Southern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - 5th April 2003

Best In Show - Harana Starman
Best Opposite Sex - Harana Good Golly Miss Molly

Best Puppy - Pascavale Krystle

Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs.   Mrs J Boardman
I would like to thank the Southern CKCS Club Committee, and my stewards, for making everything run so smoothly. I had a very enjoyable day, and I was pleased with the high quality of the dog entry. I was impressed that so many of the dogs had good sized dark eyes. My co-judge and I were happy to award the dog, Harana Starman, BIS.
C.C. Koster's Harana Starman
R.C.C. Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Roger
Best Puppy Waters' Maibee A Touch Lucky
Minor Puppy (23 entries 4 absent)  
1 Aldous & Smith's Aranel Ballistic
Caught my eye as he entered the ring, I hoped what I saw would not disappoint when I went over him. It didn't, good bite and soft expression, lovely size dark eyes' well proportioned short coupled, cobby body, head carriage was a treat to watch as he moved with true movement both ways. Will watch his promising future with interest.
2 Rogerson's Rabymar Badgers Creek
8 month tricolour well marked with plenty of clarity, so hard in this colour to achieve, clean white shoulders, level topline, little longer in body than 1st, good turn of stifle, nice tight feet with well let down pasterns, well shaped muzzle and ear set, movement showed to his advantage.
3 Hughes' Loranka's Dreamed A Dream
Well bodied Blenheim with a good deep brisket for his age, Not yet settled as a showman, but everything is ready in place for a bright future; clean markings over his shoulders with rich tan markings stood four-square. Another to watch for a bright future.
Puppy (20, 7)  
1 Waters' Maibee A Touch Lucky
Ten month Blenheim, very mature in coat and body, good eye and general pigment, topline and tail carriage was good , turn of stifle leading to short hocks gave him a very good back end on the move, his rich tan markings and straight, well presented, coat made a very pleasing general picture and outline. Although I loved my minor puppy, this puppy deserved to go Best Puppy Dog, he is so well finished.
2 Allerton's Deeriem Tambourine Man
Ten month old tricolour with a handsome head, large eyes and rich tan markings on his face. Plenty of good silky straight coat with a level topline leading into a correct tail set. The right amount of bone for his age , moved truly going both ways, showed well.
3 Edwards' Delhaze Bracken
Ten month Blenheim with well broken markings and a silky straight coat. An attractive handsome head with large eyes, correct bone for his age, very balanced movement and showed very well. Just needs to drop into his topline and then he will be hard to beat.
Junior (12, 4)  
1 Baker's Nevhills Roosevelt
l6 month Blenheim with well presented long silky coat, clean cut markings, well shaped muzzle, housing good dark eyes, longest of ear feathering, good shoulders and topline, moved truly going both ways, stood, and showed, well.
2 Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancelor
l7 month Blenheim with rich tan markings, good quality coat, excellent pigment, good shoulder placement and topline, good bone and turn of stifle. Showed well despite not being handled by his usual handler.
3 King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo
15month well broken Blenheim with lozenge, good size of eye, coat not as profuse as lst and 2nd, but silky in texture. Carried his head well on the move, keeping his topline level and moving positively.
Maiden (5, 3)  
1 Bloice's Scotlass Magnus
Well broken Blenheim of eight months, with well shaped dark eyes and good nose pigment. Moved well. At the moment looks immature but with time should grow to be a nice little dog.
2 Haliday's Hiscli Mr Pirrip
Fifteen month well broken tricolour, head framed with good long ear featherings, good spring of rib but still rather immature, waiting to fully come together.
Novice (6, 2)  
1 Ford's Tuppenlil Dylan
Rich coloured ruby with quality silky textured coat , well shaped muzzle, good dark eyes, neck and well set shoulders followed by a well balanced overall body shape, moved and showed well.
