South Wales Kennel Association
Championship Show - 10th July 2003

Best of Breed -Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Best Opposite Sex - Charwelton Valentine
Best Puppy - Aranel Ballistic

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs.   Mrs M Milton
My apologies for this late report but we moved just a few days later.
It was a pleasure to judge this very well run show, a new venue with very few teething problems to sort out. My thanks to my two stewards who were a great help throughout the day.
Most of my class winners had good silky coats, a special feature of the breed. A joy to run ones fingers through it's pure silk and the icing on the cake. Some coats were on the blow and as with all judging, one has to be a little forgiving of many faults provided the overall picture says cavalier. I found some blenheims lacked the pearly white markings, so many looked bleached giving a stark appearance. Not so my CC winner Charwelton Valentine, a blenheim with rich chestnut markings on a pearly white ground, another touch which adds gentleness to the whole picture. Good clarity. Valentine completely filled the eye, so pretty and so correct in head. His lovely shapely outline gave him a well-balanced look all through. Good compact body, well-sprung ribs. Loved the way he carried himself as he strode around the ring. A dog which says cavalier type to me. On the referee's decision the bitch was awarded BOB.
Angell's Charwelton Valentine
Sullivan's Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope
Best Puppy
Smith & Aldous' Aranel Ballistic
Minor Puppy   The first three were blenheims and each appealed having their own individuality
1 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Octane
Smart heavily marked blenheim. Sweet head, good topline and tailset. Short hocks, moved well keeping a good tail carriage. Good neck and shoulders. A balanced little dog .
2 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Hero
Another smart heavily marked blenheim with an exuberant attitude to showing himself off.. Good head, a little more forward than 1. Good neck and shoulders. Needs to tighten but so many things come with age.
3 Rennard's Deranmar Michael
1 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Ballistic
I liked this heavily marked blenheim very much. Attractive head with large dark eyes, good pigment and front. A compact shapely puppy. Well sprung ribs and good depth of brisket, level topline and good tail carriage. Straight all through, no suggestion of a pear shape here. Ideal size. He also carried himself well on the move. I was pleased to award him BPD and eventually BP in breed and congratulations to his owner on winning Best Puppy in the Toy Group.
2 Inglis' Craigowl Billy Elliot
A lovely tricolour, so hard to get everything right in this colour but he is nearly so. I suppose some might say he is heavily marked but his markings did not detract for me. He presented an unbroken, clean line which showed off his lovely shape without interruption Good topline, tailset and bone. His black has no trace of tan and the white has excellent clarity. Stands and moves well. Head still developing but given his age I would anticipate this to be typical of his breeding and he will be a dog for the future.
3 Ford's Tuppenlil Espresso
1 Ford's Sallcott Cantata Of Tuppenlil
A very nice black and tan which excelled in head. Good neck and shoulders, topline and tailset. Slightly longer cast than 2 but his happy nature was a bonus and with this showy temperament he certainly knew how to move around the ring.
2 Shinnick's Leelyn Darius
Loved this ruby. Slightly more in balance, in good coat, and colour, silky texture. Lovely size and shape, good bone and topline. Good black pigment. Not such a show off as 1 and failed to do himself justice on the move.
3 Rayner's Trirayne Brummell
Spec Yearling    
1 Hughes' Loranka's Starstealer
Ruby with a well structured head. Dark eyes which could be bigger, good ear leathers. Nice size, good bone and body, level topline and tail carriage.
2 Parker's Jordanic Lucca
A pretty, heavily marked blenheim. I did catch a glimpse of a large dark eye before the sun made him squint (a problem throughout the day). Good pigment A neat dog whose topline needs to tighten.
3 Higgins' Chamanic Sentinel
1 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth
Heavily marked blenheim with a very pretty head, nice dark eyes and pigment. Silky coat. Good neck and shoulders, leading into a level topline. Nice straight front, good bone for size. Maturing nicely.
