Bournmouth Canine Association
Championship Show - 16th August 2004

Best of Breed - Keyingham Branwell
Best Opposite Sex - Maibee Delightful

Best Puppy -
Kinevor Curtis of Homerbrent
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Dogs. Mrs L A Flynn
Thanks for the opportunity of going over such high quality dogs, which made my decisions all he more difficult. With the wealth of quality dogs in our breed today we must bode well for the future.
CC Baker & Park's Keyingham Branwell
RCC Inglis' Craigowl Billy Elliot
Best Puppy Coaker's Kinevor Curtis of Homerbrent
Minor Puppy (13 Entries 3 Absent)  
1 Allerton's Kavacay Magic Dream at Deeriem
Exuberant Blen with that devilish look at me attitude, really enjoying his day, good head shape with large dark eyes giving a soft melting expression, good pigment, neck & shoulder placement, just about the right spring of rib & depth of forechest for age, correct tailset & carriage which never stopped wagging, keeping a level topline standing & on the move.
2 Reed's Chantiz Alonso
Different in head type to 1, well made, nicely con-structed body, good bone for age, moved a showed well.
3 Robertson's Kavacay Magic Star
Res Hughes' Loranka's Perfect Love
VHC Godwin's Simpatico Flash
Puppy (19, 1)  
1 Coaker's Kinevor Curtis of Homerbrent
What a stunner & am sure a star in the making, nicely broken rich Blen with the most glamorous head, coal black nose pigment & eye rims, melting large dark eyes, right amount of filling under eyes & correct length of muzzle, framed by long well feathered ear fringes, good depth of forechest & length of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib, well turned stifles & short hock, excellent movement with plenty of drive for a baby, keeping a level topline standing & on the move, was delighted to see him give an excellent account of himself & take PG 1.
2 Loades' Rosirius Razzle Dazzle
Ruby baby, lovely head with soft gentle expression framed by well set ears, nicely constructed throughout with good bone, straight front, good length of neck & well laid back shoulders, kept good topline, good hindquarters & well let down hocks, moved & showed well.
3 Shinnick's Leelyn Kameron
Res Paterson's Phrenchy Flash Arry
VHC Rennard's Deranmar Crispin
Junior (6, 0)  
1 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Command
Well balanced quality Blen as one has come to expect from this kennel, attractive head, nice large dark eyes & pigment; good shoulder placement, level back, good ribs & body, good tailset & carriage, moved & showed well.
2 Godwin's Cavaliegh Sweetheart
Nice quality well constructed Blen, attractive head with nice large dark eyes & soft expression, good overall body shape, well angulated hindquarters, moved & showed well.
3 Rogerson's Rabymar Apollo
Res Lewis' Leelyn Bumble
VHC Roper's Ascanti Prince Rupert
Novice (8, 0)  
1 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Command
See Junior
2 Godwin's Cavaliegh Sweet Talk
Litter brother to 2 in Junior class & very similar in type, similar remarks apply. 2 lovely boys.
3 Rogerson's Rabymar Apollo
Res Hazeltine's Juzandia Red Hot Chilli Pepa
VHC Andrews & Markie's Downsbank Magician TAF
Graduate (12, 1)  
1 Baker & Park's Keyingham Branwell
Super quality richly marked Blen of ideal size who just could not be overlooked, had all that I was looking for, lovely large dark eyes & eye rims, coal black nose pigment, with correct amount of cushioning giving that soft melting expression, framed by beautifully feathered well set ears, excellent crested neck flowing into well laid shoulders, level topline, good tailset & carriage, short well let down hocks moving out with drive & covering the ground with ease, wealth of soft silky coat in excellent condition, presented to perfection & non stop showmanship. He could not be denied his day. CC his 3rd & BOB with my co-judge.
2 Maclaine's Lochbuie Billy Elliot
Blen straight from the top drawer who oozes quality & type, good shape displaying many fine qualities with correct head, well cushioned muzzle giving a soft melting expression, moved & showed well.
3 Rennard's Deranmar Michael JW
Res Cole's Darozel De Montoya
VHC Ford's Sallcott Cantata of Tuppenlil
Post Graduate (15, 2)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Billy Elliot
Very glamorous Tri of sound construction & type, although heavier marked this did not detract, large dark eyes, well cushioned face, framed by well set ears with plenty of feathering, good neck flowing into well laid shoulders, level topline & good rear angulation, moving with plenty of drive & the style & panache that one expects of this breeder's dogs. RCC, am sure his day will come.
2 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth JW
Blen of correct size, have admired from the ringside many times & was not disappointed, nice make & shape without exaggeration, moved & showed well.
3 King-Smith's Ispahan Galileo JW
Res Ford's Tuppenlil Dylan
VHC Stevens' Kilnshena Idle Vice
Mid Limit (9, 3)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Entertainer JW
Stylish Blen of the highest quality, have admired from the ringside, excellent construction throughout, glamorous head with large dark eyes & melting expression, moved with style.