2 Aldous & Smith's Aranel Bombastic
A very well broken Blenheim with lozenge. Foreface for my preference a tad short, good sized dark eyes, cobby, well ribbed, deep brisket, level topline, carrying a very well presented heavy coat. Moved and showed well.
3 Stevens' Kilnshena Idle Vice
Black and tan. Lovely head with an appealing expression and dark eyes. Level topline and a good tailset, moved happily and truly around the ring, a nice size.
Special Graduate Blenheim (6, 1)  
1 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Well broken Blenheim with clearly defined rich tan markings, good shaped head and round dark eyes with a pleasing expression. Won this class with his soundness and good conformation, moving effortlessly around the ring showing off his good shape. Should have a promising future.
2 Dolamore's Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
Well presented as always from this exhibitor, quality texture to coat, good head, would prefer slightly larger eyes, but the kind expression is there, Level topline and good tail set, strong stifles, moved and showed well.
3 Godwin's Cavaliegh Designer
Handsome head housing large dark eyes. Longer cast than my 1st and 2nd . Moved with a really level topline and correct tail set, good turn of stifle and very firm neat feet. Well presented silky coat.
Special Graduate Tricolour (5)  
1 Barwell's Lusanjo Rocket of Charlottetown
Well broken tricolour with plenty of clarity so hard to achieve in this colour, strong dark eyes set in a well shaped muzzle, level topline and correct tail set. Moved well and stood foresquare, easy winner in this class.
2 Ace's Ashtelle Limerick
Used his ears to advantage giving a good flat correct top to his skull, kind expression, little longer cast than first, level topline, showed well.
3 Masters' Tillington Admiral
Pleasing head and expression, good sized dark eyes, his coat was a little unruly, but markings were well broken, showed happily.
Special Graduate Black & Tan (13)  
1 Sullivan's Shenlyn February Focus for Myhope
Handsome head , large dark eyes, set off with the longest of ear featherings, really straight gleaming coat in good condition; level topline and good tail set, moved very freely going both ways.
2 Sidery-Smith's Christleton Rio's Legacy of Wingspan
Good flat skull and earset, good shoulders, level topline and correct tailset , little short in leg making him look a little long in body , moved freely.
3 Mochrie's Downsbank Dessignac
Well shaped head and earset, level topline and good tailset, well turned stifles which enabled him to move around the ring with ease.
Special Graduate Ruby (6, 1)  
1 Loades' Rosirius Serge
Rich coloured ruby with a shiny straight coat, large dark eyes surrounded with dark eye rims to give him a soft appealing look. Very level topline and good tailset, good straight front, moved and showed with great zest. Stood foresquare, just needs a little more coat for top honours.
2 Ford's Tuppenlil Benvolio
A handsome head, well shaped dark eyes, another not in full coat but what he has is good quality with plenty of gleam. He needs to move a little slower, never-the-less he moved very well both ways and stood foursquare.
3 Lunam's Mellow Moment of Flossybrook
Rich coloured ruby pleasing head, good topline and tail carriage; moved well, very attentive , his head carried proudly.
Veteran (8)  
1 Barwell's Ch Charlottetown Trueman
Well broken, rich tan markings, still in good body condition for his seven years, good turn of stifle, moved around the ring with plenty of drive, hope to see him in this class in the future.
2 Coaker's Ch. Homerbrent Expression JW
Well known eight year old Blenheim with a pleasing expression, moving and showing like a trouper.
3 Randall & Irvine's Shenlyn December Digby
Eight and a half year old rich ruby, good topline and tail carriage, moved well. Apparently I judged him at his first show and this was his retirement show!
Post Graduate (21, 4)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Ryan
Has a very handsome head housing well shaped size eyes, a very pleasing expression, very well presented, short cobby body, correct tailset , good turn of stifle, moved well.
2 Milton's Fontelania Peregine
Similar shape and size of first, good muzzle and overall shape of head, large dark eyes, good turn of stifle and strong hocks, quality textured coat but a little unruly, moved well.
