Championship Show - 4th July 2003

Best of Breed -Nottus Hooray Henry
Best Opposite Sex - Amantra Madonna
Best Puppy - Wandris Entertainer

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs.   Mrs S V Barwell
Dawson’s Nottus Hooray Henry
Mochrie's Downsbank Kensington
Best Puppy
Bubb's Wandris Entertainer
Minor Puppy (12 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1 Rennard's Deranmar Michael
Sweet headed blenheim, excellent pigment, lozenge, correct bite. Nice arched neck into shoulders, cobby body, neat feet, moved confidently and truly, comfortable winner.
2 Brakes' Caralean Chase The Ace
Blenheim, attractive head properties sweet expression, good topline, just needs a little more confidence which will come in time.
3 Mochrie's Downsbank Firecracker
Puppy (12, 1)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Entertainer
Blenheim carrying a wealth of coat for one so young. Masculine head, good pigment, well off for neck length, with correct shoulder placement, good angulation fore and aft. Lovely balance on the move. Best Puppy.
2 Li's Avalcier Alessandro
Blenheim, another mature youngster. well coated for age and in first class condition. Pretty expression, excelling in topline, oozes confidence. Moved well in both directions.
3 Davison, Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Majestic with Kusilla NAF TAF
Junior (10, 1)  
1 Dawson's Nottus Hooray Henry
Blenheim and what a handsome young man. Scrumptious head, with the best eyes of the day, flat skull, high set full ears. Good sweep of neck to shoulder, excellent upper forearm placement, well ribbed body, nice turn of stifle, good leg length. Moved absolutely truly in both directions a worthy CC and BOB winner.
2 Shinnick's Leelyn Darius
Ruby, with the most glorious head, super black pigment, lovely head carriage, proud and dignified, movement positive. He just needs to make more of himself and learn to relax.
3 King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo
Novice (8, 1)  
1 Waters' Maibee A Touch Lucky
Nothing lucky about this win. Blenheim in gorgeous coat and condition, mature type, nice for size, beautifully balanced on the move, excellent topline, tailset and general demeanour
2 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth
Really the same remarks apply. Lovely for type and overall balance. Quality facial expression. Good chestnut colouring.
3 Stewart's Evermore Valentine at Lehorte
Graduate (9, 3)  
1 Dawson's Nottus Hooray Henry
See Junior
2 Reed's Chantiz Chutney
Masculine headed blenheim. Dark eyes, good pigment, excellent make and shape, moved really well in both directions.
3 Ford's Tuppenlil Dylan
Post Graduate (16, 3)  
1 Storar's Kayjay T S Eliot at Ewecote
Blenheim in good coat and condition. Flat skull, nice round dark eye and good pigment, well made all through and moved correctly holding a flat topline and correct tail extension.
2 Biggs' Kellorian Poetry In Motion
Tricolour of 18 months. In lovely full bloom. Moved really well in both directions. Sweet headed with tan in all the right places.
3 Godwin's Cavaliegh Designer
Limit (25, 2)  
1 Mochrie's Downsbank Kensington
Black & Tan. Cushioned masculine head, dark eye and good pigment . Nice deep tan, defined and not muddied with his raven black shiny coat. Flat topline with correct tail extension, nice moderate bone, well angulated front and rear thus moving correctly fore and aft. A complete picture when viewed in profile. Res.CC
2 Dolamore's Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
Blenheim in lovely bloom. Strong masculine head, dark eyes, good dentition, well developed and angulated front and rear. Good Flowing action with balance and style.
3 Angell's Charwelton Valentine
Open (8, 0)  
1 Lewis' Daraste Refection of Love
Strongly made blenheim, enchanting face properties. Moved truly coming and going, just a touch proud of his tail.
2 Lymer & Scheidt's Ch Lymrey Roger
Another glamorous blenheim. good pigment, nice flat skull, moving with verve . Between coats today and running up a bit body light.
3 Boardman's Ch Volney Quest
Spec Open (7, 0)  
1 Sullivan's Shenlyn February Focus for Myhope
Black & Tan in glamorous coat, feathering and condition. Soft expression dark eye, nice neck and shoulder placement, moved with drive off his hocks.
2 Koster Harana Starman
Black & Tan. Pretty headed, dark eye, lovely topline on the move with good tail extension. Movement at times uncoordinated and stilted as though he suffers from prickly pads.
3 Morrison Lewisisle Highland Conon

