Investigation Into Head Conformation in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Club has been been approached by a research group requesting the help of our wider audience with their project to see if you may be able to assist. You do not need to be a member of the Cavalier Club to be able to help. The study need as many Cavaliers as possible from pet homes or show/pet homes.

Inspired by Dr Bruce Cattanach, this is a project that has had input from Swedish breeders with funding from the Swedish Kennel Club and Cavalier Matters Charity (Rupert’s Fund).
It is a head shape study and you will see from the advert that if you have dogs that meet the criteria and are able to help there is an email address to send to – . If you wish to remain anonymous and your email address identifies your kennel you can either ask a friend to submit for you or you can email to the who will forward without your email address.

Full details can be found at the research web site or by downloading the poster.
From the photos a selection will be made by a panel of toy judges and chosen dogs will then take part in the MRI scan. There will be no cost to individuals for the MRI scans and they will be at approved centres as near to you as possible. At this point dogs are identifiable to the neurologists by their microchip. No dogs will be named as having taken part in the study and no results of their scans published through the KC/BVA CM/SM scheme or any other publication.
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