3 Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas JW
Not as mature as my first and second, a very pleasing head and expression with huge dark eyes, silky well presented straight coat, good topline and tailset moved well.
Limit (25, 5)  
1 Koster's Harana Starman
Black and rich tan with a superbly presented straight silky textured coat. tapered muzzle, flat skull and good earset, round dark eyes, very good head carriage on the move, level topline, carried his correct tailset well in the class, and only a little higher in the challenges, (often this can happen with the excitement of the event.). Very well turned stifles with good short hocks and neat tight feet well up on his pasterns. Deserved his win with his movement showmanship and presentation. Dog CC, BOB & BIS.
2 Lymer & Scheidt's Ch. Lymrey Roger
Spoilt for choice with these two quality dogs, well broken with clean cut white shoulders showing off this elegant little dog, lovely size with great balance and proportions, pleasing head and expression, moved very steadily and at one with his handler, if I am splitting hairs I just preferred the back movement of 1st. Res DCC.
3 Hughes' Loranka's Majestic Moments
Tricolour with great clarity, well tapered muzzle , tan in all the right places and even markings over his foreface, good reach of neck, level topline , good turn of stifles, moved very truly. Just knocking at the door for top honours.
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (5)  
1 Lewis' Daraste Reflection of Love
Well furnished Blenheim with long well presented coat. Pleasing head and expression, very good pigment, large dark eyes, well placed shoulders, level topline, moved around the ring well using his tail to advantage. Great head carriage which gave him a good outline on the move, and standing.
2 Coaker's Homerbrent Esquire
Similar in type to my 1st, today he did not have as much coat, what he had was straight and silky. Good head with flat skull and high earset, long ear featherings, level topline moved with plenty of drive, stood and showed well.
3 Morrison's Lewisisle Highland Conon
Very rich ruby, straight silky coat, pigment and eye size was good. Well bodied up, used his tail well on the move, which was true going both ways.
Open (5, 1)  
1 Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
Little to say about this well known dog, very rich tan, all his parts are so well put together that everything goes like clockwork, he moves and shows at one with his handler making him a real long lasting trouper.
2 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Intrigue
Most gorgeous head housing large limpid dark eyes - in my opinion one of the best heads in the Breed. Always in profuse coat which hides from the onlooker that he has a firm and well developed body. He only has one disadvantage for me - I would prefer a darker coat tan. I hope his crown will come soon.
3 Towse's Miletree Nijinsky
Another quality dog of a different make and shape; he is clean cut with nothing to hide, well presented, straight quality coat with well broken markings, pleasing head and good pigment, level topline leading to a correct tail set. Moved with plenty of drive but not as good in front as 1 & 2. Showing all the time, trying to please his handler.

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Bitches   Mrs L Flynn
My grateful thanks to the committee and my very able stewards for making my day most enjoyable and memorable. My thanks also to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions so sportingly making for a good atmosphere around the ring. Unfortunately, in most classes I didn't have enough prize cards and some otherwise lovely girls were unplaced I was delighted with my final line up and could have awarded many CC's. Our lovely breed bodes well for the future with so many quality bitches. I was somewhat surprised though to find that some exhibits were in need of a good bath. It's something I do not like and find it not only insulting to any judge, but in such high competition some otherwise lovely girls paid the penalty.
C.C. Koster's Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
R.C.C. Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle
Best Puppy Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle
Minor Puppy (34)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Bliss
Beautiful Blenheim baby who immediately took my eye. Stood four square, and most attentive to her handler. Well broken coat markings. Pretty face with those lovely large dark eyes, giving a soft melting expression and jet black pigment. Good neck and shoulder placement, level top line & good depth fore chest for one so young, nice straight front and well angulated hindquarters. Had everything I was looking for in a young baby. Moved with style. A real poppet and one who’s future I shall watch with interest.
2 Taylor's Rosscrea Bedazzled
Another lovely baby of the type I was looking for, has everything in the right place. Lovely outline, a real happy showgirl.
