Humberside Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - 13th June 2004

Best In Show - Ricksbury Royal Temptation
Best Opposite Sex - Lymrey Hi Octane
Best Puppy - Lanola Salsa JW

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Dogs.   Mr F Kane
A superb entry of 421 exhibits awaited my co-judge. Di Fry & myself, we were fortunate in having spacious rings to accommodate the big classes. We were in complete agreement on all of our co-judged awards.
An excellent entry of 169 males, with some classes deep in quality. While there are plenty of good heads with large dark eyes, I found some with smaller almond shaped eyes. My main concern however was with rear movement, very narrow with hocks almost rubbing together.
My thanks to the very hospitable committee, led by new secretary Linda Flynn, the whole show seemed to have a very happy atmosphere with several overseas breeders attending the show.
CC   Lymrey Hi Octane
RCC   Wandris Entertainer
Best Puppy   Disqualified by KC
Minor Puppy (34 entries) Lovely class, I kept in 10 really promising puppies.
1   Chacombe Armani
6½ months, beautiful type & balance, excellent colours, big dark eyes. very sound moving & held a good topline. A little proud of his tail at the moment but everything else appealed.
2   Ricksbury Royal Escape
6 months, lovely type & colours. Not quite as together on the move as 1 but lovely quality all through, good skull, large dark eyes.
3   Lillypin Rusty Nail
1   Disqualified by KC
2   Fynrose Lachie
9 months, beautiful type & balance, great topline held on the move & movement. Not as forward in body as or quite the depth of colour but has great style & potential.
3   Judyland Timeless at Downsbank
1   Beaudale Truly Madly Deeply
Ruby, absolutely beautiful head & eyes, real toy spaniel, excellent rear action, topline & tailset, lovely colour, made my final cut where he looked a baby but for type, quality & soundness he is an exciting prospect.
2   Scotlass The Laird
Blen, compact with good balance, colours & movement, holds himself well, quality head & eyes, in good form.
3   Nedoaow Starlight Legacy
1   Telvara Kreme Brulee
Quality dog, big dark eyes, broad skull. excellent rear angulation. sound in front, held his outline well on the move.
2   Rytonian Prince Town
Blen, excellent type & balance, but looks a raw teenager. Holds his outline well. Not the finish in body or drive of 1.
3   Sandusk Monterey.
1   Ricksbury Royal Hero
Compact toy spaniel of top quality, beautiful head & eye, well ribbed, short coupled. holds a good topline with perfect tail carriage, made the final cut & should go further in the future.
2   Deranmar Michael
Well broken with rich blen, broad skull, good front action. A little close in rear & not quite the head of 1.
3   Cranvarl Royal Clansman
Post Graduate   Good class for quality in depth.
1   Craigowl Billy Elliot
Comfortable winner of this large class, I was very taken by this tri excellent drive & reach in front, quality head, heavily marked but good tan markings, his topline & tail carriage on the move are exemplary. Pressed hard for the RCC, only needs a little more finish to his middlepiece then should have a very good career.
2   Charlottetown Topman
Lovely toy spaniel, full of quality, excellent colour, lovely head & expression. Nose pigment a little off on the day.
3   Tasset Tiger Woods
1   Ch Myhope Fever
7½ years ruby In great form, lovely coat & colour, great appeal in head & eye, very sound, real toy spaniel in great form.
2   Ch Charlottetown Truman
8½ years, slightly bigger type but all quality, excellent colour, well constructed. Not the drive of 1 on the day.
3   Astralea Classic Gold of Behabre
Spec.Mid Limit Blenheim   Good class.
1   Wandris Entertainer
Beautiful colours, of good type, excellent movement, lovely head, large dark eyes, very stylish & has lovely quality to him, RCC.
2   Whyteplace After Midnight
Compact toy spaniel, very sound with appealing head & eyes, quality all through.
3   Chryshan Mr Pickwick
Spec. Mid Limit Tricolour   Disappointing class.
1   Khatibi Claudius of Bonema
5 years, won on his balance & movement, good head type, eyes could be darker. Good ribbing, his croup & tail carriage detract & he is top measure.
2   Honeybet Hot Topic
Compact type, pretty head, sound but lacked drive & carriage on the move which lost him the class.
