South and West Wales CKCS Club
Championship Show - 2nd November 2003

Best in Show - Pascavale Enchanted
Reserve Best In Show - Montcolly Victoria
Best Puppy - Lymrey Hi Fashion

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Dogs.   Mrs J M Wright
I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for such a warm welcome and great hospitality. The show was very well run.
There were some very good dogs, and in some of the 'hotter' classes, some went cardless through no fault of their own. However, it must be said that there were worrying points that really do need to be closely watched by breeders.
Movement was one of these points; bad movement comes from bad construction; it is no good having a beautifully presented dog, well schooled and showing his heart out, if, when asked to moved, does not possess the back end to give good drive! Another point that was worrying was the number of 'gay' tails that were present. The tail set was in the wrong place in a good number; this needs be addressed sooner rather than later.
The wholecolours seem to have taken a step backwards again! Never easy to get right, they have always been the 'poor relation', despite a superb revival a few years ago, they seem to have slipped back again, with the exception of the top placings, quality was lacking.
In these commercially driven days, where puppies command high prices and the incentive to' make a name' is all too tempting, breeders have a huge responsibility to strive for excellence; this, sadly, is lacking in a great many of today's breeders
CC Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Enchanted
RCC Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Hi Octane
Best Puppy Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Hi Octane
Veteran (6 entries, 3 absent)  
1 Barwell's Ch Charlottetown Trueman
A fine upstanding Blenheim dog headed this very nice class of comparative oldies. Shown in really good coat. He has a lovely head, is well built right through and moved really well, should go on doing so for years!
2 Jones' Caedrenant Realm of Gold
Black and Tan of good type. Very sound movement and had a lovely profile which he held throughout.
3 Jones' Caedrenant Mafon
Ruby, not the movement of the others, but a nice dog with a gentle head. Well presented.
Minor Puppy (8, 3)  
1 Claydon's Brymarden Billybob
A grand little Blenheim lad; very immature as yet, but very young. Really moved around the ring and showed very well; very typical head, well constructed and of good coat colour.
2 Jones' Woodstock Entwined with Droleus (NAF, TAF)
Only just of age; a very promising Blenheim showing so well for such a youngster. He also moved very well. Nice head to come and well made.
3 Conneally's Coedgwylum Hot Favourite
Tri colour of a larger mould than the 1 & 2, but a nice puppy. Very well balanced and moved well. A nice class.
Puppy (13, 1)  
1 Portingale's Jacrianna Sea Lord
Lovely mature Blenheim; very confident and full of himself. Shows good promise. He moved with good drive. Good head, well made with everything where it should be. This was a good class.
2 Rennard's Deranmar The Kingmaker
Another from the top drawer; Blenheim, of good size. Well balanced with a good profile; not quite the fill in face to complete the picture yet, but this will come.
3 Towse's Miletree Macnab
Blenheim, less mature than 1 & 2, but good prospects. Lovely head and well made. He really was a handful but showed well and happily. Three very good puppies.
Junior (15, 6)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Entertainer
A grand dog. Blenheim in full coat. Masculine head, lovely to go over. Balanced, well made, moved with drive and a good showman.
2 Davison, Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Majestic with Kusilla
Tricolour of smaller mould. He was really nice to go over and moved well. Lacked the expression of 1. Short coupled and sound as a bell.
3 Shinnick's Leelyn Darius
A good ruby, well made and very sound; moved true. His head was fully cushioned and masculine, tendency to frown which tends to spoil the overall expression.
Maiden (7, 3)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Hi Octane
A blenheim, with a future full of promise. A lovely, well cushioned head, a kindly eye and great quality. He is good seen from any angle; sound and showed beautifully, a real eyeful. Just one day short of his first birthday. RCC & BEST DOG PUPPY. AND RBPIS.
2 Rennard's Deranmar Michael
Not as mature , but a very nice dog in prospect. Blenheim of quality, good coat colour. Lovely head and very sound. Very close up to 1, I am sure they will change places often.
3 Knight's Carolus The Admiral
Tricolour, a really fidgety handful today but a lot to like about him. He moved with great drive, this is so important. Nice head, small, compact and overall, very nice.
Novice (9, 1)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Entertainer
See Junior
2 Jones' Droleus That's M'Heartthrob
A smart little tricolour. A good head, good bone and well constructed. He moved so well once he settled!
3 Allerton's Deeriem Tambourine Man
Another good tricolour, giving his handler a hard time! Good size, nice compact dog who was close up to 2.
Spec Grad B/T (10, 1)  
1 Ford's Sallcott Cantata of Tuppenlil
A good size with a lovely head. Good rich tan and a true black. Very good to go over and when moving he was very sound and balanced. This was a real ‘mixed bag’ of a class!
2 Stevens' Kilnshena Idle Vice
Of smaller mould. Good head and very nice on the move using his hocks to great effect.
