Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society
Limit Show - 26 January 2003

Best in Show - Maibee Softly Softly
Reserve Best in Show - Peakdown's Mint Julep
Best Opposite Sex - Maibee Hamilton of Craigowl
Best Puppy - Peakdown's Mint Julep

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    Karen Sandlan (Arenkote)
It was a privilege to be invited to judge for the Society, the "Northern" has always impressed me by retaining a warm, friendly atmosphere of the ilk of yesteryear. I should like to thank the committee in general for affording me the best of welcomes, and my stewards for aiding the smooth running of the ring. I thoroughly enjoyed my day having the pleasure of "going over" some superb dogs. In spite of being a large percentage of absentees, I easily found something in most classes that was pleasing and I shall watch with interest the future careers of some of my winners.
Best Dog Inglis' Maibee Hamilton of Craigowl
Reserve Best Dog Gow's Lyncraeg Daydream
Best Puppy Glen's Sandbrae Red Alert
Veteran Absent  
Minor Puppy (6 entries, 1absent)  
1 Glen's Sandbrae Red Alert
Alert he certainly is. Sweetest 8 months ruby baby, a real classy puppy, richly coloured, neat shape, small and compact. Pretty, head, but with enough masculinity for his age, lovely dark eye, well set ears, which he used to advantage. Excellent neck and shoulder, held a level topline on the move, well angulated fore and aft and moved true both ways. Well presented, in excellent condition. A most promising young dog. BPD
2 Swanston's Pamojill Captain Moss
3 Gillhespy's Lorphil Le Fils
Puppy (7, 4)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Valparaiso
Well presented 9-month blen with rich, silky chestnut jacket. Typy head with gorgeous eye, melting expression, jet pigment, framed by his well-set ears. Looked good moving in profile holding a level topline coat of deep chestnut. Attentive showman.
2 Swanston's Pamojill Hamish
3 Gillhespy's Lorphil Law Breaker
Junior (5) Really spoilt for choice in this class of quality teenagers.
1 Gow's Lyncraeg Daydream
RBD. 17 months blen boy with wealth of well marked richly coloured coat. His gentle well-developed head gave him the class, his eye though dark and of a good shape could possibly be a little fuller. Good in outline, short with level topline, excellent rib. A complete showoff who was on top form today. Moved well and I thought he would take some beating, even though he pushed all the way he just didn't have ground covering ease of my best dog, nonetheless one to be very proud of.
2 Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancellor
3 Kerr's Kinvaar Mystere
Maiden (4, 1)  
1 Kerr's Kinvaar Mystere
3rd in Junior but in no way disgraced. Generous head proportions, well-broken coat and plenty of it. Pleasing construction throughout, excellent rib. Showed well. Won this class on his steady movement and super topline.
2 Gillhespy's Lorphil Larson
3 Bailey's Aldoricka Uriah
Novice (2, 1)  
1 Kerr's Kinvaar Mystere
See Maiden
Graduate (1)  
1 Tranter's Allrena Oliver for Johnjo
Stood alone but well deserved his placing. Blen boy with the loveliest of heads which was generous and soft but all male. Gorgeous eye, nicely angulated for and aft, rich chestnut coat, ably presented and shown.
Post Graduate Blen or Tri (6, 1)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Jarrow -
Tri boy who was given serious consideration for best/reserve best dog, but have seen him move better than he did today and with the quality available, I could afford to be picky. Lovely size, good topline and rib, short and compact. Liked his head shape, good nose length, (many are becoming just a little too short in foreface). His ample coat was black as jet with deep tan and beautifully presented as were all from this kennel.
2 Watson & Cockburn's Hadian Artful Dodger
3 Gillhespy's Marigill Makaira
Post Graduate B/T or Ruby (4, 2)  
1 Gibson's Tynron Sunset at Evonola
Masculine B/T with generous head, large dark eye, used ears well. Good spring and depth of rib and held topline. Ample bone. Bright tan. Up to size, won this class on his showmanship
2 Swanston's Damaron Red Savanna at Pamojill
Limit (5, 2)  
1 Powell's Keyingham Finlay at Margareith
Very well made and proportioned throughout. Gentle head with loveliest eye, soft and dark (which one expects from his breeding), long full ears framing and used to advantage. Lovely size and shape, good neck and shoulder assembly, stifle and well let down hocks, best mover in the class. Have seen him with more coat, but even so there is still plenty of it though to be critical would like it a shade darker. Non-stop tail wagger.
2 Lister's Cachevell Rock DJ
3 Townsend's Whitecroft Wizard
Open (7, 3)  
1 Inglis' Maibee Hamilton of Craigowl -
Tri boy with striking balance, so well made (the best here today) and though a size smaller would be preferred this is more than compensated for by his type & make. I felt that overall he just had to be my Best Dog. Soft masculine, yet gentle head, full dark pigmented eyes so liquid you could drown in them, lovely cushioning. His construction speaks for itself in his effortless movement, this dog was born to move. Ample bone, lovely rib, a most useful dog to have in any kennel. As usual presentation was exemplary, coat positively gleamed with condition. Made his handler work for BD & BOS