3   Charlottetown Toby Thomas.
Spec. Mid Limit Black & Tan    
1   Lochbuie Caught on Camera
Very balanced & sound dog of good colours, good type in head & eye, held himself well.
2   Flossybrook Total Eclipse
In lovely form, compact toy spaniel, sound & held himself well. Preferred the balance of 1.
3   Nostoal Huckleberry Finn with Jalesto.
Spec Mid Limit Ruby   Disappointing class.
1   Rosirius Serge
Right out of coat but the best for balance & movement, good skull & eyes. good ribbing. used his hocks well.
2   Mellow Moment with Flossybrook
In beautiful coat but rather short on the leg for balance & not the topline & tail carriage of 1. Masculine head, good eye colour, excellent presentation.
3   Aldoricka Lillyseas
1   Lymrey Hi Octane
Thought him a comfortable winner in this strong class, in lovely form & full of personality, stood out in this class, compact spaniel, full of quality, beautiful head & eye, great topline & tail carriage, good rear drive, good reach in front, which be a little more precise, however for the finished package, type & quality, he was the dog of the day. CC.
2   Lorankas Jubilation
Blen, compact, good ribbing. Not in her best coat or the front action of 1 but has plenty of type & well balanced.
3   Harana Starman
Open   Difficult class to sort out.
1   Pascavale Ryan
Small, compact, quality dog, wall balanced, holds himself well, scored in his rear action to take class, be he lacked a little zest on the day.
2   Daraste Reflection Of Love
For head & eye quite unbeatable, taller dog of lovely colour, balanced throughout. Preferred the croup & rear action of 1.
3   Lusanjo Rocket of Charlettetown
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Bitches   Mrs D Fry
I must thank the committee and officers for a very pleasant day, such a lovely atmosphere all working happily together. I also thank the exhibitors for presenting their bitches in good clean condition and for their acceptance of my placements and a lot could change places another day.
C.C. Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Temptation
R.C.C. Koster's Ch Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Best Puppy    
Minor Puppy (49 entries 13 absent)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Bilberry
Super Tricolour, caught my eye when entering the ring. Good size & type, feminine head with large dark eyes. Correct rich tan markings. Good front & reach of neck. Excellent movement, at one with her handler. One to watch.
2 Shail's Rossbonny Molly Malone
Blenheim of good size with desired spot. Sweet head with good expression. Lovely dark eyes. In super coat & condition. Looked a picture standing & just lost to above on topline when moving. I am sure this will come. Another nice prospect.
3 Aldous & Smith's Aranel Bubblicious
Puppy (27, 8)  
1 Goodwin's Lanola Salsa
Fabulous very richly marked Blenheim. Presented in gleaming condition. Correct pretty feminine head, good foreface and the most gorgeous large dark round eyes giving that melting expression. Well balanced with good reach of neck & level topline, moving well. A star in the making!
2 Potter's Rheinvelt Ready to Rave
Very well made ruby with excellent body. Presented very well which some could take a tip from. Correct head & ear placement, dark eye & pigment, moving out well with correct tail carriage. Unlucky to meet above.
3 Town's Judyland Melissa at Barsac
Junior (31, 6)  
1 Grant's Granasil Ring of Fire
Smart Black/Tan with super outline. Good head carriage, level topline and tail placement. Soft feminine head with rich tan markings. Dark eyes. Good bone & movement with silky coat texture.
2 Samson's Byermoor Queens English
I liked this little bitch. Very feminine Blenheim with dark round eyes giving sweet expression. Very well balanced with good tail placement. Sound mover unfortunately not in best coat but when mature should trouble the best.
3 Maclaine's Lochbuie Get me out of Here
Novice (25, 6)  
1 Water's Maibee Delores
Very pretty feminine Blenheim, richly marked. Lovely head with beautiful large melting eyes. Correct bone & size with good angulation. Happy temperament. One with a future.
2 Potter's Reinvelt Ready to Rave
See puppy.
3 Boardman's Volney Sarah
Graduate (22, 3)  
1 Taylor's Rosscrea Bedazzled
Blenheim of good type nearly 2yrs in lovely coat & condition. Correct head, well placed ears & good dark eyes so essential. Very good pigment & expression. Good movement keeping level topline. Super temperament.
