East of England Agricultural Society
Championship Show - 19th July 2005

Best of Breed - Ch Lanola Salsa JW
Best Opposite Sex - Elmlin Edramore
Best Puppy - Dortmund Take A Chance Harana

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs.   Mr J Richardson
Horan's Elmlin Edramore
Steel's Behabre Burberry Touch
Best Puppy
Koster's Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Minor Puppy (8 Entries, 1 Absent)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting
Eye-catching tri, lovely large dark eyes, correct skull & muzzle, good crested neck, well laid shoulders, body developing well, good topline & tailset, animated on the move.
2 Paterson’s Phrenchy Bill Cody
Good head, excellent pigment, correct neck & shoulder, firm frame, good tailset, promising.
3 Bayliss’ Castlewytch Zinfandel
Res Perry’s Rosemonde Sheer Alchemy
VHC Tarabad’s Daryl Do Nicely for Khatibi
Puppy (9, 0)  
1 Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
B/T of superb type, lovely head, so well put together all through, good bone & coat, should go all the way. BP.
2 Li’s Avalcier Manhattan
Blen, good outline, nice head, dark eye, short muzzle, very good neck & shoulders. Shade sluggish in hind action.
3 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Res Bayliss’ Castlewytch Monteney
VHC Searle’s Stonepit Tarquin
Junior (11, 1)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Party Games JW
Blen, large lustrous eyes, very attractive head, well made all through as one would expect from this kennel, level topline, good tailset, full coat, showed with aplomb.
2 Hawes’ Kersmere Charmer
Blen, good head, large dark eye, constructed well, firm frame, strong loin, good width of thigh.
3 Armitt’s Brasingamen Fire Opal
Res Maclaine’s Lochbuie Play To The Gallery
VHC Peck’s Valanroy Debonair
Yearling (15, 3)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Pancho
Blen, true toy spaniel, nice head, would like larger eye. Firm body, good bone, in excellent bloom, trained to within an inch of his life. Would like a bit more of him all through.
2 Storar’s Kayjay William Blake at Ewecote
Blen, nice head, well made well developed frame, very good coat, outgoing & sound.
3 Hunter’s Spennithorne Justin Thyme
Res Shinnick’s Leelyn Kameron
VHC Spark’s Hazeldene Toffee at Sharvo
Novice (10, 0)  
1 Robertson’s  Kavacay Magic Star
Eye-catching blen, showed with much verve, lovely head, good shoulders & neck, well bodied for age, outgoing nature, good jacket.
2 Hawes’ Kersmere Charmer
See Junior.
3 Blackburn’s Tanmerack James Stewart with Bekenveldt
Res Jones’ Emjo The Bombadier
VHC Armitt’s Brasingamen Fire Opal
Graduate (11, 2)  
1 Claydon’s Brymarden Montana JW
Blen, handsome masculine dog, real picture on the move, handsome head, large lustrous eyes, well cushioned muzzle, well boned up all through, good angulation & muscle tone.
2 Salisbury’s Clopsville Tokyo Jo
Blen, similar type to 1. Not quite the scope. Well put together, good head, large eye, cushioned muzzle.
3 Royce’s Stonepit Teddys Boy at Rucazan
Res Allerton’s Kavacay Magic Dream at Deeriem
VHC Johnston’s Clockpelters The Pretender
Post Graduate (11, 0)  
1 Kerr’s Kinvaar Obsession JW
Tri, super head, eye-catching outline, thought him quite gorgeous, lovely large dark eyes, good skull, well built body, good angulation, moved well & all topped off by his as per Standard coat markings.
2 Hunter’s Spennithorne Just Johnny
Blen, large eyes, good head with flat skull & good cushioning, similar type to 1.
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Dreamed A Dream
Res Renaud’s Ellenaud Harry Potter
VHC Johnston’s Clockpelters The Pretender
Mid Limit (10, 1)  
1 Smith & Aldous’ Aranel Bombastic
Blen of essentially good type, who is a showman, head is satisfying, makes a good outline in repose. Pigment slightly off but did not detract from his overall merits.
