Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - 16th October 2004

Best of Breed - Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Best Opposite Sex -
Maibee Delightful
Best Puppy -
Craigowl Bilberry

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs.   Mr K Town
CC Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
RCC Gow’s Lyncraeg Daydream
Best Puppy Lamont’s Moorfiels Sans Limite
1 Baker’s Chacombe Chattanooga
7 year old blenheim who almost looked in his prime. I loved his size, type, short deep body and tail carriage. Lovely head type, showing really well, never stopped wagging.
2 Water’s Maibee Lorphil Lagonda
Good type blenheim, almost 8 years. Very pleasing expression, dark eyes, well broken markings.
3 Sutherland’s Ebonleigh Desert Fox.
Minor Puppy    
1 Hughes’ Lorankas Party Games.
Well grown, well schooled, well broken blenheim. Very good shape, short cobby body, good angles both ends; Lovely head and expression, good length of neck, cheerful disposition, very promising.
2 Gaskell’s Jeilohn Edric
Nice type of tricolour, good outline, nicely cushioned muzzle, lovely eyes, long well set ears, good turn of stifle, in super condition.
3 Spark’s Hazeldene Toffee At Sharvo
1 Lamont’s Moorfiels Sans Limite
I really liked this tricolour. Very well marked, stylish, lovely balanced outline. Right for size, wonderful profile movement, excellent reach and drive, waggy tail, one with a future. Best Puppy Dog.
2 Shinnick’s Leelyn Kameron
Well grown black and tan with lovely head and expression. Nice outline, well balanced.
3 Smith’s Beaudale Cloudy Heights
1 Costello’s Beauella Radzinski
Really super young blenheim. Lovely shape topline and tail carriage. Very well angulated both ends, very pleasing neck shape, large dark eyes, pleasing head and expression. Only just over 12 months but I kept him in to the last 5 in the challenge; I felt he lacked a bit of maturity for top honours but I will be surprised if he is not a star in the making.
2 Korn’s Sandusk Monterey
Really lovely blenheim of good type and size, well presented, in good coat and condition.
3 Kerr’s Kinvaar Obsession
1 Rennard’s Deranmar The Kingmaker
Lovely happy blenheim with very large dark eyes and the blackest of noses. Correct angulation, short coupled, pleasing balanced outline, very attractive expression.
2 Coughtrie’s Simba Midnight Liaison
Happy tricolour of good type, pleasing expression, good dark eyes.
3 Hunter’s Spennithorne Justin Thyme
1 Thomson’s Ailcres Ol’ Blue Eyes
Well presented and handled black and tan in lovely condition. Liked his size and balanced shape, very good topline, pleasing expression, waggy tail, more co-ordinated than 2
2 Swanston’s Ordiga Alder At Pamojill
Tricolour of good size and type. Pleasing expression.
3 Ireland’s Bankshill Its Now Or Never
Special Yearling    
1 Morelli’s Chantismere Wizard’s Delite At Hillcave
Very appealing tricolour. Well marked, good size and shape, lovely head, big round dark eyes, very good long well set ears, pleasing angulation and movement, needs to settle down a bit but I liked him a lot.
2 Ferguson & Mair’s Miadahl Dirleton Dandy
Good type of blenheim with well broken markings. Lovely expression, large dark round eyes, pleasing profile movement with very good tail carriage.
3 Letham’s Patras Fhidhleir At Blairburn
1 Moffat’s Rytonian Princetown
Well constructed short coupled blenheim of lovely size and type. Not much coat at present but ears long and well set. Very pleasing head and expression, good tail carriage. Scored in neck.
2 Hughes’ Lorankas Dreamed A Dream
Chunkier blenheim with very good angulation, lovely expression with very large round eyes, very short coupled, good tail carriage.
3 Smith’s Beaudale Truly Madly Deeply.
Post Graduate    
1 Boardman’s Volney Super Sleuth JW
Blenheim of excellent type and make and shape. Pleasing balanced outline, long well set ears, lovely head type with muzzle and skull perfectly balanced and cushioned.
2 Rennard’s Deranmar Michael JW
Smart well broken blenheim with huge eyes. Coat the correct deep tan, showing well.
3 Hunter’s Spennithorne Renegade
Post Grad. Special Wholecolour    
1 Glen’s Sandbrae Red Alert
Small but well made ruby with pleasing head. Scored in expression. Long well set ears, coat of good colour and texture, well schooled, handled and presented.
2 Thomson’s Ailcres Sandman
Smart moving ruby with very good neck and layback of shoulder, very pleasing in profile movement.
3 Lunam’s Flossybrook Total Eclipse.
Post Grad Special Parti Colour    
1 Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Esperanza
Well broken blenheim , very deep tan markings, nice shape and size, lovely eyes, large dark and round. Good spring of rib.
2 Higgins’ Chamanic Sentinel At Chesalatina
Happy blenheim with large dark eyes, good body shape.
3 Smith’s Sandy’s Boy Wonder
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Billy Elliot
Very well made tricolour with superb outline. In excellent condition, very well handled and presented, not a lot of white markings, scored in profile movement, excellent reach and drive, very good neck , topline and tail carriage. Right for size and type, well balanced throughout, lovely expression, pleasing head, good ears and eyes.
2 Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Ballistic
Well presented and handled glamorous blenheim of excellent type. Good shape and size, short level back, deep tan markings, soft expression.
3 Rix & Berry’s Rixbury Royal Hero
Special Open Wholecolour    
1 Hurley’s Ir. Ch. Owengarve Royal Rufus At Lahume.
Pleasing deep coloured ruby who went really well and impressed in profile movement. Short coupled, good angles front and rear, nice size, waggy tail.
2 Hughes’ Lorankas Starstealer
Larger ruby with very big eyes. Profuse coat of good texture, went well on the move with reachy driving action, good topline and tail carriage.
3 Sutherland’s Ebonleigh Desert Thunder.
Special Open Resident In Scotland    
1 Gow’s Lyncraeg Daydream
Blenheim with superb markings. So many of .our top dogs now are heavily marked, it was a pleasure to find some well marked ones today and this dog excels here. Bright tan markings on a white background, well spaced and broken up. He also excels in breed type, movement and showmanship. He is absolutely right for size, is really well constructed has a lovely head and expression and outshowed all other contenders to take the Reserve CC
2 Glen’s Sandbrae Red Alert
See Post Grad. Special Wholecolour
3 Morrison’s Bowerswell Sindar.
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Headed a very good class. Another blenheim with very good markings. Ultra typey, well made, super angles, nice size, good ribcage and body shape, completely satisfying dog to go over with that great blend of type, substance, soundness and style that has taken him to the top. Lots of animation but at one with his handler, super head type, wonderful expression with large dark eyes and dark eye rims, showed non stop to win the CC and Best In Show.
2 Dawson’s Nottus Hooray Henry
Really gorgeous blenheim of lovely type. Well broken markings, well presented, excellent construction, in good coat, right for size, very appealing head, in good coat and condition, if he really learns to project could be a very worthy champion.
3 Baker & Park’s Keyingham Branwell.

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Bitches   Mr G W Baxter
CC Waters' Maibee Delightful
RCC Water's Ch Keyingham Raphaela
Best Puppy Inglis' Craigowl Bilberry

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