Scottish Kennel Club
Championship Show - 24th August 2003

Best of Breed - Lisgarth Petrouchka with **
Best Opposite Sex - Loranka's Majestic Moments
Best Puppy - Downsbank Firecracker

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs.   Mr T Thorn
C.C. Hughes' Loranka's Majestic Moments
R.C.C. Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas JW
Best Puppy Mochrie's Downsbank Firecracker
Minor Puppy    
1 Knight's Carolus The Playboy
7 months & coming along really well, nicely constructed, typical masculine head, moderate neck, firm front, good body for age, sound back end, nice mover.
2 Bayliss' Castlewytch Tha Man I Love NAF
7 month Blen, well formed body, good balance & ideal body, super head & eyes, good front, well let down stifles, moving well.
3 Bloice's Scotlass The Laird
1 Mochrie's Downsbank Firecracker
9 months Ruby, good style & balance, pleases in head, eyes & ears, moderate neck, straight & firm front, ideal body for age, good topline & quarters, moving nicely, quite active & parallel both ends, certainly one with a lot of promise. BP
2 Paterson's Phrenchy Whatshizname
10 months Blen, nice masculine head, large eyes, well apart, good front, nicely bodied, correct rear angulation, smart mover for age.
3 Sloan's Lyndabelle Louis At Turretbank
1 Hughes' Loranka's Jubilation
Blen, super for type, lovely head & large dark eyes, excellent ears & feathers, firm front, good body, ribs & rear angulation, good coat, moving quite well, active & fairly true.
2 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth
Blen of good size, coming on really well & looking good in outline, very good topline & short couplings, nice head, neck & front, good body & quarters, pleasing movement, should go on & do some useful winning when fully mature.
3 Bloice's Scotlass Harrison
Special Yearling    
1 Reed's Chantiz Chutney
Masculine headed Blen, good dark eyes, long high set ears, good feathers, firm in front, nice body & ribs, correct tail & rear angulation, proficient mover, quite stylish & true.
2 Steel's Behabre Extravagance
Lovely headed Blen with lozenge, good neck & front, well ribbed up, short couplings, level back, well let down in stifles, good tail, moving well both ends but not quite matching 1.
3 Sloan's Turretbank Topnotch
1 Rogerson's Rabymar Badgers Creek
Tri, coming along well & far too good for this grade. Little lacking in coat, but good head & well structured all through, ideal balance & short back, very sound mover.
2 Glen's Sandbrae Red Alert
Nice sized Ruby, rather immature in body & ribs, in excellent coat & quite nice on the move.
3 Armitt's Brasingamen Black As Jet
1 Kerr's Kinvaar Mystere JW
Lightly marked Blen, nice masculine head with lozenge, lovely dark eyes, soft expression, correct ears, medium length of neck, good front, body & ribs, fairly short back, good quarters & tail, fairly true but deliberate on the move.
2 Marshall's Greenhow Goldfinch
Good headed Blen, nice head, eyes & expression, good front standing but not as tight as 1 on the move, good body, ribs & back end, nice topline, shown in nice coat & condition.
3 Bloice's Scotlass Harrison
Post Graduate    
1 Styles' Charlesworth Devons Secret of Driftwin
Not in full coat, but this nice Blen is sound, honest, well balanced with ideal short coupling & level topline. scores well in head, eyes & ears, moderate neck, firm front, nicely bodied, correct rear angulation, when settled moved very well.
2 Craig's Ebonleigh Jolly Jasper
Nice Ruby, masculine head. Stop could be more shallow. Nice front, body & ribs, good topline & sound quarters, moving nicely both ends.
3 Burr's Paulian Lovesong
Special Limi    
1 Mochrie's Downsbank Kensington
Super quality B/T, lovely masculine head, large dark. eyes, soft expression, excellent ears, good firm front, very good body & ribs, short couplings, correct tail & rear angulation, nice coat & condition, moving in good style.
2 Shinnick's Leelyn Rug Rat
Classy B/T, very good in head properties. moderate neck, high set & long ears, firm front, good body topline & quarters, well feathered tail, pleasing on the move.
3 Sullivan's Shenlyn February Focus for Myhope
1 Reed's Chantiz Chuckler
Well marked Blen, super head, eyes & ears, nice moderate neck, good straight front, moderate bone, ideal body & ribcage, correct short couplings & level topline, good coat & condition, very nice mover.
2 Sandlan & Marshall's Greenhow Glissade with Arenkote
Handsome Tri, typical masculine head, good dark eyes & soft expression, excellent ears, moderate neck, firm straight front, well bodied & ribbed, sound quarters & hocks, nice coat, feathers & condition, good mover.
