Proposed changes to our Heart Testing Scheme have been circulated to members and published on our website for consultation.

The Committee has now carefully considered the comments received and has agreed the following:
  1. That owners should be encouraged to continue to have their dogs tested annually and certificated, either by a GP vet or Cardiologist.

  2. Owners and breeders should be encouraged to have their dogs thoroughly examined by a Cardiologist at five years of age. This can be either by auscultation or echocardiography.

  3. As from April 2007, the Over Fives heart list will include only dogs that have been tested clear by a Cardiologist. This will give time to obtain certificates for those breeders who wish to include their dogs.
The Committee acknowledges that the cost of an echocardiogram would be prohibitive for most people. In the south of England it is likely to cost 200 plus a referral fee. For this reason the Committee decided that an echocardiogram will not be mandatory. The important point is that a Cardiologist should carry out this examination at the age of five years.

CKCSC Committee
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