3 Roberts' Pauroi China in Your Hand
Puppy (29)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle
What a stunner. Gorgeous Blenheim bitch of 10 months who is so well constructed and just oozes quality. Pretty head, with a soft gentle expression, and lovely large dark eyes, with just that glint of wickedness demanding attention. Her wealth of coat so beautifully presented. Delighted to award her RESERVE CC and with my co judge BPIS. Another little girl who's show career I shall watch with interest.
2 Lewis' Tanmerack Grable for Daraste
Quality Blenheim bitch of ideal size, good rich coat markings. Pretty head, with large dark double pigmented eyes. Good depth of fore chest and level top line, nicely angulated hind quarters, moved well.
3 Deans' Clockpelters Blazin' Rhythm
Junior (28)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Sweet Dream
Such an aptly named little girl of exquisite type and quality that has come to be expected from this breeder/exhibitor. Her well constructed body being framed by her beautifully presented straight silky coat. Moved well with drive and style.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Hey Baby
Well marked Blenheim girl Pretty head, with large expressive dark eyes. Who stood four square, keeping a level top line standing and on the move. Not quite the finish of 1. But nonetheless a real quality girl.
3 Waters' Keyingham Raphaela
Maiden (17)  
1 Shinnick's Leelyn Goldielocks
Quality Ruby girl with a straight richly coloured silky coat. Appealing head with large dark eyes giving a soft melting expression. Nice depth of fore chest with good tight elbows. Moved well and carried herself with style.
2 Rennard's Edonhill Rising Star for Deranmar
Pretty feminine compact Blenheim girl, good make and shape, excellent neck, shoulders and rear angulation moving well and covering the ground.
3 Salisbury's Clopsville Rioja
Novice (9)  
1 Robertson's Kavacay Spring Faith
Well marked, pretty Blenheim bitch, who moved confidently around the ring, showing her classical, well constructed outline. In good coat and presented in lovely condition.
2 Martin's Ttitian Marionnette
Ruby bitch, with a very happy disposition enjoying her day out. Well constructed, moving well and covering the ground with ease. Coat of good quality, colour and condition. Well presented
3 Harvey's Rivermoor Lady Phoebe
Special Graduate Blenheim (17)  
1 Towse's Miletree Miesque
Shapely Blenheim girl of nice size and substance. Pretty feminine head with well cushioned fore face. Large dark eyes Moved soundly with plenty of drive and excellent tail carriage.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Dream Weaver
Yet another quality exhibit that one comes to expect from this kennel. Very pretty little girl, presenting a pleasing outline, showing all her attributes. Lovely large dark eyes. Ideal for size with moderate bone. Just not quite the finish of 1 today.
3 Angell's Charwelton Venetia
Special Graduate Tricolour (12)  
1 Hill & Weber's Montcolly Victoria
Very Pretty Tri girl with deep rich tan markings, although heavier marked, this did not detract from her sound construction and breed type. Very pretty, with large dark eyes well cushioned face all framed by well set ears with plenty of feathering. Good neck flowing into well laid shoulders, level topline and good rear angulation. Moved with plenty of drive.
2 Godwins' Cavaliegh Parfait
Exuberant young lady giving her handler a hard time, with that devilishly wicked look that only Tri's have and enjoying every minute of it. Small & compact with moderate bone. Glamorous straight coat of soft silky texture. A really happy showgirl. I am sure on another day when more settled could easily be a class winner.
3 Osborne's Pagborne Night Flame
Special Graduate Black & Tan (11)  
1 Sparrow's Simpatico Genesis for Tashmit
Strikingly pretty little girl, underneath her wealth of coat which was in excellent condition and beautifully presented was a well constructed little girl of a nice size with moderate bone. Moved and showed well.
2 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Chambermaid
Lovely B/T of an ideal size. Short coupled with a good spring of rib. Well angulated hind quarters. Not quite the depth of tan as 1 but a quality girl who I am sure will do well.