2 Armitt's Brasingamen Black As Jet
A very nice black and tan in good coat. He lived up to his name by having a very good black coat and rich tan markings. Attractive head, good front and tail carriage.
3 Smith's Salador Cadabra
1 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Bombastic
This very shapely quality blenheim deservedly won the class. Well broken chestnut markings on a pearly white ground, silky textured coat. Attractive, balanced head, nice dark eyes. Good bone for size which was ideal. He moved extremely well, driving off from his very short hocks. A dog to be proud of.
2 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Antony
A slightly larger well-broken, tricolour. There is very little to dislike about this very handsome dog. He has one of the most typical heads of the day. Soft, gentle expression, lovely eyes, good pigment. A shapely outline and he didn’t disappoint on the move. Coat a little on the blow over his buttocks but a tricolour who, given the chance and reproductive ability could prove useful.
3 Holman's Willowtump Bilbo Baggins
Post Graduate    
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Enchanted
Pretty headed blenheim, his lovely dark eyes and good pigment all help to give this dog such a gentle expression. One needs to handle him to appreciate his many virtues, including his overall very finely tuned balance. Well broken rich, silky, chestnut coat on a pearly white ground. This is a small dog in a shapely package, good tail carriage and level topline. Moved well. Presented in very good coat, a quality exhibit.
2 Inglis' Craigowl Jarrow
Compact tricolour with a good white collar and black blanket markings. Not quite the head of 1 at the moment. Quite shapely with good turn of stifle, good front, level topline. Moved well.
3 Stevens' Kilnshena Idle Vice
1 Angell's Charwelton Valentine
CC. Best Dog.
2 Sullivan's Shenlyn February Focus For Myhope
Another with a lovely head, dark eyes and pigment, giving him a true cavalier expression. Good neck and shoulders. Very good bone for size, straight front, good topline and tail carriage. Extremely good movement, striding out well with a flowing action. Responding well to a different handler, showing a very happy disposition. Res.CC.
3 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Ryan
Open   A very good class with many worthy champions and CC winners.
1 Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
This dog was looking far more relaxed than I have seen him of late and enjoying his day. A lovely dog who fully deserves his many wins. A nice shape, with a very pretty head, dark eyes and pigment. My notes say “quality blenheim” and he is all of that. Lovely well broken silky coat. Moved well in co-ordination with his imported handler.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Majestic Moments
A neat little tricolour who dressed in keeping with the very hot weather. Masculine head, which would be complete with a little more softness. He has dark eyes, good pigment. Well balanced, his good structure was apparent when standing and he never put a foot wrong on the move, striding out well.
3 Boardman's Ch Volney Quest

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Bitches   Ms M Hogan
Many thanks to the South Wales KA for the invitation, and most especially to the exhibitors who made Cavaliers the best entry of the entire show - despite it being on a Thursday. All exhibits were well presented, not all were in full bloom - no doubt the time of year and weather had a lot to do with that. Overall I was impressed with the consistency of type, but would caution against complacency with eye colour and size. Eyes should be large, dark, and round I did see light to amber coloured eyes - these tend to give a hard expression and light eyes are one of the hardest faults to breed out.
Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Waters’ Keyingham Raphaela
Best Puppy
Bubb's Wandris Bliss
Minor Puppy (16 entries 5 absent)  
1 Blunt's Karabel Kameo
Rich coloured, mature bodied Blenheim bitch. Beautiful large dark eyes. Well put together, good turn of stifle, excellent neck and shoulder - keeping a level topline on the move. A little over awed in the challenge for best puppy bitch.
2 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Fashion
Another quality Blenheim from this kennel. Pretty head large dark eye, good neck and shoulders, correct size and type, well marked, really enjoying her day, I'm sure 1 & 2 will change places many times.
