Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Open Show - 1st June 2003

Best of Breed - Spindlepoint Chancellor
Reserve Best In Show - Ailcres Blue Heaven
Best Opposite Sex - Ailcres Blue Heaven
Best Puppy - Turretbank Trampus

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Dogs.   Miss M Morrison
I would like to thank the Officers, Committee of the Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, and the exhibitors for their warm welcome to the Club's Open Show.
It was an honour to accept the Club's invitation to judge this Show, and I was pleased for the Club that the number of exhibits, and entries were up. To the exhibitors thank you for coming, and presenting some lovely Cavaliers. Also thanks to my two stewards Jim and Isobel.
There was one downside, as Cavaliers eyes are one of their main features, more attention to in some exhibits, would have been more beneficial, as dirty, and stained eyes spoilt the overall picture.
Best Dog Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancellor
Reserve Best Dog Thompson's Ailcres Blue Havana
Best Puppy Dog Sloan's Turretbank Trampus
Veteran (6 entries, 2 absent)  
1 Hargrave’s Leebren Rob Roy
Lovely Class to start the day with, I do love judging the Veterans. Old fashioned Blenheim. Rich tan markings overall, masculine head, soft dark eyes, nicely cushioned face, neck of good length, plenty spring to rib. Mature body nicely covered by coat of good length. Moved freely with plenty of spirit and drive, around the ring.
2 Swanton’s Pamojill Robin
Lovely ruby boy, deep ruby colour overall, soft silky coat of good length. Masculine head, and expression, long feathered leathers, large dark eyes. Sound construction throughout. Moved well when on the move, but when standing could have been a bit happier, so lost out to winner.
3 Gilihespy’s Lorphil Love Potion
Minor Puppy (3)  
1 Sloan’s Turretbank Trampus
Handsome Blenheim, deep rich tan markings, really stood well standing, and showed himself off to advantage. Good dark pigmentation to nose, dark eyes, high set leathers, good arched neck, soft silky coat, clean presentation. Good development to body for age, short coupled, plenty of depth to chest. Striking young man who should have a bright future, more outgoing than his Kennel mate placed 3rd Happy to award him BPIS.
2 Thomason’s Kinvaar Diesel at Ailcres
6 month old Blenheim boy, slightly longer in the back than winner, very happy temperament, soft silky baby coat, nicely broken up markings, good length to neck. Flat skull, dark pigmentation to eyes, and nose. Moved well for age, with non-stop wagging tail when on the move. In time all three of these puppies should do well, and could changes places at future shows.
3 Sloan’s Lyndabelle Louis at Turretbank
Puppy (2)  
1 Swanton’s Pamojill Captain Moss
Tri dog, not the most happiest of boys, head not his fortune. Flat skull, leathers well set, deep stop, facial markings giving a slightly heavy look, clear blaze. Well bodied overall, heavily marked coloured coat, good depth of chest, level topline. Coat in good condition, well placed tailset Moved steadily around the ring. Just didn’t look to happy when standing.
2 Sutherland’s Ebonleigh Colorado
Small 9 month old ruby boy, rich colour overall, hadn’t the coat of winner. Lacking body overall, needs feeding up. Sweet head, not as masculine as the winner. Untypical rear movement, this was due to long hocks, his front movement was better to look at.
Junior (8, 1)  
1 Thomson’s Celxo Northern Spirit at Ailcres
Some good dogs were presented in this class. Sound tri-coloured boy, handsome headpiece, and good blaze between dark soft eyes. Clear tan markings in the right places. Lovely long leathers framing face. Good outline to body, nicely ribbed, well angulated overall, good bend in stifle. Well broken up silky coat, correct tailset. Sound firm rear, and front movement.
2 Kerr’s Kinvaar Mystere
Lovely Blenheim boy, with spot, pleasing well shaped head. Muzzle of good length, well placed eyes, flat skull. Nicely proportioned body, covered by a well broken coat of good length, clean presentation. Moved freely, and with purpose, just lost out as winner had a slightly stronger rear drive.
3 Town’s Barsac Wee Swallay
Maiden (2, 1)  
1 Thomson’s Celxo Northern Spirit at Ailcres
See Junior dog for report
Novice (2)  
1 Gillespie’s Lorphil Larsson
Compact Blenheim boy, good substance to body throughout, nicely headed, good cushioning to face, flat skull, clear blaze, slightly mucky eyes which spoilt his expression. Good pigmentation, rich coloured markings overall. Held a nice outline when on the move, and standing, didn’t always help his handler at times, but with patient handling won through.