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Bitches   Mrs T Homes
My first appointment at this level and most enjoyable. I thank the Windsor Committee for their very kind invitation, and more importantly I would like to thank all those exhibitors who allowed me to examine their dogs at close quarters. On paper it was a good entry, but sadly the puppy classes had quite a few absentees, being bitches it was quite possibly first seasons were to blame.
Overall the quality was good, there is far more uniformity in type and size, but still the perennial problem of wide fronts and badly placed shoulders, together with short upper arms still abounds, and also short stuffy necks. However, I tried not to penalize on any one thing and made a positive show of looking for type, balance and overall structure and movement. Standing centre stage today and watching all these lovely dogs made me ever more thankful and appreciative of the fact I am associated with a beautiful, friendly and outgoing breed, hope they continue to be so.
Fry & Jackson's Amantra Madonna
Koster's Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Best Puppy
Tidswell's Allrena Alexis
Minor Puppy (20 Entries, 10 absent)  
1 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Nicely proportioned head with large leathers which were well feathered and set on. Good angles and bone throughout, all under an attractively marked tri-colour jacket. Very well schooled youngster who moved and showed well.
2 Connor's Hillrows Magnolia for Gadeslain NAF TAF
Blen with pretty expression, dark pigmented nose and eye rims, high set and carried ears, richly marked and broken coat. Moved well.
3 Carter-Hunt & Boyd's Dancetime Diva with Swaish
Puppy (20, 4)  
1 Tidswell's Allrena Alexis
Exuberant personality with a little touch of mischief. Beautifully balanced head, nicely set on ears with good fringes, large round eyes giving open expression, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, lovely spring of rib, good hind angles with bone to compliment throughout. Firm topline and correct tail carriage, has a richly coloured and well marked coat complete with spot. Moved well. Best Puppy Bitch.
2 Hogan's Stavonga Sea Lilly
Another quality blen with well broken colour on pearly white. Slightly finer in bone and a fraction longer cast, clean lines and moving well.
3 Harvey's Rivermoor Lady Kelly
Junior (19, 5)  
1 Moulden's Forever Romance of Whitecroft
Copy book markings on this tri-colour. Nice tans, good head shape with well spaced eyes. Well set and carried ears, forming soft expression. Enough neck, good shoulder deep chest and rib. Moderate bone. Moved very soundly, was unlucky to meet the winner of the next class.
2 Vella & Towse's Miletree Classic Dream
Refined blen with dark eyes, good nose leather and well carried and feathered ears. Excellent reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Another excellent topline with she kept at all times. Another good mover.
3 Shinnick's Leelyn Essence
Novice (13, 1)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle
Won this class on overall maturity. Well marked blen with straight silky coat. Good neck and shoulder, deep chest and rounded rib, nice bone. Moved and showed well.
2 Moulden's Forever Romance of Whitecroft
See Junior
3 Lewis' Tanmerack Grable for Daraste
Graduate (19, 4)  
1 Waters' Keyingham Raphaela
Cracking little girl this, beautifully proportioned head, large dark round eyes and nose pigment, well feathered ears, crested neck, good firm backline and tail carriage, deep chest and well sprung rib, short couplings, nice bone. Presents a clean, petite outline standing and moving very soundly. all wrapped up in a very attractively marked blen coat. A little more time with maturity her best is yet to come.
2 Waddington's Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
Very close up here, built on slightly more refined lines in head and outline, rich blen colouring with straight and good quality coat, another nicely constructed exhibit who moved and showed very well.
3 Taylor's Rosscrea Swing Time
Post Graduate (20, 4)  
1 Blackburn's Bekenveldt Waltz In Black
Tri-colour with rich tans, good overall construction, moderate bone, and angles, moved out well with good strong driving action, has an attractive expression which is not easy in this colour. Showed well.
2 Martin's Ttitian Marionnette
Richly coloured and compact ruby, adequate bone for size, a tad short of coat and fringes, but a big personality in a little jacket, really strode out, moving well in all directions.
3 Joyce's Myotabad Red Skye
Limit (21, 3) Some lovely bitches in this class which sadly I couldn't accommodate placement wise.
1 Tolworthy's Salinan Something Special
Blen. Beautiful balance to this head, large round dark eye, large open nostril, well filled foreface, well placed and heavily fringes leathers, adequate neck and shoulder placement, deep chest and rounded rib, level topline and carried tail. Moved extremely well. Attractively marked coat which she has in abundance. Tends to lack interest at times and doesn’t do herself justice which is a shame. Quality exhibit.
2 Li's Avalcier Elle
Another well broken blen, slightly longer in foreface, dark pigmented eye rims and nose leather, good reachy neck, good angles fore and aft. Waggy happy disposition. Not so tight in front construction.
3 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Victoria
Open (12, 2) I was spoilt for choice again in this class.
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Madonna
Such a typical cavalier from every angle, lovely head, nice expression coming from beautiful eyes, with high set ears giving that almost flat finish to head. Good neck and well placed shoulders, good depth of chest and lovely spring of rib. Good stifle and well placed hocks. Correct for bone. Moved so positively around the ring keeping her table top topline and tail carriage, and in repose a happy wagging tail. Couldnt look past her. CC.
2 Banks' Choya In A Whisper
This little blen is quite a favourite to me, and I like her very much built on finer lines to l. but is so typical of our breed, pretty head, large lustrous eyes, good ear set and carriage. Standing she is a real show off and moving so true in all directions.
3 Bloomfield's Geronsart Victoriana of Oaklake
Spec Open (5, 2)  
1 Koster's Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Ruby. I couldn't help but smile when I looked into this beautiful little face. Large dark eyes with a twinkle of Who Me? gently tapered foreface. Well set and carried ears which are so well furnished. Good reach of neck, good depth of chest and correct bone, firm topline and good tail carriage, so compact, another easy mover with strong driving action, just lacking a little furnishing in the nether regions, but what she did have was a truly rich even colour, super little bitch. Res CC.
2 Loades' Rosirius Jute
Ruby built on larger lines all through, large expressive eyes and good pigmentation, good fore and hind angulation, good topline and tail carriage. Moved very well. Coat slightly on the blow.
3 Sparrow's Simpatico Genesis for Tashmit

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