City of Birmingham
Championship Show - 29th August 2003

Best of Breed - Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Best Puppy - Ricksbury Royal Hero

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs.   Mrs J Mann
C.C. Dolamore's Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
R.C.C. Lewis' Daraste Refection of Love
Best Puppy Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Hero
Veteran (1 Entry, 0 absent)  
1 Bloomfield's Oaklake One More Tri
8 year old tri in splendid condition, attractive head, eye and expression, satisfying to handle, firm body under a good coat, moved soundly.
Minor Puppy (18, 3)  
1 Rennard's Deranmar Michael
2 Armitt's Brasingamen Serenade
3 Knight's Carolus The Playboy
Puppy (16, 2)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Hero
10 month old blen, has sparkle and style, most satisfying to handle, gentle Cavalier expression, good head, eye and mouth, firm body, good bone, well coated, plenty of confidence, I am sure this puppy will have a bright future.
2 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Ballistic
3 Bubb's Wandris Entertainer
Junior (10, 0)  
1 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth
2 Singleton's Celxo Northern Classic
3 Ace's Ashtelle Remember Ryan
Novice (15, 0)  
1 Li's Avalcier Alessandro
2 Hull's Telvara Kreme Brulee
3 Ford's Sallcott Cantata of Tuppenlil
Under Graduate (15, 1)  
1 Chapman's Chryshan Dudley Moore
2 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Antony
3 Griffiths' Glenelen Miller Magic
Graduate (6, 0)  
1 Reed's Chantiz Chutney
2 King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo JW
3 Ford's Tuppenlil Benvolio
Post Graduate (27, 3)  
1 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Bombastic
2 Name Withheld Name Withheld
3 Chapman's Chryshan Mr Pickwick
Limit (32, 3)  
1 Forrester's Salbrie Delaqua
2 Firth's Allrena Mitchell
3 Godwin's Cinderlace Sebastian for Cavaliegh
Open (18, 2)  
1 Dolamore's Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
This glamour boy appealed for his soundness and showmanship, beautiful head, soft melting expression so desired in this breed, excellent pigmentation, good reach of neck, firm body, moved stylishly with plenty of sparkle, neat, compact, soft silky feathered coat, positive mover, good tail carriage, presented in gleaming condition,syper blen. CC, BOB and G2.
2 Lewis' Daraste Refection of Love
Very showy blen size and shape I like, most appealling expression, good pigmentation, soft silky well feathered coat, sparkling with care and attention, presented a lovely picture standing or moving, stylish boy who moved so well around the ring, beautifully prepared and presented. RCC.
3 Higgins' Chamanic Christmas Cracker at Chesaltina
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Bitches   Miss L Read
C.C. Rix & Berry's Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace
R.C.C. Potter's Raved About Her At Rheinvelt
Best Puppy Lymer's Lymrey Hi Fashion
Veteran (1 Entry, 0 Absent)  
1 Bloice's Bowfort High Stakes of Scotlass
Minor Puppy (25, 7)  
1 Name Withheld Name Withheld
2 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Iolanthe
3 Stanley's Stanhome Petite Fluer
Puppy (18, 2)  
1 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Fashion
2 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Bombshell
3 Perry's Rosemonde Indulgence
Junior (17, 3)  
1 Baillie's Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity JW
2 Shinnick's Leelyn Essence
3 Savage's Lymrey Deep Secret
Novice (14, 4)  
1 Searle's Stonepit Gala
2 Rowarth's Robrook Lou Lou
3 Lewis' Tanmerack Grable for Daraste
Under Graduate (15, 5)  
1 Potter's Raved About Her at Rheinvelt
2 Savage's Lymrey Deep Secret
3 Rowarth's Robrook Lou Lou
Graduate (9, 1)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Sweet Dream
2 Shinnick's Leelyn Goldie Locks
3 Savage's Lymrey Deep Secret
Post Graduate (18, 6)  
1 Mynott's Honeybet Harmony
2 Johnson's Valanroy Felicity
3 Hunter's Spennithorne Midnight Rose
Limit (22, 7)  
1 Claydon's Brymarden Rosetta
2 Biggs' Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian
3 Inman-Cunningham's Chamanic Fredrika
Open (18, 3)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace
2 Fry & Jackson's Ch Amantra Madonna
3 Banks' Choya In A Whisper

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