 2019
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the data is correct if you find any errors please notify the Club Secretary by email at so that the errors may be investigated.
When contacting the Secretary please include the following at the start of your email: KC Name of dog and KC Registration Number and the Event where dog was tested or approx. date of when dog was individually tested. If you wish to attach a copy of the certificate this will help in checking of any error.
Completed certificates should be sent direct to Mrs E Smith, 9 Elm Grove, Larbert, Stirlingshire, FK5 3LP, if not automatically sent on from a heart clinic.
A copy of the total list may be downloaded for printing by clicking on this link.
A – CD – LM – ST – Z
Dog’s Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Tabersome Forget Me Not Jancimbel Cornelius Wonda Warrior Bitch 22/08/2004 15/11/2009 Mrs D Taberner
Tamarisk Rose Lucky Shoes Of Oxenpill And Amantra Roela Vanity Scarlet Rose Bitch 27/02/1988 13/06/1995 M Rouholamin
Tamblerhu Isabella Of Cantrip Wolvershill Royal Ransome Of Lewisisle Karabel Chrystal Of Tamblerhu Bitch 31/05/1988 25/06/1996 D & K Wright
Tamcinia Midnight Folly Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope Penquite Burgandy Dog 14/12/2004 03/03/2012 D Hollamby
Tameline All At Sea To Rershay Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Tameline Salsabil Bitch 01/03/1992 26/01/1998 I M Shearer
Tamsung Sadie Vival Just In Time Alice May Bitch 06/03/1990 05/03/1996 C Ashford
Tamyse Delecia Deranmar Michael Tamyse Nancy Dale Bitch 04/04/2004 23/08/2009 C Butler
Tamyse Ferndale Cinderlace Sebastian For Cavaliegh Tamyse Rene Dale Dog 16/05/2003 09/07/2009 C Butler
Tamyse Toot Sweet       18/04/2012 19/08/2017 C Butler
Tamyse Truly Fair Harana Chumley Tamyse Truly Scrumptious Bitch 16/03/1993 03/04/1998 C Butler
Tamyse Truly Scrumptious Fontelania Capri Bizzie Miss Lizzie At Tamyse (neut) Bitch 19/07/1989 14/12/1994 C Butler
Tanmerack Bellini Toraylac Joshua Tanmerack Edith Sitwell Bitch 18/08/1992 29/04/1998 F Bunce
Tanmerack Botticelli Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Tanmerack Fantin-latour Dog 11/11/1997 04/03/2005 F Bunce
Tanmerack Caravaggio Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Tanmerack Bellini Dog 07/11/1995 02/03/2005 F Bunce
Tanmerack Cecilia Beaux Nevhill’s Nashville Tanmerack Bellini Bitch 15/09/1984 20/08/1995 J Cornelius
Tanmerack Chardin Homerbrent Pentilly Tanmerack I’m No Angel Dog 01/01/1991 27/03/2000 Nyby
Tanmerack Cicely Hey Mareve Indiana Betsy Trotwood Of Tanmerack Bitch 29/09/1996 13/02/2002 F Bunce
Tanmerack Constable Homerbrent Festival Tanmerack I’m No Angel Dog 23/01/1992 04/01/1999 C Warwick
Tanmerack Edith Sitwell Nikknax Star-trekking At Tanmerack Tanmerack I’m No Angel Bitch 16/11/1989 09/09/1996 F Bunce
Tanmerack Fantin-latour Toraylac Joshua Tanmerack Edith Sitwell Bitch 18/08/1992 11/06/1999 F Bunce
Tanmerack Fragonard Homerbrent Pentilly Tanmerack I’m No Angel Dog 01/01/1991 03/01/1996 F Bunce
Tanmerack Greta Garbo Linjato Ace Of Base Tanmerack Fantin-latour Bitch 05/09/1999 11/01/2005 F Bunce
Tanmerack Gustave Courbet Toraylac Joshua Tanmerack Edith Sitwell Dog 10/10/1993 06/11/1998 L Platt
Tanmerack Ida Sitwell Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Tanmerack Vanessa Bell Bitch 20/05/1998 25/09/2004 J Ward
Tanmerack I’m No Angel Wishwin Horatio Tanmerack Fallen Angel Bitch 10/10/1987 09/09/1996 F Bunce