3 Hull's Telvara Xtravaganza
Such a good type, good colour and good profile , let down by going close behind.
Spec Grad Ruby (10, 2)  
1 Shinnick's Leelyn Darius
Placed in an earlier class; a quality dog, he won this class comfortably.
2 Griffiths' Glenelen Miller Magic
A nice sized dog; well made and didn’t put a foot wrong, but up against a dog of great presence today.
3 Grant's Granasil Winter Flame
Wonderful coat colour, nicely made and solid to go over, just not putting it all in.
Spec Grad Tri (6, 2)  
1 Biggs' Kellorian Poetry in Motion
Headed this good class, of this most difficult colour to get right! He was immaculately presented, very showy. Good head, good all through, I just wish his tailset was a little better, but moved well enough to take the class.
2 Stark's Tayfern Silent Flight
Another very nice dog. Set down in lovely coat and condition. Well made with a good masculine head and as sound as can be. Just not moving as well as the winner today.
3 Moffa'st Clockpelters Billy Flynn
Another dog of lovely type. Good head, good size and overall very nice.
Spec Grad Blen (10, 2)  
1 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth
A good size, with a lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck and a well placed shoulder. Handsome yet not overdone in any way. Moved very well, a good class.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Jubilation
Very close up to 1, but lacked the lovely expression. A dog of quality and a great showman. Moved very well.
3 Richards' Rosacanina Teddy
A larger dog, good type, sound and balanced. Moved very well, overall presented a good picture.
Post Graduate (16, 2)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Enchanted
A real picture! He exudes quality and commands attention. Presented immaculately, this Blenheim has great prescence. He is a small, compact dog with the head of a prince and is lovely to go over. Moved with tremendous drive, but the handling was an object lesson…not moved too fast which meant he kept his balance without compromising his movement. CC, His first, but I am confident he will make it. With the full agreement of my co-judge, a worthy BIS.
2 Blunt's Karabel Kavanagh
Another lovely Blenheim, just unlucky to meet the winner in such form today. Good masculine head, shown in good coat. He moved with great aplomb.
3 King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo
A nice type and the cherished ‘spot’ to boot! All three dogs were very typical, good breed types. Moved very well and presented an overall balanced picture.
Limit (21, 5)  
1 Reed's Chantiz Chuckler
A lovely type, very typical of this kennel. Blenheim with a well broken coat. Masculine and a good upstanding dog. Well constructed and moved with ease and style. Another moved at the best pace to maintain movement and balance. This was a good class.
2 Bennett's Ttenneb Daydream Believer
Another good one, well presented and very good showman. Held his presence both on the table and on the move.
3 Searle's Milkeyn Sheer Dynamite at Stonepit
Third of three very nice dogs. It was splitting hairs to separate 2 & 3. Showed well and moved well, another good breed type.
Open (20, 6)  
1 Shinnick's Leelyn Rug Rat
A quality black and tan, with a masculine head and a lovely dark and gentle eye. Put down in immaculate order in very good coat of the correct colour. A very sound and solid little dog, great backend and moved so well.
2 Lymer & Scheidt's Ch Lymrey Roger
Blenheim of great quality, well presented. A lovely dog, masculine without a hint of coarseness. He moved well but today the B/T just had the better of him.
3 Salisbury's Clopsville Kansas JW
A good type with a lovely head with gentle expression, he moved well and showed his heart out. Sadly the lack of coat detracted somewhat when seen against 1 & 2.
Bred by Exhibitor (10, 2)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Ryan
Beautifully presented Blenheim, dripping in coat. He has a lovely head, with a good expression. Very soundly made, with a lovely outline held standing and on the move. Such balance and class.
2 Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
Very close up to the winner. A dog of great quality and a lovely rich colour, he showed with the vigour that has made him what he is, a lovely type of dog, sound in every way.
3 Biggs' Kellorian Poetry in Motion
See Special Post Graduate Tricolour

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Bitches   Mr P Follows
I spent a very enjoyable day at this well run and friendly show, created by a close knit committee, who clearly enjoy each other's company and organising their clubs events. Thank you for the sporting way you applauded the class winners.
There were some very pretty toy spaniels exhibited and on the whole presentation was good with coats clean, shining and well groomed.
There were a few bad mouths - I counted five - and although back action was generally acceptable many loose fronts on otherwise lovely bitches were to be seen. Please look to improve forequarters and also watch the length of neck which affects the movement. I was disappointed on a number of occasions when some nice bitches looked stuffy around the neck. Finally there were a few who looked far too masculine for my liking. This was particularly prevalent in the Black and Tans.
All my winners possessed true type and those large dark eyes that we must strive to keep. I readily agreed with my co-judge to make the dog Best in Show, he was a lovely balanced dog with a stunning head and moved as well as handled superbly.
