If you have a cavalier that is over 11 years and would like to share the fact with everyone then why not let us have the details and we will proudly display them on our list? All you need to do is to provide us with the following information Pet Name, Registered Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Sex, Colour Owner's Name. (just the pet name will do if you do not have its registered name), If you have a photo then we would like to use that as well.
Do not worry if you do not have all the information we will still be pleased to display details of your dog.

Send the information to Dave Norris, 105 Oldmixon Road, Hutton, Weston Super Mare, Somerset BS24 9QA. Any format from paper copy to electronic will suffice. Or you can email the Webmaster with the information.
Note – The Age at Death is only displayed where notified and is given as a decimal to one place eg 12 years 11 months = 12.9
Where an * appears in the dog’s name, the affix has been witheld at the affix holder’s instruction.
There are 790 golden oldies in our list.
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Sorry no photo
Maxholt Minstrel Miss (Fr Ch)
Minstrel Boy of Maxholt x Augusta Bell
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 13th April 1975

Age at death: 15 years old.

Owned by: - -
Sorry no photo
Maxholt Petal of Emsmere
Lansola Love Match of Volney x Mintrode Kirsty
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 3rd June 1978

Age at death: 13 years old.

Owned by: Mrs B Briggs
Sorry no photo
Maxholt Prunella’s Love
Ch Cherrycourt Patrick of Maxholt x Maxholt Henrietta of Broadstreet
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 1st August 1973

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Deirdre Thomas
Sorry no photo
Maxholt Special Secret of Chadwick
Master Dill of Maxholt x Ufo of Maxholt
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 10th November 1982

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: - -
The Jones's Anya Anya
Meadowpark Touch of Class
Ch * Le Monde x Petasha Konfetti of Meadowpark
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 16th March 1995

Age at death: 14.6 years old.

Owned by: Carolyn Jones
Sorry no photo
Melbar Anthea
Helensley Monty of Mardenash x Melbar My Lucks In
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 8th January 1972

Age at death: 17 years old.

Owned by: N & G Inglis
Sorry no photo Melkior d'Yvonničre
Melkior d'Yvonničre
Tricolour Dog
Born: 9th February 1996

Age at death: 16.0 years old.

Owned by: Madame Marie-Claude Hugotte
Sorry no photo
Melzabe Truly Yours
Sheilings Invincible x Melzabe Andromeda
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 3rd September 1982

Age at death: 12 years old.

Owned by: Miss Gail Williams
Sorry no photo
Merryoth Magnus
Ch Homerbrent Pegasus x Homaranne Chanel of Merryoth
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 14th January 1988

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Mrs M McFarlane
Sorry no photo
Merryoth Manashi
Kershope Kornish Kaper x Buckny Blynken
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 22nd January 1982

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Mrs K McMurray
Sorry no photo Middleshot Monica
Middleshot Monica
Lorphil Lladro of Cotterlee x Middleshot Miss Molly
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 18th October 1997

Owned by: Frank & Jean Ballantine
The Turnbull's Louise Louise
Middleshott Louise at Peakdowns
Maibee A Touch Lucky x Middleshott Victoria
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 22nd October 2004

Age at death: 11.3 years old.

Owned by: Brenda & Colin Turnbull
Sorry no photo Maddie
Middleshott Makaila
Middleshott Miss Molly x Lorphil Lladro of Cotterlee
Blenheim Bitch
Born: 12th February 1996

Owned by: H & M Smith
The Coventry's Charlie Charlie
Minnots Miranda Belle of Covobay
Ronnoc Billy Dibble x Sophie's Tease
Tricolour Bitch
Born: 26th December 1997

Owned by: Mrs J J Coventry
Sorry no photo Maia
Montcolly Mariah of Gadeslain
Montcolly Russell x Montcolly Di
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 28th July 1998

Age at death: 14.8 years old.

Owned by: Karen Connor
Sorry no photo
Montmorency Tristan
Romantic Song x Evening Delights
Black & Tan Dog
Born: 1st October 1994

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Jennifer Wightman
The Brass's Rufus Rufus
Moonbeam by Silverlight
Beliska Cinnamon Sinner at Fennyfare x China Noir
Tricolour Dog
Born: 19th December 2000

Age at death: 12.7 years old.

Owned by: Sue Brass
Sorry no photo
Myhope Follow That Dream
Beewye Magic`s Berberis x Gabledene Graceland of Myhope
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 23rd April 1994

Age at death: 14 years old.

Owned by: Robert Payne
The Smith's Tammie Tammie
Mylacr Sugar Puff
Salere’s Mickey Most of Crystaldean x Leelyn Santina
Black & Tan Bitch
Born: 3rd December 1998

Owned by: Clive Smith
Sorry no photo Elsa
Neftarin Popparienkeli
Gun-Fire av Komsalö x Bombattaren Moonlight Star
Ruby Bitch
Born: 4th March 1996

Age at death: 13.8 years old.

Owned by: Hilla Tulineito

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