Tanmerack Ljubov Popova Linjato Ace Of Base Tanmerack Kokoschka Bitch 25/10/1998 25/09/2004 J A Ward
Tanmerack Vanessa Bell Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Tanmerack Fantin-latour Bitch 22/08/1996 17/07/2002 F Bunce
Tansaleo Midsummer Dream Newroyds Lord Of The Rings Aberfeldy Sophie Matisse At Tansaleo Bitch 08/06/2003 03/02/2009 Mrs Deborah Alamé-Jones
Tansaleo Pretty Pollyana Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Aberfeldy Sophie Matisse At Tansaleo Bitch 02/08/2001 19/03/2009 Mrs Deborah Alamé-Jones
Tansaleo Summer Solstice Newroyds Lord Of The Rings Aberfeldy Sophie Matisse At Tansaleo Bitch 08/06/2003 27/10/2008 Mrs Deborah Alamé-Jones
Tansy Toodles Chilsham Sportsman Lionsjoy Black Velvet Bitch 26/03/1982 12/10/1995 S D Large
Tara My Girl Caerwen Cachemire Of Moorfields Moorfields Mistabelle Bitch 30/01/1990 25/05/2001 C Hilditch
Tarquogans Barossa Rose Of Sylarius Salador Corrigan Homerbrent Gala Of Tarquogans Bitch 02/02/1988 31/01/2003 S Tomlinson
Tashmit Sweetserve Tashmit Freeserve At Oldberne Tashmit Sweetheart Dog 03/09/2008 04/01/2015 M K Betts
Tashmit The Next Generation Tuppenlil Precipitate Simpatico Genesis For Tashmit Bitch 01/06/2004 14/12/2010 E Sparrow
Tassimor Sarahs Suzette Of Amberay Whyteplace Champers Silkwood Breezon Bree At Tassimor Bitch 16/07/1988 23/11/1994 S A Morgan
Tassimor Wordsworth (neut) Stonepit Moonlight At Whyteplace Whyteplace Betty Boop At Tassimor Dog 07/04/1996 25/11/2008 P Richens
Taybar Madam Butterfly Charterwood Genius Immensee Madam Bitch 16/10/2001 13/07/2007 B Taylor
Tayfern Fire Fly At Fraoch Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Tayfern Tanith Bitch 21/04/1998 05/11/2003 D Phillips
Tayfern Lark’s Song Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Tayfern Daphne Bitch 13/02/2004 25/10/2009 Paula M Stark
Tayfern Pie In The Sky Double First At Tayfern Cast A Spell Over Tayfern Bitch 12/11/1995 30/04/2004 P Stark
Tayfern Shushila Of Tuppenlil Double First At Tayfern Tayfern Abracadabra Bitch 17/02/1988 10/01/2000 M A Ford
Tayfern Song Thrush Tayfern Tribute Tayfern Lark’s Song Bitch 22/08/2008 20/10/2013 Mrs P Stark
Tayfern Songbird Tayfern Tribute Tayfern Wings Of Song Bitch 20/04/2006 23/10/2011 Mrs P Stark
Tayfern Tanith Homerbrent Festival Tayfern Talismaid Bitch 09/10/1991 16/12/1997 Mrs P Stark
Tayfern Tarot Homerbrent Festival Tayfern Talismaid Dog 09/10/1991 16/12/1997 Mrs P Stark
Tayfern Tintagel Double First At Tayfern Tayfern Tallynda Dog 17/06/1989 16/12/1997 Mrs P Stark
Tayfern Tosca Homerbrent Festival Tayfern Talismaid Bitch 09/10/1991 12/04/1999 Mrs P Stark
Tayfern Tribute Deranmar Michael Tayfern Rosamunde Dog 15/03/2005 20/10/2013 Mrs P Stark
Taylor’s Black Knight Little Ray Of Hope Misty Angeleyes Dog 16/12/2008 25/03/2014 E MacSparrow
Taynorm Portia Homaranne Carson Crieda Lydia Bitch 30/11/1989 19/08/1997 N Bentley
Tehranita Caprice Immensee Mac Immensee Carmen Bitch 23/04/1994 20/09/2000 D Lancaster
Telvara Boogie Woogie Homaranne Caption Amantra Boogie Wonderland Of Telvara Bitch 16/09/1983 06/12/1999 V Hull
Telvara Karbon Kopy Telvara Krysterson Telvara Simply Sarah Dog 07/06/1992 24/01/2000 V Hull
Telvara Kasanova Homerbrent Carnival Telvara Krystal Kascade Dog 26/09/1987 10/12/1996 V Hull
Telvara Krystie     Bitch 12/03/2012 28/05/2017 V Hull