CC Hill & Webber's Montcolly Victoria
RCC Biggs' Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian
Best Puppy Lymer's Lymrey Hi Fashion
Veteran (11 entries, 2 absent)  
1 Jones' Droleus That's M'Girl
A lovely blen lady in her eleventh year, very pretty expression lovely eyes and still sound as a bell, carrying a little weight over the shoulders but her movement was good and solid. It was the elder’s day today and I learned later that she beat her daughter into second place.
2 Conneally's Ch. Droleus That's M' Libbii at Coedgwylum
Just over 7 years old very feminine blen, lovely shaped head with darkest of eyes, good reach of neck soundly put together and moved gracefully around the ring. Her champion status is most certainly deserved.
3 Dix's Beewye Calusa's Antonina
Attractive B/T lovely sweet feminine head, darkest of eyes, moved well and shown in gleaming condition.
Minor Puppy (18, 4)  
1 Stanley's Stanhome Petite Fleur
Lovely shaped Tri, very attractive head with beautiful large dark eyes, blackest pigment, using his expression to the full. Good bone, neck and shoulders although needs to fill out to help the overall picture but she has all the attributes needed to do well in the future.
2 Jones' Droleus That's M'Scalliiwag (NAF)
Lightly marked Blen expressive head good eyes and shows good balance, soundly put together with good topline although moved a shade wide.
3 Grant's Granasil Winter Star
Ruby girl, shapely head, good eye nice bone plenty of angulation, soundly constructed moved well and finished in richest chestnut.
Puppy (16, 3)  
1 Connor's Hillrows Magnolia for Gadeslain
Very attractive blen who scored in her body qualities and sound positive movement. Good head lovely eye and carried herself well showing off her forequarters to advantage. She still has loads to give but time is on her side.
2 Boundy's Rubyfield Escapade
Lovely shaped B/T in superb condition. Nice head and eyes soundly constructed and shows her body qualities off to advantage, standing fore square she is at one with her owner, moved well.
3 Towse's Miletree Enchantment
Very feminine blen girl, nicely developing head, good eye overall nice shape, movement a little slack which I’m sure will tighten in time.
Junior (20, 7)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle JW
This pretty blen just oozes presence and look at me, but she’s worth looking at. Lovely head and eye, so well balanced with reachy neck let into sound forequarters, moved around the ring solidly and with style showing off her balance and structure.
2 Walton's Underknoll Amber Gambler
Another pretty Blen whose looks are appealing, typy head good eye and pigment, lovely neck and shoulders, well ribbed up, moved well. A quality bitch.
3 Shinnick's Leelyn Goldie Locks
Super little ruby with classic expressive head using here ears to good effect, soundly constructed, moved positively, nose a little off today.
Maiden (17, 5)  
1 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Fashion
Sweetest little Blen one day off a year old, a shapely head, super dark eyes nicely cushioned face with a melting expression. Such a soundly put together little body she possesses all the attributes to develop into a stunning bitch. Moved well. Best Puppy Bitch and with my co judge’s agreement BEST PUPPY IN SHOW beating her brother.
2 Bubb's Wandris Bliss
Another lovely blen with spot, attractive head with super pigment and dark eyes, good bone, sound and so very well put together. Richest chestnut, movement was a little loose in front but again has the makings of another lovely bitch.
3 Bartlett's Korolevsky Alicia Markhova
Well broken blen, sweet expressive head, nice eyes, shapely body and so well balanced. Moved well.
Novice (14, 5)  
1 Bubb & Boyd's Wandris Pantomime
Nicely shaped blen who closely fought for her place but won on her overall qualities. Expressive head helped by darkest eyes blackest pigment lovely body sound and well balanced moved soundly.
2 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Falutin
A very petite but sound blen lady, lovely eyes very nice shape, good neck let into a straight front which gave that important free movement she displayed being the best mover in this class.
3 Walton's Underknoll Amber Gambler
See Junior
Spec Grad B/T (17, 2)  
1 Shinnick's Leelyn Essence
Impressive headed lady with lovely feminine expression that seemed to be lacking in a number of wholecolours in this class. Lovely eyes, deep pigment, which are vital in this colour and so well put together, nice bone plenty of angulation she moved without effort and stood four square showing her socks off.
2 Gill's Florindale Wood Opal
Another very feminine lady who possesses all the attributes of quality. Jet pigment lovely large dark eyes sound body well ribbed up with the richest brightest tan, moved a shade close today.
3 Lambelle's Rexeven Gypsy Rose
Another compact well shaped girl lovely outline and certainly an outgoing lady, moved well and completed a trio of what breeders should strive for in their black and tan ladies.
Spec Grad Ruby (6)  
1 Martin's Ttitian Marionnette
A very compact ruby, lovely expressive feminine head fringed with correct set ears, dark eyes blackest pigment, good straight front with well laid shoulders. Movement was solid and driving.
