Southern Counties Canine Association
Championship Show - 5th June 2004

Best of Breed - Loranka's Summerlove
Best Opposite Sex - Harana Starman

Best Puppy - Pennygown Pants On Fire
Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs. Mr D Smith
C.C. Koster's Harana Starman
R.C.C. Maclaine's Lochbuie Billy Elliot
Best Puppy    
Minor Puppy (21 Entries, 3 Absent)  
1 Schilizzi’s Chacombe Armani
Well constructed blen baby of 6 months, nice head, good shoulders, level topline, moved well. Will hear more of this one.
2 Sullivan’s Lillypin Rusty Nail
Ruby, good head &. pigment, moved true coming &. going, promising youngster.
3 Wiggins’ Whyteplace Nathan
Res Osborne’s Pagborne Harrison
VHC Flower’s  Anberan Starbucks Special
Puppy (6, 1)  
1 Godwin’s Cavaliegh Sweet Talk
Masculine without being over the top, nice head, good shoulder placement &. hind action.
2 Newton’s Tonnew Tacoma
Blen, good head &. shoulders, level topline, moved well, hard to split from 1.
3 Lymer’s Lymrey Hi Command
Res Inglis’ Craigowl Fank 'N' Furter
VHC Koster’s Dortmund Starstruck Harana
Junior (7, 2)  
1 Rennard’s Deranmar Michael JW
Well coated blen, pleasing expression, nice rich chestnut markings, strong hindquarters, excellent on the move.
2 Hazeltine’s Juzandia Red Hot Chilli Pepa
Good coloured compact ruby nice level topline. moved well coming &. going
3 Kirkham’s Moonstone Minuet
Res Bloice’s Scotlass The Laird
VHC Levitt’s Kestrelflite Magic Moment
Special Yearling (16, 4)  
1 Shinnick’s Leelyn Darius
Well coated ruby good head, nice expression, level topline held on the move, good front, strong hindquarters, moved a showed well.
2 Bubb’s Wandris Entertainer JW
Blen, good head &. shoulder placement, true topline, moved well.
3 Barwell’s Charlottetown Topman
Res Godwin’s Cavaliegh Sweetheart
VHC Allerton’s Deeriem Tambourine Man
Graduate (11, 0)  
1 Maclaine’s Lochbuie Billy Elliot
Blen, super young dog, nice head, good shoulders, topline level on move a standing, well angulated hindquarters used to advantage. Played up his young handler who controlled him well, both should do well in future RCC.
2 Inglis’ Craigowl Billy Elliot
Tri, good mover, head, shoulders &. topline OK. Slightly longer than 1, should do well in future.
3 Armitt’s Brasingamen Black As Jet
Res Hull’s Telvara Kreme Brulee
VHC Evans’ Svena Indian Brave
Post Graduate (15, 2) The first three in this class could change places another day.
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Jubilation
Quality blen, good head &. expression. Level topline held on the move, well angulated hindquarters, moved out with drive.
2 Li’s Avalcier Alessandro JW
Quality blen. 1 had the edge.
3 Boardman’s Volney Super Sleuth JW
Res Parker’s Jordanic Lucca
VHC Stevens’ Kilnshena Idle Vice
Limit (19, 2)  
1 Koster’s Harana Starman
What a star, handsome b/t, good head, good eye which is especially required in whole colours to give the correct expression, good neck &. shoulders, topline held on the move, well angulated hindquarters used to cover the ground with ease, in gleaming condition. CC.
2 Lymer &. Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Octane
Well constructed blen, good neck &. shoulder, moved well coming &. going.
3 Forrester’s Salbrie Delaqua
Res Morrison’s Bowerswell Sindar
VHC Li’s Avalcier Atomic Blaze
Open (15, 3)  
1 Koster’s Harana Sinatra
Ruby, certainly did it his way, well constructed, good head &. expression, level topline, masculine without being over the top, moved well, good ruby colouring
2 Lewis’ Daraste Refection of Love
Quality blen, nice head &. expression, level topline, good hindquarters, moved with drive.