2 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Ballistic
Blen straight from the top drawer & on another day could push the best, pleasing in head & expression with large round dark eyes, moved & showed well.
3 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Hero JW
Res Dawson's Nottus Hooray Henry
VHC Waddington's Spindlepoint Chancellor JW Sh.Cm
Limit (15, 3)  
1 Hughes' Loranka's Jubilation
Blen, good type & nicely constructed, projected himself on the move.
2 Paterson's Phrenchy Watshizname
Nice dog of good type, large dark eyes, excellent pigment & coat colour, moved well.
3 Forrester's Salbrie Delaqua
Res Rogerson's Rabymar Waltzing Darkie
VHC Loades' Rosirius Serge
Open (18, 2)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Ch Pascavale Enchanted
What can I say about this young man that hasn't been said before, such a worthy Ch & real favourite of mine, neat little dog of ideal size & excellent construction finished by his wealth of coat which is in gleaming condition, presented to perfection. Unfortunately not as animated as I have seen in the past.
2 Koster's Ch Harana Starman
Worthy Ch & so beautifully presented which one expects from this kennel, moves with such style.
3 Lymer & Scheidt's Ch Lymrey Hi Octane
Res Coaker's Homerbrent Excitation
VHC Lewis' Daraste Refection of Love
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Bitches Mrs L M Gillhespy
I would like to thank the committee of Bournemouth Championship for the invitation to judge Cavalier bitches In my opinion, at this moment in time, there is great strength amongst the bitches with several placings where changes could easily be made between the winning three in many classes. I thank the exhibitors for a quality entry.
My one concern is that there are a number of exhibits with small eyes giving a mean expression that is totally foreign to our breed standard.
CC Waters' Maibee Delightful
RCC Vella & Towse's Miletree Classic Dream Cinderlace
Best Puppy Smith & Aldous' Aranel Bubblicious
Minor Puppy (22 Entries 8 Absent)  
1 Hindle's Ellisiana Shan Tung
A well broken blen. so stylish on the move. Lovely head and expression, best of large, dark eyes. Very good front, crested neck and super shoulder placement. Ever wagging tail correctly set. Strode out well, driving strongly from the rear. Coat in wonderful condition, a credit to her breeder.
2 Stark's Tayfern Lark's Song
Such a pretty well marked tri. with rich tan in all the correct places. Sweet expression, large, dark eyes and long well feathered ears. Very good spring of rib, short, compact body. Again very good neck and shoulders, well-turned stifles allowing superb drive from the rear. Level top line both standing and on the move.
3 Waters' Maibee Melrose NAF TAF
Res Fry & Jackson's Amantra Love Actually
VHC Collins' Ashtelle Shakira
Puppy (27, 8)  
1 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Bubblicious
Correct sized blen. oozing with quality. Well-marked coat of a silky texture. Good spring of rib and shortness of back. Really lovely shape this little bitch could not stand wrongly. Her level top line, and correctly carried tail were just what you should expect. Large, dark eyes, excellent pigment and such an endearing expression. Moved out very well indeed, using her hocks to advantage. She had real style, never faltering. Best puppy bitch.
2 Inglis' Craigowl Columbia
Heavily marked tri. with rich tan on her eyebrows, cheeks, and under her tail. She has a style all of her own that makes her stand out from the crowd. Like the winner she oozes quality and has a very good body. Her eyes are excellent, large and dark. Level top line, well carried tail and stunning movement, strong and with lots of drive are her strengths. Lovely neck and shoulder placement. A bitch, who on this performance, will always be in the cards.
3 Joyce's Myotabad Blue Belle
Res Stevens & Moffat's Milkeyn Sheer Pearl
VHC Smith's Beaudale Velvet Sky
Junior (14, 2)  
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Iolanthe
Stunning blen. bitch who demands attention as soon as she comes into the ring. Seriously considered her for top honours. Such pretty eyes, large and dark set off her correctly shaped face, framed by long well-feathered ears. Level top line and correct tailset. Super crest of neck and shoulder placement. Good front, really moved very well around the ring. Wonderful dark nose and eye pigment. Coat in lovely condition, sparkled in the sunlight. Expertly handled.
2 Steel's Behabre Mystique
Richly marked blen. stands out for breed type. Lovely size, good spring of rib and a compactness about her. Large, dark eyes with such a pretty expression. Darkest of pigment. Shapely body. Coat just coming back in, fine texture. Moved out well using her well muscled legs to advantage.
3 Newnes' Penquite Siskin
Res Vella's Cinderlace Chiquita
VHC Smith's Sallcott Diminuendo
Novice (13, 3)  
1 Goodwin's Lanola Salsa
A young 13 mth old blen. bitch with the best of eyes. Her richly well-marked coat gleamed with health. She is a credit to her owner / breeder. She has a lovely crest of neck leading into very good shoulders. Her top line is level both standing and when she moves around the ring. Correctly set tail. Stunning head with long well-feathered ears. She has already made a name for herself and will surely become even better with maturity.
