Humberside Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - 12th June 2005

Best In Show - Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Best Opposite Sex - Loranka's Celebration Time
Best Puppy - Toshini Benito at Charvervale

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Dogs.   Mr R C Newton
First of all I was very pleased with my final line-up, many good dogs were shown & I thought soundness had improved. My only adverse com­ment was the background noise, on my tape machine, did you know how noisy your dogs are?
CC Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
RCC Lymer's Lymrey Hi Command
Best Puppy Gilbert's Toshini Benito at Charvervale
Minor Puppy    
1  Hughes’ Loranka’s Enchanting
Tri, apt name, really appealing tri from the moment I saw him, correct size, good coat texture with deep tan, large round eyes, gentle expression, moved well with perfect tail carriage lacking in so many, showed well
2  Inglis’ Craigowl Garrick
Blen, well shown & presented, the coat texture a joy to handle, moved very well & balanced for age. Slightly larger than 1. Nice head & soft expression, lovely puppy, very attentive to his owner
3  Jackson’s  Kaidee Mardy at Frondil
1  GIlbert’s Toshini Benito at Charverale
Very sound blen, moved superbly with a perfect head carriage, good bone & structure, in full correct coat, dark pigmentation, excellent type. I had not seen the owner or dog before but will watch their future with interest. A puppy who should & I hope goes far. BP
 2 Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Mature head for age with good tan markings, well boned, beautifully presented b/t
 3 Moffat’s  Rytonion Morris Minor
1  Claydon’s Brymarden Montana
Very mature blen, considered for RCC. Would like to judge him in a year’s time, soft head & expression, long ears, good front & ribs, level topline, deep rich colour, in full coat & condition, showed well, sound with correct angulations
2 Leach’s Clopsville Sazerac at Ouzlewell
B/t, much smaller type than I but sound, kept level topline on the move, good coat with good coloured tan, settled with owner
3 Gaskell’s Jeilohn Edric.
1 Koster’s Harana Ted Baker
B/t, lovely head carriage, sound from this kennel, well balanced, straight back, moved effortlessly with good front, correct tan, lovely feathering, male expression
2 Gaskeli’s Jeilohn Edric
Tri who was third in strong junior class, completely at one with handler, lovely tailset with level topline, sound & moved well, in good coat with feathering, alert expression
3 Loades’ Rosirius Taule Dazzle.
1 Lymer’s Lymrey Hi Command
RCC, won this very good class, similar type to my CC, In superb condition, full coat, correct colour, moved straight & true with purpose & kept a level topline, nice turn of stifle, dark round eyes & nose pigmentation, soft expression, sure will go to the top
2 Shinnick’s  Leelyn Kameron
My notes say very close to 1 & just pipped 3rd. This b/t was the best whole colour mover on the day, handled very well, wonderful condition, black silky coat, joy to handle, lovely rich tan, nice expression, really appealed to me
3 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Lachie.
Post Graduate    
1 Hughes’ Loranka’s Dreamed A Dream
Another good dog from this kennel, lovely rich colour. Cobby dog whose quality overshadowed when he slightly flew his tail. Stood foursquare, lovely nose & pigmentation, quality dog
2 Hunters Spennithorne Justin Thyme
Lovely type, lovely chestnut colour, correct Cavalier expression, very well marked, moved exceptionally well with level topline & tailset, a really good dog
3 Mochrie’s Chamanlc Voltaire at Downsbank.
1 Philpot’s Ch Royal Influence of Charterwood
Blen, wished that I could have judged him younger, lovely type who moved well, one of the best movers of the day despite his age, really deep tan, lovely round eyes, good pigmentation, correct turn of stifle & bone, a dog to be proud of
2 Koster’s Harana Jazzie Jeff
Ruby in fantastic condition, the coat really gleamed, stood foursquare, kept head held high on move with level topline, moved well & unlucky to meet 1 in such top form
3 Waters’ Maibee Lorphil Lagonda.
Mid Limit Blen    
1 Maclaine’s  Lochbuie Billy Elliott
Excellent class with first three close up, lovely exhibit who seemed tired in challenge & disinterested. Won on level topline, beautiful head & expression, kept ears high, good eyes, correct turn of stifle, sound
2 Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Esperanza
Exceptionally well presented, lovely rich colour of correct size, deep pigmentation
3 Boardman’s Volney Super Sleuth.
Mid Limit Tri    
1 Tarabad’s  Khatibi Claudius at Bonema
Very alert with pert expression, happy show dog, good bone & straight front, lovely long ear leathers, typical tri from a line I like
2 Peck’s Valanroy Try ‘N’ Tri Again
Lovely condition & presentation, rich tan on coat, somewhat exu­berant on table & took being happy too far. Deep rose pigmentation, looked fantastic standing
3 Cole’s Darozel De Montoya at Christobeth.
Mid Limit B/T    
1 Koster’s Harana Smokey Joe
Had presence, showing off his good reach of neck, straight front & good turn of stifle, good shoulders, kept topline on the move, never stopped showing & demanded his place
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Stanley
Smaller type & compact, excellent presentation, lovely expression, flat skull, good head carriage on the move, straight front, very alert & interested in proceedings, wonder­ful presentation