2 James’ Miletree Esperanto at Jansara
Tri, an absolute sweetie, well made all through, excellent shoulders & neck, lovely head, huge coat, very sound on the move. Outlook could be more masculine.
3 Allerton’s Karabel Keats
Res Bloice’s Scotlass The Laird JW
VHC Maclaine’s Lochbuie Billy Elliot
Limit (11, 2)  
1 Steel’s Behabre Burberry Touch
Tri, nearly missed him as doesn't instantly catch the eye on entering the ring, lovely to go over, masculine & correct head, wonderful conformation, so sound on the move, well worked & coming to hand well. RCC.
2 Cole’s Darozel De Montoya at Christobeath
Tri, nice type. Not quite the head of 1. Sound on the move. Overshadowed by 1.
3 Boardman’s Volney Super Sleuth JW
Res Storar’s Kayjay T S Eliot at Ewecote
VHC Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Brian
Open (9, 2)  
1 Horan’s Elmlin Edramore
Made him BPD last time I judged & on the referee's decision he was BP & I was quite content to award him his second CC, beautifully constructed Blen, with an excellent neck & lay of shoulder, firm frame with level topline, correct croup, super tail carriage, on the move there was nothing to match him, super sound with the front that is an object lesson to many breeders, liked his head, large round eye well set in the orbs, very gentle expression, long fringed ears hang from a flat topskull. Would prefer a shade shorter muzzle but over the years fashions in muzzle fluctuate. Well cushioned, very sympathetically handled to show off all his virtues, of such outstanding merit to be awarded the title of ch. CC.
2 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
Blen, worthy Ch who acquitted himself well, good head, nicely put together all through.
3 Inglis’ Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot
Res Smith & Aldous’ Ch Aranel Ballistic
VHC Hughes’ Loranka's Jubilation
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Bitches   Mr D Crossley
Goodwin's Ch Lanola Salsa JW
Searle's Stonepit Gigi
Best Puppy
Minor Puppy (18 Entries, 4 Absent)  
1 Wilson’s Willow Joella
2 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Liccy
3 Waters’ Maibee Gentle Touch NAF
Res Bartlett’s Korolevsky Zviozhdochka
VHC Paterson’s Phrenchy Pollyanna
Puppy (24, 6)  
1 Searle’s Stonepit Gigi
2 Maclaine’s Pennygown Regatta
3 Inglis’ Craigowl Vivienne
Res Hogan’s Stavonga Seduction
VHC Steel’s Behabre Mitsouku
Junior (13, 3)  
1 Evans’ Winsudor Gemma
2 Crozier’s Korraines Surfing
3 Armitt’s Brasingamen Deep Opal
Res Vout’s Touvas Magic Charm
VHC Smith’s Beaudale Quite Contrary
Yearling (12, 2)  
1 Whitfield’s Beauella Kasino at Bevelmount
2 Town’s Judyland Melissa at Barsac
3 Claydon’s Brymarden Moon River JW
Res Inglis’ Craigowl Bilberry
VHC Stark’s Tayfern Gossamer Wings
Novice (13, 3)  
1 Boardman’s Volney April Love
2 Mynott’s Honeybet Hot Rosie Lee
3 Crozier’s Korraines Surfing
Res Stevens & Moffat’s Milkeyn Sheer Gem
VHC Robertson’s Kavacay Enchanted Love
Graduate (2, 0)  
1 Grant’s Granasil Winter Star
2 Vout’s Touvas Morning Magic
Post Graduate (7, 1)  
1 Hall’s Tasset Sweet Affair JW
2 Tebbett’s Jalesto Killer Queen
3 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Bassey
Res Bailey & Brook’s Lillico Brief Encounter TAF
VHC Reid’s Baray Crystal Angel
Mid Limit (7, 2)  
1 Scott’s Toscam Monte Lucia
2 Hughes’ Lorankas Star Surprise
3 Sansom’s Byermoor Queens English JW
Res Sutherland’s Ebonleigh Desert Lightning
VHC Connor’s Hillrows Magnolia for Gadeslain JW
Limit (12, 1)  
1 Perry’s Rosemonde Indulgence
2 Li’s Avalcier Charlize
3 Rennard’s Deranmar Amelie
Res Inglis’ Nevhills Nicole of Craigowl
VHC Bloomfield’s Oaklake Debbie Harry
Open (13, 2)  
1 Goodwin’s Ch Lanola Salsa JW
2 Perry’s Rosemonde Indulgence
3 Jones’ Timsar Miss B'havin
Res Hughes’ Loranka's Celebration Time
VHC Bubb’s Ch Wandris Pantomime

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