2 Tarr ‘s Phylmars Phineas Fogg
Up to size Blenheim boy, dripping in a good coat, long feathering to ears legs, and tail. Well bodied, slightly longer in the back than winner. Really happy lad. On the move he paced, but once his handler moved quicker he got into his stride.
Graduate (3, 1 and one withdrew)  
1 Thomson’s Ailcres Blue Havanna
Quality B&T young man, well shaped proportioned headpiece, good stop, nose of good length. Dark pigmentation to nose, and eyes, flat skull, long full leathers. Well made body, good depth to ribcage, firm topline well covered hindquarters, well placed tailset. Flawless flowing movement, covering the ground well, pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog, discovered afterwards he is the son of the RBIS winner.
Post Graduate (7, 3)  
1 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Chancellor
Very striking Blenheim boy in an immaculate condition, groomed to perfection. Beautiful rich tan markings on a pearly white coat. Very handsome masculine head, and expression, well set leathers framing his face. Dark pigmentation to eyes, and nose. Good spring of rib, with plenty of heart room. Well developed body throughout. Stood firmly, and proud. Strong rear drive, covering the ground well. A real showman, happy temperament showed well for his handler. Please to award him Best in Show.
2 Bates’s Kavenka Pick Pocket
Another pleasing Blenheim, soundly built, good angulation front, and rear, level topline correct tailset. Kind expression nicely shaped eyes, good set of leathers framing face. Good even balanced showy movement, the winner just outshone on the day.
3 Gaw’s Damarland Monty Python
Post Graduate B&T and Ruby (8, 1)  
1 Thomson’s Ailcres Blue Havanna
See Graduate Dog for report
2 Swanston’s Damaron Red Savanna at Pamojill
Liked my winner, and this exhibit, both nice dogs, but winner was a bit more out going. Lovely ruby boy, nicely coated overall, with rich ruby coloured coat of good length. Lovely size, and outline shape when on the move, and standing. Soft typical expression, dark eyes, and nose. Just wished he was a bit more out going.
3 Craig’s Ebonleigh Jolly Jasper
Limit (12, 4)  
1 Gillhespy’s Marigill Makaira
Very smart, handsome Tri boy, masculine headpiece, good tan markings on face, plenty of cushioning under lovely dark eyes, long feathered leathers. Well made dog of quality, ideal body proportions. Soft silky, well broken-up coat of good length. Moved with positive drive, showing an easy movement.
2 Morrison’s Bowerswell Sindar
Well made Blenheim boy. Close decision between winner, and second place, but preferred winner overall. Handsome looking lad, well laid shoulders, nicely arched neck good depth to chest. Sound hindquarters used well when on the move, steady movement, looked balanced when standing. Good presentation overall.
3 Coull’s Lillico Giacometi
Open (6, 1)  
1 Cockburn’s Evonola Talk of the Town at Phylmars
Close decision between first, and second, winner just had richer tan markings. Well shaped masculine headpiece, lovely dark pigmentation to eyes, and nose. Good length to muzzle, plenty of cushioning under eyes. Clear blaze between eyes, flat skull, high set leathers. Nicely arched neck, firm topline, and good substance to body throughout, well angulated quarters.
2 Gow’s Lyncraeg Daydream
Well proportioned head, manly expression, well shaped eyes, just spoilt by the white around the eyes. Good reach, and arch of neck, correct lay of shoulder. Fair spring of rib, steady topline, and movement was sound, and true, happy temperament. Lovely coat condition.
3 Gaw's Damarland Supersonic

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Bitches   Miss M Morrison
Best Bitch Thompson's Ailcres Blue Heaven
Reserve Best Bitch Waddington's Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
Best Puppy Bitch Gillhespy's's Lorphil Love Triangle
Veteran (13 entries, 8 absent)  
1 Cochrane’s Cavillon Milly Molly Mandy
Blenheim bitch in lovely bloom, and condition . Old fashioned type, who hasn’t lost her figure. Pleasing to go over, feminine head, and expression, dark eye, very long feathered leathers framing face. Good length to body, well layed shoulders, level topline, used her tail well. Attentive to her handler when on the move. Clean presentation, coat just at that in-between stage at the moment. Please to award her Best Veteran in Show.
2 Kenny’s Blairburn Bumpsadaisy of Patras
Sweet tri-colour, as like the winner, belies their age. Nicely presented, long feathered leathers well set. Soft dark eyes, and nose. Well developed cobby body, nicely angulated quarters. Moved true both directions, winner just had a bit more spirit on the move.