3 Dolamore’s Ch Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean
Res Shinnick’s Leelyn Rug Rat
VHC Barwell’s Lusanjo Rocket of Charlottetown
Veteran (1, 0)  
1 Kirkham’s Yorkland Mystical Dreamer at Moonstone
11 years ruby, alone but deserved his place, well constructed, moved well, showed like a youngster, credit to his owners.
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Bitches Mr H Ogden
I am grateful to Southern Counties Association for this first opportunity to judge the breed at this level.
There were 140 bitch entries, 27 being absent, so reasonably representative. One third of this entry was to be found in the puppy & junior classes & it was encouraging that it was here, I found the greatest depth of quality, many of those unplaced will have better days, including under me, as they mature. The problem, with the adults was incorrect construction shown by upright shoulders, dipping withers, roached back & straight hindquarters, there were messy gay tails, several heads were too snipy, rather than tapered, in muzzle & lacking in expression from too small an eye. About 80% were Blenheims. The wholecolour exhibitors must have felt a "colour bar". I don't think so having just made up the first B/T champion Griffon, in a decade. In many instances, I found the best heads on the wholecolours & especially the B/T's, but also they tended to be big, long & heavy & falling apart on move & also very lack lustre. Perhaps more use needs to be made of the best Blenheim sires to improve conformation & quality rather than rigidly sticking to keeping lines "pure" for colour & markings, despite initial mismarking. It was a joy to meet up with co-judge David Smith as we go back 30 years to the days of my late mother in law, Joyce Jay of the Syretta Cavaliers, showing in the North East & Scotland, my own breeding efforts winning. BIS at a club show with Beauview Bottoms Up, a Ch Crisdig Cracker daughter.
While admiring the virtues of the B/T DCC winner & they were many, we both felt the bitch just edged him in type. Being so short coupled & more reliable in tail carriage & she was much admired for her intense type by the "glitterate" at the judge's table in the big ring. Being short listed for BP both David & in fairness, the puppy dog exhibitor were bowled over on sight & I had been, by the bitch puppy although I had deliberately not told him she was also my RCC winner. With so much quality young stock coming on it will be a competitive summer in the bitch ring.
C.C. Hughes' Loranka's Summerlove
R.C.C. Maclaine's Pennygown Pants On Fire
Best Puppy Maclaine's Pennygown Pants On Fire
Minor Puppy (23 Entries 5 Absent) A competitive class of intense quality, the top 3 having the advantage of more maturity
1 Taylor’s Rosscrea Broadway Baby
Blen bang on the 9 months limit. Gave a lovely flowing outline, shapely & sound, level, good bone for size, firm movement, good eye &. muzzle, correct balance from correct length of leg. Which balance &. free movement gave her the edge.
2 Shail’s Rossbonny Molly Malone
Such a pretty headed, compact Blen, lovely tapered muzzle, good rib & so beautifully conditioned &. presented, well marked, secure movement. Just a little less positive, that will come with experience.
3 Robinson’s Wandris Ginger Rogers for Tusculana
Res Lewis’ Daraste Ready for Love
VHC Stark’s Tayfern Gossamer Wings
Puppy (18, 3)  
1 Maclaine’s Pennygown Pants On Fire
This Blen was the find of the day, supposed “novice” handler, obviously anxious, showing breathtaking “enchanting” bitch, on equivalent of a piece of green rope! Bang on the age limit, perfect leg length giving perfect balance, richly marked, good bone for one so pretty, good rib, level sound, pretty balanced head, good eye, arch to neck giving classy, elegant outline, well coupled, came in the challenge with new matching lead & the handler’s nerves gone to take RCC &. BP to rounding cheers. Just remember I wasn’t the first to certify her as of champion quality.
2 Levy &. Sedgwick’s Pascavale Chantel
Half sister Blen, just lovely plus spot. Fabulous head &. pigment, good bone, short coupled, level &. less forward in coat, close up & also of champion potential.
3 Steel’s Behabre Mystique
Res McQuaid’s Hilarny Casta Diva
VHC Sutton’s Trirayne Spring Daisy
Junior (18, 3) Quality line-up.
1 Li’s Avalcier Talia
Headed a cracking line-up, Blen, half sister to previous class winner. Glorious elegant bitch, completely feminine, sound, flowing movement, good balance of skull & muzzle, firm front, very level, good rib, compact, beautifully turned out. Had a tendency to move off ”down” on the hindquarters, but this sorted out once in full flow. Top quality youngster.