2 Searle's Stonepit Gala
Very pretty little bitch lovely to go over. Soft feminine head & excellent pigment. Good reach of neck, standing & moving showing an excellent outline. Unlucky to meet one above who was in full coat.
3 Towse's Miletree Enchantment
Post Graduate (20, 7)  
1 Jones' Timsar Miss B'Havin
Lovely size & type, feminine head, good eye & pigment, sweet expression. Good reach of neck, level topline, short coupled. Correct bone & good movement keeping level topline. Elegant bitch with richly marked coat.
2 Powell's Newroyds Shakira Margareith
Sweet head, dark eyes, dense pigment, good bone, short level back, steady movement.
3 Wilson's Lichens Tartan Flame
Veteran (9, 4)  
1 Payne's My Hope Follow That Dream
10 years old very sound Black/Tan. Nice type with dark eyes. Flat silky coat. Lovely temperament, going and showing well.
2 Bloomfield's Oaklake Magic Dream
7½ year old Blenheim. Well marked with desired spot. Dark round eyes. Silky coat. Very happy show girl. Moved merrily.
3 Underwood's Vanmarley Cherry Blossom
Special Mid Limit Blen (14, 5)  
1 Water's Keyingham Raphaela
Very pretty well marked Blenheim. Dark pigment, dark eyes, lovely expression. Richly marked coat, nice outline on the move & standing with good reach of neck & level topline. Moved well.
2 Baillie's Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity
Very sweet Blenheim with spot, dark eye & pigment, Short level back in silky coat, sound and happy mover.
3 Taylor's Rosscrea Swingtime
Special Mid Limit Tri (5)  
1 Searle's Stonepit Just a Gem
Very short coupled Tricolour in full coat & condition. Lovely head eye pigment, rich tan markings. Good reach of neck & well laid shoulders. Sound mover coming & going. Excellent showgirl.
2 Eugel's Angel's Pride Love me Do
Well marked Tricolour with heavenly face & eye, long set on leathers. Good neck & shoulders. Slightly longer in back & not so positive behind, but a super type.
3 Bayliss' Miskhill Boujolais at Castlewytch
Special Mid Limit Black & Tan (8, 3)  
1 Weston & Johnson's Novalba Money Spinner at Ecotyne
Smart Black/Tan with rich tan markings, Silky coat in good condition. Good tail placement. Feminine head with nice dark eyes & good ear leathers. Moved well.
2 House's Triciaville Beattie Boo
Sweet head & expression, dark well placed eyes. Long ear leathers. Moved gailey. Lost to one on coat.
3 Hill's Becanna Pheemie Peebles
Special Mid Limit Ruby (8, 3)  
1 Boardman's Volney Ruby Rosa
Super head with large dark eyes & good pigment. Well placed long leathers. Super outline standing & moving lovely mover.
2 Wilson's Lichens Tartan Flame
Another one with pretty head & expression. Dark eyes & pigment. Good neck & shoulders. Happy sound mover.
3 Dean's Clockpelters Irish Cream
Limit (21, 6)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Krystie
Well made Blenheim with super clean outline. Good head with well filled muzzle, large round eyes & black pigment. Well conditioned & Schooled. Moved keeping good topline & tail carriage. Would prefer a darker eye.
2 Potter's Rave about Her at Rheinvelt
Gleaming Black/Tan of lovely size. Pretty feminine head with dark eyes. Lovely outline with short level back. Moved well, at one with handler.
3 Eugel's Sanickro Angel Heart
Open (13, 3)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Temptation
Quality Blenheim in good coat & condition, richly marked. Feminine head with good dark eye & pigment, well placed leathers. Excellent balance throughout with correct bone & substance. Super neck & well laid shoulders. Firm level topline. Moved very soundly with correct tail & excellent front. CC & B.I.S. & I believe her crown.
2 Koster's Ch Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Sweet Ruby, lovely head & expression, level topline, nice showgirl, just needs more coat but a worthy champion. Moved with drive. RCC.
3 Ackroyd-Gibson's Toraylac Déjà Vu

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