3 Workman’s Damaron Floradora of Costara
Minor Puppy (8, 2)  
1 Thomson’s Kinvaar Shalimar at Ailcres
Very smart tri-coloured puppy, beating a very elegant Blenheim puppy. Just 6 months old, in beautiful condition, very showy bitch, lovely body, just the right development for age. Good tan markings to face, correct stop to nose, clear blaze, and flat skull. Lovely clean neck lines, true front, good length to back. Cobby body covered in a soft silky heavily marked coat. Shapely hindquarters, sound hind movement. Happy little girl.
2 Sloan’s Turretbank Martina
Elegant young lady, well presented as were all from this kennel. Soft feminine face, lovely dark pigmentation to nose, and eyes .Well put together, all the essentials are there in abundance. Rich tan markings on pearly white coat, well broken up. Kept a good outline when on the move flowing movement front, and rear. Maturity, and bodying up are all she needs to complete the picture.
3 Kerr’s Kinvaar Hot Couture
Puppy (8, 1)  
1 Gilihespy’s Lorphil Love Triangle
Attractive tri-colour bitch, most appealing head, and angelic expression. Rich tan markings on face, good blaze, well shaped dark eyes. Well hung feathered leathers, good crest to neck, well laid shoulders, steady topline. Plenty substance to body throughout, well angulated rear quarters, used her tail well. Heavily marked coat in beautiful condition. Moved with drive to the rear. A very happy puppy, which showed herself off to advantage. Best Puppy Bitch.
2 Sloan’s Turretbank Va Va Boom
Confident, and showy B&T, very upright in appearance, gleaming silky coal black coat, bright tan markings in the correct places. Lovely soft expression, large dark eyes, plenty cushioning to face. Long feathered leathers. Sleek outline to neck, and body. Compact firm body, flowing sound movement to front, and rear. Two very nice puppy bitches, and a close decision between the two.
3 Cockburn’s Phylmars Phoebe
Junior (6, 2)  
1 Baillie’s Cavallino Spirit of the Sun
Charming Blenheim bitch, typical head, and feminine expression. In fine coat, well broken rich tan markings. Liked her make, and shape, holding a good topline when on the move. Looked good when standing, showing herself off well. Out going personality when on the move, good drive to the rear.
2 Swanston’s Downsbank Mistletoe n’ Wine at Pamojill
Good shaped head with feminine expression, well placed leathers, correct dark pigmentation to nose, and eyes. Good bone throughout, nicely angulated in front, good spring of rib, firm hindquarters. Silky coat not quite the rich tan markings of winner. Sweet temperament. Two nice bitches.
3 Gaw’s Damarland Gypsy Rose
Maiden (8, 2)  
1 Lees’s Jays Absolute Delights
Sweet B/T Bitch, looked a picture standing, nice size, shapely outline. Very feminine expression, large dark eyes, muzzle of good length, long feathered leathers, clear tan markings. Good reach of neck, firm body, and topline, in lovely condition. Plenty of depth to chest, Clean presentation, straight silky coat. Happy exhibit, showed, and responded well to her handler at all times.
2 Cockburn’s Phylmars Phoebe
Placed 3rd in puppy bitch, just a youngster, and still a little immature against the winner. Pretty little one, nicely put together overall, very typy bitch. Feminine head, dark pigmentation to nose, and eyes. A little more cushioning is required to finish her head, which will comes with maturity. Clean silky coat just coming through, free movement, has a happy air about her.
3 Swanston’s Triciaville Picota Cherry at Pamojill
Novice (5, 1)  
1 Swanston’s Pamojill Heather Lass
Compact tri-colour bitch, pleasing head, bright tan markings, good clear blaze between well placed dark eyes. Good front assembly, nice reach of neck. Plenty of heart room , kept a level topline on the move, leading to a well placed tailset. Well defined hindquarters, moved freely with drive, and confidence. Good condition to coat, and fringes.
2 Fletcher’s Stronepoint Shuna
Old fashioned Blenheim bitch, handled, and presented well by her young handler. Sweet expression, soft dark eyes, nose just a touch off. Flat skull well used long leathers. Nicely arched neck, good shoulder placements, and well ribbed ribcage. Firm hindquarters, plenty of drive to the rear. Coated well overall, nicely broken up rich markings.
