The results of MRI scans are confidential to the Veterinary Surgeon and Owner. The names of the dogs & bitches on this list have therefore been supplied entirely voluntarily and no conclusion should be drawn from the inclusion or omission of any dog.

This list of MRI scanned dogs is provided for information only and The CKCS Club does not warrant any entry in the list. Information relating to the results of any scans can only be obtained from the owner of the listed dog.

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There are 181 entries listed for Finland.
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Dogs Resident in Finland
Index No Registered Name Sire Dam Sex Colour Date of Birth Breeder Owner Country
921 Keetan Wanton Crawford Chaka Khan Keetan Bambina D Tri 27-Jun-07 Keetan Kennel Kaisa & Mikko Lehtonen & Halme Finland
920 Magnumin George Michael Tibama´s Something To Remember Harana Chloe D B/T 5-Feb-08 Auli Ahola Tuija Ahonen Finland
919 Rossbell's Bohemian Life Aneridee Bohemian Knight Marjaniemen Aurora D B/T 8-Jan-08 Mirva Linnake Mirva Linnake Finland
918 Marjaniemen Aurora Ricksbury Royal Revenge Marjaniemen Musta Venus B Ruby 22-Feb-01 Marja & Nora Kurittu Mirva Linnake Finland
917 Cardiem Prada Shoes Sperringgårdens Castroneves Anncourt Louise B Blen 13-Nov-07 Satu Laitinen Harriet Kupila Finland
907 Crianza's Amazing Babe Dodibones Hole In One Crianza's Autumn Jade B Blen 13-Jan-07 Pia Laurent-Saari Mervi-Annika Jokipii Finland
868 Lakören´s Djingis Khan Magic Charm´s Royal Luck Lakören´s Amazing One D Blen 02-Sep-07 Margareta & Juhani Lähdes Mikaela & Mikael Foxell Finland
856 Lymrey Hi Moon (Fin Ch) Ch, Am Ch Timsar Mister Moonlighter Lymrey Hi Hopes D Blen 15-Jul-07 Mrs Sylvia Lymer Mrs Pirjo Lehtonen-Räty Finland
816 Giggling Wicked Pretty Elvenhome Finlandia Blenmarin Pretty Baby B Blen 6-Dec-06 Ms Saija Lepistö Ms Terhi Mäkipuro Finland
815 Working Beauty's Best of Kings Carhart Daytona Chadyline Covergirl D Blen 14-May-07 Katrin & Tommy Broberg Saija Lepistö & Marianne Trogen Trogen Finland
814 Chadyline Love Potion Campanard's Thinks He's Tuff Chadyline Love Potion D Ruby 9-May-07 Ms Nina Lindström Satu Pihkanen & Marianne Trogen Finland
813 Blenmarin Zuki Astralea Wild Thyme Blenmarin Anemone D Blen 18-Jan-04 Mrs Marianne Trogen Ms Petra Tuulkari Finland
809 Harmonic Clapton Fin Ch Pamedna Riccardo Harmonic Chance De La Vie D Blen 21-Oct-06 Heli-Anneli Väre Kemppainen Kerttu Finland
805 Rossbell's Moon Serenade Elvenhome Finlandia Rossbell's Moonlightshadow B Tri 7-Jan-07 Mirva Linnake (Finland) Milla Pulkkanen Finland
804 Rossbell's Secret Flirt Crawford Flash Gordon Rossbell's Golden Secret B B/T 9-Jan-06 Mirva Linnake Mirva Linnake Finland
803 Sweet Lady Dobry Rok Miletree Gerry McGuire Mambi Dobry Rok B Blen 7-July-06 Wioletta Matusiak (Poland) Mirva Linnake Finland
771 Rossbell's Royal Design Chacombe Armani Zekiwa Shizuka Arakawa D Blen 18-Aug-06 Mirva Linnake Mirva Linnake Finland
770 Aneridee Bohemian Knight Homerbrent Delroy Aneridee Bohemian Touch D Tri 11-Apr-05 Irena & Carolina Kauppi Mirva Linnake Finland
767 Visakoivun QE Two (Fin, Est & Lv Ch) Int Ch Multi Ch Elvenhome Finlandia Visakoivun Irish Dancer B Blen 19-Jun-05 Kirsti Koivu Tuulikki Hietikko Finland
766 Anncourt Queens Gate (Fin Ch) Int Ch Multi Ch Elvenhome Finlandia Byermoor Queens Request D Blen 31-Oct-05 Annukka Paloheimo Katja Heimlander Finland
743 Ramsan DamselSimonella Simon Tries Biely Demon Issuexen Lilli B B/T 21-Jan-07 Maaret Tapio Eija Haarala Finland
742 Issuexen Lilli Crawford Flash Gordon Issuexen Lore-Lei B B/T 30-July-03 Hilkka Joensuu Mari & Mika Haarala Finland
736 Harmonic Chance For Magic Fin Ch Crawford Chiromoya Fin Ch Harmonic Chanson D'Amour B Tri 2-Mar-05 Heli-Anneli Väre Vesa Niemelä Finland
709 Yabber Gilda Babbler's Jazz Talisman Babbler's Red Rose B B/T 5-Jan-05 Johanna Jokinen Mervi Kauppila Finland
708 Fight Club's Fanko Tibama's Highland Agent X Fight Club's Almost Famous D B/T 17-Feb-06 Sanna Suomi Marjut Hakkarainen Finland
706 Enissey Hayliz Sperringgårdens Castroneves Zirabanden Mindre Marie B Tri 22-Sept-06 Roosa Jokisuu Roosa Jokisuu Finland
697 Enissey Hermione Sperringårdens Castroneves Zirabanden Mindre Marie B Blen 22-Sep-06 Roosa Jokisuu Katri Rantala Finland
696 Golden Macy´s Skip Fin Mva Tibama´s Something To Remember Pilliwink´s Upsweep D Ruby 28-Feb-06 Camilla Asplund Tuija Ahonen Finland
695 Crawford Calvano Homerbrent Delroy Crawford Calista D Tri 10-Apr-05 Irja Poikolainen & Teija Poikolainen-Däuber Kirsi Smeds Finland
690 Oak´s Funny Flash Crawford Caprio Oak´s You´re My Faith D B/T 4-Nov-06 Leeni Norrvik Leeni Norrvik Finland

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This list of MRI scanned dogs is provided for information only and The CKCS Club does not warrant any entry in the list. Information relating to the results of any scans can only be obtained from the owner of the listed dog.

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