Northern CKCS
Championship Show - 7th August 2005

Best of Breed - Ch Wandris Entertainer JW  
Best Opposite Sex - Kaishmar Cara Mia Mine

Best Puppy -
Maibee Disenchanted
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Dogs. Mr R Dix
My thanks go to the Committee of the Northern Society for asking me to judge. To my brilliant stewards who kept me informed and organised the ring so efficiently. But most of all to the exhibitors for entering such super dogs under me. I only wish that I had more than one CC. I was really impressed with the obvious displays of sportsmanship in all of the classes; it is a credit to our lovely breed.
CC Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer
RCC Hill & Webber's Moncolly Brian
Best Puppy Hughes' Loranka's Enchanting
Veteran (7entries 2 Absent)  
1 Koster's Harana Jazzie Jeff
9 years old. Full coated Ruby dog that moved freely and happily around the ring. Still has most of his teeth. Lovely large eyes so much desired and so often missing. A lovely old boy.
2 Beattie’s Phrenchy Double Base At Norcrest. 
Blenheim, 9 years old. Moved enthusiastically around the ring. Good coat and movement
3 Levitt’s Lymrey Cabernet With Kestrelflite
Minor Puppy (13, 3)  
1 Town’s Barsac Sadlers Wells
8-month Tricolour puppy. Well balanced and moved steadily showing off his level top line and good tail set. Good coat coming through. He has an attractive head for his age.
2 Rix & Berry’s Rixsbury Royal Invitation
Blenheim 7 months old. He is very much a puppy, enjoying himself. Superb mover even at this age, he presents a lovely picture with his well-set wagging tail.
3 Perry’s Rosemonde Sheer Alchemy
Blenheim 8 Months
Puppy (19, 4)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting
Mature Tricolour 10 months old with plenty of rich tan. He has a super head with large dark eyes. He is really well constructed from head to tail allowing him to stride round the ring with drive. Best Puppy Dog.
3 Koster's Harana Marvin Gaye
11 month old Black and Tan that can move round the ring with drive. He likes to have some fun with his handler, which shows his character even at this young age. His beautiful straight coat was shining in the sunshine.
3 Allitt's’ Pamedna Beau Bobby TAF
Junior (21, 3)  
1 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Class
He has superb construction allowing flowing movement, which was a joy to watch. Really strong at the rear with well-turned stifles allow him to move with real drive. A long silky coat, jet-black pigment and a pleasing, masculine expression complete the picture. I predict a great future for this 17-month-old dog.
2 Salisbury's Clopsville Jimmy Bean
15 months old. This is a smaller type Black and Tan boy with good bone in proportion for his size. He has bright tan and a soft expression. Well balanced on the move.
3 Thomson's Ailcres Seventh Heaven
Novice (15, 4)  
1 Koster's Dortmond Take A Chance Harana
A Black and Tan boy with a super coat, silky texture and completely free from curl. Really good shoulder placement, with a level top line,  he moved straight front and rear.
2 Loades’ Rosirius Razzle Dazzle
This was a Ruby boy with all of the glamour. He has a beautiful head with the softest expression. His coat is a nice texture and he was prepared to perfection.
3 Moffat's Rytonion Morris Minor
Graduate (17, 2)  
1 Costello's Beauella Radzinski JW
What a super class this was. The final decisions were on movement, balance and coat. This Blenheim boy has it all. I found him irresistible moving around the ring and standing. I looked into his large dark eyes and he told me he was the winner!
2 Rix & Berry's Ellisiana Crusader For Ricksbury
This Blenheim boy was very similar to the winner. He is even more elegant with a super tail set and carriage and good reach of neck. He is not quite so mature as the first.
3 Claydon's Brymarden Montana JW
Post Graduate (22, 3)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt Lymrey Hi Command JW
A Blenheim boy full of ring presence. He has lots of coat, magnificent head with the darkest of eyes and long flowing ears. As with all i saw from this kennel it is on the move that he excels. He was every inch the winner
2 Bakers’ Nevhill’s Navarra
Nothing looks better in my opinion than a well-marked, well-presented Tricolour and this boy meets the bill. I loved his expression and even the fact that he had girls on his mind did not detract from his overall outline on the move.
3 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Lachie
Limit (24, 4)  
1 Rennard’s Deranmar Michael JW
I know that this kennel admires character and this Blenheim boy does not disappoint in that respect! He is a nice size, well balanced and moves round the ring with drive. He has really good pigment with large dark eyes. He stood four square and wagged for all he was worth.