2 Towse’s Miletree Enchantment
I wish I had been on commission! Another half sister, not in such full bloom as 1 & a touch shorter on leg but such quality. Pretty head, lovely eye, good neck & shoulder, arch to neck, level sound & free on the move.
3 Inglis’ Nevhill's Nicole of Craigowl
Res Fry &. Jackson’s Amantra Iolanthe
VHC Parker’s Jordanic Lira
Special Yearling (14, 3)  
1 Lymer’s Lymrey Hi Falutin
Very pretty Blen with spot, sound, compact, level, good rib, excellent front, balanced head, good in skull, eye & muzzle, very feminine yet with good substance & bone for her size.
2 Hogan’s Stavonga Sea Lilly
Rather taller, rangier Blen, just needing more time to come together as the construction is all there & she scores heavily in head type, glorious pigment, moved easily . soundly.
3 Cooper’s Tanmerack Gloria Swanson
Res Bloice’s Scotlass Olivia
VHC Wood &. Moseley’s Nyleve Alicia at Lanning
Graduate (18, 1)  
1 Robertson’s Kavacay Spring Faith
This Blen grew on me as the class progressed & especially having handled her as all fits so well & another with a flowing quality to her outline & movement. Pretty head, good ears, perfect size, good ribs, level sound & showy. Finally scored on correct leg length to give true balance.
2 Hall’s Tasset Sweet Affair JW
Beautifully compact, feminine Blen, good skull & eye, level, sound, super type. Just a touch lower on leg.
3 Searle’s Stonepit Gala JW
Res Lymer’s Lymrey Hi Fashion
VHC Hughes’ Loranka's Celebration Time
Post Graduate (15, 5)  
1 Costello’s Saleden Spice
Loved this pretty Blen of glorious type, who was just a little tense, or was it, anxious handler? There is no need for I thought her of top quality, fabulous head, eye & pigment, correct leg length, so good balance, level, compact, well ribbed, sound, richly marked, flowing movement,
2 Jones’ Timsar Miss B'Havin
Very good type, good size, compact, well broken, very feminine, good in eye & ears, moved out well just a little short on coat & texture.
3 Dix’s Downsbank Winter Berries for Beewye JW
Res Jackson &. Vout’s Frondil Katie Kaidee
VHC Greenall’s Charlesworth Royal Dazzle
Limit (20, 4)  
1 Levy &. Sedgwick’s Pascavale Krystle JW
This Blen Celebration grand daughter will obviously make up & came close today, so balanced, sound &. compact, prefer larger darker eye, but good skull, ears & tapered muzzle, good bone for size, good rib, moves & shows with style.
2 Roper’s Miletree Lyra at Ascanti
Fabulous rich chestnut Blen adored the type, style &. balance, beautiful eye & ears, correct leg length. Just a shade less compact & less accurate in front but another of champion quality.
3 Robertson’s Kavacay Pearl Lady
Res Boardman’s Volney Ruby Rosa
VHC Rennard’s Edonhill Rising Star for Deranmar
Open (11, 2)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Summerlove
Blen Celebration daughter this time, for me she brought together all I have been taught all these years, statuesque bitch of faultless type & construction, glorious head, flat skull, large dark eye, tapered muzzle, graceful yet well bodied, well marked, completely sound &. balanced, class act. CC &. BOB.
2 Towse’s Ch Miletree Miesque JW
Favourite Blen of outstanding type & quality, pretty head, good construction, level, sound. Looked a littIe long & lean today without coat.
3 Gamble’s Lisgarth Petroushka at **
Res Lymer &. Scheidt’s Lymrey Sweet Dream
VHC Taylor’s Rosscrea Swing Time
Veteran (3, 1)  
1 Smith’s Aureaus Lady Madonna of Sallcott
Well made B/T just a little narrow In muzzle. Good eye, level, sound & stylish, still capable of holding her own in similar competition.
2 Bloice’s Bowfort High Stakes of Scotlass
8 years with the most lovely head & skull, compact if heavier all through.
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