Club Health Clinic – September 2015
The Cavalier Club Health Day held on Saturday 26th September at the Battram Access Centre in Leicestershire which was well attended.

Dr Jordi López-Alvarez LltVet DipECVIM-CA (Cardiology) PhD MRCVS auscultated a total of 41 Cavalier King Charles spaniels and 2 Ibizan Hounds.
From the CKCS: 73.2% (30 out of 41) had no murmur, 7.3% (3/41) had a grade 1 out of 6 murmur of mitral valve disease, 14.6% (6/41) had a grade 2/6, 2.4% (1/41) had a 3/6 and 2.4% (1/41) had a grade 5/6 murmur. However, these dogs were relatively young: the mean age of these dogs was 3.8 years old and the median was 3 yo, ranging from 0.8 years of age for the younger to 9.5 years old for the older.

Eye testing was carried out by Mr Paul McPherson.

Heart Test Results
Tested by Dr Jordi López-Alvarez LltVet DipECVIM-CA (Cardiology) PhD MRCVS
Heart Murmur Grade
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
30 3 6 1   1  

Eye Test Results
Tested by Mr Paul Macpherson BVMS CertVOphthal MRCVS

Report awaited.

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