New Health Initiatives for 2006

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club will be funding a new syringomyelia research project by Dr Clare Rusbridge & Dr Nick Jeffery.

The project is designed to establish if the head position within the MRI receiving coil affect the apparent severity of the malformations associated with syringomyelia in the Cavalier KC Spaniel.

Twenty-four cavaliers belonging to members will be MRI screened FREE OF CHARGE, to provide valuable information for the future of the breed. All members will have the chance to be included in the scheme (Please note that the 24 cavaliers have been selected and that this element of the Project is now over).

The voluntary MRI list on the Club's website has now been opened up to include ALL scanned cavaliers. Cavalier owners need to volunteer the names & send a copy of the MRI report to Margaret Carter. The owner may delete results of the scan before submission, as no grades or results are being published. It is hoped that members will find this list helpful when planning their breeding programme. Copies of the list are available on request. It should be noted that inclusion on the Club MRI list does not indicate that a cavalier is free from syringomyelia. This is simply a list of cavaliers that have been MRI scanned.

Many members are now in the process of scanning their cavaliers & using Clare Rusbridge's breeding & grading guidelines when planning their breeding programme. These recommendations can be seen on the Club website, or copies can be obtained from the health sub-committee members shown below.

Members should be aware that these are initial guidelines and may be subject to change. They should also note that not all neurologists will grade the cavaliers they scan.

Breeders are reminded that cavaliers do not have to be 'clear' to be bred from. PLEASE REFER TO BREEDING GUIDELINES. It is the responsibility of individual breeders to request MRI, heart & eye certificates when planning a mating.

To help raise awareness about syringomyelia, the Kennel Club's Genetics Coordinator, Jeff Sampson, has sent an article, by Clare Rusbridge & Penny Knowler, to 5,000 vets, by way of the KC email magazine. Information leaflets on SM were made available from the KC stand at the BSAVA Congress held in April.

The Club is intending to arrange an International gathering of neurologists and cavalier owners. It is hoped it will be held at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) at the end of this year, or early next year. More details will be made available when plans are finalised.

The possibility of funding an SM research position at the RVC is also under consideration.

Other health reports available on this site include:-

For more information please contact:-

Lesley Jupp.....Tel. 01276 684612
Jeanne Boyd.... Tel. 01923 266124
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