Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Open Show - 21st September 2003

Best In Show - Kavacay Spring Faith
Reserve Best In Show - Pascavale Enchanted
Best Puppy In Show - Craigowl Billy Elliot
Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs.   Mrs J Carvill
The invitation to judge your open show was most appreciated. The committee was helpful and welcoming, the exhibitors were very kind and sporting. My sincere thank you to everyone.

It’s been about three years since I last visited the UK. I found the cavaliers to be lovely and the quality high. Lovely heads with large, round dark eyes were (once again) plentiful.

My ideal Cavalier is a small (toy) spaniel with a graceful, elegant, outline. To achieve that one needs a moderate neck flowing into well laid shoulders continuing on to a level back with the tail as a natural extension of the back. Movement should be free and easy with a level top line and a correct tail set with the tail carried straight off the back and wagging.

Glamour is as much about outline and carriage as it is about coat, perhaps more. A good length of neck on well laid shoulders goes far to achieve the elegance our breed should possess.

I found the entry to have many Cavaliers that fit the bill. The quality was excellent.
Best Dog Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Enchanted
Reserve Best Dog Jackson's Frondil Foenix
Best Puppy Dog Inglis' Craigowl Billy Elliot
Veteran (2 entries 0 absent)  
1 Richmond’s Charlottetown Roger
Nine year old, tri dog with a handsome head and full set of gleaming teeth! A credit to his owner…all cavalier!
2 Randall & Irvine’s Shenlyn December Digby
Eight year old ruby
Minor Puppy Dog (4, 1)  
1 Bloice’s Scotlass The Laird
Seven month old, small, pretty, well marked blenheim baby.
2 Barwell’s Charlottetown Cupid
Seven month old blenheim, bigger type.
3 Levy & Sedwick’s Pascavale Double Take
Puppy (7, 2)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Billy Elliot
A very animated tri color. Eleven months old and feeling fine. He’s heavily marked but what a lovely puppy. Beautiful outline, good topline and tail carriage, moderate bone and excels on the move. Beautiful bright tan and correct silky coat. Head needs a bit more time. Best Puppy Dog - Best Puppy In Show
2 Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Ballistic
Blenheim of almost 12 months. Very pretty, shapely little puppy. Could easily change places, on the day the tri was full of him self and very correct.
3 Salisbury"s Clopsville Jack Daniels
Junior (12, 5)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Super Sleuth
Heavily marked blenheim, good rich colour. Good outline and shoulder. Strong topline, nicely sprung ribs.
2 Ford’s Hiscli Moonmorganite
Well broken tri. Looks a baby.
3 Barwell’s Charlottetown Topman
Novice (12, 8)  
1 Ford’s Hiscli Moonmorganite
See Junior.
2 Hill’s Becanna Barbaby
3 Shinnick’s Leelyn Declan
Graduate (9, 1)  
1 Jackson’s. Frondil Foenix
Beautifully marked blenheim, jet black pigment, big brown eyes. Very typy little dog in good condition and coat. Excels in neck and shoulders. Holds a nice topline moving and standing. Strong hind quarters, moves well off his nice little hocks. Reserve dog.
2 Boardman’s Volney super Sleuth
Blenheim from previous class, his rear let him down here.
3 Rae’s Roydwood Replay at Cornlands
Post Graduate (9, 2)  
1 Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Bombastic
Very pretty little blenheim dog with a big coat. Steady mover.
2 Sidery-Smith’s Christleton Rio’s Legacy of Wingspan
Black and tan of the proper shape and carrying a beautiful coat.
3 Godwin’s Rosscrea Maverick With Simpatico
Special Limit Blenheim or Tricolor (9, 6)  
1 Hall’s Tasset Tiger Woods
Another blenheim. Good rich colour, coat a bit on the blow. Good pigment.
2 Bloice’s Scotlass Tippecano
Another blenheim with a good deep color.
3 Greensmith’s Crownhills Tom Jones.
Special Limit Black & Tan (5, 2)  
1 Shinnick’s Leelyn Darius
Ruby with all the right angles. Moved beautifully round the ring with nice presence. Held a good topline moving and standing. Pretty shoulders and strong quarters. Nice colour. Needs a bit more confidence.
2 Sidery-Smith’s Christleton Rio’s Legacy of Wingspan
see Post Graduate
3 Sullivan’s Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope
Open (11, 4)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Enchanted
Beautifully marked toy spaniel. The proper size and a beautiful shape, holds a pretty topline at all times. Has beautiful black pigment everywhere needed: on his nose, around his eyes and in his mouth. Yummy head with the gentlest of expressions. Best Dog. During best in show he lost a bit of sparkle (it was HOT). The bitch had sparkle to spare.
2 Dolamore’s Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
Nice blenheim in good coat.
3 Barwell’s Lusanjo Rocket of Charlottetown
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (5, 1)  
1 Shinnick’s Leelyn Rug Rat
Black and tan with excellent coat texture and color. Moving and showing nicely in spite of the heat.
2 Salisbury’s Clopsville Kansas
3 Tarabad’s Khatibis Claudius at Bonema

