Birmingham Dog Show Society
Championship Show - 8th May 2003

Best of Breed - Ch Loranka's Celebration
Best Opposite Sex - Amantra Madonna

Best Puppy - Newroyds Shakira
Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs. Mr T Mather
It is always a pleasure to judge this lovely breed, as they are so gentle with their calm friendly temperaments. All were in good clean condition & mouths were generally excellent. I was surprised at the number of dogs lacking in muscle tone & frequently, this was reflected in their movement. Due to the size of the classes, some very good exhibits went home cardless & in many cases I was spoilt for choice, a grand position to be in when you are the judge!
My co-judge, Mrs Spencer & I agreed that the dog should be BOB & that the bitch should be BP
C.C. Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
R.C.C. Hughes' Loranka's Majestic Moments
Best Puppy Sloan's Turretbank Trampus
Minor Puppy (17 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1 Sloan’s Turretbank Trampus
Smart Blen, very pleasing head & expression, well shaped dark eye with good pigmentation, well bodied for age, good spring of rib, very short coupled, moved well. BPD.
2 Rogerson’s Rabymar Badgers Creek
Tri of some quality. Not quite the maturity in body of 1. Pleasing head & expression, good topline & tailset, moved soundly.
3 Dawber’s Allrena Archie
Puppy (12, 1)  
1 Owen’s Narayden Kind of Magic
Ruby, lovely outline when standing with his pleasing well carried head & excellent forehand, compact, well ribbed body, moved soundly with plenty of drive from the rear.
2 Forrester’s Honeybet Designed for Salbrie
Tri, still rather raw & babyish but has lots of potential. Good head, dark round eye, good pigment, very typical, moved soundly.
3 Rayner’s Trirayne Armani
Junior (14, 3)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Jubilation
Nicely made Blen, by the CC winner & in much the same mould. Grand head, soft gentle expression, well bodied, good spring of rib, well set tail, moved soundly with plenty of drive from the rear, in good bloom.
2 Sloan’s Turretbank Top Notch
Blen, particularly appealing head & expression, good forequarters, well laid shoulders, well ribbed, compact body, moved well.
3 Kerr’s Kinvaar Mystere
Maiden (4, 1)  
1 Sloan’s Turretbank Top Notch
See Junior
2 Sharratt’s Dunadrob Just William
B/T, very stylish & typical, good skull & ear set, dark round eye. Shade longer in muzzle than 1. Good body, well sprung ribs, moved soundly.
3 Dawson’s Nottus Hooray Henry
Novice (5, 0)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Super Sleuth
Typical Blen, good head & expression, dark melting eyes, excellent pigmentation, nicely arched neck, firm body, good topline, moved well.
2 Sloan’s Turretbank Top Notch
See Junior
3 Sharratt’s Dunadrob Just William
Under Grad (10, 3)  
1 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Chancellor
Eye catching Blen youngster of some quality, excellent head & expression, compact, well ribbed body, well earned tail, well presented, silky coat, moved extremely well with plenty of drive from the rear.
2 Ford’s Tuppenlil Dylan
Ruby, really pleased me for type & style, good head, flattish skull, soft expression, good forehand, well ribbed body, moved soundly.
3 Thomson’s Ailcres Blue Havanna
Grad (7, 0)  
1 Gow’s Lyncraeg Daydream JW
Blen of good quality with plenty of personality which is always an asset for a good show dog Particularly liked his head & expression, good pigmentation, well bodied, good spring of rib, well broken silky coat, moved soundly with plenty of drive from the rear.
2 Rogerson’s Rabymar Waltzing Darkie
Very typical B/T, most attractive head & expression, well bodied, moved soundly but not the drive of 1.
3 Smith’s Salador Celtic Magician
Post Grad (30, 5)  
1 Lord’s Belbury Leonardo
Blen, lovely gentle expression, good skull & ear set, well laid shoulders, compact, well ribbed body, moved soundly with plenty of drive from his well muscled hindquarters, gay & extrovert.
2 Storar’s Kayjay T S Elliot at Ewecote
Blen, most attractive with a silky well broken coat, pleasing head & expression, good body, most appealing outline, moved well.
3 Reed’s Chantiz Chutney
Mid Limit (14, 2)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Ryan
Blen by the CC winner; compact & well bodied, lovely head & expression which is enhanced by his strong pigmentation & this gave him the edge here. Moved soundly & with style.
2 Dolamore’s Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
Beautifully presented Blen, excellent head & expression, good body, decent spring of rib, well set tail, moved well.
3 Koster’s Harana Starman
Limit (21, 2)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Majestic Moments
Tri of real quality, grand head, huge dark eyes, gentle expression, good forehand, compact, well ribbed body, strong hindquarters with plenty of muscle, his movement & drive gave him the edge in the challenge for the RCC.
2 Sullivan’s Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope
B/T in gleaming condition, beautifully presented flat silky coat, excellent heed & expression, good forehand, well bodied although perhaps just a shade longer cast than 1. Moved well with drive.