3 Connor's Montcolly Mariah of Gadeslain
Special Graduate Ruby (9) A fabulous class of high quality Rubies
1 Dix's Downsbank Winter Berries for Beewye
Most attractive rich Ruby, with a lovely straight coat in gleaming condition. Large dark melting eyes and plenty of cushioning under eyes, but not overdone. Lovely outline, displaying many of her fine qualities. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Level top line, good tail set and carriage. Moved with plenty of drive. Must have a bright future.
2 Flower's Anberan Iced Cappuccino
Another lovely Ruby whom I have admired many times from the ringside, not quite the depth of colour as 1 but a very glamorous feminine lady with many excellent qualities.
3 Loades' Rosirius Jute
Veteran (6) A class that never fails to bring a lump to my throat and quite emotional . I love to see the oldies enjoying their occasional day out, but how I hate having to choose between them.
1 Hogan's Ch. Ricksbury Camilla at Stavonga
I judged this young lady as a puppy and have the same opinion of her now as I did then, except that I cannot believe that she is now a matriarch. Obviously enjoying her day out and still showing with as much enthusiasm proving she still has what it takes. Carrying a profuse well conditioned coat, moving out with drive and style.
2 Payne's Myhope Follow That Dream
Another delightful B/T bitch not showing her years. In lovely coat and condition. Neat body, showed and moved happily.
3 Dix's Beewye Calusa's Antonina
Post Graduate (25)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Temptation
Well marked Blenheim of quality which one has come to expect from this kennel. Super head with a lovely soft expression. Good neck, shoulders and front Level top line with good rear angulation. Moved with drive.
2 Bloomfield's Geronsart Victoriana of Oaklake
Another quality Blenheim well deserved of her placing. A lovely type, Pretty head with well cushioned fore face nice large dark eyes. Good neck and shoulder placement, level top line, tail set and carriage. Moved with drive and style.
3 Attwood's Clentview She's Magic
Limit (23)  
1 Koster's Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Effervescent Ruby bitch of the highest quality, who just could not be overlooked for glamour and breed type, had all that I was looking for. Small but not weedy. Moderate bone, giving her the correct balance. Well sprung ribs and nice tight elbows. Good level top line and excellent hind quarters, moving with drive, style and panache. keeping a level top line and tail carriage . Her long ears framing her pretty well cushioned muzzle and luscious large dark eyes. It gave me great pleasure to award her the CC.
2 Ackroyd-Gibson's Toraylac Deja Vu
Impressive pretty Blenheim bitch of excellent type and quality. Attractive head, full of glamour, with large dark eyes Nicely constructed, beautifully presented silky coat. Moved well.
3 Towse's Miletree Simply A Dream
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (14)  
1 Tolworthy's Salinan Something Special
As her name suggests, she is "something special" One of the prettiest heads of the day, her dense pigment and large dark liquid eyes giving such a soft melting expression all framed by the most beautifully long ear feathers. Lovely make and shape and an elegant mover. Considered for top honours, but unfortunately lost her sparkle in the challenge , but I am sure her day will come and she will make a very worthy champion.
2 Waters' Maibee Softly Softly
Another lovely bitch, who oozes type and quality, which one expects from this eminent kennel. Pretty feminine face with lovely large dark eyes. Good reach of neck Well constructed body. Unfortunate to meet 1 in full bloom. But another I am sure who's day will come.
3 Banks' Choya In A Whisper
Open (12)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ch. Ricksbury Royal Addiction
A beautiful quality bitch and a very worthy champion. Well constructed. Lovely large dark eyes and pigment. Beautifully presented.
2 Shones' Korraines Atlantica
Lovely Blenheim of ideal size make and shape without any exaggerations. Moved well, just wished she'd projected herself more, but an otherwise quality girl.
3 Tarabad's Khatibi Boadicea

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