From the envelopes received for the second tranch of the scheme, ten were selected at random and opened on 1st November 2008. The successful applicants have been notified by post.
The Cavalier Club has allocated £2,000 from their Research Fund to give twenty UK members a payment of £100 each towards the cost of a MRI scan.

The first ten payments have already been allocated. The next ten payments will be for the period November 2008 - April 2009

Details of Scheme.

Applications for the period November 2008 - April 2009 should be sent to the address on Voucher Form.

On 1st November 2008 ten envelopes will be chosen at random and opened
If less than ten applications are received by 1st November the remaining grants will be allocated on a first come, first served, basis.

The ten owners chosen will receive a voucher guaranteeing a payment of £100 towards the cost of a MRI scan.

The cavalier must be MRI scanned & the voucher & a copy of a scan certificate, or a MRI receipt, returned within the 6 month period November 2008 - April 2009.

The name of the cavalier can be deleted from the certificate.

On receipt of this paperwork a cheque for £100 will be sent to the owner of the scanned cavalier.

The scheme will be confidential. The recipientsí names will be known only to the Club Chairman, and she will be the only person to see the certificates or receipts.

There will be no expectation on the owner to reveal any information about the cavalier or the results of the scan, although it is hoped that the owner will send the results to Sarah Blott, at the Animal Health Trust, for her EBV research

Criteria for inclusion in the scheme:

1. The scheme will be open to all UK full members. Joint members count as one.

2. Cavaliers to be scanned should not be spayed or neutered, and should be aged between six months & seven years old.

3. Cavaliers should not show any visible signs of syringomyelia prior to the MRI
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