Telvara Precious Pippa Telvara Top Hat Telvara Krystabelle Bitch 22/02/2002 21/10/2007 L Ralph
Telvara Top Hat Telvara Kasanova Telvara Madam Mimi Dog 14/02/1989 13/12/1999 V Hull
Telvara Trouble Shooter Telvara Krysterson Morning Magic At Telvara Dog 22/08/1992 21/09/1999 V Hull
The Lady In Black At Chilsham Fontelania Dancing Brave Chilsham Moonshine At Tricianbri Bitch 02/01/1990 04/11/1996 B A Purkis
The Little Ruby Lion Narayden Hot Chocolate In Flossybrook Dortmund Domino Dog 01/02/2005 06/03/2010 June Elizibeth Clift
Tia Of Zouga Wildgrove Black Tulip Peneople Flirt Bitch 19/06/1982 14/11/1996 G Green
Ticket To Ride For Tonnew Kemstra Benjamin Tonnew Ticktacktoe Bitch 22/09/1995 09/02/2001 M Newton
Ticonjah Jacoti Scarlet Flame       27/01/2012 15/05/2018 L Holton
Tiekeltri Fun'n Fancy Free       03/12/2010 28/05/2017 J Moore
Tiekeltri Krakotau Savantvadi Tiger Tim Roseings Barbara Palmer From Tiekeltri Bitch 06/12/2007 24/05/2015 Mrs J Moore
Tigridias Atlanta Brasingamen Black As Jet Tigridias Georgia Bitch 30/09/2003 23/08/2009 Ann Webster
Tigridias M’lord Campbell Hillyacres Teddy Boy At Flossybrook Tigridias Holly Solitair Dog 09/06/2004 23/08/2009 Mrs M A Webster
Tilalee Good Luck Charm Shenlyn September Sexton Moonvale Pepper Mint Bitch 25/08/1998 10/11/2004 T Whittaker
Tilalee Wysoke Revenge Shenlyn September Sexton Moonvale Pepper Mint Bitch 25/08/1998 10/11/2004 T Whittaker
Tillashby Northern Star at Callyspride Ch Maibee Believe Rosscrea Be My Baby at Tillashby   19/03/2012 11/08/2018 Callaghan & Todd
Tlllymist Sheez Innocence Maibee Perfect Touch at Charrnavale Tillymist Sweet Serenity Bitch 11/03/2011 28/04/18 J && M Phillips
Timbric Moulin Rouge Honeybet Designed For Salbrie Rabymar Gregorys Girl For Timbric Bitch 09/05/2006 13/10/2012 Mrs C Brindley
Timsar Able Edward Whitecroft Orlando Timsar Wild Thyme Dog 25/09/1991 16/11/1997 A Jones
Timsar Legacy Homerbrent Charletan Peatland Dear Abbi At Timsar Bitch 24/05/1992 06/09/2003 A Jones
Timsar Master Of Ceremonies Pascavale Enchanted Timsar Miss Chief Dog 30/09/2004 24/09/2011 A Jones
Timsar Miss B’havin Linjato Ace Of Base Timsar Miss Jocasta Bitch 28/08/2001 24/09/2011 A Jones
Timsar Miss Chief Linjato Ace Of Base Timsar Miss Jocasta Bitch 04/08/2000 23/02/2008 A Jones
Timsar Miss D’fyiing Timsar Mister Moonlighter Timsar Miss B’havin Bitch 12/10/2008 26/09/2015 A Jones
Timsar Miss Fortune Linjato Ace Of Base Timsar Miss Jocasta Bitch 04/08/2000 30/03/2006 A Jones
Timsar Miss Jocasta Toraylac Joshua Timsar Miss Tamsin Bitch 16/12/1996 13/03/2004 A Jones
Timsar Mister Moonlighter Maibee Montrose Timsar Miss Chief Dog 25/04/2005 24/09/2011 A Jones
Tingewood Red Oktober Honeybet My Way Brasingamen Rough Quest To Tingewood Dog 29/07/2008 01/03/2014 N Lunam
Tiny Tot Charlie Of Xyzairius Oscar Sweetheart Charlie Girl Of Cheam Bitch 30/09/1990 30/04/1997 S Mullery
Toltuff Lady Amantra Applause Princess Crystalbelle Bitch 20/12/1987 17/10/1998 M A Mazzeo
Tomnil Cream Of The Glen Caralean The Laird Tomnil Creme Fresh Dog 27/09/1999 03/03/2007 J Tarlton
Tomnil Creme D’anna Mareve Indiana Tomnil Creme Fresh Bitch 09/09/1998 28/04/2009 J Tarlton
Tomnil Creme Evita With Daraste Wandris Entertainer Tomnil Charmed By Cream Bitch 24/04/2006 29/09/2012 J Tarlton
Tomnil Creme Fresh Telvara Kasanova Dheripark Realta De Or For Tomnil Bitch 29/04/1997 07/05/2002 J Tarlton
Tomnil Flashback To Cream Jinjan Jumpin’ Jack Flash Tomnil Charmed By Cream Dog 20/02/2005 02/03/2013 J Tarlton
