A.G.M Syringomyelia Report 2006
The last year has been a very active and a very challenging time for the CKCS Club Health committee. Three health clinics were held , one at Malvern in March, one at Long Bennington, Lincs in September and one in Cheshire in October.


A great deal of information has been received from the researchers this year. Thereare now four lost cost MRI centres which an increasing number of members are taking advantage of. The results are very promising. We have held three SM seminars over the year, one following the AGM in March at Slough, one at Middlewich, Cheshire in November - both given by Dr Skerritt; and another in December at Huntingdon given by Dr Rusbridge.

At some of our events last year, including the Championship show, blood samples were taken to further research and establish a gene test. We are pleased to announce that a genome scan is well under way. We are very grateful for the cooperation we have received with this.

We are delighted with the response from members to our fundraising. Following the SM seminar at the AGM last year, one of our most senior breeders donated 400.

Another of our members has made substantial donations throughout the year. The Cavalier Club of New South Wales have given 500. Gaye Lowe made a supreme effort by organising a sponsored walk and a raffle and raised 1000. Thank you Gaye.

The balance in the Research Fund account now stands at approximately 8,500. On 12th January 2005 it was 2607. The money has been donated for, and will be used for research into syringomyelia in Cavaliers. The Chairman, Mrs Jupp administers this fund.

We thank members for their support and encouragement. We hope to hold more SM seminars during the year.

Mrs J Boyd
Health Sub Committee

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