2 Shearer's Ispahan Clerihew at Rershay
Slightly larger blen. whose construction was first class. Her movement was excellent. Richly-marked coat in good condition. Super eye and nose pigment. Exceptionally good front. Moved with drive around the ring. . Quite a handful for her owner.
3 Stanley's Stanhome Petite Fleur
Res Barrett's Loranka's Primrose at Salsara
VHC Ford's Tuppenlil Eliza
Graduate (14, 2)  
1 Bubb's Wandris Pantomime
Striking blen. girl in fabulous coat and condition. Although slightly larger than I prefer, her placing could not be denied. She has a good head, pleasing expression, large dark eyes and long well-feathered ears. At almost 2 year old she has a mature body, excellent spring of rib, level top line and correctly set, ever wagging tail. She aims to please and her owner handler gets the very best from her. Movement was a joy to watch.
2 Taylor's Florindale Touch of Black for Kemble
One of the nicest black & tan's I had the pleasure to judge today. Again a lovely bitch, in excellent coat and condition. She had very good eyes, so many of the B/T's did not have the correct large eyes. Rich tan in the correct places. Long, silky raven black coat. Exceptionally good spring of rib, level top line and good tail carriage. She was very well made and her maturity and movement justified her placing.
3 Sansom's Byermoor Queens English JW
Res Lymer's Lymrey Hi Fashion
VHC Hughes' Loranka's Star Surprise
Post Graduate (16, 4)  
1 Waters' Maibee Delores
Gorgeous richly coloured blen. with fabulous eyes, coal black pigment and exceptionally pleasing expression. Her coat is of the correct texture, fine and silky. Long well-feathered ears sets off her pretty head. She has an excellent front, is so well balanced in profile and moves with ease. She has a well sprung rib cage, level top line and correctly set tail. Another I considered for top honours. Surely one for the future.
2 Waddington's Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
Lovely type sets this bitch ahead of many other lovely bitches in this class. She has well-marked, rich chestnut markings set on a pearly white background. Her coat is in tip top condition. Large, dark eyes with a pleasing expression. Preferred the fuller muzzle of 1st. Strong movement came from very good front, well-turned stifles and correctly placed shoulders.
3 Gaskell's Chryshan Maggie Moon
Res Gill's Florindale Wood Opal
VHC Cragg's Sallcott Crescendo
Mid Limit (13, 5)  
1 Vella & Towse's Miletree Classic Dream Cinderlace
This strikingly marked blen. came into this class and I was attracted to her immediately. Who wouldn't be! She should never be overlooked as she is so well-balanced, a real toy spaniel. Large, dark eyes, excellent pigment, long well feathered ears framing such an attractive head. Short, compact body with a super well- sprung rib cage. Lovely crest of neck leading into very good shoulder placement and level top line. For me her real strength is in her movement, free and flowing, In profile she is stunning, she stands four square gazing adoringly at her owner/handler. It gave me great pleasure to award her the Res. CC; no doubt we will hear a lot more about this bitch in the future.
2 Baillie's Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity JW
A quality bitch, with stunning eyes, good pigment and in excellent coat. Short, compact body, level top line. Would just prefer more neck leading into well placed shoulders.
3 Dix's Downsbank Winter Berries for Beewye JW
Res Shinnick's Leelyn Essence
VHC Andrew's Underknoll Miss Dior
Limit (13, 1)  
1 Allerton's Karabel Karrigold
Well broken, richly marked blen who won her placing on her exceptional construction and wonderful large, dark eyes. Lovely outline whether standing or moving. She has an excellent top line and correctly placed tail. Long well feathered ears frame her appealing head. She has the gentlest expression.
2 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystle JW
A classy 2 year old blen, with a super outline. Pretty head with large eyes and long ears. Her movement is free flowing around the ring.
3 Boardman's Volney Ruby Rosa
Res Roper's Miletree Lyra at Ascanti
VHC Evans' Homebrood Peggy Pipkin of Purpleborn
Open (14, 3)  
1 Waters' Maibee Delightful
A toy spaniel that just exudes breed type. A beautifully marked blen. rich chestnut markings on a pearly white background, exactly what the breed standard demands. Absolutely stunning large, dark eyes. Well-set long ears framing the prettiest of heads. Her coat is fine and silky. Short, compact body with a very good crest on her neck, good spring of ribs, level top line and correctly set tail. She has an excellent front, great drive from well turned stifles. Her movement is a pleasure to watch. Real quality miss with that " look at me " attitude. Like the finest of red wines she has matured with age. For me she is as delicious as her Champion sister. This exhibitor certainly knows how to bring out the best in her dogs and was deservedly rewarded with the CC.
2 Koster's Ch Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Ruby champion who has similar star qualities to the winner. Super size and shape, melting expression, darkest of pigment. She has a wonderful outgoing temperament and is so attentive to her handler.
3 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Sweet Dream
Res Hughes' Loranka's Summerlove
VHC Matthews' Ronmal Forget Me Not
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