3 Shinnick’s Leelyn Kameron.
Mid Limit Ruby    
1 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Brian
Lovely compact dog who really impressed, lovely head carriage with straight topline, moved well, soft expression with lovely round eyes, in good coat & condition
2 Morse & Henderson’s Harana Starsailor
3 Loades’ Rosirius Razzle Dazzle.
1 Hughes’ Loranka’s Jubilation
Blen compact dog, in hard condition, large dark round eyes with an alert expression, flat skull, straight good front with strong bone & shoulders, silky feathering, well presented & shown
2 Rennard’s Deranmar Michael
Close decision with 1 as he was more my type, well marked blen, preferred coat colour than 1, well marked, flat skull with spot dark eyes & really good bone & shoulders, kept topline, masculine dog
3 Jackson’s Frondil Foenix.
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer
Out­standing dog who I have never seen in better form, lovely type, sound & moved correctly with a level topline, masculine but with a gentle expression, flat skull, dark pigmentation, rich coloured, profuse coat with long feathering mature. CC & BIS
2 Inglis’ Ch Craigowl Billy Elliott
Heavily marked tri, you can only appreciate his quality when you handle him, Immaculate topline kept on the move with his head held high, good bone & structure for his size, sound, good pigmentation & soft expression, worthy Ch
3 Hughes’ Loranka’s Starstealer
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Bitches   Mrs D Patterson
C.C.   Loranka's Celebration Time
R.C.C.   Lanola Salsa JW
Best Puppy Inglis' Craigowl Vivienne
Minor Puppy (35 entries, 7 absent)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Vivienne
Tri of quality, rich tan, very pretty, good mouth, compact body. BPB
2 Bartlett’s Korolevsky Zviozhdochka
Blen, rich tan, well presented, good pigment & presentation.
3 Smith’s Beaudale Bye Bye Baby
Puppy (25, 11)  
1 Maclaine’s Pennygown Regatta
Blen with nicely balanced outline, dark eyes, stands foursquare, well presented, good mouth.
2 Searle’s Stonepit Gigi
Two very nice Blen puppies, rich tan, pigmentation good, sweet expression.
3 Bull’s Craigowl Biba at Ladash.
Junior (14, 2)  
1 Claydon’s Brymarden Moon River
Blen with quality, excellent topline. Rich tan, pigment good.
2 Savage’s Lymrey Sweet Memories
Blen with rich colour, level topline, sound on the move.
3 Stanley’s Stanhome Miss Mary Jones
Novice (21, 2)  
1 Li’s Avalcier Charlize
Blen, well balanced outline, topline level, sweet head with the darkest of eyes.
2 Reaney’s Royalvale Rock Don’t Stop
B/T in good condition, sound construction.
3 Boardman’s Volney April Love
Graduate (19, 2)  
1 Rennard’s Deranmar Amelie
Blen, well presented, good reach of neck, level topline, darkest of pigment.
2 Fox-Shone’s Cobalatino Alberta avec Pamedna
Sweet expression, dark eyes, pleasing head with spot, well presented.
3 Goodwin’s Lanola Wild Rose
Post Graduate (19, 4)  
1 Reaney’s Rheinvelt Rover
Ruby in such quality condition, coat is rich in colour, moves well but could do with a little more animation.
2 Moulden’s Forever Romance of Whitecroft
Tri, sweet expression, sound on the move, very pretty head.
3 Bloomfield’s Oaklake. Debbie Harry.
Veteran (7, 3)  
1 Tarabad’s Charlottetown Pennsylvania
Blen in nice condition, went well & seemed to enjoy her day out.
2 Koster’s Ch Harana Nina Simone
B/T in good coat & moved well.
3 Underwood’s Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom for Neddaow.
Mid Limit Blenheim (10)  
1 Goodwin’s Lanola Salsa
RCC, sound, well broken, pleasing head, good topline.
2 Lymer’s Lymrey Hi Falutin
Well broken markings, rich tan, nice topline.
3 Matthews’ Ronmal Love In A Mist
Mid Limit Tricolour (4)  
1 Möulden’s Forever Romance of Whitecroft
Well presented, in good coat, pleasing head & dark eye, moved with drive.
2 Town’s Judyland Melissa at Barsac
Seemed to be enjoying her day, pleasing head, moved well.
3 Korn’s Sandusk Minerva
Mid Limit B/T    
1 Shinnick’s Leelyn DoIly
Well presented, pleasing head, moved well with good topline.
2 Cunningham’s Chamanic Night Shift
Attractive head with dark eye level topline standing & on the move.
3 Kean’s Splendid Touch.
Mid Limit Ruby (6, 2)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka Star Surpise
In nice condition, movement good, well balanced & in good coat.
2 Smith’s Beaudale Quite Contrary
Rich in colour. Little erratic when asked to stand.
3 Evans’ Trufree Hera
Limit (16, 1)  
1 Crane’s Spindlepoint First Course for Cranvarl
Well presented blen, pigment good, In good condition, moved with style.
2 Scott’s Toscam Monte Lucia
Blen with level topline, good pigment, well presented, attentive showgirl.
3 Bloice’s. Scotlass Olivia
0pen (12, 3)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka Celebration Time
CC & RBIS quality bitch with so much to offer, lovely coat, in good condition, gentle expression, moved well. Level topline standing & on the move.
2 Claydon’s Brymarden Rosetta
Attractive bitch, so well presented & attentive to her owner, good square shape & correct movement.
3 Bigg’s Camahiue Marquis of Kellorian.
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