3 Hughes' Loranka's Celebration Time
Puppy (13, 2)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Bliss
Well marked well balanced Blenheim bitch, large dark eye, rich pigmentation, flashily marked moving effortlessly coming and going with true parallel movement, having the correct tail carriage. Was pleased to award her Best Bitch Puppy
2 Inglis' Craigowl Can Can
Beautifully presented mature flashy Blenheim bitch – carrying a tad too much weight on the shoulder, a pleasure to go over, held her top-line pushed hard for 1st I’m sure 1 & 2 will rival for top honours in the future.
3 Barwell's Charlottetown Charity
Tough decision on 2 & 3 lost out on maturity, moved a dream.
Junior (28, 5)  
1 Gill's Florindale Wood Opal
B/Tan nice mature type, lovely dark eye, rich bright tan in good coat - good neck and shoulders, level top-line, moved well coming and going a pleasure to go over, showed well.
2 Baillie's Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity
Pretty Blenheim with lozenge, well-marked - a little in-between coats, nice short coupled but with a good neck and shoulders moved effortlessly such a happy disposition.
3 Allerton's Karabel Karrigold
Spec Yearling (11, 1)  
1 Claydon's Brymarden Rosetta
Blenheim bitch in full coat, well broken with a good dark eye, good neck and shoulder placement, good spring of rib, rich pigmentation working as a team with her owner never giving up showing.
2 Bayliss' Miskhill Boujolais At Castlewytch
Pretty Tricolour with lovely dark eye, rich pigmentation - tan in all the right places, correct size and type moving well.
3 Hughes' Loranka's Hey Baby
Novice (12, 2)  
1 Waters' Keyingham Raphaela
A very pretty Blenheim girl correct size and type, soft expression good large dark eye, well laid shoulders, well broken good turn of stifle, well placed hocks - moved well back and forth a balanced typy bitch who I was pleased to give RCC.
2 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle
A lovely mature Blenheim turned out to perfection, Good neck and shoulder, with good depth of chest and lovely spring of rib it was a tough decision between 1 & 2 just preferred 1's expression on the day.
3 Claydon's Rippleoak River Dancer
Graduate (9, 0)  
1 Dix's Downsbank Winter Berries For Beewye
Ruby bitch, beautifully put down, in full coat, lovely dark eye, good pigmentation good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, nice spring of rib, free moving - totally captivated by her handler. Pushed hard for the R.CC
2 Armitt's Brasingamen Swan Lake
The eyes have it with this Blenheim bitch giving the softest of expressions being large, limpid with black rim pigment set in a well cushioned head, correct ear set, correct size and type, well broken and didn't disappoint on the move.
3 Bartlett's Korolevsky Natalya
Post Graduate (14, 1)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Sweet Dream
A pretty Blenheim bitch with the softest of expressions, large dark eye, well-set ears framing the face. Correct size and type, moderate bone, good pigmentation, lacking in coat today, which pegged her back for top honours. I know this “Dream” will have her day soon.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Sweetest Dream
Another Blenheim similar size and type to one in good coat, just preferred the expression of 1.
3 Gamble & Name Withheld Lisgarth Petrouchka
Limit (20, 4)  
1 Li's Avalcier Elle
Blenheim bitch of nice size and type, good neck and shoulders, nice dark eye with good pigmentation well broken, moved well - kept a level top-line when moving, impeccably presented with long silky coat - plenty of feathering.
2 Boardman's Volney Monopoly
Another favourite of mine, pretty headed Blenheim girl, with large dark eye, good size and type, well marked, good turn of stifle, coming back into coat.
3 Ackroyd-Gibson's Toraylac Deja Vu
Open (5, 1)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Embrace
At only 20 months she is an outstanding Blenheim bitch oozing quality and type, correct size, with a soft expression, free elegant movement with plenty of drive from behind. Sporting a silky coat free from curl and put down to perfection, I was delighted to go over her and had no hesitation in awarding her the C.C. with Best of Breed.
2 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Madonna
Pretty headed bitch, good size and nice type sweet expression emanating from her eyes, well-set ears framing her face. Good neck and well placed shoulders, good depth of chest and lovely spring of rib.
3 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Romance

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