3 Egan’s Robrook Our Albert
Open (14, 6)  
1 Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Celebration
Dog I liked last year when I judged the group at Birmingham City. Lovely rich Blen, well presented silky coat, gleaming with condition, good forehand, well laid shoulders, nicely coupled, well ribbed body, excellent head & expression, moved well both ways & his well muscled hindquarters enabled him to move with plenty of drive. CC.
I thought his masculinity complemented the lovely feminine bitch sent forward by Mrs Spencer. I felt that his driving rear movement & more mature finish just gave him the edge. Caught the eye of Mrs Billings in the group.
2 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Roger
Blen, really beautiful head & expression, really excels in forehand with well laid shoulders & well carried head, presents a good outline as he is short coupled & carried his tail well, moved soundly.
3 Boardman’s Ch Volney Quest
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Bitches Mrs B Spencer
It is some time since I judged a Championship Show. I thought the overall picture was far more uniform, with more dogs being within the Standard. Mouths on the whole were good (only 3 bad mouths) and presentation was good, except some Black and Tans whose coats were coarse. The standard calls for well feathered feet, and it was a shame that so many were being trimmed.
C.C. Fry & Jackson's Amantra Madonna
R.C.C. Biggs’ Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian
Best Puppy Eyre’s Newroyds Shakira
Minor Puppy (19 Entries, 2absent)  
1 Eyre’s Newroyds Shakira
8 month old Blenheim with spot. Short coupled with a pleasing head and good eye. Moved well and showing like a veteran. Best Puppy in Breed
2 Sloan’s Turretbank Martina
Very immature Blenheim, well marked, dark eye, good pigment.
3 Poundford & Rollins’ Poundroll Midsomer Dream
Puppy (20, 6)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Krystle
Took my eye when she came into the ring. Nice compact Blenheim, showed well, nice dark eye, moved soundly.
2 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Very attractive Tricolour, lovely type, very showy, well marked and moved well.
3 Stocks’ Allnite Rave at Rebinya
Junior (20, 5)  
1 Tidswell’s Allrena Rhianah
16 month old, very showy compact Blenheim. Nice eye, moved well. Lovely type.
2 Flower’s Anberan Iced Tazo Chai
Nice sized Black and Tan with a good coat. Compact body, showing well.
3 Savage’s Lymrey Deep Secret
Maiden (11, 3)  
1 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity
Very showy Blenheim, certainly made her presence felt. Nice compact body, good eye and movement.
2 Savage’s Lymrey Deep Secret
Well marked nice type, but did not show herself off to best advantage.
3 Bartlett’s Korolevsky Natalya
Novice (9, 1)  
1 Poundford & Rollins’ Poundroll Gilded Lilly
Compact Blenheim, very showy, good chestnut markings, good ear placement, moving well.
2 Lewis’ Tanmerack Grable for Daraste
Very similar type to the first, nicely marked, short body, good head and eye.
3 Robertson’s Kavacay Spring Faith
Under Grad (10, 3)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Hey Baby
More heavily marked Blenheim, but nice and compact, good dark eye. Moving well.
2 Wilkinson’s Poppywood Dream Maker
Nice sized Black and Tan, showing well and moving well, good head and ear placement.
3 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
Grad (7, 1)  
1 Gamble’s Lisgarth Petrouchka
Very showy Black and Tan, longer body than I like, but compact, good ear placement and a nice tan, moved well.
2 Lambelle’s Rexeven Gypsy Rose
More compact than the first, nice type, good tan.
3 Eyre’s Newroyds Rainbow River
Post Grad (21, 8)  
1 Rance & Jones’ Wightisle Magic Moments
Smart Tri, well broken, good eye, showing all the time.
2 Loades’ Rosirius Jute
Very showy, good colour, nice eye and head.
3 Loynd’s Twoacres Carol Singer
Mid Limit (15, 2)  
1 Poundford & Rollins’ Poundroll Ffatall Charm
Compact Blenheim with spot. Very showy, nice head and good eye.
2 Koster’s Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Nice bitch, good ear placement, nice eye. Moved well - her tail never stopped wagging - she enjoyed her outing.
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Dream Weaver
Limit (11, 2)  
1 Biggs’ Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian
Lovely Tri bitch in full coat, beautifully presented, well broken, lovely head and ear placement. Very compact. Reserve CC
2 Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Starry Eyes
Similar type to first. Blenheim, good head and eye, nice deep tan.
3 Angell’s Charwelton Venetia
Open (9, 1)  
1 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Madonna
Beautifully balanced Blenheim with spot, lovely head and nice dark eye, showing well. CC
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Winnie At Pascavale
Very similar to 1st in type and movement, but just preferred the eye of 1st.
3 Tarabad’s Khatibi Boadicea

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