Tomnil Indi Cream Mareve Indiana Tomnil Creme Fresh Bitch 09/09/1998 11/12/2003 J Tarlton
Tomnil Matinee Cream At Estrid Wandris Entertainer Tomnil Charmed By Cream Bitch 24/04/2006 24/09/2011 J Tarlton
Tomnil Phantom Cream Wandris Entertainer Tomnil Charmed By Cream Dog 24/04/2006 26/09/2015 J Tarlton
Tonnew Teamaker Jia Laertes Of Tonnew Tonnew Teesmaid Bitch 10/01/1987 15/11/1999 M Newton
Tonnew Tombola Craigowl Hopscotch Of Homerbrent Just The Ticket At Tonnew Dog 11/01/1992 06/10/1998 R & M Newton
Tonnewydd Magic Wizard At Sancana Fontelania Dancing Brave Tonnewydd Too Hot To Handle Dog 16/04/1993 13/08/1998 E D Williams
Toraylac Crystabelle Toraylac Joshua Harana Christa Of Toraylac Bitch 20/02/1993 07/03/2001 Ms Ackroyd Gibson
Toraylac Fallon Aranel Colby Toraylac Perfect Moment   02/05/2014 28/09/2019 C Ackroyd-Gibson
Toraylac Incarvillea Toraylac Rooney Rivers Toraylac Eleanor Bitch 27/01/1999 25/04/2004 K Li
Toraylac Jonas Toraylac Joshua Toraylac Crystabelle Dog 13/05/1998 13/05/2004 E Forsberg Johansson
Toraylac Joshua Homerbrent Jeremy At Cottismeer Toraylac Mystical Music Maker Dog 22/09/1989 05/04/1996 C Ackroyd
Toraylac Liberty Belle Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale Charterwood Drama for Toraylac Bitch 12/01/2013 10/11/2018 C Ackroyd-Gibson
Toraylac Rosanagh For Kimlea Harana Chumley Toraylac Kathleen Bitch 15/11/1990 06/04/1998 D & L Atkinson
Toscam McKayala Maibee McVitee Lorphil Lalibertie Bitch 27/01/2013 20/10/2018 M Scott
Touvas Bohemian Dancer Telvara Top Hat Dancing Bonnie Lass Bitch 17/10/1991 12/02/1997 B M Vout
Touvas Disco Dancer Geronsart Night Errant At Touvas Touvas Bohemian Dancer Bitch 11/01/1996 30/03/2001 S Levitt
Touvas Flamenco Dancer Telvara Top Hat Dancing Bonnie Lass Bitch 17/10/1991 06/03/2002 B M Vout
Touvas Sunkist Geronsart Sunset At Touvas Jirobander Titania For Touvas Bitch 15/10/1999 26/11/2005 B Vout
Tregarron Black Star Dubourg Emperor Augustus Of Chrisandawn Tregarron Burning Love Bitch 17/03/1997 28/02/2005 B Dowd
Tregarron Dixie Homerbrent Illusion Tregarron Memories Dog 14/01/1998 28/02/2005 B Dowd
Tregarron Maui Tregarron It’s Now Or Never (neut) Tregarron Celtic Madrigal (neut) Bitch 18/03/1993 20/04/1999 C Hernaman Wood
Tregarron My Happiness At Matel Cinola Paper Moon Of Jansara Tregarron Captive Dream (neut) Bitch 15/03/1991 24/04/1996 C Willmott
Tregarron Rock-a-hula Baby Chrisandawn Berties Guy Fox At Dubourg Tregarron Honolulu Bitch 13/01/1998 28/02/2005 B Dowd
Trevricia Enchanting Russmic Reggae Music At Sorata Trevricia Enchantment Bitch 18/12/2008 05/11/2014 D Taylor
Trickley Tsarine Golden Olympic Boy At Trickley Trickley Solitaire Bitch 23/01/1992 13/04/1999 P B Terry
Triodan Tantalisa With Leogem Miletree Nijinsky Triodan Totally Eclipsed Bitch 01/09/2005 09/10/2010 D & T Homes
Triodan Tartuffe Alberto Of Kindrum Juzandia Toccata At Triodan Dog 17/08/1991 29/11/1996 T Culshaw
Triodan The Tease Triodan Tango Triodan Teaser Bitch 01/04/2007 24/05/2015 K Schofield
Triodan Thumbsup Triodan Tidalwave Triodan Tomsfool Bitch 17/10/1995 21/05/2001 T Culshaw
Triodan Tomsfool Cinola Waterloo At Triodan Triodan Tenderness Bitch 03/09/1990 29/11/1996 C Culshaw
Triodan Toulouse Lautrec Tanmerack Botticelli Avennest Moonlight Avec Triodan Dog 31/05/2002 10/11/2009 Mrs T Culshaw
Triodan Tsara to Tomnil Triodan Toulouse Lautrec Triodan Tarantelle Bitch 27/02/2011 02/03/2019 J Tarlton