3 Cockburn’s Phylmars Phoebe
Graduate (9, 4)  
1 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
The first two in this class were really beautiful, and it was splitting hairs, I just liked them for different reasons. Winner was very petite, full of class, litter sister to the Best Dog winner, which I discovered after BIS, what a lovely pair. Soft feminine head, dewy soft dark eyes, coal black pigmentation, flat skull, and well hung feathered leathers. Shapely outline which she retained on the move, good crest to neck, firm topline, well constructed sound bitch. Rich tan markings on a pearly white coat, Groomed, and presented to the last hair like her brother. Moved exceptionally well with reach, and drive, so enjoys her showing, likes to make her handler work. Please to award her Reserve Best Bitch in Show.
2 Letham’s Blairburn By Your Leave
Another quality Blenheim bitch, which showed non-stop. Good sound bitch impressive on the move and standing. Charming headpiece, lovely dark eye, just a touch more cushioning to finish off. Well coated, soft, and silky to touch, not quite the markings of the winner, Showed a free, and easy movement when on the move, lovely happy temperament.
3 Heath’s Salador Cazlet at Breidden
Post Graduate (4)  
1 Coughtrie’s Doonvalley Willow
Very feminine Blenheim with spot, desirable head, soft dark eyes well placed, ears framing face well. Would like just a little more cushioning to face to complete the picture. Well proportioned, good substance to body. Firm topline, neat well angulated quarters. Clean presentation. Moved soundly around the ring, responded well to handler.
2 Bates’s Kavenka Sugar and Spice
Good breed type blenheim bitch. Pleasing feminine head, well cushioned, dark well shaped eyes, bright expression. Nice make, and shape to body, well rounded ribcage. Good bend of stifle, moved freely, covering the ground well.
3 Kenny’s Blairburn Benita
Post Graduate B& T and Ruby (6, 1)  
1 Gaw’s Damarland Gypsy Rose
Placed 3rd in Junior bitch, pretty B&T bitch, in good firm condition. Showing a nice outline overall. Good rich tan markings on face, legs, and under tail. Well shaped head flat skull, good length to neck. Steady topline, good depth to chest, well developed hindquarters. Upright in appearance, looked better when handler relaxed.
2 Workman’s Damaron Red Clover of Costara
Appealing ruby bitch, rich ruby coloured coat of good length, a bit unruly in pieces, well furnished tail, and leathers. Good angulation coming, and going, has all the correct essentials for the breed. Dark pigmentation to eyes, and nose. On the move she showed off her attributes, moving at a steady pace with her handler.
3 Lees’s Evonola Lady in Red
Limit (12)  
1 Gillhespy’s Lorphill Libiamo
Some nice bitches in this class. Petite and charming tri-coloured bitch, heavily marked coat. Sweet head, and expression, rich tan markings above eyes, and cheeks, flat skull, long feathered leathers. Well angulated conformation to body. Full of herself on the move, and standing, really moved with drive, and flair. Clean presentation.
2 Kerr’s Kinvaar Coco Chanel
Lovely Blenheim bitch, again well presented. Very showy and pushed winner hard. Smart quality bitch, well developed head, soft expression. Good rich tan markings to coat. Correct size, and pleasing outline. Responded to handler, moving with ease around the ring.

3 Mowatt’s Lorphil Lucianna
Open (4)  
1 Thomson’s Ailcres Blue Heaven
Quality 6 year old B/T bitch, so sound really sailed around the ring, firm sound movement to front, and rear, showing real drive to the rear. Very upstanding bitch, oozing ring presence. Dripping in a soft silky coat, displaying a lovely outline when standing. Harmonious construction to body. She showed the youngsters how it’s done. A good example of the breed always lasts, however old, but nowadays some judges regard an exhibit over 4 years of age as too old, disregarding the quality of the exhibit, because of its age. Not so in this case, and I was pleased to award her Best Bitch, and Reserve Best in Show.
2 Grant’s Rothes Lullaby
Pretty Blenheim bitch, graceful expression, soft dark eyes, nicely balanced head, and good length to neck. Level topline, deep chest, good bone throughout. Showed with confidence, moving with ease, and grace covering the ground well. Soft to touch coat of good length covering her shapely body well.
3 Drennan’s Keyingham Violet of Calaten
Brace (7, 1)  
1 Kenny’s 1st Blenheim brace,
The most uniform of the braces, in respect of size, coat markings, and movement. Handled well, and responding to the handler who strode out with them giving a pleasing picture.
2 Craig’s Lovely pair of rubies, just slightly bigger in size, but again a good match, moved happily around the ring enjoying themselves, non stop tail wagging from these two.
3 Kenny’s 2nd Brace
  A lovely class to finish an enjoyable day’s judging, thank you everyone.