2 Cockburn's Evonola Talk of the Town at Phylmars
3 Willey's Lorphil Landscape of Penemma
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Best Bitch Waters' Maibee Softly Softly
Res. Best Bitch Turnbull's Peakdown's Mint Julep
Best Puppy Turnbull's Peakdown's Mint Julep
Veteran (9 entries, 5 absent)  
1 Waddington's Lillico Moonlight Serenade of Spindlepoint
8 years and wearing very well, though carrying a little excess weight this did not detract from her overall qualities. Sweet head, good eye, gentle expression and sporting a lozenge. Her coat was well broken with deep chesnut markings. She moved soundly round the ring holding a level topline. Showed well being very attentive to handler.
2 Beattie's Norwood Daisy Mae of Norcrest
3 Beattie's Blackavar Lady Linnet of Spindlepoint
Minor Puppy (9, 3)  
1 Gillhespy's Lorphil Love Triangle
2 lovely bitch puppies headed this class. The first a vivacious tri, just made to catch my eye, her pretty head needs more time as one would expect at 6 months, but is well proportioned and set with trusting dark eye. Excellent size and shape, short and compact, level back and good tail set. Super little mover showing off her virtues. In lovely condition with soft silky coat.
2 Glen's Sandbrae Atomic Fever
3 Tranter's Johnjo Lady Maddona
Puppy (11, 4)  
1 Turnbull's Peakdowns Caprice
Sweet blen B, lovely size and shape, with a well-marked coat of deep rich chestnut. Prettiest of heads with the most gorgeous dark eye, melting expression, good mouth. First-rate neck & shoulder assembly, excellent rib for youngster. Good front movement though a little erratic going away. Sometimes is so intent on her handler, she tends to hold her head too far back when standing, which throws her off balance. Super puppy with attitude to match.
2 Inglis' Craigowl Vera Cruz
3 Savage's Lymrey Deep Secret
Junior (9, 5)  
1 Waddington's Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
Again some lovely girls at the head of this class, felt this young lady was just "more together" on the day. Lovely balance to this little bitch, well made throughout, she never put a foot wrong. Needs a little more time in head, but fine for me at this age. Well-marked, attentive showgirl. (same remarks also apply to her brother 2nd in Junior dog - a cracking pair of youngsters) Immaculate presentation.
2 Water's Keyingham Rapheal
3 Leach's Flossybrook Mitzi Gaynor at Ouzlewell
Maiden (6, 3)  
1 Swantson's Pamojill Heather Lass
Tri girl, a real busy body with good balance and ample bone. Kind, dark eye. Showed well, nicely presented
2 Leach's Flossybrook Mitzi Gaynor at Ouzlewell
3 Gillhespy's Marigill Mardi Gras
Novice (7, 3)  
1 Turnbull's Peakdown's Mint Julep
Sister to my PB winner and many of the same remarks apply, but was more positive in her hind action. Lovely outline, small, compact, blanket markings, exuberant personality. Despite her youth my eye was continually drawn back to her in the final line-up, RBIS & BPIS. Must (with luck) have a bright future.
2 Watson's Hadrian Sheer Magic
3 Scanlon's Barcris Sparkling Starlite over Brantwood
Graduate (3, 2)  
1 Leach's Miletree Kentucky Mystery at Ouzlewell
Alone but deserved her 1st, plenty to like about this well marked blen with lozenge, ample silky coat was well presented. Lovely head, eye and black pigment. Nicely balanced, enough bone and with good front angulation, excellent spring of rib, and level topline. Was not alone in carrying a little Christmas excess.
Post Graduate Blen or Tri (5, 3)  
1 Gow's Lyncraeg Higgledy Piggledy
A most elegant moving tri, sporting a well broken, good coat, though would prefer a slightly deeper tan. Short compact body with good rib. Correct cavalier attitude.
2 Hindle's Ellisiana Sweet Charity
Post Graduate B/T or Ruby (2)  
1 Sutherland's Ebonleigh Ruffian
B/T with lovely bright tan markings. A confident young lady possibly a size larger than my ideal but nevertheless a handy bitch to have around. Nicely proportioned head with good ear set and lovely large, kind eye and soft, gentle expression. Well bodied she stood foursquare showing off her super topline and short loin. Showed well being totally at one with her handler.
2 Smith's Beaudale Once Upon a Wish
Limit (8, 6)  
1 Hoyle's Brantwood Sparkling Rose for Barcris
Nicely presented tri bitch with gleaming, well marked coat holding her 5 years admirably. Prettiest of heads with lovely large eye dark and gentle expression. Though carrying a little too much condition she was well off for bone, had a super rib allowing ample heart room and held a level topline at all times. Well schooled and sparkling as her name suggests, very attentive to handler.
2 Crane's Cranvarl Regal Pretence
Open (8, 4)  
1 Waters' Maibee Softly Softly
BIS - could wax lyrical about this blen bitch, what a gem, just my cup of tea, petite, ultra femine but in no way weedy. Ample of bone for her size, excelled in rib, short and compact body. Lovliest head and dreamy expression, liquid eyes, jet pigment. Moved well both ways. All topped with a deep chestnut, well marked coat. Thought her quite superb with a temperament to match, just enough naughtiness to keep her handler on her toes. Surely another star from this kennel.
2 Glen's Sandbrae Atomic Blue
3 Smith's Beaudale Skye Lullaby

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