2 Hughes’ Loranka’s Jubilation
This boy has lovely markings but was lacking in top coat. He has a good reach of neck with long ears nicely surrounding large dark eyes and appealing expression.
3 Maclaine’s Lochbuie Billy Elliot
Special Open B/T (13, 1)  
1 Koster’s Harana Smokey Joe
The first three beautiful Black and Tan’s in this class could change places any time. The winner has the straightest of coats with really deep coloured tan. He has a superb outline which he retains on the move. He is a very handsome boy.
2 Salisbury’s Clopsville Jack Daniels
He is a smaller boy than the winner with good born in proportion to his size. Short coupled and oh so sound, he looks a picture showing to perfection.
3 Sutherland’s Ebonleigh Desert Thunder
Special Open Ruby (12, 3)  
1 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Brian
This one is a really handsome Ruby dog. He has a superb head with the largest of dark eyes long ears set high and with lots of feathering. His rich red, silky coat was presented to perfection and shone in the sunshine. He has a really good reach of neck, moves with drive with his tail flowing out behind, he is in complete tune with his handler. If i was looking for my idea of a perfect Ruby then this is it. I was so pleased to award him the Reserve CC
2 Hughes’ Loranka’s Starstealer
This boy has a really soft expression with large eyes and a really black nose that is most appealing. He has lots of silky coat and like all of the dogs from this kennel moved well round the ring.
3 Bailey’s Aldoricka Utah
Special Open Blenheim (15, 2)  
1 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Escape
He is an elegant dog with a super coat both in length and in texture. A good reach of neck, well turned stifles and a perfect tail carriage make him look a picture moving around the ring. Superb presentation and handling complete the picture.
2 Beney’s Lavehnke’s Bobby Dazzler
This boy was a little immature for the open class but it wont be long before he can hold his own with the best of them. He has a really super coat, pearly white with rich chestnut markings. He was full of himself today, but was still able to show his lovely construction.
3 Gow’s Lyncraeg Daydream JW ShCM
Special Open Tricolour (7, 2)  
1 Inglis’ Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot
I have watched this dog from the ringside and admired his outline, now having gone over him i can see why. He is really quite masculine but a true toy spaniel. His skeleton is solid but not large, and he moves round the ring driving from behind. I haven’t even mentioned his head which is typical Tricolour. Clear pearly white with classical Black and Tan highlights. It is easy to see how he got his champions crown.
2 Mynott’s Honeybet Hot Topic
He is a smaller type but still a real boy. He is short coupled, has a good spring of rib and is well balanced on the move. He is a nicely broken Tricolour but still with plenty of tan. He looked super wagging in the sunshine.
3 Allerton’s Deeriem Tambourine Man
Breeders (5, 0)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka’s Dreamed A Dream
I would have been proud to have bred all of these lovely dogs. This one was a smaller Blenheim well constructed with good reach of neck and well-turned stifles. He lacked topcoat, which was disappointing, however he has eyes to die for.
2 Ace’s Ashtelle Debonair
An elegant Blenheim boy, but he was lacking some sparkle in the ring today. He bucked up on the move to show of his movement driving well from the rear.
3 Loades’ Rosirius Serge
Open (9, 3)  
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer
What an honour and a pleasure to go over these two dogs that have been competing against each other so fiercely this year. I can only advise you to read the breed standard to know what the winner is like. He fits it construction wise, glamour wise and character wise. Most of all i think of the general appearance, active graceful and well balanced with gentle expression. He showed right through the class, the challenge best in show and was still going for the photographs at the end. CC and Best in Show.
2 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
He is a superb compact little dog with such an appealing head and expression. Those large oh so dark eyes look up at you and just ask to be selected. He is short coupled and has a good tail carriage, free moving and elegant going round the ring and when he comes to a halt he wags and wags. He so enjoys his showing making him quite a handful. He just missed out in the challenge for the reserve, but he will be back!
3 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Hero JW

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