Trishine Tiny Star Tilly Pascavale Jamie Carsan Star Struck Serenade Bitch 19/10/2008 12/04/2014 B Wimberley
Troothlicks Teenie Fae Troon at Kirkjuvacir Kinvaar Son Of A Gun Kinvaar Beek A Boo Dog 14/08/2013 20/10/2018 C Groundwater
Trusties Harmony Haida To Sandbrae(Imp NLD) Sandbrae Bolt From The Blue Trusties Veronica Dog 28/06/2013 20/10/2018 E Glen
Trystianna Ciara Of Suesitna Kinvaar Mystere It’s A Result Bitch 24/01/2005 18/10/2014 Mrs B & Mr P Blackburn
Ttenneb Renegade Dheripark Aodhan Toraylac Spring Harmony Of Ttenneb Dog 03/09/1997 21/09/2004 C Bennett
Ttitian Luisette Ttitian Two Thousand Ttitian Marionnette Bitch 24/08/2006 19/08/2012 B Martin
Ttitian Tiffany (imp Nld) Red Timber Of Homerbrent Barakah Crown Jewel (imp Aus) Bitch 08/04/2000 20/04/2006 J Cullen
Ttitian Two Thousand Pennygown Pagan Ttitian Thimble (imp Nld) Dog 02/09/2000 07/02/2006 P Addley
Tubbily’s Achates Alberto Of Kindrum Lorphil Lysella Dog 04/02/1992 28/05/1999 R Smith
Tubbily’s Cicero Rheinvelt Rock About Lorphil Lysella Dog 18/01/1994 28/05/1999 R Smith
Tumill Wood Wind Salador Celtic Eagle Tumill Rhapsody Bitch 16/01/1992 01/08/1998 L Curry
Tumill Xanthe Salador Celtic Eagle Tumill Rhapsody Bitch 07/12/1992 01/08/1998 L Curry
Tuppenlil Happy-go-lucky Keirlian Limited Edition Fontelania Dancing Flame Of Tuppenlil Bitch 04/11/1994 03/04/2001 M A Ford
Tuppenlil Hebe Tuppenlil Dylan Sallcott Baroque Of Tuppenlil Bitch 19/09/2004 23/10/2011 Mrs M A Ford
Tuppenlil Jessie Toraylac Joshua Tuppenlil Sophistication Bitch 10/08/1995 05/06/2002 M A Ford
Tuppenlil Kim Harana Rockstar At Denstone Tuppenlil Highlight Bitch 23/03/1996 31/01/2003 M A Ford
Tuppenlil Leila Harana Calvin Klein Tuppenlil Highlight Bitch 11/10/1996 05/06/2002 M A Ford
Turretbank After Dark Leelyn Touch Of Class At Turretbank Oldwalls Coco At Turretbank Bitch 20/06/1989 19/07/1996 K Sloan
Turretbank Arabelle Maibee Lorphil Lagonda Turretbank Maybelle Bitch 13/08/2001 15/12/2006 D Sloan
Turretbank Dark Delight Rabymar Courageous Heart Delightful Promise At Turretbank Bitch 03/12/2009 28/02/2015 G T Lowe
Turretbank Magic Charm Turretbank Zoom Zoom Turretbank Hubble Bubble Bitch 04/10/2013 20/10/2018 J Molineux
Turretbank Tartan Teddy At Rucazan Salador Celtino Turretbank Rose Gold Dog 15/04/1997 07/12/2002 A Royce
Turretbank Toot Sweet Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Turretbank Rainbow Dust Bitch 21/02/1999 10/01/2005 K Sloan
Tusculanna Carmella Embeth     Bitch 31/03/2010 09/06/2019 S & B Rees
Tusculana Casares Leogem Lothario Geronsart Cotton Queen At Tusculana Bitch 17/10/1997 22/08/2005 K Robinson
Tusculana Ceconi Leogem Lothario Geronsart Cotton Queen At Tusculana Dog 17/10/1997 06/01/2003 K W Robinson
Tusculana Conchetta Lyncraeg Daydream Wandris Ginger Rogers For Tusculana Bitch 10/03/2008 13/04/2013 R & S Robinson
Tusculana Domenica Lyncraeg Daydream Tusculana Allegra Bitch 31/03/2010 24/05/2015 R & S Robinson
Tusculana Elisir Tanmerack Botticelli Tusculana Casares Bitch 27/07/2001 11/09/2006 S & K Robinson
Tusculana Patrizia Tanmerack Botticelli Tusculana Casares Bitch 27/07/2001 11/09/2006 K Robinson
Tusculana Roco Craigowl Dixon Tusculana Casares Dog 17/08/1999 27/07/2005 K Robinson
Tusculana Tullulah Tameline Northern Dancer Tusculana Patrizia Bitch 24/09/2004 11/12/2009 Mr K W & Mrs Robinson
Twoacres Cabochon Ruby Downsbank Red Ranger Of Bardenji Twoacres Clover Bitch 05/02/1991 01/09/1999 J E Coates
