Thermal Study

"A Veterinary Thermographer uses a high tech thermal imaging cameras to map surface body temperatures noting unexpected areas of heat and/or cold and then explain by way of a report what structures are involved providing an aid to your vet for a diagnosis. This is a relatively new technology in the canine world, the majority of the work has been done with horses so we’re finding new applications all the time! So far I have mainly been using the camera to locate soft tissue injuries and neurological disorders and after a discussion with a colleague it struck me that theoretically Thermal Imaging could be a useful tool in the screening process for SM and CM. My colleague and I (she’s based in Surrey and I am in Oxfordshire) would like to image as many Cavaliers as we can – then interpret the images to see if there is a correlation between thermal patterns and the relevant skull & neck structures for affected dogs. We are looking for volunteer dogs in the UK in Oxfordshire or Surrey to be imaged – no sedation or anaesthesia required and it’s totally non-invasive, just like having a photo taken. We are able to come to owners houses to take images too so no travelling required. Dogs that have had MRI’s taken & interpreted preferred but the more the merrier...

We’d love to be able to contribute to the reduction of these conditions in the breed so please do get in touch – an email isn’t really the best format to explain it all so if you’d like to get in touch I’d be more than happy to tell you more either over the phone or one or both of us could meet up with you."
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