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Bitches   J Carvill
Best Bitch Robertson’s Kavacay Spring Faith
Reserve Best Bitch Hall’s Tasset Sweet Affair
Best Puppy Bitch Stanley’s Stanhome Petite Fleur
Veteran (5 entries 0 absent)  
1 Godwin’s Linjato My Destiny at Simpatico
Lovely type bitch exuding sweet Cavalier gentleness.
2 Payne’s Myhope Follow That Dream
Black and tan, another very sweet bitch.
3 Miller’s Nottus Not Naughty Now
Minor Puppy    
1 Stanley’s Stanhome Petite Fleur
Heavily marked tri baby of just seven months. Held a good topline and moved with style and grace. Has a very pretty head. Would like to see a bit more body. Best Bitch Puppy
2 Roose’s Tansonville Solitaire
Blenheim, pretty puppy, rather awkward at the minute
3 Stanley’s Stanhome Marie-Claire
Puppy (10, 5)  
1 Moseley & Wood’s Nyleve Alicia at Lanning
Tri bitch. Head needs time.
2 White’s Chrisdelau Snowflake of Whimal
Lightly marked blenheim.
3 Harvey’s Lady Kelly
Junior (16, 6) Nice class. My notes say not much to divide the first three.
1 Hall’s Tasset Sweet Affair
Very sweet feminine blenheim bitch. Moving and showing well, using her well let down hocks to good advantage. Lovely head and expression. Reserve bitch
2 Payne’s Clopsville Rosso
Blenheim not quite the finish of the above.
3 Roberts’ Pauroi China in Your Hand
Novice (16, 9)  
1 Hall’s Tasset Sweet Affair
See Junior
2 Hull’s Telvara Krystianna
Blenheim with the sweetest of heads.
3 Miller’s Nottus Never So Naughty
Graduate (13, 5)  
1 Robertson’s Kavacay Spring Faith
A very pretty blenheim girl with dark eyes and dense pigment. A classic outline and head. Moved very well from all angles. Oozed confidence and a very "cavalier" attitude. Best bitch and Best in Show.
2 Moseley & Wood’s Nyleve Honeymoon at Lanning
Pretty ruby, nice topline.
3 Jackson & Vout’s Frondil Katie Kaidee
Post Graduate (7, 1)  
1 Taylor’s Rosscrea Swingtime
Blenheim well handled, shown in lovely condition.
2 Robertson’s Kavakay Pearly Lady
Nice blenheim bitch not the neck and lay of shoulder of the first.
3 Reid’s Baray Atomic Kitten
Special Limit Blenheim or Tricolour (9, 4)  
1 Connell’s Monaric A Touch Of Fanatsy
Well marked tri bitch. Very pretty head.
2 Stanley’s Muffity Adorable Ellese of Stanhome
My notes say well marked, pretty neck.
3 Plunkett’s Sorata Leeann
Special Limit Black and Tan or Ruby (6, 3)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Ruby Rosa
Sweet ruby with big round eyes, well set ears framed her face nicely. Nice layback of shoulder. Stylish little lady.
2 Shinnicks’ Leelyn Essence
Black and tan
3 Hill’s Becanna Pheemie Peebles
Open (5, 2)  
1 Matthews’ Ronmal Love In The Mist
Bigger blenheim bitch, moving nicely. Coat on the blow.
2 Tarabad’s Khatibi Boadicea
3 Connell’s Monaric Bajoran Princess
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (9, 2)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Monopoly
Blenheim of a nice size, beautiful dark blenheim color. Very pretty head, nice pigment.
2 Matthews’ Ronmal Love in a Mist
See Open
3 Tarabad’s Khatibi Boadicea

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