Twoacres Clover Casata Country Boy Pondenvale Allie At Twoacres Bitch 05/05/1986 17/10/1995 J E Coates
Twoacres Countess Lillico Like Basie Twoacres Clover Bitch 17/03/1993 01/09/1999 J Coates
Twoacres Creole Raver Sanickro Rave On Twoacres Cabochon Ruby Bitch 15/10/1998 28/01/2007 S Loynd
Twyforde Gemini Twyforde Rupert Bear Tregarron Indescribably Blue Bitch 28/01/2001 03/03/2007 S Coles
Twyforde Leda Kinevor Curtis Of Homerbrent Twyforde Portia Bitch 03/09/2008 16/11/2013 S Coles
Unbelievable Azalea (Pol) Byermoor Beau Queens (Pol) Azalea Superb (Pol) Bitch 25/07/2009 08/06/2019 M Szczuyiel
Underknoll Diamond Star       28/03/2002 28/04/18 C & J lewis
Underknoll Vitality for Merryanna     Bitch 17/04/2012 03/11/2017 L Yeates
Upperton Agassi At Cherrywood Moonglow Venturer At Trirayne Upperton Olivia Dog 11/10/1992 31/07/1998 S A Lambie
Upperton Royal Jasper Carolus Royal Commission Tillington Imagination Dog 07/07/1998 03/03/2007 K Bacon
Upperton The Real Mccoy Of Bonnyglen Upperton Othello At Bonnyglen Slanwood Miss Beauty Dog 11/02/1996 22/05/2001 K Yoxall
Valanroy Uptown Girl At Stanhome Clopsville Kansas Valanroy Abra-cadabra Bitch 01/02/2002 20/07/2007 C Godwin
Vanitonia Festivitees ** Le Monde Vanitonia Seasons Greetings To Swaish Dog 07/06/1996 31/07/2001 Mr L Cox
Vanitonia Seasons Greetings To Swaish Vanitonia Festive Season Vanitonia Justify My Love Bitch 19/09/1994 22/07/2001 D & L Carter-Hunt
Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom Charterwood Mascot Lemar Lucky Star Bitch 07/12/1996 03/03/2007 S Underwood
Vanmarlen Holly Berry Wynncliff Fiery Billy Boy From Charterwo Vanmarlen Black Angel Bitch 21/12/2005 28/09/2013 Sue Underwood
Verheyen Angelina Miabee Perfect Touch of Charnavale Verheyen Ladybird Bitch 07/02/2011 13/08/2018 M Cunningham
Verheyen Apache at Lacervali Sh CM       07/02/2011 09/04/2017 L Greenhalgh
Verheyen Lace Timsar Master Of Ceremonies Rivermoor Lady Lauretta Bitch 28/06/2010 21/10/2018 J Case
Verheyen Ladybird Ricksbury Royal Edition Of Crystaldean Rivermoor Lady Lauretta Bitch 04/01/2008 23/06/2017 M Cunningham
Verheyen Lady Lauretta     Bitch 29/07/2006 23/06/2017 M Cunningham
Ch Verheyen Laura Timsar Master Of Ceremonies Rivermoor Lady Lauretta Bitch 16/04/2009 19/02/2019 M Cunningham
Verheyen Meryt       29/03/2013 19/02/2019 M Cunnungham
Verheyen Tulip   Clockpelters Trudie Bitch 23/11/2007 19/11/2013 M Cunnungham
Victoria Plum Of Aggshill Devoran Marcus At Stonepit Aggshill Swan Song Bitch 18/04/1983 15/07/1994 R M Pembridge
Virgloshimee Gabriella Ricksbury Tommy Virgloshimee Lady Di Bitch 19/09/2000 08/11/2009 Terry
Vival Rosseti Bournsideway Peace Crieda Rosalie Of Vival Dog 02/07/1989 19/11/1996 F S Wright
Vival Trilby Of Jozel Homaranne Polruan Vival Roseata Bitch 03/11/1989 08/05/1996 H M Smith
Vizair Catballou’s Red Lace Vizair Crowned Albert Too Vizair The Catswhiskers Bitch 26/03/1990 04/07/2003 M Bettis
Vizair The Uptown Girl At Cheamley Lochbuie Man About Town Such A Pretty Pawsy Of Vizair Bitch 20/05/1989 26/09/1999 A Oliver
Volney Bertie Wooster Pascavale Jamie (re-import) Volney April Showers Dog 20/05/2008 22/02/2015 W Sharman
Volney Chardonnay Miletree Gilbert Volney April Showers Bitch 15/04/2006 29/09/2012 A Satterthwaite
Volney More Shenanigans Volney Shenanigan Volney Sunbeam Dog 15/09/1993 17/09/1998 A Selg