3 Name Withheld Name Withheld
1 Hughes' Loranka's Majestic Moments
High class Tri of nice size, shape & make, very sound all through, best mover in the class, lovely head properties, straight front, moderate bone, ideal body & ribs, short coupled, correct tail & rear angulation. CC
2 Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas JW
Beautiful headed Blen, lovely large dark & expressive eyes, good straight front, well bodied, just enough spring of ribs & rear angulation, very proficient mover. RCC
3 Gow's Lyncraeg Daydream JW
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Bitches   Mr T Thorn
C.C. Gamble & Name Withheld Lisgarth Petrouchka with **
R.C.C. Rix & Berry's Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Best Puppy Paterson's Phrenchy Charlottes Web
Minor Puppy    
1 Hughes' Loranka's Celebration Time
8 months Blen, absolute stunner, superb head, eyes & ears, moderate neck, straight front, ideal body, ribs, couplings & topline, well made quarters, super mover.
2 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Very close up & at 7 months should have a very good future, lovely Tri, shares many of the attributes & movement of 1. Bit of a fidget when it mattered.
3 Gaskell's Jeilohn Clio Rose
1 Paterson's Phrenchy Charlottes Web
10 months Blen, high in quality & type, well made up in body & ribs & moving really well, super head, eyes & ears, straight front, ideally coupled, level topline & good quarters, BP.
2 Sloan's Turretbank Martina
Close up this 10 months Blen has the quality & breed attributes to go on & do well, lovely feminine head, moderate neck, good front, body & backend for age, moving true & in good style.
3 Carter-Hunt & Boyd's Dancetime Diva with Swaish
1 Hughes' Loranka's Summerlove
Super specimen from this kennel, fits the bill perfectly for type, size & substance, nice & short in couplings, beautiful head, eyes & ears, best of straight fronts, good ribs, topline & rear angulation, impressive true mover.
2 Godwin's Stanhome Material Girl Among Simpatico
12 months Tri & really coming along well, so very sound all through but not matching 1 for maturity, nice head, front, couplings & topline, very proficient mover.
3 Stocks' All Nite Rave at Rebinya
Special Yearlimg    
1 Waters' Keyingham Raphaela
High class Blen, beautiful head, eyes & expression, high set long ears, well feathered, nice straight front, good body & ribs, short couplings & ideal rear angulation, good tail, best mover in class, has the quality to go all the way to the top on full maturity.
2 Bayliss' Miskhill Boujolais at Castlewytch
Lovely Tri, took 1 close up, lovely head properties, large dark eyes, soft expression, moderate neck, good body, ribs & quarters, lovely level topline, nice coat & condition, moving in good style.
3 Greenall's Charlesworth Royal Glitter
1 Stocks' All Nite Rave at Rebinya
2 Beney's Lavehnke's Thumbelina
Nicely made Tri, good head & large dark eyes, stands well in front, good body & ribs, nice coat & feathers. Can still tighten up in movement but this should come with time.
3 Green's Cabbyleyr Precious Moments
1 Hughes' Loranka's Hey Baby
Solidly built & quite compact, lovely head, eyes & ears, straight front, moderate bone, good body & ribs, very short coupled, sound quarters, good tail, not much coat, moving really well.
2 Barraclough's Phrenchy Almost An Angel at Juette
Close up & short of coat, very feminine Blen, sweetest of heads, good front, body & ribcage, level topline, sound backend, moving in good style.
3 Letham's Blairburn By Your Leave
Post Graduate    
1 Ferguson & Mair's Miadahl Threee Times A Lady
Nicely constructed Tri, very sound all through, good moving, scores well in head, eyes & ears, moderate neck, firm & straight front, ideal body, ribs & couplings, level back, correct tail, in fair coat.
2 Greenall's Charlesworth Royal Caprice
Pretty headed Blen, typical head, large dark eyes, well set long ears, good lozenge, straight front, ideal body, ribs & topline, quite nice on the move, very good featherings.
3 Bartlett's Korolevsky Natalya
Special Limit    
1 Hunter's Spennithorne Midnight Rose
Very high class B/T in brilliant coat, feathers & condition, typical head & eyes, moderate length of neck, nice straight front, good body & ribcage, short couplings, level topline, firm backend, proficient mover.
2 Thurston's Chiffinch Double Whoopee
Nice Ruby. Carrying far too much weight which affected her performance both standing & moving. Sweet head, good front. Topline not so level due to weight, in good coat.
1 Shone's Korraines Atlantica
Beautifully headed Blen of intense quality, style & balance, nice straight front, good body & ribs, quite short in couplings & very sound in rear, fabulous ear feathers, in good coat & feathers, free moving & parallel both ends.
2 Stanley's Valanroy Uptown Girl at Stanhome
Very nice Tri, looking good in outline, very good mover, nice feminine head, large dark expressive eyes, firm & straight front, good body, ribs, couplings & topline, nice coat & condition.
3 Cunningham's Chamanic Fredrika
1 Gamble & Name Withheld Lisgarth Petrouchka with **
Smashing B/T, so full of life, looking really good in profile, typical in head & eyes, dark large & expressive eyes, firm straight front, good body, ribs & topline, very sound quarters & hocks, shown in super coat & condition, very free & relatively true mover. CC & BOB
2 Rix & Berry's Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Super quality & extremely feminine Blen, best of heads, nice straight front, moderate bone. Could have a shade larger ribcage, short couplings, level topline, correct rear angulation & tail, lovely condition, moving true both ends, carries her title proudly.
3 Hughes' Loranka's Sweetest Dream
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