2 Shinnick's Leelyn Goldie Locks
See Junior
3 Davies' Ashtelle Affinity
Another attractive looking Ruby, lovely eyes pretty feminine face using her expression to good effect, richest of colour, forequarters not so good as previous two but moved well just the same.
Spec Grad Tri (11, 3)  A strong class with my final three so close together in quality showing pleasing progress in tricolours.
1 Bayliss' Miskhill Boujolais at Castlewytch
This tri lady looked appealing to the eye in her general outline and balance during my initial viewing. On table inspection she shone even more, Very feminine head true to type with excellent dark eyes which then flowed via her nicely arched neck into her forequarters. Well sprung ribs, correct shoulder placements and soundness throughout gave her the equipment to perform on the move, which she certainly did.
2 Searle's Stonepit Just A Gem
Certainly a Gem she is, very close up to winner excellent head and eye giving a lovely expression which she certainly used, jettest pigment and so sound in bone and construction, moved well. Solid little lady who is full of fun and a handful for her owner but I like them that way.
3 Stanley's Muffity Adorable Ellesse of Stanhome
Another nice tri, pleasing head and eyes and altogether in lovely balance moved very well holding a firm topline. A solid honest Tri.
Spec Grad Blen (8, 5)  
1 Baillie's Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity
This compact lady portrayed such balance both standing and on the move, lovely head with spot framed with good ear fringes, straight front plenty of muscle and so sound in bone. Good turn of stifle, which gave her the lovely movement, she showed. A True Toy Spaniel.
2 Armitt's Brasingamen Swan Lake JW
Another nice blen who has a superb head and dark eyes but was not happy today and did not seem to spark. Lovely sound body and construction, moved with effortless drive. A quality bitch just needs to be a little happier.
3 Lambelle's Rexeven Amelia Rose
Nice head, lovely eyes, good angulation, movement was a little slack and nose off today.
Post Graduate (19, 4)  
1 Searle's Stonepit Just A Gem
See Special Graduate Tricolour
2 Bennett's Ttenneb Rainbow Dream
Lovely head on this Blen nice eye well shaped good front, plenty of angulation, somewhat out of coat today and her retained foot featherings made her look a little down on her pasterns but she did move well. Very well marked.
3 Stanley's Valanroy Uptown Girl at Stanhome
Striking tri, lovely head, blackest pigment, super shape and soundly made body, plenty of angulation and moved with drive.
Limit (24, 6)  
1 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Victoria
On first viewing this lady did not initially catch my eye, but when she presented herself on the table, her quality shone through. Classic head with the most impressive luscious dark eyes set in a lovely head, plenty of cushion and framed by shining well-fringed ears. Soundly constructed, lovely neck correct bone and ding-dong sound throughout. Moved with such effortless drive and verve. So very feminine and showed that extra charisma that won her the class and CC
2 Biggs' Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian
Slightly more striking in coat colouring than winner, lovely head and super dark eyes, jettest black pigment with plenty of shining ear fringes. Beautifully put together in a sound form, excellent bone and angulation moved also with effortless drive showing a good pair of hocks. Just preferred the softer expression of the winner but thoroughly deserved her Res CC.
3 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Sweet Dream
Pretty headed Blen, lovely eyes sweet expression, well shaped little body soundly put together, nicely balanced but movement in the final challenge was not as positive.
Open (7, 1)  
1 Ackroyd-Gibson's Toraylac Deja Vu
Pleasing Blen lovely shaped head, excellent dark eyes but needs to use her expression more for the full effect, nice body and so sound, good angulation and movement, so very well balanced throughout. A nice bitch.
2 Gamble & Name Withheld Lisgarth Petrouchka with **
Richly coloured Black & Tan pleasing head good eye, sound bone good fore and rear quarters moved a shade close but held a good topline and tail carriage.
3 Conneally's Pebblecombe Poetess at Coedgwylum
Nicely balanced Blen lovely head and eye, well put together; movement was just a shade erratic in front.
Bred by Exhibitor (6, 1)  
1 Koster's Ch Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
A True Toy Spaniel, quality Ruby lovely shaped head, nice eyes nose a little off today, but here body qualities and superb movement won her this class. Nice arch of neck, well laid shoulders and solid movement holding a firm topline. Lovely rich chestnut in superb condition. A worthy Champion.
2 Boardman's Volney Monopoly
A real solid blen both in construction, head and quality. Lovely large appealing eyes with blackest pigmentation, so soundly put together. Moved exceedingly well but not quite as animated as winner.
3 Claydon's Brymarden Kirsty Maccoll
Lovely well balanced Blen, very feminine quality head, nice eyes with a lovely soft melting expression, short of coat today but her movement was good. A very happy showgirl who’s tail never stopped wagging.

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