Volney Peace Revealed Ronnoc Revelation Of Volney Volney Peace Offering Bitch 12/02/1986 30/04/1998 D J Ball
Volney Shenanigan Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Volney Skylark Dog 02/08/1992 06/03/2001 J Boardman
Vonnyisle Miss Dior Wightisle Total Eclipse Marlhouse Natasha Bitch 16/06/2009 02/03/2016 Y Holbrook
Wainlodes Charlotte Crisdig Cracker Wainlodes Jose Bitch 19/12/1990 29/12/1998 R M Pembridge
Wainlodes Cleopatra Salador Corrigan Wainlodes Zena Bitch 09/09/1987 29/12/1997 R M Pembridge
Wainlodes Donna Hilarny The Don Wainlodes Pearl Button Bitch 08/06/1988 02/02/1995 R M Pembridge
Wainlodes Jasmine Harana Joseph Wainlodes Donna Bitch 14/03/1993 26/09/2000 R M Pembridge
Wainlodes Jose Talark Jamie Lad Of Lymrey Victoria Plum Of Aggshill Bitch 17/10/1986 29/12/1998 R M Pembridge
Wainlodes Nerys Salegreen Nicholas Wainlodes Willow Bitch 22/03/2001 15/11/2006 R Pembridge
Wainlodes Willow Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern Wainlodes Cassandra Bitch 26/03/1998 25/09/2003 R Pembridge
Waldor Daughter Of Darkness At Rhybank Harana Too Darn Hot Chincharichi Gabrielle Bitch 01/08/1995 06/06/2002 G Jones & D Player
Waldor Hotter Than July At Rhybank Harana Too Darn Hot Chincharichi Gabrielle Dog 01/08/1995 11/10/2003 G I Jones
Walnut Spot At Poundroll Brymarden Affinity Golden Opportunity Bitch 26/04/1993 31/10/2000 Rollins & Poundford
Wandris Bobby Sox To Airlie Telvara Karbon Kopy Wandris Cotton Bud Dog 27/07/1998 19/05/2007 J Boyd
Wandris Dancing Queen     bitch 10/11/2011 19/08/2017 A Bubb
Wandris Dream Boat Amantra Rock The Boat Cinola Crystal Bitch 04/12/1992 28/02/1999 A Bubb
Wandris Entertainer Pascavale Enchanted Wandris Show Girl Dog 12/09/2002 28/02/2009 A Bubb
Wandris Show Boat Hillyacres Cotton On To Keyingham Wandris Dream Boat Dog 15/01/1997 23/12/2002 A Bubb
Wealdrose Flora Finching Cinola Waterloo At Triodan Andusie Kiss Me Kate Of Wealdrose Bitch 12/08/1989 06/11/1996 D J Tatman
Wettin Pharly Of Gotha Riogor William Gotha Pen Perri Dog 05/06/1990 20/08/1997 J E S Davis
Whitecroft Love Is Ch Sukev Spitting Image Peatland Romance Bitch 26/01/1988 01/07/1998 D J Moulden
Whitecroft Orlando Alberto Of Kindrum Peatland Romance Dog 07/01/1989 04/03/1995 D J Moulden
Whitecroft Roman Moon Charmsbourne Moonraker Peatland Romance Dog 02/08/1990 29/10/1997 D J Moulden
Whyteplace After Midnight Droleus That’s M’smartiipanz At Mareve Trirayne Firework Folly At Whyteplace Dog 01/01/2001 21/03/2007 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Agamemnon Jia Remus Whyteplace Titania Dog 15/02/1985 16/01/1996 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Allegretto Trirayne Alexius The Great Whyteplace Patience Bitch 30/12/1994 07/11/2000 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Andromeda Jia Remus Whyteplace Titania Bitch 15/02/1985 25/09/1994 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Apollo Mardler Norman At Tonnew Whyteplace Titania Dog 12/10/1987 14/07/1995 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Champers Crisdig Cracker Whyteplace Andromeda Dog 28/03/1987 19/12/1994 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Heidelberg Trirayne Alexius The Great Stonepit Ring’o Roses At Whyteplace Bitch 08/03/1996 24/07/2002 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Jimmy Dean Craigowl Hoodwink Whyteplace Andromeda Dog 20/04/1990 09/11/1995 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Must Be Midnight Droleus That’s M’smartiipanz At Mareve Trirayne Firework Folly At Whyteplace Dog 01/01/2001 21/03/2007 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Patience Whyteplace Apollo Whyteplace Bianca Bitch 04/01/1989 04/02/1999 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Tsamba Whyteplace Jimmy Dean Whyteplace Tsarina Bitch 16/03/1992 04/02/1999 J Wiggins
Whyteplace Tsarina Sukev Hot Shot Of Perlim Whyteplace Patience Bitch 31/08/1990 12/07/1996 J Wiggins
Wildgrove Easter Lily Bramhen I’m In Charge Wildgrove Lalla Bitch 04/04/1999 05/03/2005 P Shaw
Wildgrove Tansy Of Cappellen (neut) Wildgrove Black Tulip Wildgrove Twopence Bitch 27/12/1985 15/03/1997 P J Shaw
Willows Lady at Northmoon Maxi One In A Million Millstreet Dawns Cresea Bitch 04/05/2012 21/10/2018 C Wright
Willows Little Princess Keevas Boy Blaenpennal Papi Bitch 17/11/2013 28/12/2018 Evans
Willowtump Athelas At Luphenex Willowtump Bilbo Baggins Willowtump Sutandy Nutmeg Bitch 07/12/2004 04/01/2015 L Dawson
Willowtump Camomile Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Rossyn Crimson Lady Of Willowtump Bitch 14/07/1989 02/10/1996 A Holman
Willowtump Hector Salador Cerrygold Rossyn Crimson Lady Of Willowtump Dog 13/07/1990 13/10/1995 A T Holman
Willowtump Peppermint Rheinvelt Ringold Von Salador Rossyn Crimson Lady Of Willowtump Bitch 14/07/1989 30/09/1994 A Holman
Willowtump Redpoll Tolemoche Trelawney Willowtump Eyebright Bitch 06/06/1994 11/10/2001 A Holman
Willowtump Wulfgifu To Jetauric Willowtump Mint Toffee Willowtump Bright Moss Bitch 22/10/1997 20/01/2004 B Sherring
Winnothdale Kristal Lady Downsbank Lord Of The Dance Winnothdale Fantasia Bitch 08/07/2000 16/05/2006 I D Atkinson
Winsgil Gipsy Rose At Greenabella Ricksbury Playing Cool Eleana Winters Dawn Bitch 06/01/1989 29/05/1996 P A Lewis
Winsudor Gemma Of Purpleborn Pascavale Enchanted Solitare Apollo Star At Winsudor Bitch 05/06/2004 23/10/2011 M Evans
Woglet Gwrthnysig Cwn Bach Tudur Twm Iesun Ed-ev Bitch 21/12/2007 02/01/2014 T & V Lee
Woodstock Alicia Of Whyteplace Whyteplace Apollo Whyteplace Felicia At Woodstock Bitch 12/11/1989 30/11/1994 S A Morgan
Woodstock Kassie With Aranel Telvara Karbon Kopy Whyteplace Norma Jean For Woodstock Bitch 24/06/1997 18/11/2004 Aldous & Smith
Woodstock Madonna At Pascavale Harana Rockstar At Denstone Sorata Christina Bitch 05/01/1994 14/04/2000 Levy & Sidgwick
Woodstock Spice Volney Shenanigan Woodstock Hot Love Bitch 21/05/1997 17/07/2005 T D & S Ellis
Wykebank A Touch Of Ginger Pamedna Fan-tc Lillico Peggilee Bitch 01/04/1997 15/05/2002 D Lucas
Wynkandy Busy Lizzie Of Willowtump Crisdig Cracker Candytuft Poppyfields Bitch 18/09/1988 04/03/1995 A Holman
Wyredell Keeping Faith Kinvaar Obsession Crillmere Love Me Do Bitch 05/08/2007 28/10/2012 Carter & Boyd
Yanjoy Murry River Caedrenant Dewi Sant Yanjoy Sally Sole Dog 18/02/2009 16/09/2015 H & A Baker
Yanjoy Sally Sole Ashtelle Barti Ddu At Yanjoy Yanjoy Phoo Bear Bitch 21/05/2006 23/09/2011 Ms J Mahoney
Zacara Angelina Dunbara Nerodos Zacara Yolanda Bitch 09/12/1990 02/09/1997 F K Mckenzie
Zellawitch Psalm Rheinvelt Ringmaster Of Alinco Sorata Melody Bitch 20/01/1990 12/03/1996 K Bartlett
Ziejem Dione Lewisisle Highland Rob Roy Lady Roskestal Bitch 02/09/2000 13/02/2009 T L Gruber
Zouga Serene Downsbank Black Major Geronsart Cerise Of Zouga Bitch 10/06/1989 23/08/1999 G Green

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